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to reach out to china then and who would find the book in south africa. i have been asking questions about the project if it is a kind of research that we've might want to do and it was kind of a natural fit in some ways. >> it is so fascinating. poverty in america isn't real. i remember when you were a critic for my book $2 a day. would you still say yes and tell us more. >> absolutely. it was a privilege after having spent a lot of tim little time g about it in a very different situation. when you're doing work in bangladesh and other places one of the things that is so immediate is how much instability there is and ill liquidity because financial markets are developed and people are just struggling to put together new choices at the right time so coming up in that mindset made it much easier. seeing some of the same things that might have been missed by others. >> host: if you had the idea given what you have seen in bangladesh -- >> guest: for me about was poverty if defined the lives of the poor and some of the earlier work that was a part of the lives of some families and commu
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1