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Sep 18, 2011 11:00am EDT
look at how china spies on the united states. but first, america's military success depends on sophisticated communications networks for targeting intelligence, logistics, medical treatment and soon battlefield cell phone networks. that dependence on the electronic spectrum is also an well known american vulnerability that insurgent nents in iraq and afghanistan have exploited. the charge for the electronic warfare specialist is how to collect intelligence on enemy networks and jam t?fthem if necessary without interfering with frcommunications. the man working through these tough problems is kucial jim ekfall who joins me today. sir, welcome to the show. >> vago, thank you very much. i appreciate the opportunity to be here. >> let's start out, it's an incredibly crowded spectrum, increasingly more so, our enemies are figuring out how to kink us whenever possible and how do you deal with an increasing volume? >> electro magnetic spectrum is both contested and congested. the enemy can use it as well as everyone. our goal, of course, is to allow that maneuver commander or that med
Oct 20, 2013 7:00pm EDT
something to china. and also usable to monitoring your fellow employees. monitoring your fellow employees and if you see any signs of leaking documents are being unstable or anything like that, you are required to report to that. you get in trouble for not reporting it. that is unprecedented. it is now being rolled out. it has to be further chilling. >> it seems have a chilling effect already on day-to-day, routine business. the work that journalist in this town do everyday in many cases has nothing to do with top- secret or even classified at the lower levels or anything to do with national security matters. out an official in the administration in the white house or cabinet agency and wanting to have a discussion about a subject that perhaps a senior official has spoken about publicly the day before is the sort of thing that now routinely government employees who will refuse to engage. not just off the record but say i cannot even speak to you until it's cleared up by the press office. in many cases, the press office say we will talk to you or in some cases they will not. it is having t
May 25, 2014 12:40am EDT
commercial gain is acceptable. case, china has not attempted to justify the allegation, instead, they deny them. this has been a consistent response. over a year ago, the chinese government flatly denied reports that unit 61398 was hacking u.s. companies. a spokesman for china's ministry of national defense said chinese military forces have never supported any hacking activities. china also challenged the united states to present hard evidence, evidence i could stand up in againstat cyber attacks american targets are connected to the chinese military. well, we did. the response? hours after monday's announcement, the chinese foreign ministry's cause the accusations tuesday losers and absurd. we are confident that we have the evidence to back up these is the depositions in a court of law. league indictment. it is particular. for the first time, we haven't closed the real faces and names line between boards in shanghai used to steal from american businesses. thatis not conduct responsible nations within the global economic community should tolerate. states, we believe that individuals i
Jun 16, 2013 6:30pm EDT
this was not occurring, we do not have the money. who must borrow the money from china to send it to pakistan. aerican soldiers spent decade to liberate iraq, and taxpayers paid 470 million dollars in aid, the president of open doors describe what is going on there as religious side. before the toppling of hussein, a city of iraq was home to 75,000 christians. now the numbers have dropped to 25,000. christian homes are set on fire and bombs are placed on cars and christian families are receiving threatening letters, to leave iraq or be kidnapped and killed. american soldiers have risked their lives for the sake of the country's liberation. our young men and women have fought for a noble cause but the unintended consequences is under fit -- unforgivable. no amount of money will make them our true allies. they are not allies of israel and i fear one day, your money, our money, will be used against israel. it makes no sense. should we be staying at sending f-16's and tanks to egypt when president morsi stands up and says jews are descendents of pigs and dogs? i say no more f-16s, no mor
Dec 6, 2009 11:00am EST
able to help. >> days after china and russia said they would ratchet up pressure on iran over its nuclear program, they announced last week they would build more sites. the obama administration has left the door open to dialogue. despite mounting pressure, iran continues to develop its nuclear program. our next guest is justin logan. justin, welcome to the show. >> thanks very much. >> so what's the solution here? i mean, is glomcy the answer, or is use of force the ultimate answer? >> i think that the american way of glomcy is a lot like the american way of war. we like clean decisive results, we like to use our power zisively, and in a lot of cases, this one being particular case, that isn't the way it works. there's a constant back and forth, and a lot of people have concluded that the iran yan regime is posturing about this claim with ten new plants that would take years if not decades to bring any materials to the fore. so the obama administration has worked very hard to try to herd together this international coalition, and the iranians have said that they are going to try t
May 30, 2015 5:53pm EDT
and syria. from iran's nuclear ambitions to china's territorial expansion rupture's belligerence, and the growing -- russia's deliverance and the growing threat of the islamic state. this underscores the importance of providing for our military a strong and capable defense. president reagan said it best with his principle of peace through strength. it remains as true today as it was 35 years ago. but as we all know, sometimes deterrence is not enough and americans are called to act. providing the men and women of our military with the training and resources that they need. increases their ability to complete the assigned mission and safely return home. unfortunately, too many of our service members pay the ultimate sacrifice. from natural disasters to war-torn nations, the united states has rapidly deployed to help those facing danger. this past month, one of our own nebraskans gave his life while searching for victims of the massive earthquake in nepal. captain dustin of wilcox nebraska was a marine corps helicopter pilot who flew that helicopter that disappeared during the disa
Sep 21, 2015 4:00am EDT
if this policy goes into effect. and let's say you'll like to have similar access for china. and are you sympathetic that this might put them in more of a political or diplomatic role. >> i think it's a very political discussion. the question is how might we enable law enforcement to do its job. they want to try to do their job, too. that is a huge policy discussion. how are we able to limit that? that brings up how we might see ourselves in the future. by doing business in this country, does that mean that you're subject to certain rules and laws? >> are you concerned if they do, they can affect people's overall ability to communicate securely? >> sure. i think any country with poor human rights records that's why we have the laws in place that protects from that. but that is certainly a concern. and, again, it goes back to the policy discussion about how are we able to discern between countries with poor human rights records and countries who don't have thattish sue. and who will be subject to what laws. >> i do just want to ask you one more question. you mentioned how the number o
Nov 2, 2013 10:00am EDT
boiled in a proxy war. the world that china is threatening our pacific allies. iran is aggressively working toward a nuclear weapon. the middle east is collapsing in front of us heading toward and a way welence have never seen in the history of our country. folks trying to find their way allies and european the united states. operating in every sector, every country of the globe. proliferators of chemical and radiological materials that keep us up at night working in every major nation state in the world. thata little taken aback we have decided our intelligence services are to blame for what we have found again and again and again is absolutely inaccurate reporting. if we are going to have this debate, and we should, we should do it on the facts presented before us. general alexander put it has. he can bring out the wire brush and we have done it. forward is to make sure our programs are protected and the people who have taken oaths are not demonized. this is a time for leadership. this is not a time to apologize. i hope you will pass along to the individuals that hopefully they ca
Nov 7, 2015 6:00pm EST
world, you have isis, and a much more energetic russia and china, but that is the fundamental question , if your data is more secure, are we better off as a nation? that is the position the administration took. i'm not a big fan of backdoors. one of the reasons we decided against it the last time, was that the believe that any backdoor that we built would be found by someone else and used by them -- you do kind of compromise security with it. but, no doubt, there is a problem for fbi and there is a problem for law enforcement when you use strong encryption. it is just a heart issue. i would not see this as the end of the debate. host: when you think about cybersecurity and some of the threats that the government or private industries face, are we thinking about the right things? james: no. that is the good news. because, people are beginning to realize that there is still -- thate still sort of shaped i can defend my network. i can do whatever it takes to make my network hard to hack. you can make your network harder to have, but you cannot make it on hakuba. you cannot protect network
Sep 17, 2011 2:00pm EDT
and more of our medicine cabinets stocked from products from india and china who have less robust regulatory systems than our own. our challenge is to embrace the changing global economy while making sure we protect the american patients. the profound interest at stake are highlighted for us by tragic examples of american patients who have taken adult rated drug product such as 150 u.s. patients who died in 2007 after taking the contaminated heparin. weaknesses in our pharmaceutical supply chain not only affect the health ever american patients but also the health of american businesses. by holding foreign actors to the same standards as those in the u.s. we gafrn tee a level playing field. u.s. companies that source and manufacture drug in this country should not be placed in a competitive disadvantage by foreign firms that operate with less oversight and sell substandard ingredients into this country at reduced prices. when fda's authorities are first designed and enacted, our production methods were based here at home. fda's primary authorities to ensure the quality of our drug
Oct 22, 2016 7:10pm EDT
factories since china's entry into the world trade organization. honestly i thought it was a typo. 70,000? think of what 70,000 is. 70,000 throughout our country. we have lost 70,000 factories. another bill and hillary backed disaster. we are living through the the historys -- in of the world. no other country has been rated like our country has been rated of jobs and its wealth. we owe $20 trillion. it doubled in just eight years. of it. a trumpet administration is going to renegotiate nafta, stand up to foreign cheating and stop the jobs from leaving our country. we are going to stop the currency manipulation, the number one game they play. we are going to stop currency manipulation because that is cheating. our companies cannot compete with that. we are pointed start making things again in america. -- we are going to start making things again in america. we are going to lower our business tax from 35%, the highest anywhere in the world, to 15%, among the lowest. we are also going to rebuild our inner cities. you know about that. african-americans and hispanics living in the inn
Jun 2, 2013 6:00am EDT
and china and singapore and south korea. good jobs are going to go where the most knowledged workers are. and as a country, we can keep those good jobs here or fight to bring more here, or we can see those jobs migrate other plays. for me, this is about so much more than education. we're really fighting for our country's future. we're fighting to keep great middle-class jobs here, and if we don't do that, other countries are going to outcompete us and outinnovate us. if you look at the international metrics and data, we're 12th in the world in college graduation rates, usually some 25th to 30th in terms of math. we have to get better faster than ever before to go in the opposite direction. it's self-destructive for the country. >> how do you see the common core standards fitting into your plan to reimagine high school? >> having higher standards, internationally benchmarked college and career-ready standards, that is a huge step in the right direction. the goal here, andrea, is not common. the goal is high. and many states under no child left behind dummy down standards, reduce them
Dec 21, 2014 11:00am EST
. bill we tried to pass a passed a law in china, my office had phone calls of chinese company thing back of. have rather seen an ordinance? >> according to the white house, they do not go hand in hand. according to the white house, on gross was released humanitarian matters. that is a separate topic, which in my abilities to discuss in depth. suffice it to say that the three spies were in u. s. custody were not denying spies were going around with newspaper clippings -- they were directly involved with the the murder nment and of american citizens. obama alluded to americans, most of them in your hometown in miami, saying that they accept normalized relations. that is quite different from what you are saying. how do you explain younger generations that agree with mr. obama? >> part of it is because -- look, this is not a political thing. i don't care if 99% people care that we should normalize relations in cuba. we till believe that before normalize relations that we had to see steps towards democracy. also say that we share the goal for freedom in cuba -- we may disagree on the tac
Dec 14, 2013 4:00pm EST
you think our government security services are more dangerous to civil services than china and russia? >> are they more interested? absolutely. no doubt about it. >> you agree that our government ov overof our national oversite is far more -- >> once again, i can't compare to other people. i don't know the details. i certainly had a presumption of that. do i any we have lived up to the best intent and good faith of our constitution with the legal constructions, no, i don't think we've lived up to the principles. the core prince pms of the first amend. and fourth amenldsment, as faithfully as we cocould. are we better? of course. that's not a question that i think is fair. you take a different view than the courts that have overlooked this. >> i think some are in a position of higs tor kal base. >> with the business records -- >> there's no present decision by any court that suggest that is there's been -- that this is operated in violation of the fourth amendment. it would take a new dwgs to decision to make that conclusion that has not yet been rebderred by any court. is that correct
Oct 29, 2016 12:59pm EDT
growth numbers just released but the average growth rate for this year at a disastrous 1.5%. china goes down to 7% or 8%, gdp, it's a national catastrophe. last quarter, we were at 1%. our job numbers last week were horrible. they were anemic, as this person goes. anemic was the word they used. obama is the first president in modern history not to have a single year up 3% growth. it's hard because we are a large country. well india is a much larger country, they are at 8%. china is at 7%. and china is not happy. we are at around 1%, and we just keep going along. just keep going along, losing our jobs to mexico and every other place. 47 million americans are on food stamps and 45 million people -- this is our country, are living this is our country, are living in poverty. meanwhile, our trade deficit with the world is now nearly $800 billion a year. you say who negotiates these contracts? true, obama. it's true. instead of campaigning for hillary clinton, he ought to be in the white house, in the oval office, negotiating trade deals. beating isis. taking care of our veterans, which
May 26, 2012 2:00pm EDT
. this year we learned about ancient civilizations and we were taught about ancient china and different dynasties while we were learning chinese. i like that they go together and sometimes we even do math in chinese class. i want to be fluent in chinese and i would like to visit china to be able to talk to people there. i also like showing people in virginia that i have learned chinese. the people working there were very surprised i could count in cheneys. thank you for helping a fairfax with chinese classes. i want to thank my teacher for being great and my mom and dad who encouraged me to learn chinese and even my sisters who got to take cheneys. i am very excited to be here representing them. [speaks chinese] that means, "thank you, everyone. i am happy to speak some chinese today. learning chinese is not hard." [applause] >> ms. patrick, would you please proceed with your statement? >> yes, mr. chairman. fairfax county public schools is the 11th largest in the country. the school division prepares students with the necessary skills that are desperately needed in the federa
Dec 22, 2013 7:00pm EST
the crime of natural resources at cheap prices. this was to china. removal alsohis has some implications for the north korean relationship with china. host: you mentioned how it played out in the state-run media. and you read this and tell us with the caption says? guest: it is -- i cannot. -- it is not -- it is partially blocked. viewable, i dos not know. i cannot figure out. host: the fact that this is what is seen is important. why? guest: historically, this sort of urge has happened behind the scenes. people find out about it weeks and months later. isthis particular case, it right there in the real-time. everybody knows. generally speaking, once it has been reported, some media has access to at least the voices. the shocking things is that this was a family affair. he did this to his uncle. host: here's a picture of them back in february. also picturesre of him as an advisor to his father. -- he has been a figure who has been visible to the north korean people as an advisor for a long time. the north korean state media is now busy expunging his image. documentaries goin
Aug 7, 2016 12:57pm EDT
connection of shipping containers moving over from places like china and indonesia and elsewhere. railroads are very much a part of that route. when you go to long beach, california, there are large shipping facilities. the railroads are right alongside the container ships. they are the one that helps get it to the next route. >> mike connell, former executive director for the port huron times herald talks about the history of port huron, its importance to michigan's economy, and the current state of the economy on the city. >> in the 1990's, there was a thriving economy. not just state what but locally. we have done pretty well. that last until the year 2000. in 2000, if you go by household median income, michigan is one of the 15th wealthiest states. by 2008, where one of the 15th poorest states. >> on american history tv we will visit the train depot that thomas edison work that during a boy and stop at the thomas edison depot museum. we will speak to the museum manager. >> we have every creation of his little chemical laboratory and printing equipment where he was the first person that
Oct 23, 2016 12:19pm EDT
china and every country, every trade deal that we have is horrible. we should be ashamed of the people that allowed those deals to happen. they are defective, and they knew they were defective. they were done for a reason. believe me, they will be unwound so fast. we will have trade. we will have great trade. it will be free trade. but it will be fair trade, and it will be real. my security plan is so important. they have taken the jobs from us. my security plan will bring us safety to our poorest communities. my ethics plan will end the corruption in our government. [applause] the corruption is massive. we will drain the swamp in washington, d.c. with a newlace it government of, by, and for the people. that is why i have chosen gettysburg to unveil this contract. i am asking the american people to rise above the noise and clutter of our broken politics and to embrace that great faith and optimism that has always been the central ingredient in the american character. there is nothing better or stronger than the american character. [applause] mr. trump: i am asking the american people t
Sep 21, 2015 2:00am EDT
politics and upcoming elections. panelists discuss u.s. relations with taiwan as well as china. this is about an hour and 15 minutes. >> ok. get it down to a dull roar. let us get it started. thank you. we are going to dive right in to the final panel of today which is on u.s.-taiwan policy. we are very honored to have three distinguished guests on the panel giving us their insights today. i will keep the introductions to a minimum because these people are familiar to most of you in the audience. dr. mika greene, my colleague here. asiar vice president for and our japan chair here. obviously, a professor at georgetown and a former staffer at the nsc during the george w. bush administration. he is acting as senior director for east asia. another foreign service officer, extremely experienced. and one of the most renowned experts on u.s.-policy -- u.s.-taiwan policy. in the triangular relationship among u.s., taiwan, and china. another state department officer who is also currently a resident at georgetown university. we are honored to have him here as a senior fellow helping us think thr
Jul 14, 2013 10:30am EDT
counterfeiting that is coming out of the people's republic of china, there was a report that was just put out suggesting 76% of counterfeit that's worldwide are chinese of chinese origin. there are a great deal of trade secrets asked, doj trade secret cases are relatively well, between 10 and 12 of the last 20 years. i was wondering whether you think u.s. law enforcement could do to be a better partner with companies that are facing either lost intellectual property or that have become victims of industrialized espionage or hacking in some way or have lost trade sector it's -- trade secrets. workingnk key to together better is talking more. i think that coordination, which i know the bureau has been pushing, to understand the threats. i just spent eight years in the private sector at two different companies that were keenly focused on this threat of someone stealing their intellectual property. i think it is vitally important that the government and private sectors be together very closely because the information about the threat often lies in our wonderful private enterprise system, but
Dec 29, 2014 2:00am EST
, china is against using the existence of the large scale violence in the dprk to include this in the agenda of the security council. the u.n. charter stimulates explicitly that the primary responsibility of the security council is to maintain international peace and security. various u.n. organs have their respected functions and division of labor. the security council is not the forum to get involved in human rights issues and still less should the human rights issue be politicized. currently, we are faced with numerous forms and challenges. the security council should strictly abide by its responsibilities and concentrate on addressing issues which concern international peace and security. the situation on the korean peninsula remains complex and sensitive. opposing the goal of denuclearization, maintaining peace and stability and insisting on dialogue and consultations as a way to solve issues, these are in the interest of all parties concerned and should be direction toward which all parties should work together. the security council should work more to facilitate dialogue and ea
Dec 3, 2017 2:38pm EST
skills to help them manufacture these missiles, probably from china and other countries through their black-market network. they have this capability. there is nothing we can do, at this stage, to blockade them or prevent them from getting the know-how and materials to build them. host: let me get your reaction to what secretary mattis said. he said the following -- [video clip] >> a little over and to another hours ago, north korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile. thennt higher, frankly, any previous shots it had taken. it can threaten anywhere in the world, basically. it in response, the south koreans have fired some pinpoint missiles out into the water, to make certain north korea understands they could be taken under fire by our ally. tois a continued effort build a threat curve, ballistic missile threat that endangers world peace and the united states. host: what do you think is happening inside the trump white house and inside the pentagon? guest: that is hard to say. i think they are evaluating the technical abilities of this latest test. we do have some informat
Nov 7, 2015 10:00am EST
. theftectual property means that we pay for much of the research cost for our adversaries. china, for example, just r&dtook the eu and national with projects ranging from supercomputers to programs. drone this is crucial. it is not just many of our long trusted platforms from warships a forplanes, noble and new actors hands. a new generation of unmanned systems, both more diverse in size, shape, inform, but also more autonomous, and more capable, meaning they can take on more roles from isr to strike . weapons that use not just cannot kinetics ofst or -- a fist or energy of gun power, but new systems that potentially offense and defense. artificial intelligence, big .ata that will redefine hypersonic's. high-speed rockets and missiles. 3-d printing. human performance modification technologies that will reshape what is possible, and maybe even war. is proper in the challenge is the comparison that will be drawn versus what we are actually buying today or what we will by tomorrow. our modernization programs are often not too modern. are older programs than you, and some, older than me. this dyn
Sep 18, 2016 12:30pm EDT
business in handling inies, and them, i guess he does china millions, how do we know that he will trade some of the stuff he has learned to pay off his bills? host: she is talking about the national security agency has done. next, grace. guest: i would be watching donald trump carefully if i were in the intelligence committee in the united states because of the people who surround him and because of his ties and because of his stated preferences. he was vladimir putin and he thinks russia is great. it seems pretty ignorant. problems with russia, our ties with the nato countries and what that means to the world, so i would keep an eye on him. he talks about his intelligence taking on tv, which he should not have done, so even if he has no malicious intent, he is not somebody who you can trust to be careful with information. thingfinal question, one you've learned that surprised you the most in researching this book? well, you know, the relationship between bill clinton and the first president bush, the death of that relationship, that friendship did surprise me, especially the more
Nov 9, 2015 2:00am EST
the crimean peninsula. the rise in china. both are different. estate thatif not as not been in peace since 1953. korea is artificially divided by the 30th parallel. yet they are one ethnolinguistic group. is probablet it that create will be one country again. ,hether that happens peacefully that is a six $2000 question sort of thing. that is a $60,000 question sort of thing. having said that, in north korea, we have a leader that has been aggressive over his reign. he is the third in a family line. ofhas conducted a variety provocative actions that could lead to wider violence. he saw the incidents that occurred last august. those a very serious. the korean peninsula is still the most armed border in the world. there is about one million soldiers on each side of the border. that border is well armed. my concern there would be a provocative incident could lead to something more violent. that would be tragic for people of korea. >> chief the chinese government and military could still control north korea? >> no, i think there is an element of influence. i don't know i would use the wor
Feb 4, 2012 2:00pm EST
actor like russia or china, you don't know if it's an organized crime and tea or a high-school student on the street. -- organized crime into tea or high school student on the street. that is why we built the cyber investigative tax -- investigative task force. all of those who have a role to address this kind of threat. we have to build up the collective a dressing of that threat, the way we broke down the walls in the wake of september 11. lastly, in terms of legislation, we have pushed to areas of concern to us. one is a national data breach requirement. there are 47 states that have requirements for reporting data breaches. there has to be a national data breach requirement for reporting and we should be recipients of that reporting and there has to be the ability to share the information is indicative of a crime with the bureau or others to have that responsibility. focusingething we're on as the next substantial threat. >> thank you very much, senator rockefeller. i have a date of breach law that has been pending for some time. next is senator conrad. >> thank you, madam
May 12, 2013 6:30pm EDT
really hurts low income countries. middle income countries like china, they have got a lot of injustice because of what is not covered. yet in some ways because they are more open-minded they are trying different things. there will be good examples to come out of those countries, that even the rich countries should look at. the idea, what are the job categories, how do you measure outcomes? there are a lot of vibrancy there. high income countries are facing the same rate of increase, although we managed to be at a starting point of about 1.5 times worse than everyone else. i got pulled into health not because it is a big foundation priority, but at the state budget level where you have to or at least pretend the balance on a yearly basis there aren't some projects having to do with pensions that if they were in the private sector would be considered out and out fraud. because they have to pretend to balance, it education that gets hurt and for our foundation, that is the big doe mostic focus is the education system. ironically, in the last 15 years, a lot of additional money w
Oct 23, 2011 2:00pm EDT
fake i.d.'s from china. i wrote you a letter in august, you may remember, about companies in china that produced exact replicas of driver's licenses from various states for sale to people who might be terrorists, and illegal immigrants, or primarily underage teenagers trying to drink illegally. these licenses are very well done, with the bar code and everything else. very hard for the person at the bar or wherever else to actually detect they are false. sometimes you can detect it by a false address but they usually give and out of state address. -- an out of state one. if a new york bar in syracuse get a driver's license that says altoona, pennsylvania, he has no idea there is no 123 elm street there. last week western union gave me good news by agreeing to work with the dhs to refuse payment to businesses whom you indicate -- when you indicate to them that are providing fake i.d.'s from china. this is the only way to cut it off, if they don't allow them to wire money, that is what they do. western union took a big step forward. despite this accomplishment, the work is not done. h
Oct 20, 2013 11:00am EDT
kind of leaking to the press was the same as giving something to china. also, that you are supposed to be monitoring your fellow employees, kind of the "1984" thing, that if you see any signs of leaking documents or being unstable, you are required to report that. you can get in trouble for not reporting that somebody else's doing that you may find suspicious. that is unprecedented in american history. we do not yet know what its effect is, but it happens to be chilling. >> it seems to be having a chilling impact already on day to day routine business. these sorts of work that journalists in this town do every day, that in many cases has nothing to do with top- secret or material classified at a lower level, or any thinking to with national security matters. simply calling up an official in this administration, in the white house or cabinet agency, and wanting to have a discussion about a subject that perhaps a senior official has spoken about publicly the day before is the sort of thing that is now routinely, commonly, government employees will refuse to engage. not just on the record
Feb 1, 2014 2:00pm EST
sanctions are unlikely to be affected because countries like russia and china will probably undercut them. military strikes could lead to a major war with iran. the u.s. needs to try to strengthen the nonproliferation system which appears to be unraveling. the key to this effort will be to stop countries using nuclear activities to require the -- acquire the plutonium needed for nuclear weapons. the u.s. needs them to clarify what facilities it can effectively safeguard and which it cannot. a negotiated agreement with iran that legitimizes its enrichment program would be a step in the wrong direction. thank you. >> thank you, mr. jones. mr. heinonen. >> thank you very much for inviting me to address this hearing. i will concentrate on my remarks on the aspects of this deal, which was concluded on the 20 of november. highlight some of the implications and make some minor proposals for the way forward. the agreement is a small but important step forward which after a long delay could start on 20 of january. under this deal, iran continues to produce low-energy uranium. maintain centrifuge p
Feb 12, 2012 10:30am EST
of social security systems, and he thinks america's debt level is well over one had to china% -- 120% of gdp. the paper that he wrote was indeed based on the study of the financial crises in at nations ever performed. that is why i have got a good bit of interest. thank you for sharing with us. i do believe you are correct to advise us that we should move forward with reform on all fronts sooner rather than later. we could, perhaps, disagree about exactly when we ought to start these reductions and spending. but personally, i would believe that we should not go one day with inefficient, wasteful government spending. if every bit of that should be eliminated sooner rather than later. a healthy, lean, protective federal government would be good for the economy also. thank you, chairman bernanke. thank you mr. chairman for your courtesy. i hope our permanent chairman feels the same. >> we wish him well, beleaguered with an infection today. mr. chairman, i would like to review a discussion we had in our earlier meeting. i think it is helpful to put the spotlight on the issue. it
Sep 23, 2012 10:30am EDT
. citing government sources he said that at least two of the attacks may have come from iran. china and russia we know have also launched cyberattacks. to respond to this escalating threat, the chairman and i have worked during the past two years to craft a bipartisan bill that relies on the expertise of government and the innovation of the private sector. despite our hard work to find common ground, the senate has failed to pass cybersecurity legislation. given the significant damage already done to our economy and our security, as well as our clear vulnerability to even worse attacks, this failure to act is inexcusable. former d.h.s. secretary, michael chertoff, and former n.s.a. and c.i.a. chief michael haden described the urgency this way. we carry the burden of knowing that 9/11 might have been averted with the intelligence that existed at the time. we do not want to be in the same position again when a cyber9/11 hits. it is not a question of whether this will happen, it is the question of when. this time all the dots have been connected. this time the warnings are loud and cle
Mar 30, 2014 12:18am EDT
best collection of china policy scholars in the united states, it might be here in universities and around the world. this is an extraordinary group of people, including the director, and his predecessor directors, two of whom i see in the audience. it is a great group. we are delighted for them hosting this event. and the hospitality they showed to me and my family two years ago when i spent three months traveling through china in preparation for a book. we are celebrating a major -- not just transition, but transformational event of 35 years ago. and today, we are really blessed and honored to have two transformational figures in this sport that we hold very dear. in 1979, ping-pong gave way to basketball. after the ping-pong exchanges, they were basketball exchanges that followed. i think cheng li touched upon the fact that basketball is the second most popular sport in china, behind ping-pong. it dates back to the late 1800s when the missionaries that founded basketball in america through the ymca took it all around the world. and in china, it took hold. and a hold was so great
Feb 1, 2014 10:00am EST
put out one year ago about challenges in china and russia. i believe you stated last year that you thought that the effect cyber attacks on america had an estimated cost close to $300 billion in economic damage. that is damage in terms of direct attack, and i also think that we see time and again cases where intellectual property is taken. people can enter the marketplace, leapfrogging over research and design, because the y steal our intellectual capital. we have seen a series of committees looking at some of the data breaches. we are talking about 70 million potential loss of data with target alone. they were disproportionately ill equipped. this is an indication that industry by industry, these attackers can find the weakest link and even companies who are doing the right thing, their colleagues in the industry are not keeping up to the standards set and there is a challenge. is there a higher number in terms of the economic threat, the intellectual capital threat, or the personal information threat posed by these cyber activities? >> i think it is almost incalculable to figure
Sep 15, 2013 11:00am EDT
united it, but we have to get china to work with us. it is going to be a global issue, global standards as we relate to cyber if we want to protect ourselves. >> you're going to be happy for the next one. on twitter, yesterday was also the one-year anniversary of the tragic attack on benghazi. the question, when are the american people going to hear from those people who were at the benghazi conflict? >> hear from the employees? >> the people who were there on the ground. >> we have in our committee, we are doing the intelligence of that investigation. we have had our 10th hearing. we have talked to all but three on the ground. we are still working through those issues. for those who are looking for some -- we tracked down every lead that we heard. every story that you read in the newspaper about something that, we run all of those to the ground thoroughly with our investigators. now, we have got it narrowed down, that there are some indicating that the time frames that their headquarters is giving might be different than the timeframe that the folks on the ground are giving. we are try
Jun 12, 2016 12:30pm EDT
members of the un security council. united states, britain, france, russia, china and germany. host: a lot of questions if we can trust the running your later. what is the answer? guest: so far so good. they have carried out all their obligations under the nuclear deal. i think the problem and the confusion comes from the fact that there are other issues we disagree with the iranians about. the opponents are focused on those areas and you give about the actual nuclear aspect. host: this is from washington for the inspectors, they are pretty well stretched. who is involved in the inspection and how do we quantify that iran is living up to its agreement? unprecedented verification and monitoring mechanisms. we have the international atomic energy agency. it is the one responsible for the monitoring. the united states contribute over $200 million a year to this organization. they have people on the ground 24/7 monitoring all of iran's declared nuclear facilities. uranium mines, centrifuge factories, the sites where uranium enrichment is still continuing. it is a lot of work. thi
Jul 25, 2015 12:00pm EDT
in congress. this is flagrant. it defies the spirit of the law we passed. now we know that china russia, venezuela voted to approve this. they will vote to lift the u.s. sanctions. the only power we have left to override the president's veto, and groups like aipac who i have met with the past several days who have to appeal to democrats, this is a bad deal. that is the only way that this whole process can be stopped. why does it need to be stopped? it allows them to continue their nuclear weapons program. that is not why we passed the sanctions over the last decade. we passed the sanctions to dismantle their nuclear capability. the idea that it is for peaceful, energy purposes is laughable. the icbm capability can continue to go forward. you develop that to deliver a nuclear warhead. it will start a middle east arms race. when i was in saudi, they said, why are you negotiating with iran? our allies are confused and do not know if they are still allies. they are strongly opposed to this. now we see a nuclear arms race in the middle east, egypt will look at it, turkey. lastly, hund
Sep 28, 2015 2:00am EDT
making friends for us and we are not borrowing money from china. that's the kind of thing that makes sense. that's the kind of thing we also should be doing in south and central america so that they won't feel the need to come here. the other thing we need to be isnking about in that regard sealing our borders. the fact of the matter is, having gone down there recently and looked at how -- anybody could get through there. the fences they have would barely slow me down when i was a kid. there's no border guards. the border guards are all 70 miles inland. why are they called border guards if they are not on the border? and when they capture people, ice tells them to release them. a lot of those people are not from honduras and mexico. somalia from iraq and and russia and many of them are hardened criminals. it seems like our federal government is actually fighting against the sheriff's and these people who are down there and look in -- i sat with some of the families and they told me the horror stories about how frightening it was. they are some incredibly brave americans to do that. w
Aug 4, 2012 2:00pm EDT
countries like china for locking people up without charges, not having access to lawyers, so forth and so on, and what was going to be the rule of law relative to these new challenges because our system of criminal justice in the country was basically on the notion that we would rather somebody guilty go free than someone innocent be convicted right? so we kind of lean on protecting people's rights and due process. but terrorism is a different situation because you try to prevent the incident and the first place. i don't vary much by an to the notion of political correctness. i think we have an issue out around constitutional correctness, when you have an american citizen that questions whether they can listen to or read something or associate themselves in some grouping. it is pretty clear in the constitution those things are protected. and then there is a set of actions that are of concern. now, this question of radicalization is not new in the military. there have been any number of groups the fbi has to be concerned about, attempting to either get members train to the military or to r
May 14, 2016 7:00pm EDT
. >> hi. you are heading to china next month for the strategic dialogue for the economic relationship, and i would like to ask, against the backdrop of slowing global growth, china's increasing clout, and the u.s.' slight pivot toward a harder line toward china, what are the challenges you think the u.s. faces in regards to this relationship over the course of the next year? mr. lew: i think that the u.s.-china relationship -- i will limit myself to discussing the economic relationship -- but the u.s.-china economic relationship is one of the most important economic relationships in the world. we are the two largest economies in the world. the global economy will do well if we do well. it will suffer if we suffer. we have made clear in our dealings with china that they have to take steps that are good for china, but also good for the global economy, that there is a responsibility that comes with being one of the two largest economies in the world. i think we have made progress in the economic discussions, but we have a lot more progress to make. i believe that the chinese economic policyma
Jun 12, 2016 2:30pm EDT
, synthetic drugs are largely developed outside the united states, in china, and smuggled into the country through the mail or across the border with mexico. reports indicate the profits are often traceable back to the middle east. we need to take a long look if law enforcement has the tools needed to protect the public from the synthetics. this committee acted to cleared the traffickers -- since then it is clear they are outpacing us. testifying before the senate caucus on narcotics cantrol, this committee acted by passing my bill, the david mitchell rogza act. the bill placed a series of synthetic can have annoyance and other analogs on schedule one. it also extend the time for which a substance can be temporarily scheduled by the da to protect the public. the bill became law as part of the synthetic drug abuse prevention act. this is an important step to protect young people. calls the poison control centers began to level off or decline for a time. in march 2011, the da has used temporary scheduling authority to place 35 synthetic drugs on schedule one. clearly, the threat pose
Mar 10, 2012 10:00am EST
put massive pressure on president assad have been met with opposition by china and russia. they vetoed a proposal to establish a syrian-led transition to a democratic political system. the u.n. general assembly voted overwhelmingly to condemn the regime's googled use of force against civilians. last week, the friends of syria, secretary clinton, and leaders from more than 60 other countries came together in the home of the first arab spring uprising to force a way forward in syria, including a call for the regime to end the violence, withdraw its forces from cities and towns, and to assure unhindered access by monitors. the work of the syrian national council was praised and they laid the groundwork for a political transition. they agreed to continue to ratchet up the pressure on the assad family and its supporters. there was a robust dialogue about whether there is a feasible way -- if the international community continues to search for an avenue, there are a number of questions that we must ask about the nature of the conflict in syria. what is the makeup of the syrian opposition? wo
May 11, 2013 10:00am EDT
rose and prospered. and now, today, india and china rise and prosper. all this has been welcomed by the united states. but none of this was a foregone conclusion when you consider where asia was at the end of world war ii. while the asian political and economic miracle was realized, first and foremost, by the hard work and talent of the asian people themselves, it was enabled by the enduring principles that the united states has stood for in the region, and also by american military power. these principles we stood for have included a commitment to free and open commerce, a just international order that emphasizes rights and responsibilities of nations and fidelity to the rule of law, civilian control of the military, open access, by all, to the shared domains of sea, air, space, and now, cyberspace, and the principle of resolving conflict without the use of force. in addition to these principles, it was also enabled by the pivotal role of u. s. military power and presence in the region. we believe that our strong security presence in the asia- pacific has provided a critical foundation
Nov 22, 2015 7:00pm EST
a proud isolationist. when is the last time you heard of a terror attack in china? i disagree. i think on am -- scale there are less that's in the world. my question is, i think the soft see the video of people waiting to shop on black friday. host: thank you. guest: i mean sure. i take a little bit of an issue. from amarket value -- machiavellian perspective, maybe it would have been better if saddam hussein was still in power but we can't play that out. as a democratic nation that supports those type of deals that are so dear to us, i would disagree with that point. with china as well, china does have its own internal problems. as a population it is under serious pressure from the chinese government. there have been a number of attacks in china. we don't hear about these pressures mainly because we don't understand it. also china clamps down very heavy handedly to make sure these attacks don't come forward. as these saw recently, a chinese national was killed in the , and china will be dragged into this slowly. it is a growing global power and they have a role as well. host: a
Apr 2, 2016 4:00pm EDT
cannot beat trade, china, mexico, they think we are stupid. japan, vietnam, india, any nation, name a nation -- they do well. it does not make a difference. they do well, and the more i think about it, the more i realize, they do well for a very specific reason. not that the politicians are so stupid, many of them are, many of them are not, but because politicians take contributions from people representing certain other parts of the world, or companies involved in other parts of the world, and they do things not in your best interest. when i say i am self funding, i have turned down more money, i bet that any human being has turned down for political run. frankly, everybody takes money. [applause] and when you think of it, not a big difference. for years, probably, i may be wrong, but the only one would be ross perot many years ago. but, he did not take money. i have turned down so much. people coming up, $10 million, donald we want to give you $10 million for your campaign. $5 million, $2 million, $1 had $100,000bush or so. i do know -- i do not know if i get credit for it. many p
Nov 18, 2012 1:00am EST
margaret myers who directs the dialogues program on china and latin america. china is also going through a transition and china's economy is extremely important for many latin american countries, increasingly so, and she is going to share some thoughts about what that relationship might look like. we're delighted to have margaret with us as well. margaret just came back from about a month in china, so i think we will have some fresh perspective and insight about the situation there, obviously, people interested in america, what is happening in china and the united states, two a very important players. let me begin with a few comments before turning it over to my colleagues and opening up to all of you. last april, the dialogue produced a policy report that reflected the analysis and recommendations of the members of the inter-american dialogue, and we talked about opportunities in the areas of trade and energy and other global affairs that really should be taken advantage of by the united states moving forward. but we have to -- we emphasize as well there are three issues that we
Aug 13, 2016 3:19pm EDT
china and anyone else who tries to take advantage of american workers and companies. [applause] secretary clinton: and i am going to ramp up enforcement by appointing for the first time a cheap trade prosecutor. i will triple the number of enforcement officers, and when countries break the rules, we will not hesitate to impose targeted tariffs. [applause] clinton: now, mr. trump may talk of big game on trade but his approach is based on fear, not strength. fear that we cannot compete with the rest of the world, even when rules are fair. fear that our country has no choice but to hide behind walls. if team usa was as fearful as trump, michael phelps and simone biles would be cowering in the locker room afraid to come out to compete. [applause] >> hillary clinton in warren, michigan, on thursday. her remarks on the economy and job growth. we will show you that entire speech, that event in about 10, 15 minutes. you saw donald trump wrapping up his remarks at the detroit economic club. that was also this week. now we would like to hear from you on what you think -- or who you think
Feb 4, 2012 10:00am EST
council russia and china vowed to oppose the arab league proposal. this is about two hours and 20 minutes. >> i invite your excellencey to participate in this meeting. i wish to draw the attention of council members to document s/2012/71, a letter dated january 24, 2012 from the general addressed to the president of the security council. i now give floor to your excellencey. a >> in the name of god the merciful allow me to congratulate your excellencey on assuming the presidency of the security council. i express to you and to members of the counsel our thanks and gratitude for convening this meeting to allow it to carry out the mission to which we were interested. mr. president, the council of minister of the league of arab states adopted its resolution in a meeting held on the 22nd of january requested i say that i in my capacity as chairman on syria and his excellencey, the secretary general of the league of arab states brief the security council of the plan adopted under that resolution and to request the security council to endorse the said plan as adopted by the league of ar
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