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Aug 11, 2016 5:00am CDT
-- china is now the new a beer festival in shandong, china.... 1-thousand- 7 robots did "the robot" dance... and some other popular dance moves to break the world record for digital dancing. guinness was on hand to verify the funky feat. a live look over ..... you're watching the cbs 58 morning feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. johnson: i've always said i'll be the calmest guy on my election night. i win either way. narrator: if he loses, senator johnson falls back on the ten million dollar bonus he paid himself as ceo. a big corporate payout for him. johnson: i've always said... i win either way. narrator: if he wins, he gets another six years to support tax loopholes and bad trade deals that ship jobs overseas. all to benefit corporations narrator: if johnson wins, wisconsin loses. now at 5:30 - thick black smoke pours from a factory in f. franklin.....we'll tell you about the three-alarm fire that frustrated firefighters for ?hours? and left one firefighter hurt. 3 plus - we'll break down the numbers from the latest marquette law pollsee how wisconsin
Nov 18, 2016 5:00am CST
the bank ?get lucrative deals in china.?the settlement ends a three-year investigation on violations of the "foreign makes it against the law... for u-s banks to give "anything of value" to win business from foreign officials. j-p morgan said... the hiring practices were "unacceptable"... and the program was stopped in 20-13. the bank also says... it took "action" against the individuals involved... and has since improved its hiring procedures. 3 it's been a big week for the chevy bolt. the plug-in car grabbed 20-17 green car of the year honors yesterday ...for its promise of bringing long- range electric driving to the an im of 30-thousand-dollars after tabreaks ...the bolt will be less than half the price of the only other cars ...that can go more than 200 miles on a single charge -- the tesla model s and model x. the bolt can go 238 miles on a charge. the tesla model 3 won't be available until the end of next year, at the earliest, while the first bolts are due in showrooms next marks the second big award for the bolt this week, as it won the motor trend car of
Nov 24, 2016 5:00am CST
was compromised. 3 facebook is building a censorship tool in an attempt to gain a foothold in china. that's according to the new york times.the paper says the software would block certain posts from users' news feeds in some parts of the world. according to the times, the move is designed to appeal to china, where facebook is currently blocked.the company is not denying the report, saying that its china strategy appeasing beijing could backfire on facebook. 3 a wisconsin hunter snags an 8-point buck.only he got quite the surprise... when he found out it wasn't a boy. that's people in tokyo woke up to the first november snowfall.... in more than 50 years. an unusually cold air mass... brought wet snow to japan's capital.above-freezing from sticking in most places--- though it did add up on sidewalks and cars in tokyo's far western suburbs. meteorologists forecast up to 1 inch of snow ... and more in the mountains ?northwest of tokyo.?the snow caused minor train delays during the morning commute. the last time it snowed in central tokyo in november was 19-62. 3 3 ((???1:15 seconds??))
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3