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Jan 9, 2016 9:00am EST
against @cheap foreign steel. @china, the global steel making @giant makes more steel than all @of the other countries combined @and sells it for less than it @takes to make it here. @u.s. steel makers complained to @commerce and trade groups which @battle against other count @tries, but lose the war. @this is a worldwide leader. @he worked for old and new when @he started. @>> probably around 18,000 @people worked here at that @time. @>> reporter: it was hard, @physical work. @>> yes, very much so. @just captured lots of @attention. @area steel makers can't compete @with the deck now stacked @against against them. @tom beres reporting. @>> 2016's overall economic out @look is not that strong and @there are some trying times @ahead for northeast ohio steel @companies and steel workers. @we will continue to follow @those stories. @>>> it is the largest lottery @jackpot in history. @the frenzy has pushed the prize @to over $800 million. @the odds of winning are more @than 1 in 292 million. @we are going to put it in @perspective here. @you have a better chance of @being struck by an aste
Mar 12, 2016 8:30am EST
mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. responsible for the content @ @>>> welcome back. @a big move for a local @university. @kent state is moving forward @with the plan to make the @campus smoke and tobacco-free. @endorsed the move on friday. @if approved, the ban would take @effect on july 1st of 2017. @>>> another huge economic boost @for our area the this weekend. @the mac tournament concludes @today at the q. it brings in @millions of dollars for local @restaurant, hotels and @entertainment. @a kent study says last year the @four-day event had a $14 @million impact on the city of @cleveland. @the mac signed a deal last year @to hold the tournament at the q @through 2023. @>>> a new retailer has been @announced. @gordman's announcedded friday @they have leased a spot. @it joins jcpenney, walmart and @marks. @they are expected to open this @fall. @>>> and good news for all @bargain shoppers. @plans are in the works to build @an outlet mall off ofic-480 in @garfield heights. @of i-480 in garfield heights. @>
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2