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2016 12
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Sep 5, 2016 11:00am CDT
summit in china with a press conference...touching upon topics such as global trade, and the conflicts in syria and ukraine. fox's rich edson an officer - during a violent holiday weekend in chicago. witnesses say that a fatal shooting happened in an alley... near a backyard party in the southwest side of the city early yesterday morning. an officer was wounded later in the morning... after he had just finished his shift. the officer says a car pulled up alongside him and someone in the car started shooting at the officer. the officer was taken to a hospital and is in good condition. officials say there is no motive - but they're investigating if strong winds as hermine heads up the east coast. the latest models show the storm is more east than expected...meaning the jersey coastline could be spared from the heavy rains. however, the strong wind threat remains. governor chris christie signed an emergency declaration saturday for several central and southern counties. he says it's all an effort to make sure they're prepared. "i hope not to have to use the assets, but it would
Oct 7, 2016 11:00am CDT
take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. ll businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family... preparations for hurricane matthew stretches from florida to the carolinas. hundreds of thousands have been ordered to evacuate-- and that evacuation includes pets. ayla ferrone has the story. more than two dozen animals are now safe after a several hours long trip up from south carolina. arriving at society thursday afternoon. debbie goodaker "a lot of these animals may not have this second chance and we provide them the opportunity to find new homes."debbie goodaker was part of the team that helped transfer the 20 cats and 9 dogs from beaufort county. debbie goodaker "which is a zone a for the hurricane evacuation and so it was an emergency process."south carolina is expected to see the effects of shear, exec. dir. mohawk hudson humane society "when a storm like this hits certainly if you're told to evacuate
Sep 16, 2016 11:00am CDT
. in china..residents are continuing to clean up the damage left behind from typhoon meranti. the storm hit the equivalent of a category-four hurricane-- with wind gusts of up to 175 miles per hour. and before that-- it sideswiped southern taiwan-- killing at least one person and injuring more than 40 others. adlib to weather it's a mostly cloudy end to the work week for us out there, and through the evening - a few rumbles of thunder still possible. highs will stay in the mid 70s today and drop to the mid 60s overnight. although we may see some lingering showers into tomorrow morning, the biggest impact will be fog. overall, the weekend is looking partly cloudy with highs in the upper 70s rain chances return monday night and again wednesday. today: periods of rain and thunderstorms. high: 76 dewpoint: 64 wind: sse 5-15 mph tonight: foggy overnight. low: 64 dewpoint: 64 wind: sw 3-7 mph saturday: morning fog and maybe a few lingering showers. then high: 79 dewpoint: 64 wind: w 5-15 mph sunday: partly cloudy. am low: 58 high: 76 dewpoint: 56 wind: w 5-10 mph monday: partly to mostl
Oct 11, 2016 11:00am CDT
work hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the middle class raising a family... wakeup at 4:30-- get breaking news, weather and traffic updates until 9am. plus oh say can you sing! national anthem tryouts for basketball season. that's tomorrow on fox six wakeup! place to bring the family, it's tough to beat basse's taste of country. the farm and market in colgate has -- not a little -- but a lot-- of everything. carl deffen-baugh is t here's a look at this morning's big stories at 11:30. investigations are underway... after a house fire breaks out on milwaukee's north side. many people had to be rescued. plus-- an update on the slenderman stabbing case. ...what the attorneys are now asking, be done for each girl. some sunshine is expected this afternoon then more rain tomorrow. more, coming up our big story at 11-30... a firefighter i
Dec 12, 2016 11:00am CST
secretary of state, one thing he will have to deal with is china, which over the weekend, again, expressed it's anger over the fact that donald trump had a phone conversation with the president of taiwan. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. who opened fire on two officers is dead. the officers were shot while serving a search warrant at a home in byron early this morning. the suspect started shooting when the officers went into the home. one officer is still in the hospital being treated for serious injuries -- the other officer was treated and released. we're told the officers are part of the peach county drug task force. today marks six months since the massacre at pulse nightclub in am eastern time at the club. that's the exact time gunman omar mateen started shooting inside on june 12. 49 people died and and 53 others were injured. mateen was shot and killed by police. only those with a direct connection to the shooting attended this morning's ceremony. a more public event is scheduled for later today. looking around the world... funerals began this morning in turkey.. in
Sep 9, 2016 11:00am CDT
in china and laos. president obama returning to the white house from those meetings early friday... and his administration is joining beijing, seoul, and other governments in condemning this latest provocative act. kerry says: ".. i think it's fair to say that china and russia and everybody shows concerns " on cam tag south korea estimates the explosive yield of the test to be 10 to 12 kilotons ... in comparison, the size of the bomb dropped by the u-s on hiroshima in 19-45 was 15 kilotons. in london, greg palkot, fox news. a train derailment in spain kills at least four people --- injuring nearly 50 others. the train was traveling to portugal when it fell off the track in the northwestern region of spain. an investigation into what caused the crash is now underway. ...a terrifying experience for passengers aboard a group of cable cars, making their way through the alps. dozens of people spent the night trapped after the cable cars stopped working thursday-- dangling two miles above the ground. more than 100 people were originally trapped in mid-air. a massive rescue operation wa
Sep 14, 2016 11:00am CDT
satellite... captures the eye of the super typhoon meranti... heading toward taiwan and mainland china. the strongest storm this year slammed into the southern tip of taiwan people have already been evacuated. the super typhoon is bringing wind speeds of up to 230 miles per hour... and torrential rain. the storm is expected to make landfall on china tomorrow. in florida...tropical storm "julia" becomes the tenth-named storm of the atlantic hurricane season. the storm formed late last night -- about five miles west of jacksonville. julia is expected to weaken to a tropical depression later along coastal georgia and south carolina. adlib to weather a mix of clouds and sunshine today with a cool northeast breeze, which will keep temperatures in the upper 60s. mostly clear tonight with the potential for areas of fog. lows will drop into the upper 50s. more sun tomorrow but rain showers are likely on friday. a few showers may linger into saturday morning beautiful sunday into monday with highs in the middle to upper 70s. today: partly sunny and cooler. high: 69 dewpoint: 59 wind: ne 5-10 mp
Dec 7, 2016 11:00am CST
president-elect is announcing iowa governor terry branstad as u-s ambassador to china ... the longet history also happens to be a close friend of the chinese president ... but, intrigue over another job opening --- secretary of state --- continues to grow --- with mitt romney's name being bandied about again --- an announcement expected some time next week. stirewalt says: "what does trump want his focus to be on foreign policy we will know a lot on that based on what he picks." and, another big achievement for the president-elect ... named time magazine's person of the year...calling it an honor, despite the title ... "donald trump: president of the divided "tomorrow, mr. trump heads to the ohio state state university where he plans to meet with victims of the recent attack there, which left 11 injured. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." looking across america... recovery efforts have now ended at the warehouse that caught fire in oakland, california. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives says it is looking at the possibility that a refrigerator was the
Dec 5, 2016 11:00am CST
bob corker, former c-i-a director david petraeus and the former u.s. ambassador to china, jon huntsman. a plea for patience coming from president-elect trump's senior adviser. conway says: "the man is brilliant. the man is the best negotiator. he's the best connector and communicator. obviously, he just pulled off the upset of the you have to trust his instincts." ambassador huntsman's name particularly interesting considering the hard line the president-elect is taking with china, blasting their monetary policy in a tweet this morning. waldman says oncam tag : "meanwhile, minnesota and michigan begin recounting presidential votes today in response to a challenge from former green party candidate, jill stein. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." new information on a plan that's in the works to redevelop the area around the long-dormant n site. alderwoman chantia lewis, who took office in april, announced a partnership between the department of city development and u-w-milwaukees community solutions group. their goal is to think 'outside of the box' when it comes to redeveloping the
Oct 13, 2016 11:00am CDT
send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family... >> judge judy: this lady was looking for a home. she wasn't looking to scam anybody. >> announcer: a rental was a work-in-progress... >> before i handed him the deposit, i asked him, "when will the house be ready?" he said it would be a couple of weeks. >> announcer: ...but things didn't progress... >> judge judy: how long did you stay there, by the way? >> i did not stay there, 'cause it was unlivable to stay there. >> announcer: ...and more than a lease was broken. >> judge judy: how did the door >> we did not change the locks. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution noemi
Oct 10, 2016 11:00am CDT
hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses te jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family... big stories at 1130. anheuser-busch inbev purchases sab-miller for more than a hundred hillary clinton and donald trump square off against each other in the second presidential debate... hear how local voters reacted. news from the campaign trail ... paul ryan says he will "not" defend republican presidential nominee donald trump now or in the future. the house speaker is holding a conference call with gop lawmakers...many of them worried trump is hurting their chances of winning re-election. ryan reportedly has not withdrawn his endorsement for trump...but says he will no longer defend or campaign with trump. instead, ryan will campaign for recently released tape of donald trump's graphic comments about women from 20-05. that topic unavoidable at last night's d
Nov 2, 2016 11:00am CDT
explosion in an underground mine. china state media says the explosion trapped 33 miners in an underground mine. two mine workers did survive the blast-- but the 33 trapped were killed. rescuers have recovered all the the state administration of work safety, ordered an investigation, saying those responsible must be severely punished. china's mining industry has a long history of dangerous work conditions. a 4.8-magnitude tremor rattled italy yesterday. this comes after the damaging six-point- six magnitude earthquake on sunday. no one died in the quake over the weekend... but 20 people were injured. more than 30-thousand people are damage...and italy's government is setting up shelters. crews are now inspecting buildings in several towns ... which have been evacuated. scattered this afternoon and the temperature will begin to fall, however, we'll stay in the 50s. rain will taper off this evening and clouds will decrease and upper 40s. some clouds will linger into thursday, keeping us in the upper 50s, then sunny and quiet conditions return the rest of the week and into the wee
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12