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Feb 23, 2014 2:30pm EST
president of china came there in 1985 and he now calls as old friends and he tells me how much he loves iowa and how well he was treated when he was there. he came there in 1985 from our sister state. , tested out, iowa see what you think. i think you will find it is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. is there currently a battle going on between you and the republican party? an effort toere is expand and increase participation in the republican party. i am proud to say that our recent caucuses had really good turnout and i think we will have a revitalized party. we have a hotly contested u.s. senate seat. to lead the whole republican team to victory. this election, 2014, could be a great year if we continue to work hard and work together. with an eye on 2016, we know that we will not be spending the new year's eve in iowa, it looks like you're caucuses are going to be in february of 2016? yes, and we are appreciative of that. last time it was on january 3. we will do what we have to do to be first in the nation, but we think that february is a better date and we are appreciativ
Aug 22, 2015 12:30pm EDT
asked us for specific things. king abdullah of jordan is asking for bombs. he is going to china trying to get that help. the egyptians have asked us to share intelligence. the kurds have been asking us for intelligence for three years. they are prepared to fight in theymust be defeated but cannot do it without leadership from the united states of america. [applause] yes, ma'am? you, right there. [indiscernible] fiorina: the question is about alzheimer's. i lost my father to alzheimer's. so i understand. i understand the heartbreak of this disease. many of you who follow my campaign for a while now i believe that the government is broken. powerful, and at, corrupt. 75% of the american people agree with me. that does not mean there are not things we should be investing in. we should be investing in research around these critical diseases like we should be investing more in mental health or in treatment of drug addiction, something i also know is very close to my heart. every time we say there is something important we need to invest more in the federal government says i need more money.
Nov 18, 2012 6:00am EST
competing with kid really in china. why have we stigmatized vocational education and career education? there are kids that don't want to go to harvard or yale they want to fix airplanes and it's a good paying job that god has given them a talent to do. we should be able to graduate them from high school with an industry certification. college affordability and adult education. all these things matter. i'll conclude saying this frustration out there is real. from so many people on my side of the aisle i would venn tear to guess on the part of most of you here. lot of frustration about the outcome of the election. i've heard people saying i'm going to focus on my family and community and leave politics to others. maybe the american length trait has changed. they'll vote whoever promises them movement i don't believe that's true if it's true than the nature of our country is changed forever and that just can't happen. that cannot happen. i don't believe that's true. i really don't. i think that most people are like my parents. all they want is a job that pays them enough money
Feb 21, 2016 9:00am CST
serving as the lieunant governor. mission in south korea and china. we were still in session that year, if you can remember that. and wewe had the horrirific flooding on the missourur he turned to me and said i can't go. i'd like you to lead the businesses that were participating in t t trip and i certainly had never done anything like thatt bt appreciated the confidence that he had in me to give me the opportunity to lead. and it was successful. so i got to call on cj in sth korea and the governor was there about six months later and sealed the deal and made a $2million investment. >> important deal. >> tremendous opportunity. >> you're here for a women's leadership conference rlier this week. also, the stem initiative, visiting a couple of our elementary schools here. i looked at some of the most recent numbers, and the data shows the initiative is working iowa. >> well, we've t ten a when we came into office was to restore iowa's leadership and education and we've really fallen into the mdle of the pack. two decades ago, we used to lead. and so we want to restorore our leadership po
Aug 15, 2015 2:43pm EDT
the world, china, mexico, and mexico is sort of becoming the new china in terms of trade. , nabisco is moving to mexico. i mean, give me a break. so we have to reverse that. we need jobs in our country. we are better than other countries and we are going to take jobs back from china and japan and we are going to make our country great again and that to me, that is the challenge. it is not going to be that difficult. i spoke to carl icon, he is a great negotiator -- carl great he is a negotiator, and he will work with me. we are a great country and we will come out on top every single time. and that is what we need. thank you. [applause] >> you talked about jeb bush being a puppet -- donald trump: well, jeb bush is a puppet to his donors. i know this. he's got lobbyists. he'd try to make this statement the other day and he said, skin in the game. he said, the united states has to prove to iraq that we have skin in the game. we spent $2 trillion, thousands , wounded warriors whom i love all over the place, and he said we have to prove that we have skin in the game. i think that may ha
Aug 22, 2015 11:30am EDT
with the. china is taking over the most important shipping lane in the world. vladimir putin is challenging nato and threatens to split europe apart. in the middle east, radical jihadists have spread over dozens of country on multiple continents and they recruit americans online to attack us at home. iran is on the urge of acquiring a nuclear weapon and a long-range rocket capable of striking us. the most important obligation of the federal government is to keep you safe, be safe, and our families safe. is not doing that now some of because we are of this rating defense spending. we have an army that just cut 40,000 spots. a navy and an air force smaller and older than it has been in decades. we must fix this. who must approve our defenses so that we remain the most powerful military force in the world and we must have a foreign-policy of clarity. the one that makes clear to our allies that we i with them, not for their adversaries. one emmys clear to the world that this nation will do whatever it takes to ensure that the only pro-american free enterprise democracy in the middle
Jan 12, 2014 12:19pm EST
come. there is an economic competition. china has become very powerful as a nation, not because of military strength, but on the basis of their economic strength. i think that is different than it has ever been before. i think that change has really made a difference. i think that is a realization that we have not fully absorbed yet. i'm thinking with regard to our own strategy. at the third level, there is a new nationalism that is taking place all over the world with smaller countries that are trying to exert themselves a lot more effectively. i would list countries like israel, taiwan, singapore, and a lot of other countries -- brazil, clearly -- that have had sort of a newfound prominence in the world as a result of their success. and in the fourth level is the one that is the most troubling and intriguing, and that is what i would call the transnational level. transnational level is dominated by people who have no national identity -- hackers, whether it is al qaeda or someone hacking into systems that may exist somewhere in the world and does enormous damage. we have to be co
Sep 6, 2015 5:33pm EDT
be running for office. the fact is our countries being killed on trade by china, by japan, by mexico. i am not knocking those countries. their leaders are much much smarter than our leaders. they are absolutely killing us. china, taking our jobs, taking our money, taking our base. think of this. we oh china $1.4 trillion. and we are paying them interest. we all japan, with all the cars coming in, the same amount. $1.4 trillion. it is like a magic act. they send the cars in, take our jobs, they do everything and we oh them money. that will not happen with me. it has been a long time. go. well, jeb bush is a very nice man. i will be honest i think he is a nice person. i think he is a very low energy person and i do not think that is what the country needs to i hear he will spend a lot of money on negative advertisements on me. honestly, look, he's getting the money from special interests. he is getting the money from lobbyists and his donors. and they are making him do it because he is crashing in the polls. i do not know what will happen. if you spent $20 million or $25 million on neg
Jul 18, 2015 7:00pm EDT
point of what we see in the south china sea with china and aggressive actions. all those things i believe our tightest together. when we back away from how lies, it sends a signal to allies to push back. >> we have executive people who are not following the law or the constitution. we also have judges who are citing sharia law and international law in their decisions. why is it that these people are not brought to justice? why are they not arrested? why are not these justices in peaimpeached? scott walker: i can to you the type of judges and justices i would put on the bench. i have not yet made a supreme court appointment, but i have simple criteria. men and women of integrity solid credentials with the law. most importantly individuals who understand the sole role of the judiciary at any level especially the highest level at federal courts, is to uphold the constitution of the u.s. no more, no less. theose are the sorts of judge and justices i will appoint. frank: microphone, front right. >> for all candidates, america is beautiful. 300 plus million people. we have different lu
Aug 15, 2015 10:00am EDT
would you tell your friends in china? mike huckabee: we need to keep open the idea of tariffs to china. they cheated on the trade agreements. they manipulated currency. they have stolen ideas from us and violated every law of intellectual property. industry has filed another complaint and lawsuit because the chinese are dumping steel into the u.s. steel in arkansas and mississippi county, largest steel producing county in the country. that was in my state. i will familiar with the chinese do when they dump steel into this country. that jeopardizes american jobs and american free enterprise. we have to stop it. >> this is my when opportunity to talk to a republican candidates. mike huckabee: you don't have that opportunity in berkeley? >> bernie sanders stops by a bi t. sell me. do you think we have a better relationship with any country on earth right now than we did eight years ago? we do not. are we safer, more economically viable than we were eight years ago? we are not. --you look at the anti-of idea of pacing the consumption-based attacks, making america strong, it does not
Oct 18, 2015 9:00am CDT
years, including holding a women's rights conference in china twenty years ago. it was during those trips that clinton earned the respect of albright, as the two formed a strong working relationship. >> there is no other way to describe it. the kind of attack team and traveling around and being partners. having the support of people on human rights issues, health issues. i think she is the best ambassador that america has. >> and, of course, we'll continue to keep you posted as the candidates and their staffs continue to crisscross the state of iowa. we'll be right back to show you this things nine things to know. we'll be right back. >> we're back more with "this week in siouxland." >> make sure to stick around for the second half of the hour for this week in iowa, where you can learn about an iowa congressional race that could get interesting in 2016. amanda gives us a preview. >> coming up on this week in iowa we're going to sit down with congressman david young. we talked to him numerous times throughout the year. we want to talk to him about some of the leadership changes, spec
Jan 9, 2016 4:23pm EST
vote. i'm going to take our jobs back from china, from everywhere. people know that. so we are leading by a lot and by a lot in the sec. georgia. we have places that are unbelievable. the me go to florida and i met 32. a sitting senator is at 14. jeb bush was their governor and the twos.the numeral two i love florida. it's a second home for me. i have a great relationship with the people of florida. going to be tell. , sittinga senator senator and you have a governor who was there for eight years and i'm saying that's going to be tell. the first poll came out and i was clobbering everybody in florida. course you look at massachusetts. i had 152%. tom brady loves me. tom brady said great things about me.
Aug 15, 2015 2:00pm EDT
from china and russia and even from central and south america. this president has turned a blind eye to deliberately powerful enemies. notas empowered russia by holding up to her trees with ukraine. he has empowered syria. he has empowered iran. he has empowered isis. he has empowered china. our enemieskind to and very harsh to our allies. we need a leader who will stand for the principles of our government and for our own national security. we need one who will stand with our allies to make sure that our interests are defended. race has thes record that i do on national security. just about three months ago, and itblished a magazine comes out on a monthly basis, i am told. so for three months, my picture was in their magazine. and it was under the headline, "in the words of our enemy." i laid out who our enemies are and i have put it out very clearly as i have in speeches why and how isis can be defeated. i was put on an isis enemy list. nobody else in this race is on unfortunately, neither is hillary clinton. why am i on that list? because after 9/11, i have spent the time needed t
Jul 19, 2014 5:54pm EDT
decade, business leaders worldwide have declared that china is no longer the world's best place to invest -- america is. none of this is an accident. it's thanks to your resilience, resolve, and hard work that america has recovered faster and come farther than almost any other advanced country on earth. now we have the opportunity to ensure that this growth is broadly shared. our economy grows best not from the top-down, but from the middle-out. we do better when the middle class does better. so we have to make sure that we're not just creating more jobs, but raising middle-class wages and incomes. we have to make sure our economy works for every working american. my opportunity agenda does that. it's built on creating more jobs, training more workers, educating all our kids, and making sure your hard work pays off with higher wages and better benefits. on thursday, i traveled to delaware to highlight how we're trying to create more good, middle-class jobs rebuilding america: rebuilding roads and bridges, ports and airports, high-speed rail and internet. this week, vice president b
Nov 17, 2013 6:00am EST
canada? 15%. 25% in china. going to 20% in england. if you save your money to washington but do some things that we in washington approve of, you we will let you yet some of it back. i have a better idea -- keep it in the first place. you decide what you do with it because it is your money. [applause] that is what real tax reform looks like. we also know what a real war on poverty looks like because it is not the one that has been waged for the last 49 years. next year is the 50th anniversary of the war on poverty. $15 trillion spent on it and the highest level of poverty ever. washington has gummed up the works. the idea of upward mobility is slipping farther away for people who have not seen in generations. we can do better than that. we can restore america as the party of equal opportunity to show how these ideas prevail. we have had a government in theory. a lot of people voted for that. we have had in practice. it does not work. it is a fatal conceit, to borrow his works. we have these examples. look at what terry branstad has done here. if we follow these examples, if we highli
Jan 30, 2016 2:00pm EST
and around the world. if elected president, i will help lead the effort to reach out to china, russia, india, countries all over the world, i will help lead the effort to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. [applause] now, i want to connect a few dots here. i want you to ask yourselves, how does it happen that we have a major political party, the republicans, who refuse to even acknowledge climate change, let alone be prepared to do anything about it. how does that happen? i'll tell you how it happens. it happens because the day that any republican candidate stood up and said climate change is real and has to be dealt with, on that day that republican candidate would lose campaign contributions from the koch brothers and the fossil fuel industry. and that is what a corrupt campaign finance system is doing to our country. and i say to my republican colleagues. think about your kids. think about your grandchildren. think about the future of this planet. stop worrying about where you're go
Jan 1, 2012 6:00am EST
manufacturers with a 0% corporate tax. why? retailers do not move their operations to china, mexico. we have to compete for their jobs. they are the high-value jobs in our economy. the reason small-town america and blue-collar america is suffering is because we have led our manufacturing base decline. -- lets our manufacturing base decline. we have not taken advantage of being cost competitive. we should be growing manufacturing base under our plan. people do it and we will also decrease the deficit by doing so. -- we will do its and we will also decrease the deficit by do so. what makes you think i can do it? i have done it. that is always the best determinant. why would you believe it if you do not see anything in my past that would indicate that i can do it? that is the problem with some of the candidates right now. why should i believe when things get tough, when you go to washington, d.c., and you deal with the sharks in the media, they are constantly coming at you. i have had them call me the nasty names. that is ok. i remember where it came from. i remember what i promised wh
Oct 24, 2015 11:00pm EDT
. i voted against the npr with china. ustory has proven those of who opposed those agreements were right. last 14 years this country has lost 60,000 factories and millions of decent paying jobs. about theclear cut current trade deal that we are debating and congress -- the transpacific partnership. not now, nort is has it ever been the gold standard of trade agreements. [applause] not supported yesterday -- support it yesterday, i do not it today, and i will not support it tomorrow. [applause] in 1996 i faced another fork in the road, another very difficult political situation, it was called the defense of marriage act. brought forth by republican-led congress and its purpose was againsto discriminate gays and lesbians and to the war. that gay andmember lesbian rights were not popular then, as they are today. it was a tough vote. i am sorry to have to tell you by anill won overwhelmingly majority in the house of 342-56. that was not a political easy vote. today some are trying to rewrite history by saying they voted for one anti-gay law, that is not the case. there was a small mino
Oct 25, 2015 9:00am CDT
certainly something we're exploring. >> china may be struggling a little bit. not the big steps they've madad in recent years. isishere a conrn at all? >> china's our number four trading partner. obviously they bought a lot of our commodities. in fact they were just buying several million dollar contracts. so there are still important trading partner with us. it's more stronger on the trade side than return investment frfr china has been slow, andnde are certainly keeping an eye on what's going on with them. theyave a way of affecting our stock market, do they not? we all watch china, so this is something we are very concerned about. >> -- annual governor's conference. work force development a key. if you don't have -- do business you don't have a a need for workers. if you have workers you better have business. cfa industries. >> we don't have the latitude of doing one or the other. we have to do they will all on parallel paths. why are you still recruiting companies companies in when you have such a tight labor marart because economieieare never static, they ebb and flow. an example,
Sep 27, 2015 7:01pm EDT
competence. we need now competence, and we have to have something, we need help. we go china $1.5 trillion. they suck our money out, they take our jobs, they do everything, and we own them money. how does that work? it supposed to be the other way around. japan, we open the exact same amount. $1.5 trillion. they sell us cars, biggest you've ever seen. i've never seen ships like this. they are loaded with cars. they send millions of cars over here. we sell them beef. they don't want it. half the time they sent it back. the farmers over there don't want it. it's not good anytime you get it back. [laughter] kobe beef andit we sell it for more money. but you look at the imbalance. look at the u.s. trade. china, almost $400 billion a year. we lose. japan, 75 billion dollars a year. first of all, we are going to build a wall and it is going to be a real wall. if people like it or not, we are going to build a wall. it is going to have a big beautiful door. people are going to come into the country, but they are going to come in legally. and when people graduate number one harvard and you
Jan 31, 2016 2:25pm EST
those jobs back from china or wherever they have gone? just did theey polls, cnn and others did. they do the polls. i love these polls. because i am in first place. if i was not in first place, we would not be talking -- it's funny. i watch these candidates. they spend millions of dollars polling. i don't spend a lot of money. i get it from these guys. they do polls. aey say, is he a nice guy, wonderful guy, a terrible guy, is he tall, is he short? the spend all of this money on polling, jerry. candidates, hundreds of thousands of dollars in a month. what are they doing polling for? it's true. save your money. theyinteresting because did a poll, a big bowl, and on the economy i came out so much higher, triple and quadruple, like down at six and five and i met 67. is with 15, 16, 17 people in the race. we have to bring back our jobs. by the way in the polls -- number one on security, number one isis, number one in almost every category. the only thing i was not number one on? or senility. can you believe it -- personality. can you believe it? they said i am not a nice person. i'm a nic
Jan 24, 2015 11:00pm EST
china and north korea and russia are state sponsors of cyber warfare. i know china has a strategy to steal our intellectual property. i know netanyahu. i know when he warns us that iran is a threat to our nation and to his own, we must listen. [applause] unlike hillary clinton, i know what difference it makes, that our american ambassador in three other brave americans were killed in a deliberate terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11 in libya. apparently, unlike hillary clinton and barack obama, i know our response must be more forceful than the arrest of a single individual one year later. [applause] i am a conservative. after a lifetime of experience in all kinds of places, and all kinds of environments, i still know that our principles work better to unlock potential and others. i also know that this is the highest calling of leadership. [applause] i have had the great privilege to travel all across the nation, all across the state of iowa. i sense a deep disquiet. americans fear we are losing something, and they know we are missing something. we fear we are losing the es
Aug 13, 2011 2:00pm EDT
. now we have the greatest debt in the history of the world and we ow $1.4 trillion to china and we wonder why we have a problem. you have to have a strong currency. there's nothing wrong with us reconstituting the constitution because only gold and silver can be legal tender. [applause] also you have to have the proper environment for companies to bring their moneys back home. you can't have a money bring money or park money overseas and double tax them and charge them 35% again, that's changing , around it would be a good idea to get rid of all this income tax and corporate taxation. [applause] and of course with a strong currency and with a change of the tax system, you also have to deal with the regulatory systems. we have to shrink the size of the federal register. we need a lot less regulations not more regulations. [applause] it is said that those of us who promote the free market system, that we don't care about regulating those ruthless, big corporations, but just think about how the sound economy would regulate those companies and banks -- stopping the debt on the american
Apr 3, 2016 7:00pm EDT
gun to fix it by taking on china and mexico and immigrants. and bernie sanders is going to fix it by going after wall street. to arriveorters want at the same place through different means. >> who have predicted a year ago jew from vermont would be in contention for the nomination against the real estate billionaire? one thing i would say is that i remember going back and looking at 1992, and the ross perot phenomenon, looking at the polling and the data from then that created the opening for his candidacy. and compare that to a year or two ago, and it was much worse now, the terrain for an outsider businessperson, if it was enough 1992 that a guy who led the race for two months, you flash forward, just the underlined dynamics of mistrusting government, and what was right in 1992, israeli -- now. the notion of an outsider coming trump,he form of donald the concept is >> -- so much has changed. as an outsider, and so many more people now identify as an independent, it is the highest it is ever been since people been tracking these numbers bowling wise. he arrived on the stage at the p
Oct 31, 2015 2:00pm EDT
same thing with china. china is not even doing that well, but they just devalued their currency. the biggest in two decades. , theyason they did it felt, oh, well, we can get away with this and it will make it impossible. did you see the results yesterday? horrible because they are not getting stuff out. because everybody is that is their number one weapon. this too trade deal does not even cover it. that is their number one weapon. the trade deal we are making doesn't even cover it. -- peopleay this might say it is terrible, he is a terrible person, terrible human being. i'm actually a nice person. nobody can do the stuff better than me. i know all the guys are running against. they are wonderful people. some of them i really like, but who cares? i was talking to one of the candidates, talking about corporate inversions and they did not even know what i was talking about. it's not their thing. all the things with other countries and make great trade deals -- we are getting eaten alive. when you look at the phony numbers, we have wondered million people in our workforce not work
Dec 11, 2011 6:30pm EST
atms and the internet. like accountants and middle management can be outsourced to countries like china or india. and if you're somebody whose job can be done cheaper by a computer or someone in another country, you don't have a lot of leverage with your employer when it comes to asking for better wages or better benefits, especially since fewer americans today are part of a union. now, just as there was in teddy roosevelt's time, there is a certain crowd in washington who, for the last few decades, have economic challenge with the same"the market will take care of everything," they tell us. if we just cut more regulations and cut more taxes -- especially for the wealthy -- our economy will grow stronger. sure, they say, there will be winners and losers. but if the winners do really well, then jobs and prosperity will eventually trickle down to everybody else. and, they argue, even if prosperity doesn't trickle down, well, that's the price of liberty. now, it's a simple theory. individualism and our healthy skepticism of too much government. that's in america's dna. bumper sticker. but
Oct 25, 2015 1:00am EDT
atomic device. frequent crises during the '50s, korean war, china over taiwan, pressures from the joint chiefs of staff to help france by using nuclear weapons in indochina. war in the middle east, uprisings in eastern europe, and revolution in cuba. during the '60s, war in vietnam, another era of israeli war and confrontations with the soviets from berlin to cuba. in the '70s, soviet assertively in africa and invasion of afghanistan and yet another arab/israeli war and oil i'm barba goes. p '80s brought surrogate crises in lebanon and sfwer vengs in panama. and in the '90s we had the first gulf war, military action in the bull can, somalia, haiti, missile at tacts in iraq, and first al qaeda attacks on the united states. the point of recounting these historical examples is that americans, including all too often our leaders, regard international crises and military conflict as aberrations when, in fact, and sad to say, they are the norm. convinced time and again that a new era of tranquility is at hand, especially after major conflicts, presidents and congresses tend to believe t
Aug 15, 2015 12:50pm EDT
china or japan or mexico. mexico is becoming the new china in terms of trade. so many companies. just yesterday i read nabisco is moving to mexico. give me a break. we have to reverse that. we need jobs in our country. we are going to take jobs back from china, japan. we will make art country great again. that to me is going to be the challenge and we will do it. and it is not going to be that difficult. iceberg with carl icahn. he will help us. all the best negotiators. we of the best business people in the world in this country. they will all help us. believe me, when i get the right people negotiating with the right countries, we will come out on top every time. that is what we need. [applause] >> can you talk about jeb bush yesterday during a puppet of all the donors raising $100 million? trump: he is a puppet. he's got lobbyists. he made statements of the last couple of days that are incredible try to justify the war in iraq. they cannot be justified. he said "skin in the game." he said united states has to prove to iraq that we have skin in the game. we spent $2 trillion,
Sep 20, 2014 7:00pm EDT
saw china is slowing a bit and larger economies there. clearly jobs have not kept up with -- in many sectors, in many situations with the economic growth that we're seeing's been quite uneven and i do worry about the inequities and the differences. and there's different ways to solve for that. but i think the more we can get business engaged and hiring, people want to work, and it's more about -- it's partly paycheck, but it's also partly being part of a solution, the dignity that comes with a job. like i tell people, i don't need to go to a focus group to find out what's happening in america, i go to a family reunion. i've got family members in every realm of the economic ladder and it's a real issue. >> you've touched on some of this, but what in your opinion could stand in the way of future economic growth in america? >> i think -- first of all, i'm in favor of good regulation. i want good, honorable, competitors doing the right thing, that helps us. but i want to make sure we don't go overboard and that's not only true for our industry, for any industry. secondly, when washi
Jan 24, 2015 12:00pm EST
will forget and we will be in a different mode. and our country will be further destroyed. jobs china i have made so much money fighting against the chinese. one of my best deals was against the chinese and they respect me for it. i know that. they say i cannot believe what we are getting away with. we can't believe how stupid your leaders are. they told me that. they don't know i will make a speech, but why not. they tell me that. i don't know if you know what is happening with the devaluation of so many countries. china is going crazy with devaluation. they are devaluing down to nothing. that will make it impossible for you to sell your product. it will make it impossible for you to compete. they would not have done it two years ago, but now they feel we are so weak as so many different problems they can do it. you watch this devaluation of all of it. the euro. china, mexico, everyone is devaluing. when you hear the dollar is getting stronger it sounds good. be very careful. the very careful. we will lose more and more business to foreign countries who know what they are doing. they h
Jan 30, 2016 4:00pm EST
military, taking over the south china sea. vladimir putin is sowing instability in the middle east. iran will receive $100 billion from barack obama's sanctions, which they will use to build up their military and acquire a nuclear weapon of their own. isis is the most sophisticated, well-funded terror threat in the history of mankind. it is not just a bunch of people on the back of pickup trucks. it is an organization that has affiliates and over -- in over 12 countries. indonesia, the philippines, multiple countries. you saw what they did in paris. is solidly inspired in san bernardino. inspired inhat they san bernardino. they sell girls as brides to the fighters. this is what we are dealing with. in the face of these threats, what is happening to the military? we are on the verge of the smallest army since the end of world war ii. we are on the verge of the smallest navy in 100 years. we will soon have the smallest air force and the oldest airplanes we have ever had. here is what is really unacceptable. people are running for president in the party of reagan who have voted for budgets
Jan 1, 2012 6:30pm EST
do you see the role for groups interacting with china? >> totally in the world market competing with each other. >> what are your names? >> ross and andy. >> hi. nice to meet you. >> you went to luther college? >> yes, i did. >> i went to central. >> great. >> thank you very much for coming. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> good luck. >> how are we doing? >> the security guys have to push them back. push them back. thank you. >> nice to see you. >> you want a picture? >> go ahead there. >> thank you very much. >> we would not elect the most intelligent man in our state. >> thank you. >> good luck on tuesday. >> thank you, ma'am. >> thank you. thank you. thank you, appreciate it. >> hello. hello. >> one, two, three! >> thank you. >> thank you. >> hello. >> thank you for doing this. >> hello. that's a pretty top. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> hello, how are you? >> i am so honored to meet you guys. >> good to be with you. >> i need your help on tuesday. >> i'll be there, i'll be there. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> hello. >> a big fan of yours. >> hello.
Nov 7, 2011 2:00am EST
from china who had worked on the commission to study why america was the greatest country in the history of the world, and it went through all of these things that they bought first would be the reason. they thought it was the economy. they thought it was our guns. it bought it was our form of government. there rived 20 years ago at the fact that it was our faith and made his great. we are a people, a faith-filled people that believe in that moral enterprise that is america . and so today i an ounce a safe freedom and family agenda here and to mourn. everybody else has put up an economic plan. i put up an economic plan, but no one put up a plan to strengthen the american family, make sure that we have strong marriages in our country, that we defend the institution of marriage. no one is put up a plan to make sure that e have religious liberty in this country and tht faith continues to be the bedrock of this country. no one is put a plan of what we're going to do to make sure that life is considered sacred from the moment of conception until natural death. i did. i put together i
Jul 18, 2015 2:00pm EDT
that will put steel in front of our enemies. [cheers] governor walker: we need to stop china's cyberattacks, slow their advances into international waters, and speak out about their abysmal human rights record. [applause] governor walker: and we need to have the capacity to protect our national security interests here and abroad and those of our allies. that begins by rebuilding the defense budget by going back to the levels proposed by secretary of defense gates. [applause] governor walker: we need to honor our men and women in uniform by giving them the resources that they need to make us safe and going for it by giving them the quality and timely health care that they deserve when every -- return home -- when they return home. [cheers] governor walker: most of all the best way we can honor them is by fighting to win. this is important. our goal should be peace, but there will be times when america must fight. if we must americans fight to win. [cheers] governor walker: going forward the world must know that there was no greater friend and no worse enemy in the united states
Jan 1, 2012 2:00pm EST
wall themselves off. you hear it in their own campaigns, on our side. we have to isolate china, blaine china for everything, put on tariffs, and punish china. i do not want to do that. i am not the isolationist. they are the isolationists and they are making a lot of mistakes. >> you say you support wars with clear missions. cite some examples of missions we have been involved in where we had a clear mission. >> world war ii. it is a good example of how it works. the president did not go to war without going to congress. we knew the enemy was. we made the declaration of war. everybody got behind it. in 40 years, thereabout, we conquered and won those wars. today, it is nebulous. we do not know who the enemy is. we go to war not against the government's, but we go to war against a group of people that are causing trouble and it ends for ever. then we go into nation-building and we go to war with false information. some people call them lies. when we went to war in iraq, no calcutta there, no weapons of mass destruction. -- no al qaeda they are, new weapons of mass destruction. when we l
Aug 30, 2015 2:01pm EDT
don't want money. they are worth billions of dollars. but when i say carl icahn, handle china. we are going to make a great deal. because that's what happens. we are going to take back our trade. if you look at china, if you -- i was in los angeles -- i saw the biggest cars i've ever seen with pouring out, one after another, made in japan. it doesn't help us. where does it help us mark we sell them beef. -- dohey don't want it you ever see what's going on? it goes over there and it's perishable, so by the time it gets over there, they turn around and we don't want it and they have cars coming from these pourve ships and they just off the ships. how stupid are we? i leave in free trade. but i have to be fair trade. when you look at japan, they taken money up here and we give them money down here. we give nothing -- it's peanuts. balance it out, fellas. you have to balance it. greatnd of mine is a manufacturer. -- it's probably the greatest theft in the united states. they've taken our money, they've taken our jobs, they have taken so much, and they are creating a bubble and we are
Aug 15, 2015 3:20pm EDT
empowered syria, iran, isis, china. every step of the way, he has been very harsh to her life. we need -- our allies. we need a leader that will stand with the principles of our country. that will stand with our allies to make sure our interests are defended. there is no one in this race that has the record i do on national security. about three months ago, isis published a magazine. i took notice. three months ago, my picture was in their magazine. it was under the headline "in the words of our enemy" and it was my picture underneath that next to a quote where it laid out who they are and i laid out why and how they can be defeated. enemyut me on the isis list. there is no one else in this race who has been on that list and unfortunately. why am i on that list? time and treasure to understand the nature of our enemy. the sanctions that brought iran to the bargaining table that -- i was the author of those sanctions. we want and those sanctions were put in place -- won and those sections were put in place. whoeed a leader who can do will stand up to isis, has a plan to defeat isis
Jan 15, 2012 6:30pm EST
this past year by a harvard professor. he interviewed a chinese dissident, someone who came from china, who used to work for the chinese government. the mainland china. he worked for the chinese government during the time they decided to transform themselves, open themselves up, become more like us from an economic perspective. they were studying, the communists were studying at america, trying to figure of what was it that made america the greatest country in the history of the world. they put this commission of all they're smart people, of which this man was one. they were convinced it was the american military that made america the poorest country. that was not it -- the greatest country. that was not it. we thought, maybe it was the economy. this free enterprise system, the economic structure is what made america great. they realized it was not that. they said, it has to be the system of government. these fundamental freedoms that made the difference. it was not even that. he said 20 years ago we figured out what made america a different than any other country in the history of the
Nov 7, 2015 12:40pm EST
billion a year that we're losing with china, that's going to be turned around. the $75 billion a year that we're short on with japan, the $50 billion a year that we lose to mexico and that's right, there will be a wall built. it will go up. it will be built and people will come into the country legally. so i mean, i'm much different than -- you look at marco rubio. very, very weak on illegal immigration. you look at ben, he's very weak on immigration and he wants to get rid of medicare. i mean, ben wants to get rid of medicare. you can't get rid of medicare. it would be a horrible thing. it actually works. you get rid of the fraud, waste and abuse, it works. so when a man is weak on immigration and wants to get rid of medicare, i don't know how he stays there. go ahead, tom. >> [inaudible] mr. trump: i really think that marco is overrated. had bush been a better messenger, he would have a better message. that was me delivering the message it would have been a , much different story. marco doesn't go to the united states senate. he's representing the people of florida. that poll just c
Feb 21, 2015 7:00pm EST
slower than a few years ago. china is having come down from the highs in terms of economic growth. an enormous amount of money is coming to the u.s., which is creating another issue for the strong dollar and multinationals in terms of manufacturing, because that is one of the places for jobs. what else can be done in terms of communicating and moving the needle on the federal government, understanding to get congress and the president to understand that these issues affect real people? thoughts? >> we are specialists at blaming washington that obviously fills up a weekend and beyond. the quagmire is reflective of the quagmire we are in in this country. we talk about recovery that is slower than before. it is a situation as usual where the united states once again rules the world economically. were not. i'm from minnesota. the economic confidence index was published last week, minnesota ranks highest of any state in the nation. we are at zero. they think that this year the economy the united states will be no better than before. every other state is a minus. every other state, the
Feb 22, 2015 5:30am EST
monetary policy. asia, much slower than a few years ago, china having come down from the highs in terms of economic growth so an enormous amount of money is coming to the u.s. which is creating another issue for the strong dollar and our multinationals. in terms of manufacturing because that really is one of the places for jobs. so what else can be done in terms of communicating and moving the needle on the federal government understanding to get congress and the president to understand these issues affect real people and the needle in terms of nick growth. >> we're specialists in blaming washington and that obviously fills up a weekend and beyond. but i think the quagmire here is reflective of the economic quagmire we're still in in this country and to talk about recovery and slower than before but are we back to sort of the situation as usual where the united states once again rules the world economically and we're not. and i'm from minnesota the economic confidence index was published last week, minnesota ranks the highest. our citizens are the most competent of any state in the nation
Sep 30, 2012 10:30am EDT
countries like china and engaging non- governmental institutions within the country. this is 1.5 hours. be >> ladies and gentlemen, good morning and welcome to the stock. -- welcome to this talk. we have the privilege to welcome this morning the ambassador. you have that a long and distinguished career. he did serve in a number of positions in the national security council and the state department. your specialty ended in 2006 when he led the first reconstruction team in iraq. he then became ambassador before returning to the u.s. embassy in baghdad. in 2010, you were sworn in as u.s. ambassador to pakistan. i understand that after you retire, you'll be going to the columbia school of law and follow that with some other academic -- welcome back to the world of academia. you were the u.s. representative in pakistan during a challenging time. you helped mend relations between the two countries during a series of crisis in 2001, in particular. 2011 was indeed -- it was no small achievement. i suppose we all came to know what this crisis taught you about pakistan and the u.s. and about the
Aug 22, 2015 5:00pm EDT
these great jobs in america and stop exporting them to, like, china and all of these other places? taxcan't we lower the brackets for the major corporations to keep the jobs here? let them be profitable and let us bring the young folks so they can survive. instead of paying rent, they can buy homes. gov. christie: you are singing my song, man. by the way, this is something that is personal to me and pat. we have teed up children in college. our oldest son andrew is getting ready to start his senior year at princeton. -- we have two children in hollis. for that school, we are paying $60,000 a year. sarah is starting her sophomore year at notre dame. is $62,000 a year. during my five days off, we were just writing those checks. so, i'm glad this is the gravity center -- [laughter] my wallettie: because is much lighter than it was before. i need this extra gravity here in new boston. here is what i propose. all of these plans i talk about, you can go to my website. they are all detailed there. if you're having trouble sleeping, it will help you, believe me. we have
Feb 23, 2014 12:15pm EST
is getting eaten by other countries. it is now china, south korea, germany, the european union. america is now fifth. they are investing in other nations. yoummend the great work have done, mr. secretary. i want you to know that virginia will put in a very imperative proposal for the next round of race to the top. this is important for all of us. i want you to know that virginia is all in. this is so important for growing and diversifying our economy. i am also a big leader when it comes to community colleges. i'm the first virginia governor to have visited them all. but i know if i am going to convince a business to come to virginia, you understand you have to convince that ceo that you will have a workforce before you are going to invest millions of dollars in a manufacturing facility. it comes back to education and starting pre-k, making sure that we are doing but we have to do at technical schools, community colleges, and higher education. forward toi look working with you. >> as a parent, either forward to working with you in virginia. >> thank you, governor beshear. thank
Sep 15, 2013 7:00pm EDT
president is about, making sure the people have an even chance. as i told the president of china, who i know well, as i told mr. putin when i last had a conversation with him, it is never, ever been a good that tube that against the american people. god bless you all very god bless our president and may god protect our troops. thank you. [applause] ♪ [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] ♪ ♪ patric \ >> reacting to the letter, president obama released a statement that reads -- >> monday night -- >> this symbolizes all of that. this is helen taft's inaugural gap. occasion, nots only her entry into the white house, but really added it as a mark of first ladies on the united states. when she came the first lady to donate her down to the smithsonian institution, she established the tradition that first ladies would donate their inaugural gown to the collection. every first lady after helen taft who had an inaugural ball had an inaugural gown. , life of the taft 27th president, william howard taft. monday night
Jan 31, 2016 11:00am EST
military, taking over the south china sea. vladimir putin is sowing instability in the middle east. iran is about to receive $100 billion from barack obama's sanctions relief which they will use to build up their military and one day acquire a nuclear weapon of their own. isis is the most sophisticated, well-funded terror threat in the history of mankind. isis is not just a bunch of people on the back of pickup trucks, the way the president described them in the state of the union. isis is an organization that has affiliates in over 12 countries. indonesia, the philippines, multiple countries. you saw what basis did and paris and what they inspired in san bernardino. this is a group that burns people alive in cages. they take little girls that are nine and 10 years old and sells them off as brides for the fighters. this is what we are dealing with. in the face of these threats, what is happening to the military? let me tell you what is happening to our military. we are on the verge of the smallest army since the end of world war ii. we are on the verge of the smallest navy we have
Jun 28, 2015 7:00pm EDT
wrong to craft trade relations with china the resulted in the loss of millions of jobs. i led the opposition to the tpp and will continue opposition to it. hillary clinton has not was an opinion on that. while everybody views terrorism is a threat to the united states, i thought the patriot act went too far in attacking our privacy rights. i voted against it. secretary clinton voted for it. the bottom line is right now above and beyond all of that, we need leadership that says to the billionaire class that you just cannot have it all. that our country belongs to all the people, not just a few. i have spent my entire political life in opposition to every special interest you can imagine. host: there will be differences in how you fund your campaign and how others fund their campaign. sen. sanders: big differences. one of the hesitancy's i had in deciding to run is, could we run a campaign with people setting up super pac's? when you talk about citizens united, you talk about outrageous super pacs with no disclosure whatsoever. super pacs will spend more money than contributions com
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