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Oct 29, 2016 6:00am EDT
counter fit company in china. >> the video of the day comes from northwest indiana, where diners just looking for a quiet meal, instead got a shock. look he at this deer, crashing through a window, running over be tables, nearly colliding window on the way out. that's one fast deer. you talk about a attain and dash right there. >> yep, maybe someone set veal was on the menu. >> wow. a deer was up against our window the other day, like nose to our window. yeah. scarlet kept going hi, hi. >> not increasing clouds. eventually we'll make it into the 70s this afterthan, into the evening, though, perhaps a couple of spotty showers. we're in the 60s tomorrow. for trick-or-treaters, though, i think it looks great. look at that, by tuesday and wednesday, can we call it, at that point, maybe indian summer, and -- >> you're the guy to ask. >> good call, good call. i feel like that will have so i hope by tuesday and wednesday. you know what i mean? >> yes, yes. we have the watch parties going on if you can't make it to chicago to see the world series. tonight, also, st. ed's versus saint ignacius
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1