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Mar 14, 2016 10:00pm PDT
your wages and health benefits or we're moving to china. what's your choice. disastrous trade policies. if elected president of the united states, i will significantly change those policies. >> there's another aspect of these trade deals, and that is, they do help raise people out of poverty in third-world countries. so there is that as expect of it. this is something you've been fighting for all your life. >> it is my hope that everybody in our country understands that there's massive poverty all over the world. it is a wealthy nation along with europe and other wealthy nations, i do believe we have a moral obligation to lift up the poorest people in this world. but you can do it without destroying the middle class of this country. so count me in as somebody who will work day and night with other major countries to help poor people. but you do not have to drive wages down and throw american workers out on the street. that is a big difference between secretary clinton and myself in terms in our record. >> if she's the nominee against donald trump, is that an issue? to you think that's
directly. a slowdown in china or turmoil in iraq or syria or anywhere can send the stock market reeling input california jobs in state revenues in jeopardy. in the battle far away, some comes right to our soil is the unprovoked and brutal attack in san bernardino. what occurs daily consummate -- what occurs daily in so many parts of the world could occur .ere area that is what we have to be prepared and vigilant. i wish that was not the case, but it is. at the state capital, we think we have more control over things that we actually do. the global events and policies set the pace and shape the world we live in. the challenge is to solve today's problems without making those of tomorrow even worse. we face a future that is partly determined, and yet in many ways unknown. our job is to face the fact that we do now and prepare for the many unknowns as best as we can. you are not going to hear me talk about new programs today. i'm going to focus on how we pay for the commitments we already have. let's start with the budget. since the second world war, we have experienced 10 recessio
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2