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Oct 7, 2013 2:00am EDT
saying maybe you'd be a good idea to outsource congress to china or india. good morning, charles. caller: good morning, steve. two observations. for the people who argue this is a law that has already passed i would like to point out almost a century ago we passed a law for prohibition. it almost destroyed the country before we had enough common sense to turn around and repeal. the same thing is going to happen with obamacare. the second observation is, as far as defaulting on our debt, i hope we do, because if nothing else, it will make foreign countries such as china aware that we can't pay our bills and maybe it might even force congress to live within a budget we can afford, for god's sake. everybody knows we are spending more money than we have. what are they going to break up and use some common sense? there is none in congress. host: ok, thank you, charles. you mentioned asia. the president was supposed to be at that conference. basically loans from asia account for half of the gross domestic product in terms of the economy. guest: right. the caller made good comments. the
Oct 8, 2016 7:17pm EDT
against the chinas and the mexicos and the indias we add all these costs of regulations and tacks on top of everything else. that is what is going on in this election. we need support not just for the top of the ticket, but for the republicans who are running for the united states senate and the united states house of representatives. and one of the top targets to the democrats is our own senator ron johnson. we've got to send him back to the d.c. [applause] and just remember, we had 18 years of an ineffective russ feingold. audience: boo! he brags about the fact that he is a supporter of the bill of rights, and then he passed the mccain-feingold bill, which has been declared unconstitutional by the supreme court several times for infringing upon every one of our first amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of political expression. russ feingold, despite what he says, has ripped up the bill of ights. let's not give him a chance to rip it up still further. our constitution means something. the framers did the right thing. james madison's prose was great. he not only wrote the c
Aug 22, 2015 5:00pm EDT
these great jobs in america and stop exporting them to, like, china and all of these other places? taxcan't we lower the brackets for the major corporations to keep the jobs here? let them be profitable and let us bring the young folks so they can survive. instead of paying rent, they can buy homes. gov. christie: you are singing my song, man. by the way, this is something that is personal to me and pat. we have teed up children in college. our oldest son andrew is getting ready to start his senior year at princeton. -- we have two children in hollis. for that school, we are paying $60,000 a year. sarah is starting her sophomore year at notre dame. is $62,000 a year. during my five days off, we were just writing those checks. so, i'm glad this is the gravity center -- [laughter] my wallettie: because is much lighter than it was before. i need this extra gravity here in new boston. here is what i propose. all of these plans i talk about, you can go to my website. they are all detailed there. if you're having trouble sleeping, it will help you, believe me. we have
Oct 7, 2013 4:00am EDT
can't and we were talking about that who's going to deal with india. the nations and especially china, which purchase such a large amount that continue to purchase iranian oil, if we could get them to do more to scale back their energy purchases, i think it would take the sanctions regime, which are having an effect, and make them even more effective and hopefully help us. we have a meeting in early july and i think senator reid pulled it together with the number two leader of the chinese government and i asked him this question. you've reduced your oil purchases from iran for a variety of reasons, including to help the sanctions. could you reduce them dramatically further and then say, but if you give up your nuclear program, we're going buy a lot more from you, so have a stick, but then have a carrot, and could india do the same thing, dramatically reduce oil purchases, but with a carrot down the road, or japan could do the same thing, and the response to the chinese official was very adroit and very quick. he said he would be very willing to consider cutting our purchases from iran
Sep 21, 2015 2:00am EDT
politics and upcoming elections. panelists discuss u.s. relations with taiwan as well as china. this is about an hour and 15 minutes. >> ok. get it down to a dull roar. let us get it started. thank you. we are going to dive right in to the final panel of today which is on u.s.-taiwan policy. we are very honored to have three distinguished guests on the panel giving us their insights today. i will keep the introductions to a minimum because these people are familiar to most of you in the audience. dr. mika greene, my colleague here. asiar vice president for and our japan chair here. obviously, a professor at georgetown and a former staffer at the nsc during the george w. bush administration. he is acting as senior director for east asia. another foreign service officer, extremely experienced. and one of the most renowned experts on u.s.-policy -- u.s.-taiwan policy. in the triangular relationship among u.s., taiwan, and china. another state department officer who is also currently a resident at georgetown university. we are honored to have him here as a senior fellow helping us think thr
Nov 19, 2012 2:00am EST
-- dr. johns will go into a lot of detail. china, many more people, about twice as many computer users as we have. a very literate country, very smart people. when the u.s. government wants to buy microsoft products, not the u.s. government and agencies asked bill gates and microsoft, we are going to bite your product. we want your source code, which is the details of how your systems work. bill gates says, no, nobody gets our source code. it is proprietary. we do not get it in america. china -- we have people here who want to go on the internet, we are willing to pay license fees and are willing to pay your -- we want your source code. he says now. and we sit by the way, not only do we want your source code, we want you to make unique modifications to the microsoft systems. he says no, i do not do that. it is all the same. then he looks to the numbers and bill gates says, i guess i will give you the source code and the modification. you have heard of the great wall of china -- there's also the great fire wall of china. that country, with all those users, i'm going a little bit o
Sep 6, 2015 1:00pm EDT
partners in this, the countries backing us up, including russia and china. germany, france, great britain. these are very important partners who have been involved in the sanctions against iran with other pressures placed against that country. secretary kerry, in arduous , helped to bring about a remarkable agreement. it comes after a lifetime of public service. some of the parallels in our lives are substantial, but one was that i volunteered for the navy and serve really most of my time as an intelligence briefer for the chief of operations. secretary kerry volunteered for the navy and he ended up out on the mequon delta. he was awarded the silver star, bronze star award for three purple hearts from that very significant service. very early in his career. he was willing to give his life for his country. he served as the lieutenant governor of massachusetts under governor dukakis. and then he came to the united states senate. service.of magnificent the last four of them on the senate relations committee. throughout that time, one pursuit of foreign relations was vigorous. working in a no
Sep 18, 2016 6:30pm EDT
like china and so forth. those who have been able to vote in most of church history and even today don't get to vote for god and country candidates. candidates that make a good advertisement for the church or christianity. they are voting between a candidate that is controlled by betweenrch or choosing that and a candidate chosen by the military or someone corrupt. christians do cast a vote. we've been privileged to vote in the past for candidates we have identified with, they are sort of heroes. we thought they were god and country candidates. do you see a distinction between that voting and supporting a candidate embarrasses the republican party or the church, and just this decision you have to make as most christians have had to make between two choices, and you have to do the best you can do. it seems that trump is the better of the two choices. >> i have been asked this question a lot in various forms. i always go back to the apostle romans thatte in government is an instrument of god. we are to pray for president obama and his cabinet. paul was a roman citizen who by right of
Nov 17, 2013 12:00am EST
is on canada? 15%. 25% in china. owing to 20 in england. -- going to 20% in england. if you save your money to washington but do some things that we in washington approve of, you we will let you yet some of it back. i have a better idea -- keep it in the first place. you decide what you do with it because it is your money. [applause] that is what real tax reform looks like. we also know what a real war on poverty looks like because it is not the one that has been waged for the last 49 years. next year is the 50th anniversary of the war on poverty. $15 trillion spent on it and the highest level of poverty ever. washington has gummed up the works. the idea of upward mobility is slipping farther away for people who have not seen in in generations. we can do better than that. we can restore america as the party of equal opportunity to show how these ideas prevail. we have had a government in theory. a lot of people voted for that. we have had in practice. it does not work. it is a fatal conceit to borrow his works. we have these examples. look at what kerry has done here. if we follo
Apr 12, 2015 3:00pm EDT
mentioned here is china. and they are very much involved in the situation, including developing two of the largest oil field in iran under sanctions. i don't think the issue isn't application of two tough sanctions. it is an issue of not applying the sanctions we already have. the chinese imports 60% of iran's oil exports. they built a real system. they built roads. they were very much involved in iran. the russians are very much involved. that is another country we have maybe mentioned once or twice in here. it is not just the u.s.. we have lost leverage. some people in the city think we can do some ink and the world jumps. this is a different world. china is a powerful country. russia is not as powerful in its economy. it is degraded, and its leaders or something else. but the chinese are a powerful country that wants more influence in the middle east and they are moving into every single country. it is one of few countries that helped saudi arabia and iran at the same time. they support the palestinians and the israelis at the same time. they are playing a double game and they are playi
Sep 12, 2015 4:00pm EDT
, china, france, the united kingdom, russia, germany, and the european union that negotiated this agreement with iran. they have pursued this agreement in order to get iran to comply with its nuclear nonproliferation treaty obligations and to comply with un security council resolutions passed since 2006, calling on iran to comply with his commitments and halt its program until such time there is a conference of agreements. congress, members of congress, said they wanted to weigh in. they wanted to have a say on this, even though this is not a treaty, technically speaking, that they have the legal authority to provide and consent on. that is what led to the process we have seen in the last few days. host: a process that officially ends september 17, when that 60 day clock ends. we go to pennsylvania. line for independents. raymond, good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to jog people's memory. in the 1970's, pakistan was in pursuit of a nuclear weapon. there are also characterized as terrorists, backing terrorist organizations, and if they got a nuclear weapon, there may
Nov 17, 2013 4:00am EST
filmed where she featured the china that was purchased in mexico, very colorful. spent a lotohnson of time here at the ranch. it provided a lot of respite from the turmoil of washington. >> first lady, lady bird johnson, monday night live at 8 p.m. eastern. >> on this weekends newsmakers, vermont senator patrick leahy is our guest. he is the chair of the senate judiciary committee and he talks about the ongoing debate in congress over the nsa surveillance program as well as efforts by his committee to provide additional oversight to the programs. there is a preview. the question is how far does this go? let me give you an example. if we follow this to the obvious conclusion, that there is the right to do all kinds of collection, it could be your , a family member posner correctors, year children's medical records at school, your employer's records if you were turned down for a job and you never know why because somebody had something in the employment record that has been misread or read .orrectly it is easy to say that people want to support all of this stuff and say well, we want to
Aug 14, 2016 6:30pm EDT
factual equipment in china and mexico. >> we would do my tax planned and it will be great. we will have economic economy -- a dynamic economy again. >> the biggest beneficiaries are the .1% with raw dollars that will be saved. at $10 tax plan what trillion to the nation's debt. ♪ back in 1992, the clinton campaign saying "it is the economy, stupid." how will the economy play out both for those americans that feel they are doing pretty well but also the larger majority of middle-class americans that feel happed.e getting ca guest: of the puzzle. folksear, we see a lot of supporters, trump behind him in the primaries and strongly behind him now are often times in areas, i think this cannot in the washington times that not necessarily low income versus higher income but mostly in areas of the kids are going to have a tough time matching or exceeding where the parents are socioeconomically. kidsey are in areas of the do not have a good chance of succeeding where the parents are economically, they tend not to be. it is a very different dynamic than what we saw in 1992. we have moved i
Sep 5, 2010 10:30am EDT
up right all the pieces and all the power. there is no one behind us. not a china, not a russia. not an eu. lit make for a more danger yous rouse and destable world. >> if america pulls back, do you thing it will? >> i don't know how. one thing for sure. we have to decide what is desirable and what is vital. afghanistan is desirable. maybe not vital. >> what does that say to the american people? >> exceptionallism and optimism have never been tied to remaking the world. the second in command the afghanistan was asked this week why the december re-evaluation comes up, will you be able to mark significant progress. he said progress. but flinched from the word significa significant. secretary gates said we won't be fighting here in 15 years. not 15 months. that's not good enough. >> thank you all so much. the "roundtablrb"roundtable" co the green room. >>> up now, how the controversy over the pro posed mosque is playing 10,000 miles away. >>> coming up here, "in memoriam" and "the sunday funnies." >>> now, "in memoriam". >> he must go faster. some way, some how, he must get the block ba
Apr 11, 2015 9:30pm EDT
few out here, how i would handle the recent incident in china. the truth is, i have long been a serious student of the orient. my mom and dad of course were in china when dad was the liaison there. people ask me, is a difficult to follow in the footsteps of a man who was president and vice president, you and investor, -- un ambassador? is it hard been such a man's son? not really. [laughter] most people don't realize it, but that has had some tough times. -- dad has had some of times. back in the 1950's, he went through a time when he thought aliens were trying to contact him so he built this contraption to receive their signals. as for my mom after bearing six children, she herself became a bit stressed. [applause] she took to acting strangely. for while, she thought she was too tall and walked like this. as if that weren't strange enough she wrote a book with that dog. i hated that dog. my mother treated the dog better than she treated me. she never to me right my book -- write my book. i will say this however. my mom always stuck up for us kids. here she is responding to a re
Sep 7, 2015 4:00am EDT
. friends -- france, britain, russia, china. they have a pretty good understanding of this field and of the challenges. i have appreciated the way in which they and germany, which is the plus one, all came together, all contributed, all work part of this. thisre not just looking at table negotiating. you are looking at what the international community, the p5 was one, -- plus one, negotiated. they are experts. every one of them, and nuclear technology, and ratification, and verification. they are smart people who have spent a lifetime doing this. they have signed off on this agreement. i am joined by two cabinet secretaries, who's helped was absolutely invaluable. i think all of you for the role that congress plays. i was privileged to be the chairman of this committee when we passed the sanctions effort. debate.emember the we passed it unanimously. it played a very significant the in bringing her into table and helping to make it clear that we needed to bring about a serious and productive negotiations with iran. from the day that those talks began, we were crystal clear that we would
Jan 30, 2016 2:00pm EST
and around the world. if elected president, i will help lead the effort to reach out to china, russia, india, countries all over the world, i will help lead the effort to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. [applause] now, i want to connect a few dots here. i want you to ask yourselves, how does it happen that we have a major political party, the republicans, who refuse to even acknowledge climate change, let alone be prepared to do anything about it. how does that happen? i'll tell you how it happens. it happens because the day that any republican candidate stood up and said climate change is real and has to be dealt with, on that day that republican candidate would lose campaign contributions from the koch brothers and the fossil fuel industry. and that is what a corrupt campaign finance system is doing to our country. and i say to my republican colleagues. think about your kids. think about your grandchildren. think about the future of this planet. stop worrying about where you're go
Aug 6, 2016 1:53pm EDT
good deals? no. with china, $505 billion trade deficit. they cheat us because they devalue the currency. whenever it gets tough, they devalue. our companies can't compete with that. here's the thing, hillary says about japan, how dare he not say allies? our i will never abandon our allies, ever. how do you negotiate when you tell somebody will never leave them? we may have to leave. japan has problems because you have the maniac in north korea making missiles. south korea, it is an economic behemoth. you can't buy a television that is not made in south korea except for sony which is japan. which has sort of lost its way. whether it is lg or samsung. i ordered thousands of television. you can't buy them in the united states. i would love to. one of the pundits said they do make them. there's a company. and he showed me this little company. all the parts come in from all over the world and they put them together. and they give you a television that doesn't work and nobody ever heard of it. then i put it into a luxury hotel and everyone complains. you can't say to people when you
Aug 20, 2011 2:00pm EDT
greater than all of the combined in china, -- and saudi arabia. our government will not let us have our resources because we have an agenda that says we cannot. that is stupid right now. [applause] we need to come back to the center because i'm not sure we treated people in the center fairly. >> thank you for the opportunity to speak to you. i appreciate your candor. we need more of that. i look at you as a leader regardless if i agree with you all the time. >> you are like my wife. >> i appreciate you. my question is not to get down in the weeds. i am a ceo and i have some specific policy questions i would like to talk about. tonight i want to ask, i ask you over a year ago a question regarding the leadership and what was going on in congress. it only got worse. i was half-hearted the asking last year but i am serious tonight that what i see happen throughout history is that society's crumble from within. that is what i'm afraid of for my own children. not for me. i have had the honor and privilege of working with david petraeus. i was part of the invasion force. we lost our daring as
Feb 5, 2012 10:30am EST
energy security is now in the hands of china, iran, and other opec nations. that is not a good choice. the keystone pipeline is the right thing to do to create jobs and make our nation more energy secure. i would like to yield the balance of my time to congressman terry from nebraska. >> can i reject that? i appreciate the opportunity. >> i recognize the gentleman from california for five minutes. >> the topic we are discussing is the keystone pipeline. the republicans are like keystone kops in the way they handled this issue. they have been going out on a limb to get the pipeline approved, even to the point where a tax cut for middle-class americans and unemployment benefits, the bill was held up to make sure there was a provision that gives special treatment to the keystone pipeline. these brilliant people put in a provision that said the president had to decide the issue within a certain period of time. the president said he wanted to get all the facts first. now they have come up with a bill -- this is a remarkable bill. i wish people would read it. this is the pipeline in
Jun 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
right now? >> not just his tax policy, his spending policy, regulatory policy. confronting china on its unfair trade practices. it's labor policy, george. the governor has laid out very detailed plans. what we really have here -- >> as i have know from detailed plans there is nothing there. >> what we have here is a deficit in leadership and this president came into office without prior any experience running anything. he never even ran a corner store and i think it shows in the way he's handling the economy. >> can the president do anything now in. >> he can get congress to act. independent ost mates have put 1 million jobs on the table. that need to move that. we can impact the economy. we can give states the aid e they can to protect the teachers jobs, put construction workers back to work by rebuilding our bridges. >> how about the keystone pipeline? you don't need congress for that. >> we have extended the keystone pipeline at different points in the country. it's currently under review. that's fraction of the jobs that we're talking about here. >> if private sector continued to ex
Dec 20, 2014 12:00pm EST
like russia and rising powers like china that might be looking to change or offend the international order. many of us in washington think -- up and -- upend the international order. many of us in washington think tanks struggle with these issues every day. today we are fortunate to have a unique cross spectrum of views. right now, the left and right are divided not only left and right but within the left and within the right on how america might think about its role in the world in the coming 10, 15, 20 years. we are lucky to have people with us your spokesman from all of these different vantage points. -- who are spokesman from all of these different vantage points. this of them was inspired by an article in american prospect. the article looked at realism old and new. of whether the idea the obama administration has sort of been tugged between two different views of america's role in the world, one being the one rooted in american aadership and america having unique role in leading in the world stage. the other being a more pragmatic look at what america's power and to affect grea
Nov 17, 2012 10:00am EST
at 9:15, the impact of new leadership in china on u.s. relations. president obama traveling in parts of asia. we will have those segments, plus, we will take a look at the papers and take your phone calls as well "washington journal ."shington, we will see you then. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> next, a discussion on the future of u.s. diplomacy. after that, a forum on the effectiveness of al-qaeda in yemen. >> a former state department officials from the obama and george w. bush administration's discuss public diplomacy in a tough budget in vermont. the discuss the effectiveness of student exchange programs and government-backed broadcasting outlets, like "voice of america." the george washington school of international affairs hosted this event tuesday. this is an hour and 45 minutes. >> that is public diplomacy in action. [laughter] i'm a professor here at gw and the director of the institute for public policy and global communication. you can find us on twitter @ip dgc. we're also on faceb
Aug 17, 2013 3:00pm EDT
first japan to rise and prosper. and then south korea. and then southeast asia. today, china and india. and that is fine. that has been welcomed by the united states. it is economically welcomed by the united states, but it has a critical ingredient. that peace and stability has been our pivotal military presence in the region and our alliances that anchor that. that is a good thing, and we want to keep that going. it is about that role that we play in east asia, where animosities run deep, people argue over rocks in the ocean, where the wounds of world war ii and the earlier part of the last century have never healed. we would like to continue to play our stabilizing role there. that is not aimed at anyone. it is not picking a fight with anyone. it is not a concept of deterrence or anything like that. it is to continue to play that stabilizing role. we have not been able to play that to the extent we had in previous decades over the last decade, because we have been so involved in iraq and afghanistan. we want to get back to that role. it's important for people to understand why we're
Jan 10, 2016 7:00pm EST
republicans taking aim at governor huntsman who served as the u.s. ambassador to china. is this resonating any differently in 2016? guest: it's certainly not helpful to him. but it's not getting the kind of traction against chris christie i think it would if he hadn't been spending a lot of time campaigning here. he's been here more than 65 days campaigning in new hampshire almost as much as any other candidate in the race. he has held a number of town halls. he built up a reservoir of support here. he has a prominent group of endorsements on his team. a number of legislative leaders, former speakers of the house. so that's helpful to him. re, you was saying befo never want to be with a month left the subject of an attack ad from one of your opponents. and as you know it's not the only one up there. jeb bush's own super pac has an ad up talking about the other governors in this race, chris christie and john casic and why jeb bush is preferable to them. and raising some of these same issues. taxes with christie, casic supporting medicaid expansion. so that's certainly what rubio
Jul 24, 2016 6:32pm EDT
message is right. he is right about china, but hillary has said she wants to crack down on some of china's abuses as well. donald said in a way that resonates with people who are out of work or people working in jobs that are paying them half of what they used to make and it resonates. it is an easy answer, not the right answer, trade is not what destroyed american manufacturing. the bigger factor was technology. ira member going down to the naval shipyard as a kid and there must've been about 100 welders with blowtorches and mallets, today you still have a very good functioning shipyard and you see four welders at a computer operating robotic arms and it has nothing to do with trade. a simple andrs direct message which is easy to understand and which sets off a button of frustration and anger and it is very effective and we would be mistaken if we think that is not a message that resonates with some working-class democrats. host: is he someone you know? guest: i know donald very well and he probably does not believe me when i say i like him as a person. he is charming and he has c
Jun 6, 2015 10:57pm EDT
recent decades between the united states and india, and his outreach to china, the people's republic of china as well. so just remember presidents have a very full plate in addition to their domestic responsibilities, and i would say over time -- it is not going to happen today or tomorrow -- but over time i think the president bush is going to be evaluated for the entirety of his foreign-policy and not just the war on terror and the two wars in afghanistan and iraq. >> mr. goss and then dr. eisenberg. goss: i was good going to say, if those who remember that era 2001 and 2002, when we were talking about weapons of mass destruction, the conventional wisdom was they were there, and it was not just something that was manufactured. it was every intelligence organization on a global basis with whom the networks were talking to each other, and there was a lot of different information coming from a lot of different sectors. it was all a little bit sort of whifty information. there were some things that were pretty clear. one was that saddam hussein's sons had given information and
Nov 25, 2012 2:00pm EST
lacan valley and now they have more in china 10 years later. that says the context that is troubling. the one area this year were congress did work together in a bipartisan way in support of the president was the jobs act. it is very important for entrepreneurs in areas which do not have venture-capital, most of the market. >> a you love government? >> government has the context with access to capital. i agree that the issue of immigration as critical. high skilled immigration needs to be in the mix. there's more work to be done. there is now a bill that was introduced in a bipartisan way by senator rubio who will be here in the morning called the start up act 2.0 and it deals with high skilled immigration and it deals with some of the issues about regulation and so now that we have the election over, we have to focus on passing the sites. we take that step and we focus on them creating these new industries, i am confident we will remain the most logical relationship. other nations was are racing or were and there is a reason to be concerned. i look at it may be optimistically by say
Sep 13, 2014 10:00am EDT
and they are not impressed. strategic rivals like russia and china, hostile people are drawing conclusions and take note on the hard things that we do as the preeminent the mocker see. -- democracy. this goes back to fdr. the finest amend new how to choose a message of strength. -- of me knew how to choose a message of strength. i think of the reagan military buildup of the 1980's. american resolve in unmistakable terms. i think of a few days after saddam hussein was taken into american custody. among others who were paying attention was the dictator of libya, who let it be known that we could come and take away his entire inventory of nuclear components. we did. what would have to doff he done in 2011 -- qaddafi done in 2011? they watch what our leaders do in america and they listen to what our leaders say. a few of our most single-minded enemies might wonder why president obama was talking about the terrorists being on the run when the opposite was happening. by the estimates of the rand corporation, since 2010, there has been a 58% increase in the number of jihadist groups a
Aug 26, 2012 10:30am EDT
competing with people from india and china. the only tax our businesses and at the highest tax rates, we lose and they win. >> april 5 of last year, congressman paul ryan outlines details of what is now known as the ryan plan. from the "washington journal," his speeches in washington and elsewhere in the country, now on the campaign trail. he made his first appearance in 1995 as a staff member. three years later, he returned as a newly elected member of congress. this is from november 17, 1998. it is all part of c-span's video library as the track his career in washington and wisconsin. you can check it out anytime at [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> sees spans coverage of the republican national convention continues live from tampa. -- c-span's coverage continues. this is where the convention will be held beginning tuesday. its seats about 20,000 people and about $40 million in upgrades went in prior to the convention being held. just down the street, the building just coming on y
Sep 5, 2010 10:00am EDT
were trying to keep on board, the russians, the french, china. even the sort of left wing chatterati would have much preferred sanctions and containment to invasion. >> absolutely. if you analyze it, they got watered down. my point to you is simple. if you hadn't taken out saddam, there still would have been consequences. what they are, we don't know. i could say, it would have been a threat. competing with iran. someone else might say, well, he would have been contained. we don't know. but my view was, in the circumstances after 9/11, you had to send such a strong signal out. on this issue. and incidentally, don't ignore what happened. libya gave up the wmd program. iran went back into talks. at the time, after 2003. north korea rejoined the six-party talks. there was a lot that happened. i personally felt, and i still feel, the single biggest threat we face is the prospect of the terrorist groups acquiring a nuclear chemical biological capability. >> although many would say that is the worst case scenario and there is speculation because there's no evidence to support it. >> here's
Apr 11, 2015 11:30pm EDT
like humanity -- serbs, russians indians, amish the people's republic of china. it's broadly troubled but it's hard to know how to help. as you work upstream toward home you're more closely related. the big river is like your nation, a little out of hand. the lake is your cousin. the creek is your sister. the pond is your child. and for better or worse, in sickness and in health you are married to your sink. then there's the late, great carl sagan. your wonderful scientist, environmentalist. anyone who used to watch him on television will remember he used to talk about billions and billions of stars. he would make nature and science come alive. he was a wonderful man. he said this. he said anything else you are interested in is not going to happen if you cannot breathe the air and drink the water. don't sit this one out. do something. you are by accident of fate alive in an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet. that would be my message to you guys, the younger people in the room. it's not like me saying okay we're handing over this problem to you. this is g
Jun 9, 2013 6:30pm EDT
the next two years of our relationship with china and they turned to asia. it will be a very significant part of our foreign-policy in the next three years. hopefully, at the outset, we are brief and to the president's second term. three years from now, we will look back on what the president did to engage china and work with china on issues and it will be a big part of his foreign- policy legacy. >> i think your question is a good one. it is significant that the president of the council of foreign relations, an old friend of mine, has written a book called "foreign-policy begins at home." that is the last thing that you would expect him to write. he wrote that book because he argues and i think this is an instinctive wrong -- instinctive among them -- instinct among americans are now that we have to get things right at home and make adjustments. i think there is a war weariness in the country. you see it in the polls on syria will stop there is a lot of relief support for more intervention in syria. there's not a lot of popular support. we are in one of those times where we
Oct 18, 2015 10:30am EDT
that's what he's been doing and the question is is he capable of negotiating with china and russia and iran and all of the things you have to do. >> dr. carson thank you for joining us. how do you respond to that and why would you be a better president than donald trump? >> i don't want to compare myself with anyone but i've had lots of experience doing a whole host of things. negotiating with all kinds of people in order to get things accomplished and also bear in mind, there is no one person who does all the negotiation and knows everything. you know, in the multitude of counselors is safety. i think the important thing is to understand what the stakes are. when you go into a negotiation, the recent iran negotiation for instance, you have to know how to negotiate. you have to know how to verify, how to make sure that there's appropriate accountability. you have to be able to take down their infrastructure and know what your goals are. >> have you ever done anything like that. >> have i ever done anything like what? negotiate? >> negotiate? >> absolutely. >> what's the best example. >
Dec 21, 2014 7:00pm EST
china. he stepped into one of the most partisan and shark-infested environments in recent history. he set a bar that was extremely tough to match. frankly, if the economy continues to recover and if we are not attacked again here in a consequential way, plus if health care end up expanding services, cutting costs, and providing quality care, and if a republican is not elected in 2016, i think his legacy could actually be quite a significant one. host: among the questions in the book, how important are individuals in the broader current of history and how much do they matter in comparison to the broader forces that shape their times? guest: the great debate between what is more important, circumstances or the individual. karl marx argued that men make history, but rarely as they please. one of the points i'm trying to get across is that character is important and individuals are critically important. but you must anchor the individuals in circumstances in which they find themselves. great presidents can not simply create transformative change without the right set of circumstances.
May 5, 2013 2:00pm EDT
register. china has about a quarter of a million registered. probably at least that many more registered for fear of political reprisal of one kind of another. russia used to have -- but mr. putin seems to think they are a threat. in some ways, they are. in ways that are positive. i remember thinking about the freedom component of ngo movement. there was a hilarious cartoon that appeared in many newspapers in america. the middle of my second term, when i was in a long-running battle, in this cartoon i'm speaking to a political leader and say, you ought to allow more political liberty. you keep putting these people in jail. they would be out there speaking on the street corner. he said, yeah. and -- would be in our jail making tennis shoes. it was a cartoon, so it was really funny. [laughter] made me rethink our position on liberty. [laughter] they have pushed the envelope of liberty and political responsiveness in a way that i think is very positive. having had the benefit of about 40 years of experience in politics and in ngos, i have reached the firm conclusion that 21st-cen
Feb 13, 2012 2:00am EST
enough to give up their weapons, so could we. by the way, the official policy in china is already there. if you say we never use them first, you're saying pretty much the same thing. it is not precise, but it is pretty much the same thing. if he could get into that kind of a situation, you could envision a world in which if everyone was producing more or less simultaneously, like we're trying to do with russia now, an adequate deterrent could be maintained until the last minute when the last weapons were reduced. the return could be reduced as you go along. the other side has nuclear weapons, you need less to deter the possibility that they might use them. that is the concept for how you get out of this. is is a long, difficult process. as long as we are in the box we are in now and we are not on a path to zero, and that requires all sorts of stuff to get on that path, incentives will not be there, at least in my view. any time one state has the clear weapons, the one thing that really works is deterrence if you want to protect yourself against that state's nuclear weapons. some other s
Oct 22, 2017 9:00am EDT
president approving on afghanistan, i believe, that is seeking to get china's attention. to deal with the north korean situation in a way that is ever more pressing. so, again, this is a superb group of individuals. they're not all military, obviously, secretary tillerson. >> general petraeus, earlier, thes kind of dodged a question. saying the the team is important. you dodged a question about whether president trump was fit for office. saying it was immaterial because of the the team. immaterial? >> look, i felt it was inappropriate for a former general to be judging whether someone elected by the american people is fit or not. he's our president. and what we need to do as a country is try to support those who are supporting him. so that we can, indeed, continue this economic growth that we have had. so we can shore up national defenses. come to grip with issues like immigration reform, infrastructure investment, tax reform, and the rest. >> and i do want to talk about nig e niger and what happened there, is this an intelligence failure? >> we don't know. that's why there's a team from
Dec 20, 2009 10:00am EST
be home for christmas. we have a responsibility to deal with the issue. china, one of our great competitors in the world is taking the green leap forward, as they say. they're committing themselves an energy efficient economy. they are building mpanies, even in the united states, that will make those products. will the uted states stand by the sidelines or be part of the leap forward? >> so that's a yes? >> we're going to move forward. i hope we can get it done in the coming year. >> neither the president or secretary of state can go to copenhagen and make large commitments without senate confirmation or ratification. as a result, the senate will have to act on this. there is not the support right now for that. my guess is, if it came to the senate today, there would not be a majority willing to support it. as one wag put it. by the way, china is among the group of countries that would be eligible. you borrow the money from china and then give the money to china, it doesn't make sense. >> thanks, gentlemen. hope you get home for christmas. >> i hope so, too. >>> coming up, our r
Nov 12, 2017 9:00am EST
and american workers. for those who care about syria and what happens with china. what the president's been able to do with leaders around the world, the cooperation is -- they have announced big new deals here. which affect american workers and interests. that, plus the tax cut, i think it's why you see the stock market and consumer confidence at all. time highs. people like what they see. >> thank you for joining us. >>> joining me from alabama, matt murphy and andrea lind lindenburg. they're the hosts of the most popular radio show in alabama. your show broadcasts across alabama. how are your listeners reacting do people believe the accusations? are they skeptical? >> well, initially, martha, it was reaction of shock. roy moore is a known quantity in alabama. he's been running for chief justice. run for governor twice. we have known him for 20, 25 year of his political life. it was one of shock that this type of explosive allegation would not have come out before now. and frankly, there is skepticism considering the the source. we understand in a conservative state like alabama, per
Jul 8, 2012 9:00am EDT
this week, a political attempt to do something about china, democratic senator in ohio, sherrod brown said that this treasury department hasn't done enough against that. they can't run on the program -- >> i'm not changing the topic. >> gentlemen we'll have to leave it there. that will be the last words. i guess. and governor jindal and governor o'malley. >> thank you, terry zmrrjts don't go anywhere, our powerhouse roundtable is coming up in just 60 seconds. my specialty is pastries, not predictions. knowing what to make and when could help cut down on thousands of unsold baked goods per month. using analytics, we discovered when it's drizzling outside... people eat more cake. and when the temperature rises, panini sales go up. finding these hidden connections helped our european bakeries increase profitability by up to 20%. let's build a smarter planet. by what's getting done. measure commitment the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studyin
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