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Oct 17, 2010 11:00am EDT
aggressive cyber states like china and russia to rein in their hackers that operate with government support and direction, making both better world citizens. but because they are members of the u.n. security council with veto power, crafting a power won't be easy until they and others who think they can conclude that war in that domain is likely to hurt them more than it will help them. thanks for joining us for this week in defense news. i'm vago muradian. you can watch this program online or e-mail me.
Jan 11, 2015 1:35am EST
china and i'm interested you are one of the big power guy is and you also deploy your energy among the lowest socioeconomic constituencies in the united states. i'm interested in how you get smart energy choices when the economics are not necessarily there. >> there are a lot of issues -- >> you have seven minutes. >> it is so foundational. when i took of the national security i cochair that effort when i think about the challenges in the economy we see right now come a 46% said they got the constituents that i serve, they make less than -- when i think of the challenges in the economy we see right now 46% of families we are privileged to serve make less than $40,000 a year. other energy budget is relatively inflexible. think about the other challenges we face. our ability to balance clean safe affordable energy for their benefit is in or miss. what we have been -- is enormous . where we have been able to do -- >> coal is super cheap. >> when you say what is the strategy, we have got to balance of those things. we are a little bit smaller but similar to australia. this is a big com
Oct 1, 2011 2:00pm EDT
wages in india and china and brazil skyrocket. the jobs will go to where the talent is. we need to make sure that the talent is here in the west. -- in the u.s. we look forward to legislative reform any meaningful way that will benefit the country, encourage invtment, retain and attract high skilled talent and create jobs. a lot of thinking clearly has already been done in defining clear policies that congress can take. i think mayor blubber went through -- mayor bloomberg went through changes that we shall look to. which certainly recommend that congress ensures that the supply of employment-based green cards acknowledge the economy. after they graduate, rather than a tawnies abroad. again, we need to welcome these people in and we need to show them a path to permanent residency here in the united states. we need to welcome these people with open arms, not kind of let the men and then tell them, maybe, if you're a really long wait, maybe then we will allow you to reside here and planned your ribs. and while we await legislative reform, microsoft will continue to do what it has done for
Dec 8, 2014 2:00am EST
two on the united you seend china and how this playing out and what that to.tionship could evolve >> it could evolve to a really place, particularly if we pull back kind inform a fashion. the threat of that is there and we should be cognizant of it. also could yield economic engaged if we are fully across the board. i thought that hank paulson's to create and i think the obama administration has to createthis, constant dialoguepy sector, private sector as well as government, secretary to arrangementsd of where the misunderstandings are lessened is hugely important. i traveled a lot to china. trip was last year. i didn't go -- actually, i didn't go this year, i went last year. and every meeting i had on that trip i believe it was or maybe it was the second-to-last trip, it was right after the summit between the chinese president and president obama in palm reading theh by "wall street journal" which is my newspaper of record,. to say that. him >> looked like it was a pretty good summit and worked out good to me. i don't know. generally there seemed to be good dialogue. every person
Aug 22, 2015 7:00pm EDT
immigrants but birth tourism. more ing like 30,000 or per year people from china, russia, turkey, korea come here give birth exclusively to get a passport for their kids then a couple of after months. foreign students who are here kids are irth, those u.s. citizens even though they will leave and go back home. we have had a couple of terrorists that we had debate about whether to use force citizens.merican they were citizens in the sense their parents were here as briefly and ents left. there is problem we need to draws. except veloped country canada and us got rid of their automatic citizenship for and tourists and illegal aliens law. we need to look at how to modify it. the constitution doesn't mandate it. we have based our policy on it. but it is not mandatory. we need to look at whether this changed.e host: tyrone from north, democrat caller: i would like to hit on a few points about this anchor stuff. these people are been human beings and the immigrants that are human beings. donald trump is stirring up anchor calling them babies in the republican party. a homeless
Sep 1, 2013 6:00am EDT
, where we are working. in fact, we have an agreement with china to work on that. and then methane. and on methane, we currently have an interagency group formed at the president's direction headed by the e.p.a., including the department of energy, department of interior and department of agriculture, for example, to -- to look at methane emissions. we are in very close contact with the environmental defense fund who, of course, has had a major study of their own on methane -- on methane emissions. the -- so we will see what comes out of that. >> we're going to remove people from the room if they just shout out. okay? >> the data currently look as though they -- the -- they are more on the low side of the estimates of methane emissions. [inaudible] >> would you please let the secretary answer your question. >> he's talking about something else than what i'm talking about. [inaudible] he says it's worse than coal. >> the question has already been asked and the secretary is answering the question so let him answer the question. >> the current data suggests that that is an incorrect statem
May 9, 2015 7:01pm EDT
nations and americans were part of only two of them. china is writing the rules while we are being left behind. that is why trade promotion authority is being so important. it is the key to restarting the trade engine. here is how it works, congress sets 150 objectives that our negotiators have to advance. they are the rules both sides have to follow, everything from food safety to labor standards and through trading on the internet. if these objectives aren't met the deal is off. if they are met, then the agreements published in full for 60 days so the american people can weigh in, and only then will congress vote to approve it or reject it. this gives our negotiating partners the confidence that the concessions that they make will not be endlessly altered once the agreement gets to congress. it will either be voted up or voted down. that ensures negotiators will bring back the very best from our trading partners without holding anything back. we negotiated trade agreements since the 1930's. very much like this since the 1970's. in some quarters it has become controversial. some opposi
Nov 7, 2015 12:40pm EST
billion a year that we're losing with china, that's going to be turned around. the $75 billion a year that we're short on with japan, the $50 billion a year that we lose to mexico and that's right, there will be a wall built. it will go up. it will be built and people will come into the country legally. so i mean, i'm much different than -- you look at marco rubio. very, very weak on illegal immigration. you look at ben, he's very weak on immigration and he wants to get rid of medicare. i mean, ben wants to get rid of medicare. you can't get rid of medicare. it would be a horrible thing. it actually works. you get rid of the fraud, waste and abuse, it works. so when a man is weak on immigration and wants to get rid of medicare, i don't know how he stays there. go ahead, tom. >> [inaudible] mr. trump: i really think that marco is overrated. had bush been a better messenger, he would have a better message. that was me delivering the message it would have been a , much different story. marco doesn't go to the united states senate. he's representing the people of florida. that poll just c
Jun 16, 2012 2:00pm EDT
. remember, there will be a lot of people. a country like china which has a very large population and does not have the agricultural capacity to feed the population at the level they are expecting. there's an enormous opportunity for us throughout the world. probably the biggest game changer right now is happening with natural gas and oil production. if there's any critical issue in this election people should be thinking about, it is how we take advantage of the fact that the united states has now really researched as a major energy producer. i've spent time in places like louisiana and texas, where you can see how jobs are being created. the important thing about u.s. energy production is that it produces about 200 -- to order and 50,000 jobs in the last decade. they are high-paying jobs. -- 250,000 jobs. they are very high paying jobs. there are many good blue collar jobs. you can get a job at an oil refinery that pays $90,000 a year. we do not have to have gone to stanford to get it. this is extraordinarily important. the other thing is that, as we begin to become a more self- suf
Dec 22, 2014 4:00am EST
direction is al qaeda going? because it's more than al qaeda. it's china, it's all of the various competitors that are out there. we have to have a much deeper understanding of sort of who is who out there and really, really take a hard look at our relationships and say, one, do we want to maintain that relationship? or two, do we want to change that relationship -- politically, economically, military to military, whatever. and i think we can't just sit back and again i'm being generalizing a little bit. but we can't just sit back and accept that these guys have always been our friends, they've always been there for us and they're always going to be there for us. that's not true today. >> so you being an expert on those relationships within afghanistan, having run intel for general mcchrystal in afghanistan and now just having completed a term as the head of intelligence for the defense department, what happens now in afghanistan? we're down to about 10,000 troops. the mission of those 10,000 troops seems to be morphing slightly, seems to be a little more active. but 10,000 troops
Oct 8, 2012 2:00am EDT
involved, and so is hezbollah, russia, and china. the will of syria is being blocked by many international interest. it exposed a lot of the rule of law internationally. we do not live in a global community people being taken accountable. i understand the concerns with interest in justice. i am afraid that they lost their moral compass. they are seeing a society where women and children are being brutalized. there are concerns about globalization. they have turned a blind eye to the suffering of people. it is sad for me to see any individual and group and organization. they want to make a point against imperialism. >> thank you. >> my name is julia. i am syrian. i just finish my master's in international affairs. i find it difficult to picture what the future is for syria other than who will be replacing who. what is the future of syria? my concern is how to communicate your vision. i am glad to hear this discussion in d.c. speaking for my family and relatives, i do not think the people know what it is, basically. i think this is very important for the majority of people to k
Jul 12, 2014 2:43pm EDT
possible? how is it possible we have more prisoners than russia or china? the insanity of the system is unsustainable and it has to change. the congress, our legislatures have to address it at some point. it will cripple our society. it will cripple our economy. host: bernard kerik this is a tweet that we have gotten, and -- it is funny how opinions change when the shoe is on the other foot. guest: that is right. that is exactly right. basically, it is an education. it is an education. here is the issue. one of the reasons i'm talking i you, one of the reasons testified before the congress, one of the reasons i talk about this constantly is because the general public does not understand the damage that the system does. if you have not experienced it firsthand, if you have not been there, if you have not dealt with it through some personal discourse -- a family member, friend, or otherwise, you have no idea, and the reason i know that is because i was in the system. ran two the largest -- i two the largest law enforcement agencies in the country, and i did not know half of what
Mar 22, 2015 3:00pm EDT
would rival the world bank. china is also moving forward to create an infrastructure investment bank. a world in which countries such as china and russia are increasingly acting outside the established multilateral system is one that could easily go beyond control. that is some of the reasons republicans have no actual consequences of not supporting the package. the more immediate question is whether the voice will -- resonate at a time where we alone allowed a fundamental government reform language into the institution. i look forward to hearing more about what is at stake. i yield back the balance of my time. >> the chair recognizes the german from michigan, chairman of the trade subcommittee for two minutes. question thank you, mr. chairman, and secretary lou. the important, international financial, issues to be addressed, the european union minister on financial services has pointed out that moving from a regulatory environment to a growth agenda, as was noted, as he rightly points out, we have got to have courage and self-confidence to make changes where we see those necessary.
Dec 5, 2011 2:00am EST
financial life. >> obviously we would at this point not characterize china as one of our closest allies here or in other places. as these other policies have been put into place, china has very noticeably not cooperated. they are becoming iran's most active trading partner. they are still trading oil. what is their reaction -- what do you think would be their reaction to this sort of proc s process, new legislation, or existing pills? are they doing? >> let me speak to the broad relation with china with regard to iran and defer to the undersecretary on the specific c.b.i. reaction. we take what china is doing quite seriously. i just returned from beijing, and a great deal of the meetings i held were exactly on this poi point. that, they have finally agreed that the special envoy can go to china, sit down and help them to better enforce the sanctions regime that is in place. they have in fact slowed down their actions. they have tphnot, to the best o our knowledge, backfilled from others who have pulled out. we had indeed sanctioned a chinese individual and five chinese firms under sanct
Aug 31, 2015 2:00am EDT
politicians who want to tax the people of america and the world because we all know what china is -- we all know that china is not going to go along with this. host: there was a number of thing that the -- guest: there is a number of things that the caller has misperceptions about. first about, it was study by several people and evolved in the early 1980's and "newsweek" retracted their story a couple of years later, so that was debunked. thatve never had a problem hasn't received more studies for more scientists than climate change. going to the clean power plan, epa has found and predicted that there will be net job growth. job growth of 100,000 jobs. annually, we would do's debt by 3600 dollars and prevent 90,000 asthma attacks a year. the next benefits are going to be 45 billion dollars annually. we were hit 25 years ago talking about controls on acid rain, opponents would have said the same thing that dave is saying that it will cost too much, it will cost jobs. in fact, none of those things happened. the cost came in about one quarter of what people predicted. we saved tens
Jun 27, 2015 7:00pm EDT
at-risk regions like the middle east or portions of russia or china's periphery can get us the stability and win us the allies that were produced by a large nonmilitary investment in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. now, we don't need to spent 3% of gdp on foreign aid on this but you can't justify spending 15 times more money on military and military aid than we do on us aid and peacekeeping combined. secondly we believe in working multilaterally to increase your effectiveness, working through international bodies like the u.n. and nato make us stronger, not weaker. just as importantly, multi lateral support can be a check on american hub russ. if no other ally is willing to join us in a military endeavor why shouldn't it cause us to question the wisdom of that intervention in the first place? yes, there are instances where america is under immediate threat and we can't wait for partners to sign up. but as a rule with limited exceptions, our actions are more effective within coalition. third, we believe in a far more thoughtful and restrained approach to military intervention. signi
Sep 18, 2011 2:00pm EDT
federal agency that wants to shut it down. american companies are free to go create jobs in china. but they are not free to create jobs in the south carolina. the administration has 219 rules in the works that will cost the american economy $100 million each. under the current washington agenda, our economy is going to take a hit from the government of at least $100 million at least 219 times. it is reasonable to ask, is it wise to be doing all of this right now. the current regulatory burden coming out of washington far exceeds the government also andstitutional mandate i destroy job creation in our country at a time when we can least afford it. the current tax code discourages investment and reward special interest. at a time when it is clear that the tax code needs to be fundamentally reform, the first instinct to come out of washington is to come up with a new host of tax credits that make the tax code more complex. it is theal aspect, spending binge going on here in washington. it has created a massive debt that threatens our ability to create jobs and to prosper. some still denie
Nov 3, 2013 6:00am EST
crossover between commerce and the state, because that is what we really need. that is what china and others do so well. they combine all of their assets, all of their possibilities to go after business and try to win customers over. i think we can do that, and i really think the commerce-state, nation can be very fruitful. we would like to help with that. it is a great opportunity. >> ambassador, so trade promotion authority is a big issue. what do you see as the prospects in congress to get trade promotion authority, to get fast-track? what would it mean if you do not? can you negotiate these agreements if that is not a part of the equation? >> the president made clear that he would like to get trade promotion authority, that it is a critical tool for being able to move these agreements, make these agreements really never met them. just this week, there was a hearing in the senate finance committee on t-tip where senator baucus and senator hatch talked about the importance of moving forward on trade promotion authority, and we are working with the finance committee and the ways
Sep 15, 2013 11:00am EDT
united it, but we have to get china to work with us. it is going to be a global issue, global standards as we relate to cyber if we want to protect ourselves. >> you're going to be happy for the next one. on twitter, yesterday was also the one-year anniversary of the tragic attack on benghazi. the question, when are the american people going to hear from those people who were at the benghazi conflict? >> hear from the employees? >> the people who were there on the ground. >> we have in our committee, we are doing the intelligence of that investigation. we have had our 10th hearing. we have talked to all but three on the ground. we are still working through those issues. for those who are looking for some -- we tracked down every lead that we heard. every story that you read in the newspaper about something that, we run all of those to the ground thoroughly with our investigators. now, we have got it narrowed down, that there are some indicating that the time frames that their headquarters is giving might be different than the timeframe that the folks on the ground are giving. we are try
Jan 5, 2014 5:00am EST
can't worry if i'm mebody in china worried about somebody in the suburb and i live in dallas. don't disagree. we have to have an open mind. if we don't have a child reading grade we know when they are in eighth and ninth they will drop out and then they will other criminal activities and probably be in the department of corrections. learned with the civil rights movement when the barriers were torn down is that have capital, access to capital, entrepreneurship. access to credit. to broaden our perspective to look at pportunities to empower wealth building within the african-american and latino communities. >> i agree. build workers if you don't have a high school diploma. >> i agree. i was in prison for 4 1/2 years. first of all i want to thank you a chance to look at you for four years on cnn. >> they have tv 1 in the prison, ok. legislator.rmer i'm glad i went to prison because i got a chance to meet the brothers. a lot of folks thinking crack cocaine babies and lah, blah, blah da-da-da. i had a chance to do some research and found out who do it to us and it really hurt me because
Sep 20, 2015 7:00pm EDT
europeans or russia and china and others, so it is backed unanimously either leading countries on earth. i am very glad to see that done. north korea is going in the other direction. basically unnecessarily. i went to north korea in 1994. to deal with a crisis in north korea. some of you are familiar with this. the leader of north korea then, revered and was worshiped almost like washington, george washington and jesus put together. i am not exaggerating. the united states was on the verge of declaring north korea to be an outlaw nation, and kim il-sung to be a criminal. my chinese friends came to me and said, if the united states did that, the north koreans to save face would invade and attack south korea. the military general in charge was an american from arkansas, and he told me a million south koreans would be killed in the first 48 hours. i decided to go to north korea, and i negotiated a very comprehensive agreement with kim il-sung that ended their .roduction of plutonium unfortunately, since then, other things have happened. this week, the north koreans announced he will expand
Sep 15, 2014 2:00am EDT
trouble abroad. with ukraine and russia, i think the same is true in the south china sea. i think the same is true in other parts of the middle east, including gaza and israel and with regard to iran and their march toward a nuclear weapon. we need to show more leadership. i hope last night's speech begins the process of getting america back on track. the president, based on remarks last night, continues to hope it will go away. hope is not a strategy. we need to engage more aggressively. and the president took some of those steps last night. >> earlier this week, it was written that they were expecting a sizable republican wing. charlie cook offers a different view. he says there doesn't appear to be an overwhelming republican tide. another said the democrats could well lose the senate even without such a wave. which senate race keeps you up most at night? is it our friend in kansas where you recently dispatched two top aides to work on it? what keeps you up at night? >> first, none of the races keep me up at night. i am kept up at night by other issues, including the lack of leaders
Sep 17, 2016 7:00pm EDT
china study abroad program. our pathways to c-suite internship programs and we have initiated emerge 535 which seeks to place an african-american intern in every congressional and senate office on capitol hill. we have also recently launched our executive economic summit theories which seeks to support african-american entrepreneurs' access to capital. all of these programs are building leaders and creating life-changing opportunities for young people all over this nation. what is good for our youth is great for america's future. and i would be negligent if i didn't add that all of this is made possible by your ongoing support, your financial contributions, and your commitment to use your influence and other resources. to give you a bit more inspiration, i would like to introduce you to this year's outstanding cohort of congressional black caucus foundation fellows. they are highly skilled. they have advanced degrees. and they are committed to serve their communities and our nation. his year's cbcf fellows are -- and join me in welcoming them, please, to this stage -- dr. richard eze
Mar 22, 2015 1:00pm EDT
of what europe does on infrastructure and significantly less than china. today, the world economic forum ranks our overall infrastructure at 12th in the world. we used to lead the world. we are now in 12th place. i hear many of my republicans friends and all of us talking about what kind of debt we leave to our kids. you know what, when your infrastructure is crumbling and when the american society for civil engineers tells us we need over 3 trillion$3 trillion investment, if we don't deal with it now we're leaving that debt to our kids as well. i think we can agree we need infrastructure significant efforts to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. when we do that, we do something also very important, getting to senator sessions point. that is today, real unemployment in this country is not 5 1/2%. if you count those people given up looking for work or working part-time, it is 11%. it is higher among young people and very high in the construction industry. it seems to me now is the time to put city substantial funding into rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and make our system
Oct 23, 2011 2:00pm EDT
fake i.d.'s from china. i wrote you a letter in august, you may remember, about companies in china that produced exact replicas of driver's licenses from various states for sale to people who might be terrorists, and illegal immigrants, or primarily underage teenagers trying to drink illegally. these licenses are very well done, with the bar code and everything else. very hard for the person at the bar or wherever else to actually detect they are false. sometimes you can detect it by a false address but they usually give and out of state address. -- an out of state one. if a new york bar in syracuse get a driver's license that says altoona, pennsylvania, he has no idea there is no 123 elm street there. last week western union gave me good news by agreeing to work with the dhs to refuse payment to businesses whom you indicate -- when you indicate to them that are providing fake i.d.'s from china. this is the only way to cut it off, if they don't allow them to wire money, that is what they do. western union took a big step forward. despite this accomplishment, the work is not done. h
Jun 12, 2016 2:30pm EDT
, synthetic drugs are largely developed outside the united states, in china, and smuggled into the country through the mail or across the border with mexico. reports indicate the profits are often traceable back to the middle east. we need to take a long look if law enforcement has the tools needed to protect the public from the synthetics. this committee acted to cleared the traffickers -- since then it is clear they are outpacing us. testifying before the senate caucus on narcotics cantrol, this committee acted by passing my bill, the david mitchell rogza act. the bill placed a series of synthetic can have annoyance and other analogs on schedule one. it also extend the time for which a substance can be temporarily scheduled by the da to protect the public. the bill became law as part of the synthetic drug abuse prevention act. this is an important step to protect young people. calls the poison control centers began to level off or decline for a time. in march 2011, the da has used temporary scheduling authority to place 35 synthetic drugs on schedule one. clearly, the threat pose
Dec 21, 2013 11:00pm EST
, countries where facebook is the most popular. china is a big green because that is baidu, a big internet company. except for china, cause extent, iran, and russia, all of the other countries, the most dominant web services are american. now, you combine that information with what we are now learning about the nsa and the effect it has had and it's relatively unfettered access to information on communications happening on these websites -- arguably there are some controls over how they can access and what they can do with the information of american citizens and u.s. persons -- there is virtually no meaningful control over what they do and how they collect information of non-us persons. if you are not a u.s. person, and you are looking at this map, and you are thinking about this map in the context of what we have learned from edward snowden, you might be mad. you might feel that there is a power imbalance going on here. a lot of governments are pretty mad. this is the president of brazil. she recently spoke at the united nations. she accused the united states of breaching international l
Feb 11, 2012 10:00am EST
country. we say to china, come to our naval academy, but then we kick them out to work for the chinese military. let's staple a green card to their diploma, at one of the key things. an act with a stem visa -- these are not going to solve all the problems. there are things around the dream act and comprehensive immigration reform that people will debate for some time. but focusing heavily on this issue that is about entrepreneurship and job creation is important. there are opportunities in the next month or two to work on the house and senate, where there is enormous overlap. we agree that something is important for the nation to focus on, people essentially agree on 80%, 90% of the solution. how do we make sure the politics, particularly in an election year, don't get in the way of the right policies for our nation? i encourage, i am optimistic, but it will take everybody working on this and focusing it together. aaronson and young, which has its entrepreneur of the year for every year, ast previous winners to come to washington later this month, at a march on washington to ma
Feb 19, 2012 6:30pm EST
about china and the visit of xi jinping. guest: i was eight -- going on a tour with a colleague, and we went to a couple of companies in new bedford. they were two companies that are in the area where we say we need to go ahead, alternative energy solar energy and how to use it, and both of them volunteered that one of the problems was on subsidized competition from china. the oppression in china is very sad. people have predicted that if the economy opened up and the internet got there, it would be more democracy. sadly, what the chinese are showing is that they can contain that and i am sorry that the chinese continue to be some disrespectful -- so disrespectful. human values, not western values. i guess we have to say this. i think china does need us more than we need them. too often, we're acting like these countries are doing as a favor by letting us to buy all of their goods. china needs us more than we need them and i think we need to be much more tougher with the chinese, saying you have got to stop the subsidy stealing other people's intellectual property. they are no longer
Mar 15, 2014 10:00am EDT
give the floor to the representative of china. president -- at present, the situation in ukraine is highly complex and sensitive. it has the bearing on both regional and international situations. the international community should engage together and putting through our political solution of the crisis in ukraine. so as to generally maintain peace and stability in the region. the situation in ukraine has developed to what is today, involving complex historical reasons and reality. it is both accidental and inevitable. for aore, it calls comprehensive and balanced solution. respectedalways sovereignty of territories and integrity of all states. long-standing, fundamental foreign-policy of china. at the same time, we have noticed that foreign interference is also an important reason leading to violent clashes on the streets of ukraine and resulting in crisis in the country. failure to implement a the february 21st agreement has accelerated the turmoil in ukraine with serious social and economic damage to the country. we condemn and oppose all extreme and violent acts. ukraine,he crisi
Nov 7, 2015 12:00pm EST
also china, we have a return to great state competition. lookthat means is when we a certain areas when you look at it through the lens of not just a failed a by proxy warfare as well. i think we're seeing certain echoes of that. we will need to be able to learn the lessons in the past of what does and does not working proxy me oure and refra approaches. and focus on how do you keep a lid -- how do you win a competition they keep a lid on it from escalating. >> thank you all. >> general, just a follow-up on your comment. you say we would have to take some actions to reassure our allies, other nations in the region in the middle east. what actions with those be? >> i think we need to reach out to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates, kuwait, jordan, and egypt and sit down with them and say we are here. i think some of the things we're talking about -- >> we say that all the time. >> and then put in place -- when you look at it and look at egypt, perhaps some of the best comments i've heard on a strategy for egypt is how you give them stability? how to get them security? you have to
Dec 3, 2011 10:00am EST
the globe today with china and india escalating their use of fossil fuels very rapidly is having a detrimental effect on the warming of our planet and the changing of our environment. so we are going to continue to invest in alternative energy and very frankly that is now only a -- not only a good thing for us to do in my opinion from an environment standpoint but a wonderful thing to do from an economic standpoint and jobs creation. i think a lot of jobs will be created producing alternative energy and the chinese are very much ahead of us for instance in solar panels. we need to catch up and make sure that we are doing what -- crowd? what do we want to do with solar panels? make it in america. gets $100 right over here. ok. next. >> my name is roger. i'm a plummer with local 5 here in d.c. and i have helped a lot of the people here keep this university running and the toilets flushing. one of the reasons some of them back up sometimes is bauts of what's happening on pennsylvania avenue, the lines get too full. that's supposed to be a joke, fellows. now, you know -- you ought to c
Dec 20, 2014 12:00pm EST
like russia and rising powers like china that might be looking to change or offend the international order. many of us in washington think -- up and -- upend the international order. many of us in washington think tanks struggle with these issues every day. today we are fortunate to have a unique cross spectrum of views. right now, the left and right are divided not only left and right but within the left and within the right on how america might think about its role in the world in the coming 10, 15, 20 years. we are lucky to have people with us your spokesman from all of these different vantage points. -- who are spokesman from all of these different vantage points. this of them was inspired by an article in american prospect. the article looked at realism old and new. of whether the idea the obama administration has sort of been tugged between two different views of america's role in the world, one being the one rooted in american aadership and america having unique role in leading in the world stage. the other being a more pragmatic look at what america's power and to affect grea
Jun 26, 2016 3:16pm EDT
terrorism. today we're facing both of these, geopolitical competition from china and the threat of isis and terror networks and dealing with technology creating new threats, cyber and pandemics, loose nukes. the global turbulence we are facing now along with domestic issues at home, these are contributing to the pervasive sense that the american people are sitting there saying can someone explain to me what is happening in the world? and if you think about what they have seen over the past 10 or 15 years, you can understand a certain level of puzzlement. two costly, protracted wars with unsatisfying outcomes, a painful financial crisis, the rise of ambitious new powers like china and the return of old powers like putin's russia, the persistence, the malignance of terrorist threats flowing out of an islamic world struggling with collapsing state structures and stifled hopes and a healthy dose of domestic political dysfunction in washington so we have to be fair and say these have dented, for some people, a sense of confidence in our capacity to shape the world but they shouldn't dent our con
Jun 8, 2014 3:28pm EDT
and international studies for a discussion of china-russia andtions with stapleton roy the former national security adviser for president carter. , the homeland security committee will examine the security along the u.s. border with officials from u.s. customs and border protection, the u.s. office of special counsel, and the national border patrol council. now, if you wait until the thing shows up, that is the worst, the cheaper alternative, you have waited too long. expensiveer and less good in the case of air navigation example, we had companies like tom-tom and garmin and magellan and they knew that the smart, starting to take off. they understood it was possible that somebody who will, apple, some meals, would launch an application -- a navigation app. but they said we don't see any threat yet. we will show -- we will respond when it shows up. when it did show up, it took off and you had millions of people saying this was better and cheaper. this is worse and more expensive. which 1 am i going to choose? by then, it was too late for them to respond. incumbent businesses of an
Nov 7, 2015 10:00pm EST
exceptional, because 350 million people is not many compared to india and china, which each have more than a billion. they want to be more like the united states. i'm guessing that in china and india, where they are working hard to become more like what we have been for the past 200 plus years, they are not in a race to copy a social experiment that stands to lower an entire generation's iq by eight points. thank you. [applause] we now have mason tibbett. he's from th [laughter] mary: it's hard to say his name. [applause] mason: thank you for having me here to talk about the issue. i guess the sky is calling everywhere in colorado. outeems to be pretty nice except for marijuana being legal. i codirected the amendment 624 campaign in 2012. i have been working on marijuana policy since 2005. authored a book called "marijuana is safer, so why do we drive people to drink?" it's the more harmful to substances that of the two substances. marijuana prohibition is a failed government program. statesbeen pushed on the and has cost us billions of dollars, and it has failed to accomplish much of
Apr 12, 2014 2:00pm EDT
. that's why we have to be strong. china is out there beating their chest. you have russia that thinks that the cold war -- the end of the cold war was halftime. you have al qaeda moving out of pakistan. you have cyber attacks that hit our computer systems thousands of times a day and a president that wants to turn over the control of the internet to the united nations. we have to fight back against all of these challenges because it is our challenges that have made america strong. my friend, johnny cash, used to belt it out. steel is strong because it knew the hammer and white heat. is what america is. like a metal that get stronger under pressure. we can rise to these challenges. we can win and fight back. don't take my word for it. look at what's going on in some of the states. you can look at those blue states like california and illinois or what's going on with some of the red state governors where they are actually pu lling the states back and building these economies. do you want to be more like california and illinois or more like the red states where good things are going on?
Jun 23, 2012 10:00am EDT
possible. ultimately, that should be the goal. we can compete successfully with china and india and emerging economies, but we have to protect our land and water at the highest levels and we have to be more effective on being able to get energy from all different sources. we have to have metal and all kinds of different things that come out of the earth. thank you for your attention. [applause] >> at the conference hosted by atlantic magazine, a special panel says there should be a special tax credit to go to utility companies that use wind power. this is about one hour. >> i am steve clemons, the editor at large of the atlantic. we are going to focus on the next generation and energy exploration. we have martin klepper of the energy infrastructure projects. then we have willett kempton from the university of delaware. , who knowssullivan more about the dollars and cents of this than anybody i have ever met. he is out there looking at what works and what does not. i come at this as a layperson. i do have some images -- images of the wind part of this. when i discussed this, i wonder
Jul 31, 2016 6:30pm EDT
, fighting hard to have more good obs. they told me how they are bringing jobs back from china, how they are creating more opportunity. that is the american story that we are going to be telling during this campaign, during the last 100 days. have specific plans about how we are going to get the economy working again for everybody. e're going to make the biggest investment in new jobs since world war ii and put millions of americans to work. [applause] sec. clinton: and here is how we're going to do it -- we're going to invest in infrastructure. our roads, tunnels, airports, water systems. but not just what you can hysically see, we need a new electric great to be able to take and distribute all the clean, renewable energy we are going to be producing. [applause] sec. clinton: and we need to finish the job of connecting every home and business in america to high-speed broadband internet access. [applause] sec. clinton: i talk a lot about building our economy, getting jobs for everyone. well, it is a little heartbreaking to learn, as i did when i was talking to some teachers a few days ag
Mar 15, 2014 12:00pm EDT
under the budapest memorandum who supported ukraine. states, united kingdom, france, and china to several times a voice in favor -- who several times voice in favor of territorial integrity. the russian federation violated its own obligations. this appeals to the russian leadership. very successful. today, are discussing the crisis in ukraine in crimea. ago. a call 40 minutes russian troops entered the mainland on the south from crimea. now we're facing new developments. face further dangers. i ask you to find the means and measures as well as the bilateral level to do what is responsible to stop the aggressor. surprise this comes at custom for any measures to maintain international peace and security. it is giving commissions in syria. .t brought thousands we will speak about the reforms of the security council. two cases, syria and crimea will be considered of examples of how the council behaves when peace is needed. in that particular part of my intervention i would like to say some words in russian. >> the representative of the russian federation has a stated it's great to be
Jan 5, 2014 1:00pm EST
at her request. of thehnson gave a tour house in 1968 that was filmed where she featured the china that was purchased in mexico, very colorful. the president would sit down at this end of the table we see the cowhide chair. mrs. johnson at the other end of the table. one feature that you will notice next to the president -- a handy telephone. president johnson loved working telephones in the middle of the meal and make or answer a call. mrs. johnson was not happy about that, but she got used to that because lyndon johnson was such a workaholic. as first lady mrs. johnson spent a lot of time at the ranch. it was very important because it provided such a respite from all of the turmoil of washington, particularly later in the presidency where the johnsons could come home tom our recharge their batteries and make that connection back to the land and the place they valued so much. this is mrs. johnson's private bedroom. it was part of the 1967 remodeling. she specified to designers she wanted this to be her forever room. to specify certain elements she wanted -- a fireplace, east facin
Nov 9, 2014 2:31am EST
visit to asia. monday he stops first in beijing, china. over three days he will take part in the asia economic leaders meeting. hursday president b heads to myanmar, also known as burma. he will take part in a town hall meeting in rangoon. on saturday and subpoenaed he will be at the brisbane meeting. continuing coverage of the president's trip here on the -span network. >> this sent about an hour and 10 minutes. >> we can go ahead and get started this morning. good morning, and welcome, everyone, to "governing magazine's" briefing on the state and local elections. i'm executive editor of "governing." there has been plenty to discuss this week with republicans taking control of the senate and gaining their largest majority in the house since world war ii. this morning we want to focus as we always do here at governing at what's going on at the state and local level. the governor's races, blot initiatives, as well as local elections and measures that will have an impact across the country next year and in years to come. to help us make sense of all that, we have a great panel this
Mar 5, 2012 2:00am EST
recall the people predicted that russia and china would not push to move toward pressure. they did. in 2010, the un security council overwhelmingly supported a comprehensive sanctions effort. few thought that sanctions could have an immediate bite on the iranian regime. they have. many thought we could hold the coalition together. but our friends in europe and asia and elsewhere are joining us. in 2012, the iranian government faces the prospect of even more crippling sanctions. that is where we are today. because of our work. iran is isolated, its leadership divided and under pressure and, by the way, the arab spring has only increased the use trends as the hypocrisy of the regime is explode. as a result, the assad regime is crumbling. so long as iran fails to meet its obligations, this problem remains unresolved. the effective implementation of our policy is not enough. we must accomplish our objectives. and in that effort -- [applause] i firmly believe that an opportunity still remains for diplomacy backed by pressure to succeed. the united states and israel both assessed that ir
Nov 9, 2013 10:00am EST
countries. -- china, chinese australia, austria come a they were told their nation's definition of disability was improper. they follow a medical definition of death -- of disability. definitionnce in the is important. rights definition of disability, according to the committee, a form of disability law that permits you to take the situation of a profoundly intellectually disabled adult, pears it under the human rights under the human rights model would not be allowed to be appointed guardian of the intellectually disabled child. they would only be allowed to support decision-making rather than substitute decision-making. nations that allow guardianships for profoundly disabled adults that are intellectually disabled are in violation in the trees definition -- the treaties definition of disability. if we think we will not have to comply with the treaties standards, -- the treaty's standards, we are making a false promise to the rest of the world. turning to the issue of homeschooling, i have been criticized by many in the press for fear mongering on this topic. i have never seen an
Jan 30, 2016 4:00pm EST
military, taking over the south china sea. vladimir putin is sowing instability in the middle east. iran will receive $100 billion from barack obama's sanctions, which they will use to build up their military and acquire a nuclear weapon of their own. isis is the most sophisticated, well-funded terror threat in the history of mankind. it is not just a bunch of people on the back of pickup trucks. it is an organization that has affiliates and over -- in over 12 countries. indonesia, the philippines, multiple countries. you saw what they did in paris. is solidly inspired in san bernardino. inspired inhat they san bernardino. they sell girls as brides to the fighters. this is what we are dealing with. in the face of these threats, what is happening to the military? we are on the verge of the smallest army since the end of world war ii. we are on the verge of the smallest navy in 100 years. we will soon have the smallest air force and the oldest airplanes we have ever had. here is what is really unacceptable. people are running for president in the party of reagan who have voted for budgets
Feb 1, 2014 9:00pm EST
now of downgrading the military, china is moving into my region now. fiji is a client state. they are training the military. ago, the australian minister was up in china for talks and a top chinese general said to him now is the time for australia to choose. do you want an american godfather or a chinese godfather? if you are smart, you will choose china because we are the region. folks, around the world your allies are being forced to make a choice. countries like israel, great britain, germany, canada, japan, they are all basically freaking out because the leadership they see coming out of your white house, they see that your president seems to love the bad guys of the world more than he loves them. and that is causing huge instability folks. we have japan which is now rearming. they were never supposed to rearm after world war ii but they are now rearming because they cannot trust obama to protect them from north korea and china. look at how many of your allies climbed aboard when obama wanted go into syria. that shows where american prestige has gone. vladimir putin, the old k
Jul 30, 2016 4:00pm EDT
. very actively focused on trying to preserve the freedom of navigation in the wake of china's military claims. we are working with countries outside of nato on other security issues, but i do not think we can create a global organization like that. i do not think any of those states, whether it is the europeans wanting the middle easterners or vice versa, i think it is seen through a regional prism. victor from windermere, florida on the independent line. after the attacks in france and germany, that should have triggered a nato response. they are saying there is only 15,000 isis fighters. army, if he took about 4000 from each country it should be able to wipe out isis. it should not take this long. a lot of world war ii vets say they would have wiped them out in two weeks. guest: i completely agree with you, i think it was a missed opportunity with the way nato works because -- with the way nato works. because they took place in france, they have to invoke article five and they did not want to do that. they preferred to deal with it as a national matter domestically and to engage abro
Jul 14, 2012 10:00am EDT
departments. the national science board reported earlier this year that china and nine other countries have increased their research and development spending to match our own. and the wealthiest country in the world we will lose only if we fail to invest in the priorities of success. we have seen the manufacturing sector help our recovery gain momentum. but we know that's not enough. congress must pass a comprehensive jobs plan that invests in the advanced manufacturing and innovation that is critical to our future. two years ago, democrats introduced such a plan. it is called make it in america. the premise is simple. if we can help manufacturers make it manufacture it grow it here in america, then it will help all of our people make it in america. succeed. seize opportunity. get jobs. make it in america combines business tax reforms that encourage business manufacturers to bring jobs back which increase investments in education, job training, innovation, green energy technology, and infrastructure. under make it in america businesses would be enabled to base decisions not on the best tax
Sep 13, 2014 10:00am EDT
and they are not impressed. strategic rivals like russia and china, hostile people are drawing conclusions and take note on the hard things that we do as the preeminent the mocker see. -- democracy. this goes back to fdr. the finest amend new how to choose a message of strength. -- of me knew how to choose a message of strength. i think of the reagan military buildup of the 1980's. american resolve in unmistakable terms. i think of a few days after saddam hussein was taken into american custody. among others who were paying attention was the dictator of libya, who let it be known that we could come and take away his entire inventory of nuclear components. we did. what would have to doff he done in 2011 -- qaddafi done in 2011? they watch what our leaders do in america and they listen to what our leaders say. a few of our most single-minded enemies might wonder why president obama was talking about the terrorists being on the run when the opposite was happening. by the estimates of the rand corporation, since 2010, there has been a 58% increase in the number of jihadist groups a
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