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Jan 25, 2015 12:00pm EST
thinking about simply in order to announce that it is dead. we do not want russia china rand intervening in latin america, and i don't think quite frankly venezuelans, cubans or ecuadorians do either. >> host: back to the book. part of your criticism of president obama which is much in the book, not the only one criticized. you refer to him as compared to the legendary king -- explained to the readers. >> guest: the viking king who stood on the shore line and commanded the tides recede to prove his godlike powers. when the president says the tide of war is receiving, he can only observe that hide receding. he cannot command it to show we can s.o.b. said you know what? the war in iraq is over and we're going to put an end to what used to be called the war on terrorism. president of the national defense university and may 2013 give a speech effectively saying exactly that, and we cannot allow this war on terror to define our generation. so we're going to change our attention to something else. and by the way, great news, al-qaeda, core al-qaeda us on the path to defeat and all
Jan 17, 2015 10:00pm EST
us one way or another whether it's the militants of islamic state whether it's china's general seeking to kick us out of east asia, whether his russian politicians seeking to revise the conclusions of the cold war. >> host: you mention in your subtitle the new isolationism and the coming global disorder. why coming? >> guest: i won't say who it was but a prominent person who read and liked this book said i liked it very much. the only word is the word coming which should be the current global disorder but in fact i think it's going to be you ain't seen nothing yet. i think it's going to be worse. for example of falling oil prices all of us are celebrating as consumers driving a car and not having to pay four bucks for a gallon of gas and we think that it gives us leverage over countries like russia and iran that perhaps we didn't enjoy before. my sense in fact is that russia and iran will become more dangerous as oil prices decline because they are now going to seek other ways to get out of their economic predicament. typically you think of a country like argentina in the early
Jan 18, 2015 9:00pm EST
- soviets but neil is our rulers that had ambitions. i looked at china and understanding this with the first world war, it is sort of a crisis at the periphery and at the center. and that includes increasing chaos that was researched. so i had this idea that we were at entering this is a period of global disorder. and i flushed out this article in world magazines and i thought that in fact what really unites this is that all of this is happening as america has turned this way. and we already had this historical experience of what happens in the world when america turns inward, there is a connection. so it was on this basis that i started to write the book. >> host: the publisher is a conservative of 10 when books. when was the first printed? >> guest: you know i don't know i think that we are somewhere near 30,000 at this point, probably more. >> host: how many have sold? do no? >> guest: the last i saw was about 14,000 or so but again, i'm almost reluctant to say this because i could be wrong. and the lovely thing about c-span, as people that watch the show, whether they agree wit
Jan 19, 2015 12:00am EST
territorial amibitions and showed that with the invasion of georgia. i looked at china and the microaggressions, to borrow a term in the east and south china sea, to anyone with an understanding of the first world war, you cannot -- the origins of the first world war are a story of crisis at the periphery backing crises at the center. i looked at iran continuing to move towards nuclear capability and iraq descending into increasing chaos as -- what we then called al qaeda resurged. so i had this idea we were entering into a period of global disorder and i fleshed that out in an 8,000 word article in "commentary" magazine. after writing the article i thought here is a theme -- in fact what really unites this theme is that all of this is happening as america has turned inward, and we already have as i said this, historical experience of what happens in the world when america turns inward. there's a connection, and so it was on that bay si is started to write the book. >> oo commercial question, your publisher, sentinel conservative imprint of penguin random house, what what's fir
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4