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Dec 28, 2013 12:00pm EST
slow boat to china. they really have no interest this lighting candles or reading names. >> right. >> host: and then there's a group, well intention anded, i'm not critical, who want to light the candles, who want to participate. >> guest: uh-huh. >> host: it's an interesting take on how human beings grieve or react to tragedy. >> guest: yeah. very differently. and i think there has to be space for that. there can't just be, like, one path. this group in philadelphia that i spent time with them, most of them -- not all of them, but most of them were like the first group you mentioned. they have their own memorials in philly. they go up to ground zero once a year maybe. but that's all. they do things with their community and friends in philadelphia, and it stays very private and very personal. whereas, and they kind of, you know, they're aware of the other things going on, but that's not what they want. >> host: yeah. now, we only have a few minutes left and, of course, we've got to focus in the last few minutes, lessons learned. >> guest: yeah. >> host: lessons learned from these
May 26, 2014 9:30am EDT
of terrorism and now rice of china and iran's nuclear program, even the president now announced he wants to cut the military more, putin, others are getting this message that the united states doesn't have the will, much less the wherewithal to stand against tyrants around the world. so clinton cut the defense budget and again, when you cut spending and maintain a certain level of revenue, yeah you will get a balanced budget and probably a surplus. that is what is happening in the states. i have a whole chapter in the book what is happening in states. we indiana, louisiana, georgia, we have a lot of states who are doing fantastic jobs, many of them balanced budgets, yes state constitutions require them. that is good thing. wish we had that at federal level but because of their policy. indiana, the star state of my view of the country, they send people checks when they have enough money. this is an amazing thing to me. they say, well, we don't need all this money. the federal government, word goes out, end of fiscal year, if you haven't spent it all, spend it all because your budget
Aug 10, 2016 11:12pm EDT
clintons put china into the wto. >> in this will cause for people. >> the united states was out of free trade nation this goes back to the constitution and the body that enforces the global trade rules. >> at the deputy was negotiated or the nafta agreement 800 more pages of rules andrea my book would be very different. as you did have as official advisor 500 corporate divisors. stick much respect my brother is visionary of beautiful written and now everything about you. >> i have many titles but never writer and a mentor and then the co-founder of beyond prisons did >> is reminded me of the autobiography of malcolm x and it is a journey to redemption. so we wouldn't judge people by the worse they ever did. as part of your journey that is part of the book. >> guess i totally agree every guided chance to talk to him for a few times. >> is a famous death penalty lawyer. >> for me it was like rubber of 1991 and by far is one of the worse things you can do. and devastated the family and that is one of the things that is one of the reasons i do the work that i do because it never one
Apr 17, 2011 9:00pm EDT
failure of socialism and a national basis and the soviet union or china before they are or india during its socialist days between the independent and its civilization in the 90's. but also with unlike the american public school system, the mexican public weal companies, state-run industry and venezuela come up places like that. they all have similar sorts of failures with misallocation of capital and incentives for production. it's a lot heavier than the book is by the way. >> host: and the book is -- the book goes through both the theoretical cases of socialism and then the series of object lessons in countries, regimes, ideas that demonstrate the way in which these failures as you see them how they developed and what they have in common, and what is the nature of the truth of how they operate versus how they describe themselves or how they propagandize for themselves what strikes me as interesting as we are talking about this, and i presume that you wrote this book because it was published in large measure because we are living in a time where great controversy about the nature of th
Nov 27, 2009 3:00pm EST
do something. >> host: pakistan and china have long relations. >> guest: for a long time. had been a landslide bridging islamabad in pakistan and koosh car in china. it was called a highway. it is the paul simon in the world. that ties built this to open up trade. about a week earlier there had been a fan slide that had blocked a vote on the pakistani side. the pakistanis couldn't move the rocks out of the way and the chinese were figures. they built a road. we did everything and there is a landslide. at least get the rocks out of the way. there was always in tension. then the masseuses were kidnapped. the army and the range of the pakistan rangers and the police also met at the mosque on july 3. and for 10 days, there was this stand up and occasional firing. you could hear glass across town. would stand up on the roof of my house and watch fireballs coming off of the top of the red mosque. finally the government, commandos pushed in, and they trapped ghazi inside the basement of the mosque and there was a shootout and ghazi was killed. now as we mentioned earlier, it was a very, ver
Aug 5, 2012 9:00pm EDT
, that other cultures are always invoking whether it's china or iran or turkey, they're invoking the greatnessover their empires in the past, etc. , and the united states tends to be more future-oriented. but in this particular case you found that the trauma of the hostage crisis and the trauma of the iranian revolution is still very formative in the minds of americans who were responsible for iran policy? >> guest: it is. body ryan crocker told me -- ambassador ryan crocker told me that the iranians are the most historical or the least historical society. in this case certainly the iranians every time we have a negotiation, including the most recent ones and moscow, the iranians bring up a whole litany of historical grievances, so it's always on their mind. whether u.s. policymakers realize it or not, they are too. for the first ten years after the revolution, clearly the hostage issue was formost in american policymakers' mind. then iran contra happens which sort of colors the relationship for the next 15 years, why are we going to risk an opening to the iranians when we saw what h
Jan 1, 2012 6:00pm EST
united states is going to be the last and lone superpower by 2020. i think china's rising so fast, it's going to be a military virtual equal of the united states and an economic equal, so we're going to a bipolar world. secondly, i think the american state, the nation-state, the government is in deep trouble, ralph, and cannot balance its budgets or secure its borders or win its wars or stop the hemorrhaging of its manufacturing base overseas. we lost six million manufacturing jobs in the first decade of the 21st century, some 55,000 factories shut down. the united states is declining as a great superpower and a great nation. but i think the most important thing i see is that america is disintegrating. i think it was lee hamilton who said that the seven terrorist call forces are becoming dominant in american society of and i think ethnically and in terms of race the united states seems to be breaking down into enclaves of people who separate from each other and do not much like each other and even detest each other. and so in that sense, america will be a legal entity, i think, and a po
Apr 16, 2011 10:00pm EDT
deficit with china anymore and that sort of thing and the thinking is almost always distractive because the truth is you are not the most effective producer of all the stuff your people need to consume. so if you want to take all that the turkey has a social principle and extended across the whole country what you get a something a lot like north korea. that combined with central planning which of course causes the economy to be radically dysfunctional and not produce anywhere near what it could or should in any end up with a is a sighted people -- they are the same koreans north of the border as they are south of the border and the same history in the same culture in the same genetic that ran in the whole thing. south korea's extraordinarily wealthy, prosperous place and there parts are parts of it that look 20 years ahead of the united states and in north korea their people eating wild grass and sometimes each other. because they are so reduced. i have an acquaintance who served in the north korean military and he managed to escape into the united states some years ago and his rations
Mar 17, 2013 9:00pm EDT
was calling out to china for recognition. they were still calling out for america in some way or another. >> guest: they are. and when america doesn't respond, people get very upset. more so than if china doesn't respond. because there is the till a feeling -- still a feeling within the arab world and other regions, i think, as well that no matter its faults, the u.s. should stand up for democracy, human rights, etc. so whatever the history of the united states, whatever the interests that it has to pursue, that is expectation. >> host: but you write it's almost like a cash 22. >> guest: it is. >> host: i think you quote one official who says if we intervene, they say we're meddling. if we stay back, they say why aren't you standing up for civil rights. >> guest: absolutely. and i think that is the fate of a superpower, right? it is a catch 22. people want you to deliver for them, but they don't necessarily want to give you what it takes to deliver for others. so it's all about your own, your own interests. and, um, i do quote the this official who say we're kind of damned if we
Feb 6, 2011 12:00pm EST
china. it's kind of interesting, i did vote republican. i am a democrat. but i think i'm going to go with democrat because i think the republicans this year are having an issue with social security. and since so many americans are unemployed, millions and millions going from unemployment then to social security years and as they want that reduced, i think that the government actually should not be getting social security, the congress and senate. but my question, i want to talk to you about why do the conservatives which had the dumbing down during the reagan era, and by -- i was glad to watch c-span during the perot time because that was the only time i got clear coverage, and i still watch c-span all the time to get clear coverage of news. it just became a dumbing down of the media. why didn't you catch the foreclosure debacle? why didn't you catch the bank, goldman sachs, etc. why was that totally ignored? when the middle class knew it was going on, and now here we go again in the middle east? why didn't you catch that either? i mean -- >> guest: i can't understand what you're say
Apr 18, 2016 12:00am EDT
were with the tone of safety. >> what ailed foreign'' way and in china this bed is pouring into areas been accustomed to here we are. 2016 powerful with breach leadership. thank god you're on the board. i like that. we look forward to more women to seek opportunities to run for office and they have some place to call and ask about what it takes what do i need to do what support can i give? i know how you give advice whether it is sitting on the board or if they call you but don't ever stop. >> thank you. >> enjoy the book has wonderful stories of victory in progress and social change for women and families. >> absolutely i meant it when i said it should be required reading because then that reminds us all of the sacrifices women have made and what they have done to you can guess to this point. and then to get involved in the struggle and as you have said they then as they're willing to and look across the aisle. >> that this place is better because i am proud of you so many women are proud to what i fink you will see is links in 2016 whole fleet with the first women president but they
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)