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Sep 13, 2016 11:00am CDT
standards." china among the countries condemning the north's latest test... but, beijing is blaming the u-s for tensions on the korean peninsula. pyongyang's main ally calling for calm following the bomber demonstration. hua says: "..we hope all parties concerned can remain reasonable and show restraint, and avoid taking any provocative acts against each other, region." voice of translator on cam tag seoul does not have nuclear weapons, and relies on its alliance with the united states to deter the north from attacking. more than 28-thousand american troops are stationed in south korea. in london, greg palkot, fox news. three officers were injured while standing outside of a kwik-trip gas station. it happened this morning in phoenix arizona. police say a driver who was impaired drove through a group of patrol car-- then the front of the store. two officers suffered non- life threatening injuries. a third officer suffered minor wounds during a struggle to arrest the suspect. officials at the" newark liberty international airport" in new jersey are trying to figure out what caused two power o
Sep 9, 2016 11:00am CDT
in china and laos. president obama returning to the white house from those meetings early friday... and his administration is joining beijing, seoul, and other governments in condemning this latest provocative act. kerry says: ".. i think it's fair to say that china and russia and everybody shows concerns " on cam tag south korea estimates the explosive yield of the test to be 10 to 12 kilotons ... in comparison, the size of the bomb dropped by the u-s on hiroshima in 19-45 was 15 kilotons. in london, greg palkot, fox news. a train derailment in spain kills at least four people --- injuring nearly 50 others. the train was traveling to portugal when it fell off the track in the northwestern region of spain. an investigation into what caused the crash is now underway. ...a terrifying experience for passengers aboard a group of cable cars, making their way through the alps. dozens of people spent the night trapped after the cable cars stopped working thursday-- dangling two miles above the ground. more than 100 people were originally trapped in mid-air. a massive rescue operation wa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2