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Jun 4, 2017 11:00am EDT
investigation and hthey look at e-mails and all this stuff. they just china flashlight at one place. almost at random in certain ways. if it took the flashlight and went to some other place in milwaukee county would define the same thing? i think they probably would. >> host: one of the things in the book you say ferguson was kind of hidden in plain sight. can you give a specific example of something that really kind of moo91 reporting in there, that angered you or would you be like i need to write this book to explain what's going on and make this not hidden anymore? >> guest: i had the experience we went down and i would just be talking to people all day. what i found was i could do this on a air. aren't there an ally tv program i could take my microphone, to an african-american resident of ferguson and say tell me about your experience with cops. you can just tell when people are like telling the truth about traumatic things and when, this is just people just telling me stories that were shocking. i mean, the state senator who tells a story about like, in high school a fire truck was at, i
May 27, 2017 10:00pm EDT
gram explores the relationships between china and the u.s. in destined for car. and sean mckeek n takes a closer look at the edgnd of the rule or the russian leadership. watch were many of the authors in the near future on booktv on c-span2. >> democracy is the most radical profound idea in the history of human civilization. [laughter] and it's so radical and so profound that we have a hard time maintaining it. thinking through its implications, constantly being grounded and returned to our conceptions of like freedom. and so leads to ways our democracy has gone bad through outsourcing it to lead and this book is about waying our democracy has gone bad by essentially putting subsection of our -- population under conditions that are not really free in the sort fundamental way that we want to be free is they relate in that way in materials of the specifics of this look, i mean, i grew u up in the bronx like my core identity -- [laughter] in the bronx in the 1980s. which was which i would never trade for a million years in terms of what it meant to me in terms of the way that i think
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2