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Jul 10, 2016 2:30pm PDT
off the bering sea, in russia, in grand banks, georges bank, i really fish for everything. but the trouble was, as a kid i was just--the timing was--it was the height of industrialized fishing, so, we were just ripping up entire ecososystems, fishing inin illel waters. i've thrown tens of thousands of pounds of dead bycatch into the sea. you know, i love my job, and we didn't really know at that time, you know, as fishermen, but over--at some point, it was just clear, it wasn't sustainable, mainly because the cod stocks crashed in newfoundland, in my home. so, then there was a whole generation of us. we were all younger and we decided to go on the search for sustainability. we w were ththe generation which believed in science. we were able to--and the scientists were telling us this was the beginning of the end. really important. and then to see in my hometown, overnight, people thrown out of work, boats beached, canneries shuttered, and just to see the sort of violence of that in a way, and the shock to the system was a really a wake-up call. and i think--and then we were also, yo
Jun 25, 2016 2:00pm PDT
eu citizenship. so for her, it's clear where this part of the puzzle belongs: in the eu. georg: in? francesca:yes, definitely. >> a good bit of irish dancing here to get me back in touch with my irish roots. london has one of the largest irish communities in the world. this referendum is not only about england leaving the european union, it is about the whole of the u.k. leaving. that includes ireland. now, when my grandfather left belfast, the region was a warzone. and i can remember myself the bombings here in england as part of that conflict. today, though, northern ireland is more peaceful than it's been for years. and some say that's partly thanks to the eu. but there are very real fears could be under threat if the u.k. votes to leave the european union. barry cullen, sales manager for a duck farm, is making his daily rounds. as a native of northern ireland, he's feeling a bit worried these -- a bit concerned these days. he is worried that if britain were to leave the eu, it could have negative consequences for the farm -- which lies right on the border between northern irela
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2