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Apr 18, 2010 10:30am EDT
leader to get china once again back at the negotiating table because that's the key to imposing tough sanctions are. what they call one of the big options, and last of many other options, but this week, the house and senate will sit down to try to henten that bill that they put together that will impose even more tougher sanctions on iran. i think at the end of the day the administration has to lay it out on the table. they said they'll do it in january, it's now april. i don't believe much activity is going on and this memo is a reminder that iran is proceeding to form that bon. >> i agree george's sanctions probably don't work. i don't think there's any possibility getting the sort of sanctions that might have some affect. i don't think the chinese will go along with the tough sanctions necessary. the interesting thing about what looks to me like a pressing engaged memo, he's right. there's not a whole lot of people that have an option that would work. the israelis think about taking out the facility. people will tell you, yeah, but there may not be one facility and if they do. the
Apr 11, 2010 10:00am EDT
new nuclear weapons. china will. russia will. you said when you were running for president in 2007 -- >> presidents should be very careful at all times in discussing the use or nonuse of nuclear weapons. presidents, since the cold war, have used nuclear deterrents to keep the peace, and i don't believe that any president should make any blanket statements with respect to the use or nonuse of nuclear weapons. >> did you change your mind? >> no, jake, because i think if you actually read the nuclear posture review, you make three conclusions. first, we intend to maintain a robust nuclear deterrent, let no one be mistaken. united states will defend ourselves and defend our partners and allies, we intend to sustain that nuclear deterrent by modernizing the existing stockpile. in fact we have $5 billion in this year's budget going into that very purpose. we believe, and this is a collective judgment from ts government, that is certainly shared by the secretary of defense, chairman of the joint chiefs, secretary of energy and others along with the state department who worked on this nucl
Jun 28, 2014 5:58pm EDT
less, and lower energy costs encourage many factors to build factories here. not in india or china. america's natural the sources energy,ood paying manufacturing, and construction jobs for us. it doesn't stop there. as a congressman, once i visited a technical college. doctor, a man appeared to have emphysema. he was driving a truck despite lung problems. to an energy producing town, earn $50,000 a year, plus benefits. he had a choice -- disability or start a new career. he had the opportunity to start a new career. you have your own dreams. sense solutions to provide you opportunity. xl pipeline,tone the state department says building this pipeline creates 42,000 direct and indirect jobs, has a measurable impact on the environment, and saves lives as there are fewer accidents shipping oil by pipeline instead of rail or truck. unfortunately, president obama continues to oppose job creating projects such as the keys to him. sadly, democrats in washington stand with president obama rather than standing with hard-working families in louisiana and elsewhere. they would rather your fami
Dec 7, 2013 6:00pm EST
. refused vice president biden's trip to china last week in the state of u.s.-china relations. >> as you walk in, there tables out front with him -- pamphlets. theamphlets are how about government is trying to take away your right to old -- owned guns. those of the guys i wanted to talk to. they were the one with the leaflets, the ideas. they said, who are you? academic and i am doing research on these organizations, these ideas, and trying to understand the guys in it. they looked at me suspiciously and i said, look, here is what i am. i don't get it. my job -- i want to understand how you guys you be world. i want to understand your worldview. convince me and i will not convince you. that is off the table. what is on the table is i want to understand why you think the way you do. >> downward mobility, racial, and gender equality. the fear and rage of angry white man. part of book tv this weekend on c-span 2. >> online, we want to know what your favorite books were in 2013. drop the month, join other readers to discuss notable books published this year. >> in his weekly address, the
Nov 29, 2014 10:00pm EST
the world sees what the president is doing. one occasion i remember was the first trip to china, which was in 2009. and the president -- it was a bit of a disaster. the president did a town hall meeting in shanghai, which half of china couldn't even see because it was blocked off and the chinese wouldn't let half the people come in. didn't go and see any dissidents for example. when reagan went to moscow he went to see dissidents, etcetera, etcetera. and then he had this press conference, which was not really a press conference at all but him and hu standing there kind of looking around and it went into this massive discussion of mutual cooperation and that kind of stuff. the chinese often talk about that in public. the president was staring around looking at, catching people's eye in the front row. he was very bored. the press coverage was absolutely brutal on that. and i kind of didn't do that story because i figured we were all flying around in the same plane. everyone is going to ride over the disaster. i have to come up with something different at least as a foreign journal
Dec 6, 2015 7:35pm EST
intellectual property, if we continue to show weakness, china will take. if we show strength, china will cooperate. i have much more hope about our relationship with china than i do about the first two. mr. brooks: our time is up. thank you so much. jimormer virginia governor gilmore was among the candidates who spoke at the republican jewish coalition. he talked about federal foreign-policy issues, including the nuclear agreement and the israeli-palestinian conflict. thank you very much. i and alleged to be here to have a chance to address these critical issues of the day. i appreciate the opportunity to be here and speak with you. in preparation for this, this very significant meeting, i did a little looking at the internet. it turns out there is a fellow who wrote a little article in the jewish telegraphic agency. were nineat there questions that the republican candidates should be prepared to address. one of them was, gilmore and ataki, really? they also said we needed to be test? pass the kishka i did not know what that was. i looked it up. the definition is -- [laughter] beef,
Nov 7, 2015 6:00pm EST
world, you have isis, and a much more energetic russia and china, but that is the fundamental question , if your data is more secure, are we better off as a nation? that is the position the administration took. i'm not a big fan of backdoors. one of the reasons we decided against it the last time, was that the believe that any backdoor that we built would be found by someone else and used by them -- you do kind of compromise security with it. but, no doubt, there is a problem for fbi and there is a problem for law enforcement when you use strong encryption. it is just a heart issue. i would not see this as the end of the debate. host: when you think about cybersecurity and some of the threats that the government or private industries face, are we thinking about the right things? james: no. that is the good news. because, people are beginning to realize that there is still -- thate still sort of shaped i can defend my network. i can do whatever it takes to make my network hard to hack. you can make your network harder to have, but you cannot make it on hakuba. you cannot protect network
Dec 23, 2013 2:40am EST
would presumably be to china. removal alsohis has some implications for the north korean relationship with china. host: you mentioned this is how it played out in the north korean state-run media. can you read this and tell us what the caption says? guest: it -- i can't. host: right here. it -- it is partially blocked. i don't think i have enough. is part that is viewable [korean] but i can't figure out from that word. host: the fact that this was seen in north korea is important because why? guest: historically this sort of purge has happened behind the scenes and we found out about it weeks or months later through rumors. in this particular case, it is right there, real-time. everybody knows. generally speaking, what has been reported so far through to atedia that has access least north korean voices or refugee voices, one of the shocking things is that this was a family affair. he did this to his uncle. host: here is a picture of him back in february. guest: yes. there are also pictures of jang as an advisor to his father. he has been a figure who has been visible to the north kore
Nov 14, 2011 2:00am EST
counterfeit electronics, mostly from china. the parts were used to build helicopters and jetse and there were traced to the u.k. and canada. on tuesday, senators questioned representatives of raytheon and boeing. they also heard from lieutenant general patrick o'reilly. [gavel pounds] >> we will probably hold one additional hearing to discuss what the department is doing to keep out counterfeit electronic parts of defense systems. we have three panels of witnesses today, so i expect the hearing may continue into the afternoon. and i also expect we will break for lunch. and this will all be determined by how long these first two panels take. we also have a vote scheduled, i understand, for 12:15. i want to thank senator mccain for his efforts in this investigation. i want to thank our staff, investigative staff, for their very hard work. the systems we rely on for national security and the protection of our military men and women depend on the performance and reliability of small, highly sophisticated electronic components. our fighter pilots rely on night-vision systems enable by t
Oct 1, 2011 2:00pm EDT
wages in india and china and brazil skyrocket. the jobs will go to where the talent is. we need to make sure that the talent is here in the west. -- in the u.s. we look forward to legislative reform any meaningful way that will benefit the country, encourage invtment, retain and attract high skilled talent and create jobs. a lot of thinking clearly has already been done in defining clear policies that congress can take. i think mayor blubber went through -- mayor bloomberg went through changes that we shall look to. which certainly recommend that congress ensures that the supply of employment-based green cards acknowledge the economy. after they graduate, rather than a tawnies abroad. again, we need to welcome these people in and we need to show them a path to permanent residency here in the united states. we need to welcome these people with open arms, not kind of let the men and then tell them, maybe, if you're a really long wait, maybe then we will allow you to reside here and planned your ribs. and while we await legislative reform, microsoft will continue to do what it has done for
Mar 21, 2015 11:00pm EDT
. what is your view on google withdrawing from china? more specifically, to provide limited but still superior service to 1.4 billion people compared to no service at all. gabriel: that was definitely the most challenging chapter of my time at google without a doubt. you know, it was a source of real soul-searching at the company. first, let me tell you where we stand on this at twitter and i can try to shed some light on how that went for us at google. twitter is currently blocked in china. as much as we would love for people in china to be able to freely access twitter, they cannot. what we said is that we are unwilling to make the kinds of sacrifices that we believe we would need to make in order to be unblocked there. perhaps there is a world in which twitter can be unblocked but it would require sacrifices that were just not prepared to commit to because of our values. in the case of google, i would say it was similar. the difference was for us at the time to continue to operating there, it was requiring levels of sacrifice that we were unwilling to continue to sign up for. you c
Sep 4, 2011 5:30am EDT
like you need to buy a suite of furniture all at once. we have a china cabinet that's in the mission style, sideboard over here, very contemporary, and then you have a nice danish modern dining set. throughout the house, we have tried to show the balance between brenda and fritz so the cool blue colors show fritz's mellow personality. then we use oranges and reds to give that pop of the hotness of brenda's personal the i. you don't get multiroom homes so you need one room turned into a multipurpose room. we have their office so they can roll out of bed and fight crime, then we have the reading room. thanks so much for joining me today on the set of "the closer." it's been fun taking you through the different rooms in the house. and i'm hopinging that you've taken away some tips that you can use in your own home. >> stay right here for more design tips, style, and beautiful homes. ♪ ♪ oh, won't you be good to yourself? ♪ ♪ and don't you feel like coming home? ♪ ♪ ♪ it'll be like coming home [ male announcer ] some rooms feel like a fish bowl. but in our roomy suites, you
Mar 22, 2014 7:00pm EDT
seen. the bigger issue we keep our eyes on our the virus that could impact work supplies. china, weports to have seen it for beef, soybeans, it drives up commodity and food prices in the u.s.. the possibility of increase inflation. the more looming and serious concern is the virus. it is too soon to attribute anything to it. couldrate uptick in pork be paying record prices. meet -- me prices are very high. we want to show a chart showing that over the long term. guest: that chart should be oh -- reassuring. these are annual changes overlaid on top of each other. of prices overge time. blue line, food prices are flat. they do the same thing every year. i hope that hammers home that there is always some looming concern. there is almost always a frost or freeze or doubt -- drought they can drive up commodity prices. implication for consumers are limited in terms of major increases. an increase in a specific food category. is an average across all food prices across the whole country. it takes a lot to. host: we have just a couple of minutes left. let us go to dave calling in from a
Feb 23, 2014 5:30am EST
that have joined us, our friends from brazil and china, please stand up. we appreciate you joining us. getting a lot of great new friendships and partnerships from around the world. and i became the chair of the national governors association last august, i begin working on what is called our chairs initiative. it is a year-long process in which we began to formulate some type of initiative that republican and democrat governors can support what it is important to all of us. i chose my initiative this year, called america works, education and training for tomorrow's jobs. it is something very important for all of our governors. creating opportunities for our fellow citizens, growing a revenue in our state. the initiative is about making significant improvements to our education system and workforce training program, and to help better align those programs with the needs of our businesses and labor markets. i believe this issue is critically important to our nation, critically important to our state as well as our nation's economic future. governors are uniquely positioned to be a pers
Jul 12, 2014 2:43pm EDT
possible? how is it possible we have more prisoners than russia or china? the insanity of the system is unsustainable and it has to change. the congress, our legislatures have to address it at some point. it will cripple our society. it will cripple our economy. host: bernard kerik this is a tweet that we have gotten, and -- it is funny how opinions change when the shoe is on the other foot. guest: that is right. that is exactly right. basically, it is an education. it is an education. here is the issue. one of the reasons i'm talking i you, one of the reasons testified before the congress, one of the reasons i talk about this constantly is because the general public does not understand the damage that the system does. if you have not experienced it firsthand, if you have not been there, if you have not dealt with it through some personal discourse -- a family member, friend, or otherwise, you have no idea, and the reason i know that is because i was in the system. ran two the largest -- i two the largest law enforcement agencies in the country, and i did not know half of what
Jun 4, 2016 5:39pm EDT
lower than mexico, we will go there. lower than china, lower than the it not. we will find a place where we can employ people for pennies an hour. you are looking at somebody unlikefellow terry -- secretary clinton, who opposed all of these trade agreements with have cost us millions of jobs. [applause] mr. sanders: that is what those trade agreement have done in this country. what they have done in mexico is drive small family farmers off of their land. there are communities in mexico where you no longer can find, farms because they have shut down and they are unable to compete with companies coming from the united states. so this is a policy that has her workers in this country -- hurt workers in this country and hurt farmers in mexico. we will together transform the trade policies so that they work for the working people of this country, so that they work for the poor people of other countries, not just the ceos of large corporations. that is our trade policy. [applause] mr. sanders: as i go around the country, i have learned a lot because i have met for many people -- with many
Dec 20, 2014 9:00pm EST
with james schuyler. >> did you do say china? >> i will be traveling to north korea to interview north korea's president. ♪ am agent lazy with central intelligence. in awo are going to be room alone with north korea's president. we would love it if you could take them out. take them out. >> for coffee or dinner? >> take him out. >> you want us to kill the leader of north korea. ? >> what? >> hello, north korea. ofi watched every episode your show. i especially enjoyed the miley cyrus camel to know episode. >> you are entering the most dangerous company on earth. >> i have a gift for you. this dog is killing me with his cuteness. ♪ >> i wish we had an escape plan. >> i'm a good swimmer. >> it is really far. >> people have done it. >> that is not true. ♪ >> nice tank. is that real? >> it was a gift to my grandfather from stalin. >> in my country it is pronounced stallone. ♪ >> i never heard this before in my life. >> i love katy perry. >> i spend a lot of time with cam, and i think he's not a bad guy. >> all right. [applause] ok. the actual north korea has flipped. they cal
Nov 17, 2013 6:00am EST
canada? 15%. 25% in china. going to 20% in england. if you save your money to washington but do some things that we in washington approve of, you we will let you yet some of it back. i have a better idea -- keep it in the first place. you decide what you do with it because it is your money. [applause] that is what real tax reform looks like. we also know what a real war on poverty looks like because it is not the one that has been waged for the last 49 years. next year is the 50th anniversary of the war on poverty. $15 trillion spent on it and the highest level of poverty ever. washington has gummed up the works. the idea of upward mobility is slipping farther away for people who have not seen in generations. we can do better than that. we can restore america as the party of equal opportunity to show how these ideas prevail. we have had a government in theory. a lot of people voted for that. we have had in practice. it does not work. it is a fatal conceit, to borrow his works. we have these examples. look at what terry branstad has done here. if we follow these examples, if we highli
Dec 27, 2014 5:27pm EST
three. for germany it's 2.5 and russia it's 2.5 and brazil it's two and china it's almost one. but that's going to change. so obviously none of this is sustainable and it's only going to come from us by saying no and we can also boycott. that's the radical approach is boycott. we did that against tuna that was catching dolphins. guess what? they changed their practices because women said, i'm not buying it. good so the deeper we go into the saying no and we can also boycott. that's the radical approach is issues the more educated we are. vote with your dollars. thank you very much. [applause] >> on this weekend's news makers montana governor steve bullock is our guest. as chair of the governor association he talks about efforts to elect more democratic governers and current issues that governers are facing in their states. watch the interview sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. sunday on q & a glenn kessler on his biggest pinocchios of 2014 awards. the biggest false claims this past year. >> democrats get more upset because i think they have bought into the myth o
Jan 1, 2012 6:00am EST
manufacturers with a 0% corporate tax. why? retailers do not move their operations to china, mexico. we have to compete for their jobs. they are the high-value jobs in our economy. the reason small-town america and blue-collar america is suffering is because we have led our manufacturing base decline. -- lets our manufacturing base decline. we have not taken advantage of being cost competitive. we should be growing manufacturing base under our plan. people do it and we will also decrease the deficit by doing so. -- we will do its and we will also decrease the deficit by do so. what makes you think i can do it? i have done it. that is always the best determinant. why would you believe it if you do not see anything in my past that would indicate that i can do it? that is the problem with some of the candidates right now. why should i believe when things get tough, when you go to washington, d.c., and you deal with the sharks in the media, they are constantly coming at you. i have had them call me the nasty names. that is ok. i remember where it came from. i remember what i promised wh
Oct 20, 2013 1:00am EDT
. counselor, china's economic attachÉ, with us today and looking forward to cooperation as we try to shape public policy to benefit of china and the united states in the years ahead. israel's economic attachÉ here to identify the four most innovative countries in the world with regard to sensible energy policy. surely you would have to put israel, china, brazil, and the united states at the top. we appreciate all of you joining us today. we would like to turn this to a roundtable to a dress the takeaways we believe we must adopt in our public policies to move us off the treadmill of the past 40 years where ever more we pay more and more overseas for oil, and to remove the vulnerabilities of instability to what is going on in the middle east and enable all of us as consumers to go and buy and sell in a competitive market and come out with a more stable economy, that are national security, more jobs -- better national security, more jobs, and a cleaner environment. i will turn it over to and karon -- ann carne to carry on the conversation. thanks to everyone for coming. [applause] >> thank
Jan 5, 2015 3:54am EST
cannot tell you how many times i bought something from china or another country that is made out of an incredibly bad material that falls apart within years. yellen is manufactures wares chiefly in china. wall street enabled it through massive debt deals to bring off-shore cash home in a synthetic way. what apple did was plow that into stock buybacks. could you possibly structure the tax code to see say we will give a tax holiday in the united states if you promise to reinvest that money in human capital. i just don't see that happening. >> this is from another james, james ard in a twitter question the baby boomers will start demanding the government give them higher interest rates on their savings. who knows where that will lead? guest: you should be able to walk out of a bank indignant right now. are you kidding me in? these guys put up a poster saying there is a jumbo super safer cd for .2%? >> less than rate of inflation. if people take pitch forks and be ticked off about interest rates, there is lots of time to do that. there is this overwhelming desire tofor return of capital on
Dec 22, 2012 2:00pm EST
singapore and the philippines and expanding our dialogue in exchanges with china. we are also an handed our presence and capabilities in the region. that includes -- expanding our presence and capabilities in the region. that includes allocating our naval fleet to have a 60/40 split between the pacific and atlantic oceans, increasing army and marine presence in the region. locating our most advanced aircraft in the pacific, including new deployments of f- 22's and the mv22's to japan. and lay the groundwork for the first overseas deployment of the f-35 joint strike fighter. the third element of our strategy is that as we do force projection in the asia-pacific and middle east, we still have to maintain our global leadership and presence by building innovative partnerships and partner capacity across the globe and using these innovative rotational deployment as a way to do exercises and training with other countries, developing their capabilities so they can provide for their own security. in latin america, africa, europe, and elsewhere. the past decade of war has reinforced the l
Oct 1, 2011 10:00am EDT
crack down on china's currency manipulation. they will proceed to consider six nominations, including henry floyd of south carolina, to be a u.s. circuit judge for the fourth circuit. you can see the senate live on c-span2. >> did regular update of what is on the c-span networks. get tweets once an hour. it is easy to sign up. just go to twitter. the latest information of what to watch on c-span. >> what role did policy plate in the 2008 financial crisis? john allison points to actions taken by the federal reserve. he spoke recently at harvard law school. adhere to three axioms regarding economics. business will prey on consumers to the extent that they're able to. participants in the free market are ignorant of their best interest is and need to be guided by public servants. this self interest this of businessmen means that they are never going to help their fellow man unless the government forces them to. story contradict each of these axioms. he began his story -- his service in 1971 and managed a wide variety of responsibilities. he became president of bb&t in 1997. during his ten
Apr 11, 2015 12:00pm EDT
about china's initiative to establish the a.i. ip. what do you think of this event and what are the ways that the world they can cooperate with aiib? >> dr. kim: the world bank group is in a very close relationship with china. it is a remarkable relationship and it goes back a long way, but the recent relationship shaped by my predecessor bob, worked very closely with the chinese government to put together a report called china 2030. the change of the chinese growth model from one focused on investment to one focused on to one focused on consumption services. all of these things the growth rate of 7% is continuing. this is part of a long conversation we been doing with china. we did a report on urbanization now one on health. we've been talking about the infrastructure banks from the beginning. my position has been missing from the beginning, oh my goodness, we have so much need for infrastructure, that we welcome any new player. the chinese government has been very clear to us that this is not a competition for us, they have been very, very clear that they want to cooperate and we'
Jul 16, 2016 5:06pm EDT
china to evaluate where we can get talent. i cannot go so far as to say it is an achilles heel as far as finding the right talent, but we have a responsibility to train and give folks a career path in this profession that allows our profession to be protected in terms of finding the right talent at the right place at the right time. >> when it comes to cyber security and critical infrastructure, what is the regulatory role of the states, and should we be working to implement regulations and laws, incentivize compliance with best practices? we have regulated operations in 16 states, which means we are regulating the public utility commission. in new jersey for example, set up ahis year, they requirement for all utilities and a framework of what would be required to ensure every utility had that framework in place, and there was no pushback. of, i do notint think government can define specifically what everyone needs to do. but a broad framework of expectations, of come this happens and here is what we expects -- i think that dialogue is healthy and constructive and we welcome it. ask s
Sep 30, 2012 10:30am EDT
countries like china and engaging non- governmental institutions within the country. this is 1.5 hours. be >> ladies and gentlemen, good morning and welcome to the stock. -- welcome to this talk. we have the privilege to welcome this morning the ambassador. you have that a long and distinguished career. he did serve in a number of positions in the national security council and the state department. your specialty ended in 2006 when he led the first reconstruction team in iraq. he then became ambassador before returning to the u.s. embassy in baghdad. in 2010, you were sworn in as u.s. ambassador to pakistan. i understand that after you retire, you'll be going to the columbia school of law and follow that with some other academic -- welcome back to the world of academia. you were the u.s. representative in pakistan during a challenging time. you helped mend relations between the two countries during a series of crisis in 2001, in particular. 2011 was indeed -- it was no small achievement. i suppose we all came to know what this crisis taught you about pakistan and the u.s. and about the
Mar 6, 2016 11:30am EST
schedule, preserved his presidency in realizing that he needed more time. that for him to go to china, he needed to first go to hawaii for a few days and acclimate and then guam and acclimate further and meet with people in guam abdomand see the troops. she managed to organize the white house and she was feared by the staff. they dreaded getting the santa barbara duty if you were there. there was no buffer between you and the calls from the first lady. it was all in the interest of her husband and his presidency. i have to say, finally, that that book that came out with the love letters to nancy after his death, his writing, his diary reflected a person of incredible intelligence and insight. a beautiful writer. and it conic other assumptions about ronald reagan and his forgetfulness, which could have been early signs of the alzheimer's. the fact that that love affair and that his intelligence and his devotion to her are what we really remember and finally, also, her fighting for research for alzheimer's. for going against the conservative party grain, even the sitting president. she real
Dec 14, 2013 10:00am EST
a united p5s1. russia, china, the united states, germany and great britain are all united in this assurance we will not undo the sanctions and that we will stay focused on their enforcement. now, all the sanctions on iran, further, on its abysmal human rights record, on its place over terror and position in syria, those sanctions will all remain in effect. they have nothing to do with the nuclear. they're there for the reasons they're there, and we're not taking them off. this agreement does provide iran with a very limited, temporary and reversible relief. and it's reversible any time in the process that there is non-compliance. if iran fails to meet its commitments, we can and will revoke this relief. and we will be the first ones to come to you if this fails to ask you for additional sanctions. the total amount of relief is somewhere in the 6 to 7 billion that i described. that's less than 1% of iran's trillion-dollar economy. and it is a small fraction of the $100 billion plus of oil revenue alone that we have deprived iran of since 2012. i want you to keep in mind, this reall
Jun 11, 2016 12:00pm EDT
relationships with china. are obviously -- they see themselves as a rival to us globally, the population is massive, 1.3 billion people. they have internal issues themselves, pushing out in the south and east china sea, rewriting history. over the longer term, that is going to be one of the most important relationships for us to manage. in the midterm, russia and what they have done and of course eastern ukraine, but what they are threatening in the baltic and other areas and what they have done to destabilize europe which has been incredible. and to destabilize the alliance europe has with itself and with us. had no cards to play back in 2012. in many ways -- not to be too pejorative -- not -- how he has managed with a few cards, not himself in thed center of what is happening in europe -- what is happening certainly in syria and other places has been an amazing thing and speaks to the lack of leadership on our part. one of the worst days in -- [applause] u.s.e of the worst days in foreign-policy -- one of the worst months is that the end of august in the early part of with a cross2013 to
Sep 13, 2014 11:30pm EDT
doing things. jimmy carter did the same thing. have to respect that. he is 90. just went to china to celebrate the 35th anniversary of opening the door to china. so, anyway, when you deal with president bush, you realize immediately that he is a person of good will. whatever it is he is doing, he is doing because he thinks it's right and he wants to help somebody. i don't think that can possibly be underestimated as an attribute. if you don't have that, then everything else you're trying to do is a lot harder. when i was president we had to -- i had a republican congress, six of the eight years, the people that actually knew me, that i had a relationship with, that we had done something together on, republicans who supported the irish peace process ex-for example -- it was -- we had a beg leg up. i think it's very important, when people see that. the other thing he had that believe every leader needs, i think he's got, too, by the way, we can all do the right thing when we're presented with a problem we know everything about and we understand the main players. but the best leaders ha
May 12, 2013 6:30pm EDT
really hurts low income countries. middle income countries like china, they have got a lot of injustice because of what is not covered. yet in some ways because they are more open-minded they are trying different things. there will be good examples to come out of those countries, that even the rich countries should look at. the idea, what are the job categories, how do you measure outcomes? there are a lot of vibrancy there. high income countries are facing the same rate of increase, although we managed to be at a starting point of about 1.5 times worse than everyone else. i got pulled into health not because it is a big foundation priority, but at the state budget level where you have to or at least pretend the balance on a yearly basis there aren't some projects having to do with pensions that if they were in the private sector would be considered out and out fraud. because they have to pretend to balance, it education that gets hurt and for our foundation, that is the big doe mostic focus is the education system. ironically, in the last 15 years, a lot of additional money w
Oct 31, 2015 2:00pm EDT
same thing with china. china is not even doing that well, but they just devalued their currency. the biggest in two decades. , theyason they did it felt, oh, well, we can get away with this and it will make it impossible. did you see the results yesterday? horrible because they are not getting stuff out. because everybody is that is their number one weapon. this too trade deal does not even cover it. that is their number one weapon. the trade deal we are making doesn't even cover it. -- peopleay this might say it is terrible, he is a terrible person, terrible human being. i'm actually a nice person. nobody can do the stuff better than me. i know all the guys are running against. they are wonderful people. some of them i really like, but who cares? i was talking to one of the candidates, talking about corporate inversions and they did not even know what i was talking about. it's not their thing. all the things with other countries and make great trade deals -- we are getting eaten alive. when you look at the phony numbers, we have wondered million people in our workforce not work
Nov 26, 2012 2:00am EST
discussion on china posture economic political and military power. then african american photojournalist show their work and discuss their careers. >> to listen to mayor bloomberg who said the damage was unprecedented, maybe the worst storm the city has faced. the storm surge was 14 feet. governor christie said the damage to new jersey was unthinkable. we had fires, hurricane force winds, massive flooding, snow -- look back at the flooding to the subway systems, the shutdown of the stock exchanges, you get the sense of the massive scale and scope of this storm. i have read dozens of stories about how for many consumers their only link to information or to people was through their smartphone, social media and their smartphone. it obviously had an impact -- i think the networks performed really well. >> my assessment here is some networks did well, some networks did less well. but we really do not have solid information because there are no reporting requirements on these networks, no standards by which to measure their performance, and it is entirely voluntary whether they
Oct 6, 2012 2:00pm EDT
supported funding for abortion in china, which was not true. mitt romney was able to stand on stage, and he was able to say i have no idea why that ad is running. i wondered not just the presidential, but on some of these non-ballot races, you have the real potential to move local elections or smart -- smaller elections like that, and because it is coming from the super pac, there is less accountability. it is people for a better tomorrow, not my opponent who is saying it. and i wonder at the end of this race when we look back if the ads that run in the final eight weeks, if we do not see some pretty crummy as coming out of these. >> tv stations actually can refuse ads they consider libelous. if they are coming from an outside group. they cannot refuse ads coming from a candidate. >> it almost never do. >> the almost never do. -- they almost never do. >> they are not corporation's. >> that's right peeping that is the other thing. >> again, the libel barrier -- you can go pretty far distorting someone's record or the facts without being libelous. >> implicit in this conversation is a notes w
Nov 8, 2015 1:00pm EST
attacksdoing to avoid by china and russia. on the program, mr. lewis is joined by the cyber security reporter for politico. grandht now dhs is on a mission to defend cyberspace, but they do not have the resources. a bill in 2012 would have dealt with critical infrastructure -- probably not in the right way, and you saw the obama administration put out an executive order in 2013 that imposed very light requirements on critical infrastructure to protect the networks. congress needs to go back and ask if that is enough. communicators" monday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. a look back at the criminal justice system from the perspective of two former inmates. they will talk about their incarceration and their experience in jail. from the american enterprise institute, this is an hour and 20 minutes. >> all right, ladies and gentlemen. thank you for coming. carney. i am a visiting fellow at the institutenterprise for your seen around the country this past year as discussion on criminal justice reform, over criminalization, all sorts of things. we're going to focus today on a specif
Jan 4, 2015 4:01am EST
global solutions. china creates these big fixes. that seems like a buzz word straight out of the enterprise world. but like what does that mean? what's an example of a global solution? >> if all of you look at your phone, we have more phones than people by the end of the year. the mobile phone in my mind has been a global solution that's changing everything. if you look at how we use it now for data collection to reduce the -- disease, for example. with ebola happening there's no way without the technology that we have to track and compartment lies that and try to stop it. so it could also be something innovative. there's some great companies out here that all of you have. and drones for example have such a bad name but we're using them for disemination of vaccines and tracking refugees and a lot of very positive things in the world. so solution ks be profitable and save lives. >> silicon valley is techy system kind of gets a bad rap about people making money to make themselves rich. what have you learned at your time that can help us to understand what we can do more to contribu
Nov 1, 2014 5:00pm EDT
world moved from rural regions, especially in china, it has significant impact on food production, water utilization, and climate. these are great challenges of the future. the question is are our , political systems able to deal with these political challenges? and, you know, i work a lot in the foundation world, with corporations and ngo's. and they are all very important, but none can provide the skill -- scale of government -- none. if you want to feed a hungry world -- nobody has been more out in the front of this than the gates foundation. i work a lot with them. but they are small. even bill and melinda gates are small in connection with the scope and size of government to deal with these massive problems. so i think it is great that the foundation world, the ngo world, and the corporate world are all involved. and by the way, they are the forefront of a lot of the issues and what we need to be doing to change policy. what gage and rockefeller and ford and other foundations are doing in africa and the developing world are remarkable. but we cannot forget that governments ha
Nov 17, 2013 3:00pm EST
china. this tax codes where our taxes are really high and then, if you send your money to washington but do some things we approve of, we will let you have some of it back. i have a better idea. keep it in the first place. you decide what to do it the cousin is your money. reform what real tax looks like. those are the kinds of things we have to propose. [applause] onalso know what a real war poverty looks like. it does not look like the one that has waged for the last 45 years. $15 trillion spent at the federal level and the highest poverty rates in a generation. washington has gummed up the works come amid harder for people to get ahead, and the idea of upward mobility is slipping farther and farther away from people who have not seen it for generations. we can do better than that. we can restore america as the party of equal opportunity to show how these ideas prevail. we have had big government in theory, we have it in practice. it doesn't work. -- of my favorite economists it is a fatal conceit, to borrow his words. we have these incredible examples. look at what kerry has done
May 9, 2015 7:01pm EDT
nations and americans were part of only two of them. china is writing the rules while we are being left behind. that is why trade promotion authority is being so important. it is the key to restarting the trade engine. here is how it works, congress sets 150 objectives that our negotiators have to advance. they are the rules both sides have to follow, everything from food safety to labor standards and through trading on the internet. if these objectives aren't met the deal is off. if they are met, then the agreements published in full for 60 days so the american people can weigh in, and only then will congress vote to approve it or reject it. this gives our negotiating partners the confidence that the concessions that they make will not be endlessly altered once the agreement gets to congress. it will either be voted up or voted down. that ensures negotiators will bring back the very best from our trading partners without holding anything back. we negotiated trade agreements since the 1930's. very much like this since the 1970's. in some quarters it has become controversial. some opposi
May 17, 2015 3:56am EDT
weeks, in addition to economic growth in places like china and india. host: if i am an opec nation how am i looking at the united states and what is going on in our oil and gas markets? guest: 7 8, years ago, they could cut production and ray prices on a whim, and that balance has shifted, the u.s. has become more of a producer. we have companies making their own decisions. north dakota and texas account for some 80% of all oil reduce in the u.s., and that is having an impact. an opec power has diminished. host: do you see them cutting back on production in order to compensate for what is going on? guest: i do not think that is happening, i think they already would have, they did that once in the 1980's and lost their market share. it did not help them and hurt them and did not change the global market. that is something they are trying to rethink, how are they going to have this new relationship with the u.s. when we do import from the opec, and we still do isn't obey, but now we have a competitive relationship. host: marlin, texas, go ahead. caller: i was listening to your earlier co
Jun 12, 2016 2:30pm EDT
, synthetic drugs are largely developed outside the united states, in china, and smuggled into the country through the mail or across the border with mexico. reports indicate the profits are often traceable back to the middle east. we need to take a long look if law enforcement has the tools needed to protect the public from the synthetics. this committee acted to cleared the traffickers -- since then it is clear they are outpacing us. testifying before the senate caucus on narcotics cantrol, this committee acted by passing my bill, the david mitchell rogza act. the bill placed a series of synthetic can have annoyance and other analogs on schedule one. it also extend the time for which a substance can be temporarily scheduled by the da to protect the public. the bill became law as part of the synthetic drug abuse prevention act. this is an important step to protect young people. calls the poison control centers began to level off or decline for a time. in march 2011, the da has used temporary scheduling authority to place 35 synthetic drugs on schedule one. clearly, the threat pose
Aug 17, 2015 3:13am EDT
when to use it. think about it. we spend $2 trillion in iraq. and by the way, china is taking the oil. isis may have it and iran may have that but china is taking the oil. can you imagine? we never do anything right with china. we spend $2 trillion, thousands of lives of great people, mostly young, beautiful people, wounded warriors who i love all over the place, not treated properly by the way. [applause] and we have nothing. iran is taking over iraq. the parts they want to give up, they are giving oil to isis. isis has the oil. you remember when i said you shouldn't go in. reuters wrote an article in 2004 that trump, don't go in. you're going to ruin the balance. iran and iraq were the same. twins. they have wars for years. one goes this way, one goes that way. if you take out one, the other is going to take over. we took out one and look at the mess we have. we have destabilized the middle east and it is a mess. [applause] jeb bush couldn't -- he didn't know the difference. he couldn't answer a question, was iraq a good thing or bad thing? finally after going to his pollster, a
Sep 17, 2016 4:00pm EDT
-- are we going to see a liberal democracy china before we see this? >> anyone want to take a stab at that one? >> russia is eurasia. so it will always perhaps be, you know, and they kind of -- thank you. >> it is a little bit of a slope between the two. is -- i think it is a hope that a lot of people have. you go to russia. cities,arly the larger it does feel more open than it would have in 1989. there has been a change in the everyday lives of people. they have been much freer now for 25-some years. well succeed in closing that space again, but i have a hard time believing it will ever go away among that generation of people who came of age during perestroika and glasnost. off and die, i have a hard time thinking the country will ever go all the way back to the 1930's. but the symptoms are there. bes something we should extremely worried about. russia -- kaplan: russia is the most religiously diverse and ethnically diverse country in the world, and instead of making the most of this, it doesn't, as we have been discussing. you abouting to ask two different russian dissidents. ov, wh
Oct 31, 2015 12:00pm EDT
, i have known frank a very long time because i was involved in human rights in china around the time of tiananmen square. and for a long time after that when frank was at cnn. i just watched where this happened here at the george washington center for media and public -- what's the exact title? public affairs. this is fabulous. congratulations on your silver anniversary. mr. sesno: thank you. we'll talk about just over 25 years. especially in media later on. let's talk about this budget deal for just a minute because i think this is a very big deal. it's a two-year deal. takes us to 2017. it gives paul ryan, who presumably is going to be the new speaker, some running room. white house says, members of congress from both parties should support it. will democrats support it? you going to support it? ms. pelosi: yes. i'm presenting the facts of it. i think that it will -- by removing the uncertainty of lifting the debt ceiling, honoring full faith and credit of the united states of america, by honoring the principle that we have had all along which is whatever investments we make for th
Aug 30, 2015 2:01pm EDT
don't want money. they are worth billions of dollars. but when i say carl icahn, handle china. we are going to make a great deal. because that's what happens. we are going to take back our trade. if you look at china, if you -- i was in los angeles -- i saw the biggest cars i've ever seen with pouring out, one after another, made in japan. it doesn't help us. where does it help us mark we sell them beef. -- dohey don't want it you ever see what's going on? it goes over there and it's perishable, so by the time it gets over there, they turn around and we don't want it and they have cars coming from these pourve ships and they just off the ships. how stupid are we? i leave in free trade. but i have to be fair trade. when you look at japan, they taken money up here and we give them money down here. we give nothing -- it's peanuts. balance it out, fellas. you have to balance it. greatnd of mine is a manufacturer. -- it's probably the greatest theft in the united states. they've taken our money, they've taken our jobs, they have taken so much, and they are creating a bubble and we are
Jun 28, 2015 1:00am EDT
economic entity that is sort of comparable to the people's liberation army in china. the interest are extraordinary. they are very wealthy. they have built an airport in tehran, for example. there is a battle of another group that wanted to build the airport and they lost. they did not have as many guns. they are again another political entity, which is very influential. none of them are dominant. all of them are important. you cannot discount any of them. the part about the iranian politics that is so fascinating which none of us have access to is that these people has been a lot of time with one another and aging tea and a read poetry. they do politics, if you will. it is a constant series of negotiations. horse trading and politicking. it is how iranian politics always works. it worked this way under the shah. there were groups of people who would go to school together in a similar industry. i'm sure in congress you had -- that group, the people you work with. in the good old days, they could even be with opposite party. you would do a deal. it is very interesting. they used to do
Jan 10, 2016 1:23pm EST
back from china, from everywhere. people know that. so we are leading by a lot and by a lot in the sec. georgia. we have places that are unbelievable. the me go to florida and i met 32. a sitting senator is at 14. jeb bush was their governor and he is in the twos. i love florida. it's a second home for me. i have a great relationship with the people of florida. that's going to be tell. you have a senator, sitting senator and you have a governor who was there for eight years and i'm saying that's going to be tell. the first poll came out and i was clobbering everybody in florida. then of course you look at massachusetts. i had 152%. tom brady loves me. tom brady said great things about me. he's a great winner. i will tell you. i think he help me a little bit. we are doing well everywhere. i just feel that this would get the ball rolling. if we win iowa, such a big event for me. i'm going to tell you, even my people say why don't you just say we want to do well here. second, third, fourth. i don't want to say that. if i want to win, and we don't it is because you're too lazy to caucu
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