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Jun 7, 2016 5:30pm PDT
energy agency, mr. lien norris leader of petroleum and john first deputy mayor of china, and raphael gonzales the ceo of the north america inc. thank you for being you are here today enjoy the discussion. >> so ladies and gentlemen, i wish you, please enjoy the american lunch here while we're going to do discuss a few important issues before going to the panel which is a very expressive panel as you can see i want to make a few remarks two racks one about the year 2015 and the second is a major report we are going to release in half an hour 2015 much has been perhaps the most incredible years in terms of the fight against climatic change not only because of paris i'll talk about paris in a moment two other reasons why i believe 2015 could be a wonderful year for the fight against climatic change one 2015 ladies and gentlemen, zero two emissions did not increase like 2014 two years in a row we have seen zero emissions didn't increase even though global g dp increased more than 3 percent this has not been the case in the history we have seen only 3 times in the history when it didn't i
Mar 21, 2017 5:30pm PDT
. >> thank you for china. all right commissioners, i think we have enough information to act. i giving you my opinion about what we should do but i think maybe additional conditions that you may want to place on these were times. again, i think whether it is audio or just a new and you come into us we generally try to give the benefit of the doubt and audio has been operating for many years. it has not been that [inaudible] in my opinion. i think they're coming to us to get promoted for something they are allowed to do i think we can say how much they can do. there's a strong opinion about conditioning it to limit any particular way >> i'm concerned about the area myself. you're not a bad kid on the block but [inaudible] itemized 4-5 different complaints. so i'm kind of concerned about the area in general especially the accumulation of noise the next door neighbor. we are considering this permit on its own merits we have to think about the whole neighborhood. >> you also left understand this is an entertainment zone. 11 street it was protected somewhat. there are some challenges of living on
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2