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Dec 27, 2015 5:05am EST
way. >> the movie rocketed past jurassic world to claim the top spot. >>wars' next big test is china which opens up on january 9th. >>> not just theaters that are bringing in war bucks, toy stores can keep those action figures on the shelves. final numbers aren't in, but early reports ese between $3 billion and $5 billi in merchandise sales. just for we got john stimatboyega's reaco his action figure. that's what we want to know. hold this up. they done good. it looks fantastic. star wars' newest skin. >> hero is actually quite a collector. >> i decided to get my han solo action figure to be signed by was like, oh, boy.lf. this is weird. >> we got to down with the entire cast of the movie. audition process was seven months' long. i aged during that time. i mean, literally idid. >> for several auditions weren't ev from the script, is that right in. they were fakes. they were de >> daisy ridley experienced the craziness with her script. >>coys. your first four auditio weren't screen screens from the movie? >> yes. it was basically no that it. >> camera, action. >> d was so afraid of th
Sep 27, 2015 2:00pm EDT
that.ful.i'm still reeling from it. >> we will flash forward a little bit from that time to china beach. i think at this time you were pregnant. i think pregnant -- >> yeah. >> at the emmys? >> before emmys. >> you conceal pregnancy, you are always holding something in eventually everyone knows and it is kind of a joke, you're trying to hidhe fact you're pregnant. >> so matter of fact. what a strange comment. >> and then you win an emmy. for e t"china beach." you were pregnant, is that right? >> yes. eight months pregnant. >> still hiding the belly. still hiding the belly. >> i, literally like a who's who of hollywood. what are some of the standouts for you? >> well since shcs won an emmy, viola davis. dakota fanning when she was five years old. big blue eyees. and people in the me just industry. taylor swift. >> i'm fan of the show. my favorite show. i see every episode every season. >> her first actingusic job. >> yes. >> since she was -- i think 16 maybe. i think. >> and justin bieber was on the show, still in his blonde hair -- >> he was 15, i think. i saw some interviews with you a
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)