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Nov 20, 2016 8:00am MST
serious about isis and our security around the globe, whether it be china, north korea, syria, libya, you know as well martha, you're an expert at these things, we need leadership and certainly general mattis is a leader and president-elect trump loves leaders like general mattis. >> let's talk about another retired general and that would be mike flynn who he has chosen as national security adviser. he is highly admired for his work as an intelligence officer but has a history of controversial views about islam. he said in an interview in july and at a conference in august that islam is not a real religion but a political ideology masked behind a religion. is he in line how president trump views islam? >> i think so. phrasing can be done differently. clearly faith that are problematic and we know them. we have seen it. it certainly isn't a blanket for all people of that faith. but mike flynn is one of the most highly respected intelligence officers in america. certainly no one can deny that. he is someone that has been at donald trump's side for now a very long time. it's some
Nov 6, 2016 8:00am MST
china, people are out of work and people want things to get better, i think donald trump is offering that vision for the state of michigan. and we win a state like michigan and as you know, it's all over. if i would have told you a year ago that we have a candidate that can win florida, ohio and michigan, we would say that' candidate that is going to win so i think it's a great opportunity for us. >> well, you slipped something else in there that i think is significant. you're right, michigan is significant but florida, perhaps even more and you've seen that latino surge down in florida right now. the democrats seem confident about that, and they are breaking records with this early vote of latinos likely to break against mr. trump. >> yeah, but what you're not saying and i know you're not doing it on purpose but there's vote in florida today than they were four years ago so they're actually, you know -- and here's the thing, they're behind where they were four years ago. we lost florida by 75,000 votes four years ago. they're 75,000 votes behind today. and so the same thing in north
Nov 27, 2016 8:00am MST
don't throw american workers out on the street as they go to china and mexico at low wages. if he is serious about protecting working families, we'll work with him. we will not if he talks about we do not believe, i do not believe climate change is a hoax. i believe the scientific evidence is overwhelming. one of the great threats to humanity and we have to transform or energy system. >> mr. trump said mankind may be causing climate change and open to abiding by the paris accord. is that a new and improved donald trump to you? >> that is something. but we have got to go further than that. the scientific community is saying if we do not transform our energy system yesterday we're going to be looking at more drought, more floods, more extreme weather disturbances. he has got to listen to the scientific community, not the fossil fuel industry. >> i want to talk about this recount that's going to go on. you said right after the election that it's over, mr. trump will be the next president and democrats must focus on the realities of where we are. so are they wrong to do this recount and
Oct 2, 2016 8:00am MST
china. >> it's pronounced jina. returns which means he is not that rich. >> wrong. >> not that charitable. >> wrong. >> or has never paid taxes in his life. >> wronger. >> "saturday night live" debate. we are joined by the round table, jon karl and cokie roberts, john heilemann from bloomberg politics, roland martin from news one now and republican strategicist sara fagen from cnbc. we heard rudy giuliani say that donald trump is a genius. how damaging is this story? >> i think it's very damaging. the clinton team will go at this relentlessly. they will go at the inherent unfairness of someone that wealthy and not paying taxes. but they will go after him to go as a business failure. $900 million loss. they will try to bait him and ridicule him and make that a >> we're already hearing anecdotal evidence and focus groups and rallies that people are unset that me might not have paid taxes. when it came up at the debate. and most of us, it goes out of the paycheck every week so we are used to everybody paying taxes. the idea he didn't is upsetting to people. >> and you see rudy giu
Aug 21, 2016 8:00am MST
dollars to the bank of china. donald trump talks all the time about a trade war with china. how can he do that when millions of dollars of his own bottom line could be affected? directly by the chinese government. >> let's stay on the foundation for a second. it's not just secretary clinton's critics who are suggesting a change should come. ed rendell, former governor of pennsylvania, said they should stop taking the contributions. "the boston globe" endorsed secretary sliclinton in the primaries. here's what they wrote. the clinton foundation is clearly a liability for hillary clinton as she seeks the presidency. political and actual distraction and stop accepting funding. if clinton is elected, the foundation should be shut down. will that happen? >> what the foundation has said is that they'll continue to operate. again, george, i want to keep in mind. millions of people around the world depend on life saving health treatments that the foundation provides. just pulling the plug on that would threaten lives around the globe. the foundation is in the process of trying to figure out
Sep 4, 2016 8:00am MST
leaders at the g-20 summit in china, where he's expected to go one on one with russian president vladimir putin. the meeting comes as america's allies in eastern europe face an increasingly aggressive russia. and fear further incursion like putin's annexation of crimea. it's a threat our next commander in chief will face. and we took to the skies over estonia for a first-hand look at what the u.s. military is doing to counter it. >> reporter: taking off in an f-15 vertically. a backseat ride with the u.s. air force. >> here we go. in the gs. >> reporter: we're flying along the newest front line in a reignited cold war, where tensions with russia have steadily escalated. russia not afraid to flex its muscles. buzzing u.s. warships. >> we have two russian planes. currently conducting multiple passes. >> to conflict. to counter? war games. the u.s. training with its european partners. >> our main goal is to try to keep the enemy as far away from what we're trying to protect as we can. >> reporter: lieutenant colonel jason zumwalt explains today's mission. ten f-15 fighter jets split
Sep 18, 2016 8:00am MST
china and many other >> but isn't it going to be harder for people to take you seriously on those issues that you went overboard on this whole birther -- >> i think it made me more popular. i do think i know what i'm doing. >> that was donald trump back in 2013 on his first trip to iowa as a presidential candidate. admitting to our jon karl that politics may have had something to do with all that birther talk. to discuss that and more let's bring in our powerhouse roundtable today, "the new york times're alcindor, dan balz, rich lowry and abc news' cokie roberts. welcome to every. good morning. lots to talk about. dan, i want to start with you, on this birther issue, you heard governor mike pence say, it's over, period and done. is it over? does that resonate? >> i think it continues to resonate. the statement that he made on been more terse or brief, and didn't answer any of the basic questions of why he had done what he did. if he ended it as he claimed he did on friday. so, i think those questions will continue to reverberate. >> it's interesting, though, he made a totally vali
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7