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Jan 9, 2016 6:00am EST
coming from china @and other countries. @ @. @>> reporter: remember when the @predicted gush of new fracturing @was going to lead to ohio's @economic boom. @well that shows @it's more of a trickle. @big @player among drillers hard hit @demand for steel tapped out. @steel makers continued to fight @foreign steel. @china makes more @steel than all other countries @combined and sells it for less @than a cost plants here to make @it. @government financial help, @u.s. steel @maker complain they sometimes @get taxes tapped on. @republic @steel giants faded into history. @>> this man work for old and new @when he started. @>> probably roughly 18,000 @people work here at that time. @>> it was hard physical work. @>> yes, very much so. @>> it makes a lot more steel @with a smaller smarter @workforce. @a new facility just @captured lots of attention area @steel makers can't compete with @the deck stacked against them. @>> so the news here is when @energy prices go up drilling @will go up and demand for steel @will return am we'll keep our @eye on that. @>>> we here committed to helping @not o
Mar 5, 2016 9:00am EST
. create jobs. four hundred thousand brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? new day for america is responsible for the content @ @>>> thanks for being with us. @big changes could be coming to @the former site of gioga lake. @sharing his hope the one time @amusement park could become a @sound stage. @hillary goldman explains how @>> the camera man who's heard of @the game today. @>> reporter: takeing it way @back. @some 50 years ago. @some explosive scenes @from marvels the avenngerrs in @downtown cleveland. @schwartz focusing primarily on @increasing the iowa picture tax @incentive as a way to maybe get @it done. @so to simplify it's basically a @tax refund for production. @schwartz says it's currently @casted 20 million. @he wants to boost that amount to @75 million. @why? @because it guarantees work. @>> which would allow for @infrastructure to be built. @>> reporter: more movies, more @jobs, more of an economic boost @the one in question. @g ioga lake. @a former amusement park that now @looks like this today . @>>
Jan 9, 2016 9:00am EST
against @cheap foreign steel. @china, the global steel making @giant makes more steel than all @of the other countries combined @and sells it for less than it @takes to make it here. @u.s. steel makers complained to @commerce and trade groups which @battle against other count @tries, but lose the war. @this is a worldwide leader. @he worked for old and new when @he started. @>> probably around 18,000 @people worked here at that @time. @>> reporter: it was hard, @physical work. @>> yes, very much so. @just captured lots of @attention. @area steel makers can't compete @with the deck now stacked @against against them. @tom beres reporting. @>> 2016's overall economic out @look is not that strong and @there are some trying times @ahead for northeast ohio steel @companies and steel workers. @we will continue to follow @those stories. @>>> it is the largest lottery @jackpot in history. @the frenzy has pushed the prize @to over $800 million. @the odds of winning are more @than 1 in 292 million. @we are going to put it in @perspective here. @you have a better chance of @being struck by an aste
Oct 29, 2016 6:00am EDT
counter fit company in china. >> the video of the day comes from northwest indiana, where diners just looking for a quiet meal, instead got a shock. look he at this deer, crashing through a window, running over be tables, nearly colliding window on the way out. that's one fast deer. you talk about a attain and dash right there. >> yep, maybe someone set veal was on the menu. >> wow. a deer was up against our window the other day, like nose to our window. yeah. scarlet kept going hi, hi. >> not increasing clouds. eventually we'll make it into the 70s this afterthan, into the evening, though, perhaps a couple of spotty showers. we're in the 60s tomorrow. for trick-or-treaters, though, i think it looks great. look at that, by tuesday and wednesday, can we call it, at that point, maybe indian summer, and -- >> you're the guy to ask. >> good call, good call. i feel like that will have so i hope by tuesday and wednesday. you know what i mean? >> yes, yes. we have the watch parties going on if you can't make it to chicago to see the world series. tonight, also, st. ed's versus saint ignacius
Sep 3, 2016 9:00am EDT
brief stopover. the president expected to announce that china and the u.s. are joining the global climate last year in paris. >>> firefighters pulled a dog from a rubble of a building that collapsed in italy's earthquake nine days earlier. firefighters were accompanying a couple to their house when they heard a dog barking. >>> it's back to school, labor some backpack deals. >>> we'll have a check of the weather. >> we have a fabulous forecast. lots of sunshine, pleasant temperatures. i'll tell you about it coming up in a couple . >>>9:19. welcome back. when is a hit not a hit question swirling around this summer's hollywood films. revenues are up from last year, but some of the biggest block busters fail because they cost so much to produce. >> things are better. >> reporter: x men is one of the the same can be said for the ghostbusters. there's no gray area with ben herr making it one of the biggest flops of the season. alice through the looking down followed by war craft and the independence day. on the positive side finding swimmer, but the big catch of the year. others includ
Mar 12, 2016 8:30am EST
mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. responsible for the content @ @>>> welcome back. @a big move for a local @university. @kent state is moving forward @with the plan to make the @campus smoke and tobacco-free. @endorsed the move on friday. @if approved, the ban would take @effect on july 1st of 2017. @>>> another huge economic boost @for our area the this weekend. @the mac tournament concludes @today at the q. it brings in @millions of dollars for local @restaurant, hotels and @entertainment. @a kent study says last year the @four-day event had a $14 @million impact on the city of @cleveland. @the mac signed a deal last year @to hold the tournament at the q @through 2023. @>>> a new retailer has been @announced. @gordman's announcedded friday @they have leased a spot. @it joins jcpenney, walmart and @marks. @they are expected to open this @fall. @>>> and good news for all @bargain shoppers. @plans are in the works to build @an outlet mall off ofic-480 in @garfield heights. @of i-480 in garfield heights. @>
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6