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Sep 16, 2016 7:00am PDT
the heart of the incident as the george abela team had its material confiscated after an interview with the turkish minister. i would like to ask you when the material was confiscated or when you realized what was happening, to what extent did you feel like you were in an authoritarian state? perhaps what some people might call a dictatorial state, a state where the freedom of the press no longer exists? >> mike spontaneous reaction what has been that i'm calling the police. the police are there to protect not moreinisters are than i am, not less. we are on the same level. i would call the police because it was a robbery. somebody took our material. i felt immediately that this is not an option. you know that you are not anymore in a democracy, not anymore in a country where checks and balances for an individual are practical. from this moment on, i inerstood what happened turkey towards journalists, intellectuals, artists before the coup and even more after. >> i could see you nodding when he was talking about the fact that he did not feel as though he had the option to simply pho
Aug 31, 2017 10:00pm PDT
reagan and vivice presidedent george bh would run against walter mondale and geraldine ferraro. it was the first time a woman would run for the vice president spot. in ethiopia, another famine strikes this east african nation with almost one million dying from starvation. in england, the prince and princess of wales, charles and diana, have their second child, prince harry. in norway, bishop desmond tutu of s south africa would receive the nobel peace prize for waging a nonvioiolent campaign against aparthei
Apr 14, 2017 7:00am PDT
world have already applied. reporter: it's a steep climb to reach the st. georg hermitage high above the austrian town of saalfelden. thomasas fieglmuller knows ths path like the back of his hand. he trod it many times when he lived in the hermitage. he was first a priest, then became a psychotherapist. until he was drawn to the remote cliffside. mr. fieglmuller: an avalanche, possibly with rocks, has obviously destroyed part of this fence and swept away big portioions of the e ground. repoporter: winter up in the mountains cacan be dangerous. the st. georg hermitage is inhabited only during the summer months. it's an almost 400-year long tradition. fieglmuller lived here, too. now, he's returned to help select a sucuccessor. he's's overcome e with nostala when he reaches the modest liviving quarters. mr. fieglmuller: this here is the bedroom. it's a very simple bed with a drawer underneath for the bedding. and here is the rope for ringing the bell. reporter: the hermitage, perched atop a steep cliff, affords a stunning view. the original hermits selected a beautiful spot to establis
May 29, 2016 2:30pm PDT
boy there, his name was george, and we had brought a ton of soccer balls with us. and so i pulled one out of the car, this olold, beat-up, pink soccer ball. i played soccer with this boy, george, for a few minutes and it was time for us to go and i said, "oh, here, george, you can--you can have the soccer ball." i thought nothing of it. i thoughght--it's this old, bea- up, pink soccer ball that's gonna go flat in a month anyway. but the next day i saw this boy george's mom, and she had walked 12 miles to find me to give me this little letter that gegeorge had stayed up writingng for me just thanking me for the soccer ball and saying how much it meant to him. and i think for me that's--that was the first time it really put a perspective on me, and it's a soccer ball. but what we were doing was having such an impact on them, that soccer ball to him meant the world and that's what--yeah, that was the story. and it forever changed me realizing that these little opportunities that we had to make a difference for others, whether it be in africa, whether it be here, when we take those op
Sep 11, 2015 9:00am PDT
without any real constituency. and after standing back for two years, u.s. president george w. bush specifically calls for a palestinian state as part of the so-called "roadmap for peace." squeezed between hamas on one side and jewish settlers on the other, moderates on all sides wonder if these are the men to finally make jerusalem the capital of two states. in the region of northern africa and southwestern asia, turkey is one of the most strategically located countries in the world. americans learned why when turkey did not allow the u.s. access to invade neighboring iraq, despite nato membership and an offer of $6 billion. but turkey was torn, as they are on many other issues. are they european or asian? are they secular or islamist? are they democratic or authoritarian? are they urban or rural? here we explore the regional geography of turkey and its largest city. half european, half asian, istanbul is the cultural and commercial heart of turkey. it's a city of great contrasts. the traditional shops in the grand bazaar. and modern, spacious shopping centers with fashionable bout
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)