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Oct 13, 2016 5:00pm EDT
and the fruit. >>> stocksnded lower today after a surprisingly weak trade report from china. down more than that. the nasdaq trop ed 25. s&p down 6. >>> jamie lynn seiglr talked about her battle with ms. >> she was diagnosed with ms 15 years ago when she was 20. now she gave natalie and kit a update on her condition. >> it ing took me 15 years of lg with the disease to come to accept that it w life. i think for so long hiding it allowed me to be in denial for some time. >> she is in denial no more. she refuses to let her relapsing ms get in the way. and wife and mother is more accepting of life's curve balls it is daily like like for you, i have my limitations i know what they are. they have been stable for quite and keeping energy appropriate if i'm going to be working. mommy will take it easy and take time to myself and do my stretches and exercise the things that make me feel good. ky not live as care free of a life as i used to. >> she is hoping to help others who may be suffering in silence for the reemergency myself campaign. back to you. >> thank you, liz. the 6:00 news is
Oct 26, 2016 5:00pm EDT
with the air bags. right now it recalls, japan, china and europe -- not the united states. the models are a corolla and of 2000 to november of 2001 and then again in april of 2006 through december of 2014. >>> less today. tampa snows super fest internet coming. >> this was a big deal. the fiber was supposed to revolutionize giving us data 100 times faster that was supposed to bring us better companies and higher paying jobs. >> that's on hold. means in general. what we know. >> and the officials here hoping that the process at least put tampa on the map for her companies. >> the technology is improving and i think that they are looking and others. i do think that just being in the market just the presence of them coming has a lot a benefit. >> there were 13 other cities and on the list. and it is expense tive install it and interest was not as high, let's hope he is right about upping the game. >>> what about non-competes. no more non-competes could that be happening. industries have agreements barring workers from moving they are calling on states to ban the for low wage workers or e
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2