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Feb 20, 2016 7:00pm EST
clean energy superpower. probably they will be china, germany, or us. i want it to be us. to makehave to do more it easier for parents to balance work and family. to break down barriers to keep so many people on the sideline of the economy, especially women. don't you think we have waited long enough? it is time for equal pay for equal work. you think it is time to face head-on the reality of systemic racism? that is the community that has been left out and left behind? that means reforming our criminal justice system, our immigration system. withing that people disabilities have the same opportunity to work and fully dissipate in our society. it needs to, make sure that nothing holds you back, not d ebt,not discrimination. nobody can get this done alone. theeven the president of united states. it has got to be the mission of our entire nation. we all have to do our part. let me say this to the men and women who run our country's corporations. if you cheat your employees, exploit consumers, pollute the environment, or ripoff taxpayers, we will hold you accountable. if you do the right
Jul 13, 2014 11:00am EDT
you that when i was in china after we had been downgraded because of that ridiculous showdown in the last administration between democrats and republicans and the rating was downgraded and i got to -- i was in china two days later. actually that's not true, four days later for a five-day trip. and then the president hu welcomed me in the great hall of the people. there were a thousand people in there and more press than i have seen because they were grateful. we have been downgraded and the prospects look a great deal better by comparison. >> the president was very gracious and he said through the contemporaneous translation we have faith in you. we know you will come back and they went through the whole thing about what you have to deal with and he listed our problems and i said thank you mr. vice president so much. i said i've noticed i've read that you are getting a lot of criticism for buying millions of dollars worth of the u.s. treasury bills two or three days after we were downgraded. i said if i were you and my international staff nearly die i said if i were you i wouldn't bu
Jan 9, 2016 4:23pm EST
vote. i'm going to take our jobs back from china, from everywhere. people know that. so we are leading by a lot and by a lot in the sec. georgia. we have places that are unbelievable. the me go to florida and i met 32. a sitting senator is at 14. jeb bush was their governor and the twos.the numeral two i love florida. it's a second home for me. i have a great relationship with the people of florida. going to be tell. , sittinga senator senator and you have a governor who was there for eight years and i'm saying that's going to be tell. the first poll came out and i was clobbering everybody in florida. course you look at massachusetts. i had 152%. tom brady loves me. tom brady said great things about me.
Apr 10, 2016 2:51pm EDT
panama, but they aren't china, the u.k., branch offices in the u.s., new zealand and other places. i go back to the point that this is global. make theot going to problem go away. you have got to go into this sort of shadow and parallel world of offshore, which basically -- by the way, it is largely legal which makes for a much more interesting story and if it was illegal. but we are seeing -- the legality in the documents. host: the couple of tweets, sharon says that if no american politicians are involved in the panama papers, why should we care? isst: i would say that it the individual that you are looking at that are of interest. there are wealthy people in the documents that were evading taxes and if they are evading taxes, it means you pay more taxes, so that is one good reason to care. -- if younot have don't care about that, what do you care about? host: he published a chart on your website. what is the web address? guest: host: someone posts on twitter, why not post the entire list? guest: we are not going to publish all of the papers, and the reason
Oct 31, 2015 2:00pm EDT
same thing with china. china is not even doing that well, but they just devalued their currency. the biggest in two decades. , theyason they did it felt, oh, well, we can get away with this and it will make it impossible. did you see the results yesterday? horrible because they are not getting stuff out. because everybody is that is their number one weapon. this too trade deal does not even cover it. that is their number one weapon. the trade deal we are making doesn't even cover it. -- peopleay this might say it is terrible, he is a terrible person, terrible human being. i'm actually a nice person. nobody can do the stuff better than me. i know all the guys are running against. they are wonderful people. some of them i really like, but who cares? i was talking to one of the candidates, talking about corporate inversions and they did not even know what i was talking about. it's not their thing. all the things with other countries and make great trade deals -- we are getting eaten alive. when you look at the phony numbers, we have wondered million people in our workforce not work
Nov 7, 2015 12:40pm EST
billion a year that we're losing with china, that's going to be turned around. the $75 billion a year that we're short on with japan, the $50 billion a year that we lose to mexico and that's right, there will be a wall built. it will go up. it will be built and people will come into the country legally. so i mean, i'm much different than -- you look at marco rubio. very, very weak on illegal immigration. you look at ben, he's very weak on immigration and he wants to get rid of medicare. i mean, ben wants to get rid of medicare. you can't get rid of medicare. it would be a horrible thing. it actually works. you get rid of the fraud, waste and abuse, it works. so when a man is weak on immigration and wants to get rid of medicare, i don't know how he stays there. go ahead, tom. >> [inaudible] mr. trump: i really think that marco is overrated. had bush been a better messenger, he would have a better message. that was me delivering the message it would have been a , much different story. marco doesn't go to the united states senate. he's representing the people of florida. that poll just c
Feb 21, 2015 7:00pm EST
slower than a few years ago. china is having come down from the highs in terms of economic growth. an enormous amount of money is coming to the u.s., which is creating another issue for the strong dollar and multinationals in terms of manufacturing, because that is one of the places for jobs. what else can be done in terms of communicating and moving the needle on the federal government, understanding to get congress and the president to understand that these issues affect real people? thoughts? >> we are specialists at blaming washington that obviously fills up a weekend and beyond. the quagmire is reflective of the quagmire we are in in this country. we talk about recovery that is slower than before. it is a situation as usual where the united states once again rules the world economically. were not. i'm from minnesota. the economic confidence index was published last week, minnesota ranks highest of any state in the nation. we are at zero. they think that this year the economy the united states will be no better than before. every other state is a minus. every other state, the
Feb 22, 2015 5:30am EST
monetary policy. asia, much slower than a few years ago, china having come down from the highs in terms of economic growth so an enormous amount of money is coming to the u.s. which is creating another issue for the strong dollar and our multinationals. in terms of manufacturing because that really is one of the places for jobs. so what else can be done in terms of communicating and moving the needle on the federal government understanding to get congress and the president to understand these issues affect real people and the needle in terms of nick growth. >> we're specialists in blaming washington and that obviously fills up a weekend and beyond. but i think the quagmire here is reflective of the economic quagmire we're still in in this country and to talk about recovery and slower than before but are we back to sort of the situation as usual where the united states once again rules the world economically and we're not. and i'm from minnesota the economic confidence index was published last week, minnesota ranks the highest. our citizens are the most competent of any state in the nation
Aug 4, 2013 6:00am EDT
transportation in this nation? andve flushed democrats republican congressman, that from trips to china and elsewhere and marvel at the state of in the structure -- of infrastructure. marveled at how fast trains moved in china. marveled at the rate of how fast trains are being built. yet in the financial environment where we can bring those products to our states at a reasonably of way, we are squandering this opportunity. is there anything else that we could do to be heard on this issue? bipartisanbe that voice that is so seldom heard on washington on this issue. >> anyone care to respond to that? >> you want a response, governor? you mention common sense. i do not know if that is always in the political arena. we have decreased our spending by 500% in utah. we have wrapped up the opportunity. we have been in a fiscal decision to do that. there is limitation. we voluntarily do 85% of that, so if we have an emergency, we have the capacity to borrow money. we are trying to borrow money in a prudent way. we do some cash and carry. but construction has needs. we are trying to take advantag
Jan 29, 2012 6:30pm EST
leader right now. he knows what could happen. we have china saying they would have the south china sea. they are saying our nation have to get permission from them to go through the south china sea. go across the world, you have got pakistan in a state of tom jon with nuclear weapons, and you have the arabs spring in full bloom, and some going well and some not going well. for them to shrink our military is unthinkable. he is say we should reduce our personnel by 100,000, slowing down the number of aircraft that we build. that is the wrong way that we go. i believe america is the greatest ally that " -- that peace has ever had. i believe it is essential, i believe that it is essential that we invest in our military to make sure it is so strong that nobody would think of testing it, so i want to add personnel to are active duty personnel, to our armed services. i want to add ships. i want to go from building nine per year. -- i went to go from building nine per year. -- i want to. i am not want to take that money to go pay for obama care or some other program. i want to take that mo
Jul 5, 2015 1:00am EDT
, china, the arabian peninsula -- no, we will not stand for regulating the internet like the telephone system so you can censor, so you can extract a necessary value. and on the decision on net neutrality, the government switched that long-standing policy presumption. we have gone from a structure that is principally directed by markets and innovators and people to one that has lawyers and bureaucrats with an adversarial process and i do not know why anybody believes that that is a virtuous moment in time, and i do not know how we will have the moral authority to sit at the international telecommunications union a year from now and tell the russians you should not regulate the internet like a telephone infrastructure. that is a switch. that is the most powerful source of authority the fcc has available to it bar none. it is now a central and powerfully armed regulator and it has created a process of complaints that allows any company to collaterally attack a business decision, to allow anybody who is unhappy with any aspect of the market to run with the commission, and we will also the
May 12, 2014 4:16am EDT
china." >> evan osnos, in your new book, under the acknowledgments you start off by saying, "none of my grandparents lived to see this book but they are responsible for its inception." >> my grandparents on my father's side came from poland. they were polish jews. they left at the beginning of world war ii. on my mother's side, my mother's father was an american diplomat sent to hungary who was kicked out. he was accused of being a spy which he wasn't. in some ways, these stories, the experience of being ejected from poland or hungary, formed a backdrop in our family's story about life under authoritarianism. i think it always -- i was always interested in what it felt like to live in a country where there were fundamental constraints on how you live and what you could care about and what your values were. when there was a moment in my life where i could go to a place to dig into that, china was the place that fascinated me. that family story is very present in my interpretation. >> when you first went there in 1996, could you speak chinese? >> i was learning chinese. i started the prev
Feb 23, 2014 12:15pm EST
is getting eaten by other countries. it is now china, south korea, germany, the european union. america is now fifth. they are investing in other nations. yoummend the great work have done, mr. secretary. i want you to know that virginia will put in a very imperative proposal for the next round of race to the top. this is important for all of us. i want you to know that virginia is all in. this is so important for growing and diversifying our economy. i am also a big leader when it comes to community colleges. i'm the first virginia governor to have visited them all. but i know if i am going to convince a business to come to virginia, you understand you have to convince that ceo that you will have a workforce before you are going to invest millions of dollars in a manufacturing facility. it comes back to education and starting pre-k, making sure that we are doing but we have to do at technical schools, community colleges, and higher education. forward toi look working with you. >> as a parent, either forward to working with you in virginia. >> thank you, governor beshear. thank
Sep 21, 2013 9:00pm EDT
chinese foreign affairs minister, wang yi. he discusses u.s.-china relations. they talk about the syrian civil war. this is a little more than an hour. >> good evening. it is my great pleasure to welcome all of you here in this evening for what will be a rare opportunity to hear from the foreign minister of the people of china. wang yi. i see many friends and supporters of the institution. friends of china and from china. forgrateful to all of you making the effort to be here this evening. we also have quite a number of representatives. thent to say thank you for help and cooperation and and puttingpitality together this evening's program together. i think everybody knows a lot about our guest of honor's distinguished career. he came into his present post in march after spending virtually all of his career, including the stint visiting scholars at georgetown university, as a specialist on asia and a specialist on japan. for the rate of that region that is asia, he played a vital role in getting the diplomacy involved with north korean nuclear program onto a constructive path. japa
Feb 21, 2016 11:30am EST
office in china. we consider it a very strong marketplace for what comes out of north dakota. that is how that started. the exporting side into china and when you do that, there is a reciprocal agreement that develop. it is very strong that way. china is a huge market. no doubt about it. there are certain the opportunities available in north dakota. we had a regional office in north dakota. and china is a huge market to develop for investors coming into north dakota. they may come or may not be her own company in, but they will bring capital into north dakota to invest into existing companies. that is a very strong component. that we callgram export assistance. we take graduate level students from there is countries internationally and replace them in companies in the state of north dakota on a part-time basis. china, we have students from china who come here, work with the companies, understand what they are doing, where they are going, they want to remain, or they want to go back to china and so that relationship really a strengthened between our what iss here and happening back
Feb 5, 2012 6:30pm EST
"q&a". >> on saturday, russia and china vetoed a resolution backing an arab league plan calling for a syrian president asasad to step down. we got an update on today's "washington journal". envoy to tr in the program. we're joined from cairo. thank you for being with us. what are you seeing from your vantage point? >> obviously, among the syrian opposition and members of the arab league who pushed for this opposition, this is a setback. they are saying that this means there is no political resolution to this crisis. that will mean that the syrian opposition could tehran increasingly toward armed struggle and any strength they could show in terms of convincing me international community to get behind them. host: the "in new york times" has a picture of the embassy in cairo and there was the illustrations and other embassies including here in washington, d.c. what are you seeing in egypt? >> the embassy was stormed. the syrian opposition has a tent set up here. i think that this will not be on the streets here that you will see the fallout. gulf arab states that want to see assad on, no
Aug 17, 2015 3:13am EDT
when to use it. think about it. we spend $2 trillion in iraq. and by the way, china is taking the oil. isis may have it and iran may have that but china is taking the oil. can you imagine? we never do anything right with china. we spend $2 trillion, thousands of lives of great people, mostly young, beautiful people, wounded warriors who i love all over the place, not treated properly by the way. [applause] and we have nothing. iran is taking over iraq. the parts they want to give up, they are giving oil to isis. isis has the oil. you remember when i said you shouldn't go in. reuters wrote an article in 2004 that trump, don't go in. you're going to ruin the balance. iran and iraq were the same. twins. they have wars for years. one goes this way, one goes that way. if you take out one, the other is going to take over. we took out one and look at the mess we have. we have destabilized the middle east and it is a mess. [applause] jeb bush couldn't -- he didn't know the difference. he couldn't answer a question, was iraq a good thing or bad thing? finally after going to his pollster, a
Oct 13, 2013 5:00am EDT
mean that we would make sure we pay china, japan, brazil, but we would not maybe get to paying americans who rely on social security or medicare. as well as the concept that for anyone who is a banker or anyone who works under the concept that if i make a loan, we will make a payment or not. the consequences that flow from that are inevitable. finally, to suggest that the way to reduce debt was the budget control act, which i voted against because i did not see the willingness to include revenue as well as spending cuts i believe both must be achieved but to have across the board cuts that the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says if it continues will threaten the ability of the defense department to meet the challenges globally on multiple fronts, that really means that threatens the national security of the united dates. -- of the united states. my colleagues go back home to their home states and rail against the consequences of sequester, even as they vote for it here. it is surreal. my question is, governor keating, you mentioned in your testimony -- i think this is an
Jul 12, 2014 10:02pm EDT
3/4 of hobby lobby's 401k assets. they also import oddles of its products from china, one of the worst human dignity, unborn infant life and economic justice anywhere in the world. that? you respond to guest: you know that article came out actually after oral argument during the pendency of the supreme court case. was a really good response up.t that was written the point of the matter is that hobby lobby itself does not invest in any of those companies. the fact that they set up a very 401k planmployee where the employee is the one choose where they invest their own money for their retirement, that's a very different issue rather than itselfthat hobby lobby is investing in those companies which it doesn't. are think those two things very different. as far as the china claim, you know, i think it's very hard to any company in america today that doesn't have some china.n with they are a global economy. they provide a lot of goods and services to many different companies. you'd be hard-pressed to find any company that didn't .ave any tie to china the president of rock the vote talk
Jul 16, 2016 1:06pm EDT
which allows bym to take an idea rejected the committee to a full convention with china 400 delegates. say, look, we discussed this in the committee but it did not get sorted out, what say all of you? that requires that at least 20 members of that committee, whichever one, the rules committee, the card and jewels committee, or the plant -- the credentials committee, or the platform committee, the 20th members sign a document saying, yes, i would like this to be presented to the full convention. in the platform committee, which considers all sorts of policy issues or ideas about what the party should be about, there were several attempts to basically soften the language of amp downy platform to t the opposition to same-sex marriage. have been groups pushing the republican party to take a softer, more accepting stands on that issue. there were one or two proposals essentially against softening the language of the party, trying to demonstrate that they are a little more in tune with what is now legal reality, at least. there is a thought that those people may attempt to bring something f
Jul 25, 2015 11:00pm EDT
, caroline harrison was an accomplished artist who took up china painting and carry that interest to the white house. she was interested in women's issues, and helped raise funds for john hopkins university on the condition that it admit women. she was the first president general of the daughters of the american revolution until she died in the white house from tuberculos
May 5, 2012 10:00am EDT
to exports and when it comes to china and when it comes to jobs in this country because in a zero corporate tax rate environment, at the private sector does not create tens of millions of jobs, then there is no environment under which that will happen. thank you. [applause] >> mr. wrights. >> thank you for having me. i feel like i am at a family reunion. [applause] i wish america could be in this room with us to feel what we have here. something that is so different from the politics of america today. i am running for president. this is for you, america. so i can leave you alone. [applause] the greatest problem we have in this country right now is we have learned to seek our solutions from government. what makes us different is we learned that he government is not the solution. government exacerbates all the problems that we have. my campaign promise, my main campaign promise is when i become president, the first act i will perpetrate is i'm going to declare peace. [applause] i am not just talking about the foreign interventions we are involved in which are way too many. i am talk
Oct 15, 2016 10:45am EDT
hampshire has lost manufacturing jobs since nafta. since china into the world trade organization, another bill hillary backed, and this is a bill clinton deal also come and listen to this because i thought this was a mistake. 70,000 factories have shut down, or left the head of states. 70,000. millions of jobs. andnt back to my people said, you made a typo. it couldn't be 70,000 factories. sadly, it was not a typo. that is 15 factories at a closing on average. 15 a day. but 15 factories. we are living through the greatest jobs' theft in the history of the world. never in the history of the world has there been a theft of jobs like what other countries have done to the united states. here, just about the top-of-the-line, you understand that. there she goes, she says, no getting. they know, you know. mattel,eed chrysler, hundreds and hundreds are moving their jobs to mexico. i am telling you right now, companies are negotiating from this area to move to mexico. not pretty. i am elected,- if it is not going to happen because they will know that if they go to mexico and they built their produ
Sep 22, 2013 1:00am EDT
foreign minister of the people of china. wang yi. i see many friends and supporters of the institution. friends of china and from china. i'm grateful to all of you for making the effort to be here this evening. we also have quite a number of representatives. i want to say thank you for the help and cooperation and extended hospitality and putting together this evening's program together. i think everybody knows a lot about our guest of honor's distinguished career. he came into his present post in march after spending virtually all of his career, including the stint he spent over visiting scholars at georgetown university, as a specialist on asia and a specialist on japan. as vice minister for the rate of that region that is asia, he played a vital role in getting the diplomacy involved with north korean nuclear program onto a constructive path. as china's ambassador to japan, he was there at a sensitive time in the bilateral relationship. by the end of his tenure, it can be said that the relationship is on a steadier course. he also served as director of the taiwan affairs office in t
Nov 5, 2016 2:00pm EDT
-- since china entered the world trade organization, another bill and hillary-backed disaster. we are living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. there has never been a country that has lost jobs like we did, so stupidly, so easy to solve, so stupidly. goodrich lighting systems moved -- we will, i promise. i promise. goodrich lighting systems laid off 255 workers and moved their jobs to india. baxter health care laid off 199 workers and moved their jobs to singapore. essalor laid off 181 workers and moved their jobs, surprise, to mexico. tremendous, tremendous jobs, and it's getting worse and worse and worse. we have with some of these countries -- mexico, in particular -- i have a great relationship with mexico. i met with the mexican president three months ago. >> build a wall! mr. trump: don't worry, i will build a wall. >> build a wall! mr. trump: and you know what? the harder they fight us, the higher it goes, i promise. no, but i met with the president of mexico. and he is a good guy, good guy. good meeting, all of that. love him. we have a one-lane highw
Mar 24, 2012 2:00pm EDT
any of the minerals they have, such as copper, is china. china does not have a book on the ground, has not invested a dollar. i know they expect us to give them the protection they need and the infrastructure for them to extract that mineral that their country will profit by. that is just beyond my comprehension, that we could be doing that there when we should be taking care of america. >> senator, if i could answer that last piece -- it is very much in our interests, vital interest to ensure that al qaeda does not find sanctuary in afghanistan. again, in order to do that, that the taliban not -- >> if i may, al qaeda has presence everywhere else. you said yourself there is very little presence. now we are going to police the whole world and set up shop? >> that is a sign that the campaign has been successful. afghanistan, as you know well, was the source of the attack on the united states on 9/11. it is different, and because of our history there and our commitment there, it is different. what i wanted to say was with respect to the economic development of afghanistan, we are ma
Jan 24, 2016 1:00pm EST
] china we havewith political hacks that are negotiating. we have a trade deficit with -- it used to be. i heard this morning a more accurate number. $505 billion. and then obama says our partner china -- i love china. these people come to me and by my apartments. the biggest bank in the world is in china. they are a tenant and when my buildings in manhattan. i own a big building in san francisco along with a group that is a great group. we on the bank of america building in san francisco. avenue ofer one, 1290 the americas. wins. that's how i got them. iv china. -- i beat china. our country does not win any more. that's the kind of thinking we have. we have people that are real stiffs. we have people that should never be doing what they are doing. i look at the stuff and i see what is happening and i look at id and i say wait a minute, put in this report and all these people for the national review said i would not run or file. when i found my financials, it was by grand central terminal in front of the federal elections commission with reporters. what do they get instead? ted cruz wit
Nov 10, 2014 2:45am EST
china sea. our trading partners are in the region. five of our seven security treaties are in the region. we have been engaged 70 years in the region with significant and wee in that area will continue with the rebalance. that means refreshing our forces. we are on track with this reuters to japan and combat .hips to singapore a submarine to guam. and okaance of walnut okinawa.guam and most of you saw the landing on the nimitz. we will lookves, for that to the pacific. capabilities in the pacific area. that is the best and retains that. you call it intellectual capacity. you can call it increased engagement with allies, partners, and potential partners, such as china and india. the rebalance is not single dimensional. china is an important part of it. china and our country are the largest economies and we are intertwined. you know this. our number one import source is china. is in our collective best interests. recognize we, we needed to get the relationship right and we are continuing on that track. it is about finding and working out the differences and increasing cooperation. h
Oct 30, 2016 1:20pm EDT
700 factories or 7000. lost 70 thousand factories since china entered the world trade organization. another bill and hillary back to deal. we are living through the greatest job theft in our history of the world. all because our politicians are haver incompetent or they gotten so much campaign contributions or other things. we are getting wiped out. you go to michigan, you go to new england, you look to areas around here, it is a one lane highway into new mexico, no way out. jobs, they get the money, they get the plans. that's what he does, that's all he wants to do. it is unbelievable. mexico it is the seventh wonder of the world. things, our administration will stop the horrible transpacific partnership. wewill renegotiate nafta and will stand up to china's currency manipulation. relationships with china, but what they do to our country is unbelievable. think of this, we have a trade deficit with china. almost $500 billion per year. they come in, they take our jobs, they make a fortune, and we go them 1.5 trillion today. i have made a lot of money with china. the biggest
Nov 7, 2015 12:00pm EST
also china, we have a return to great state competition. lookthat means is when we a certain areas when you look at it through the lens of not just a failed a by proxy warfare as well. i think we're seeing certain echoes of that. we will need to be able to learn the lessons in the past of what does and does not working proxy me oure and refra approaches. and focus on how do you keep a lid -- how do you win a competition they keep a lid on it from escalating. >> thank you all. >> general, just a follow-up on your comment. you say we would have to take some actions to reassure our allies, other nations in the region in the middle east. what actions with those be? >> i think we need to reach out to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates, kuwait, jordan, and egypt and sit down with them and say we are here. i think some of the things we're talking about -- >> we say that all the time. >> and then put in place -- when you look at it and look at egypt, perhaps some of the best comments i've heard on a strategy for egypt is how you give them stability? how to get them security? you have to
Nov 9, 2014 2:31am EST
visit to asia. monday he stops first in beijing, china. over three days he will take part in the asia economic leaders meeting. hursday president b heads to myanmar, also known as burma. he will take part in a town hall meeting in rangoon. on saturday and subpoenaed he will be at the brisbane meeting. continuing coverage of the president's trip here on the -span network. >> this sent about an hour and 10 minutes. >> we can go ahead and get started this morning. good morning, and welcome, everyone, to "governing magazine's" briefing on the state and local elections. i'm executive editor of "governing." there has been plenty to discuss this week with republicans taking control of the senate and gaining their largest majority in the house since world war ii. this morning we want to focus as we always do here at governing at what's going on at the state and local level. the governor's races, blot initiatives, as well as local elections and measures that will have an impact across the country next year and in years to come. to help us make sense of all that, we have a great panel this
Nov 7, 2015 2:00pm EST
china, what is going on in the euro zone, and that anxiety is building up -- has continued this exciting that -- this anxiety that really never ended. if you look at the median real household income, in other words, half the households have gotten better, half have gotten worse. household income has not gone up when you control for inflation since 1999. we have two terms, or will have had two terms of democratic presidents since 1999, two terms of republican presidents since then. we have had democratic majorities in the house and republican majorities. some -- so no matter who is in charge, real median household incomes have not gone up. the people have this feeling that, well, the economy may have recovered, but my economy has not recovered. and that has sort of added a new degree of angst. all of this has led to populism. and whether it is the occupy wall street on the left and elizabeth one and bernie sanders -- warren and bernie sanders, or whether it is the tea party movement, donald trump on the right-hand side, this rise of populism has great intentions within each of th
May 25, 2013 2:00pm EDT
children in singapore, india, china, russia -- we want our children to be able to compete for those high skilled jobs and keep those companies in our country or are we going to see those companies might creek where the most skilled workers are? -- migrate toward most skilled workers are? >> it is always a pleasure to have you testified before this committee. thank you for your outstanding leadership and perseverance for joining us on this education work force committee. i am pleased that president obama's proposed 2014 budget makes strategic investment in early learning and also on k-12 and higher education. i have been a strong champion for education and k-20. i have a daughter, the second out of four girls, who specialized in learning a preschool education for pre- cantor programs. kinder programs. she often times reads what we are doing in congress and makes the comment that not enough children are being given that opportunity an. certainly what is in the chart in the material you give us, the u.s. ranks 20th in public funding for early learning out of 36 countries. surely that i
Dec 15, 2012 10:00am EST
. it's a different sensibility. >> it's a nixon-to-china thing. >> right. it's a different sensibility and -- >> confidence about that. >> right. again, i think we as democrats need to be very careful to think this is over with latinos. it's not. i think the playing surface is a beneficial one to the democrats right now and i think there's plenty of work. >> sorry. >> but the work needs to continue to solidify that. they -- this is an electorate that is too diverse. there's generational change happening in it. you need to stay engaged. you need to -- you know, those 800,000 to a million hispanics who are aging into the electorate need to be reached out to, need to be cultivated, need to be worked, you know, quite frankly, by both parties. i'm hoping the republicans won't. [laughter] as a partisan. and then there is this question and i don't know -- i don't think the research has been done yet and roberto can correct me if i'm wrong here, in terms of this kind of millennial question. >> yes. >> the latino electorate is young and getting younger, and the question is how -- are they going
Feb 13, 2016 4:30pm EST
, the numbers of people brought into the near and middle-class in china and india and many other countries. a century ago this month, the battle of verdun was just beginning. the most excruciating chapter over hebrew -- of a horrific war that would cause 37 million casualties and kill one german and one frenchman out of every five. -- 75 years ago, to be precise, millions of refugees were streaming not into europe, but out of europe. seeking refuge from a confrontation with fascism that would climax in unprecedented savagery and the holocaust. 50 years ago, half of europe hidden behind the iron curtain. a quarter of a century ago, europe was witness to a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing that would rage for years. my friends, we cannot come to munich, to a security conference, and ignore the underlying message of this history. this moment is not as overwhelming as people think it is. we know what needs to be done. most importantly, we have the power to do it. the transatlantic community is not strong because we somehow have been exempt from tragedy or strife. we are strong beca
Jan 29, 2012 10:30am EST
our shores. but right now, it's getting more expensive to do business in places like china. meanwhile, america is more productive. a few weeks ago, the ceo of master lock told me that it now makes business sense for him to bring jobs back home. today, for the first time in fifteen years, master lock's unionized plant in milwaukee is running at full capacity. so we have a huge opportunity, at this moment, to bring manufacturing back. but we have to seize it. tonight, my message to business leaders is simple -- ask yourselves what you can do to bring jobs back to your country, and your country will do everything we can to help you succeed. [applause] we should start with our tax code. right now, companies get tax breaks for moving jobs and profits overseas. meanwhile, companies that choose to stay in america get hit with one of the highest tax rates in the world. it makes no sense, and everyone knows it. so let's change it. first, if you're a business that wants to outsource jobs, you shouldn't get a tax deduction for doing it. that money should be used to cover moving expens
Sep 1, 2012 10:00am EDT
other areas we would like to see reform. we have tudgets in terms of cracking down on china's -- the way they engage in the world markets and currency. there are things we can do relative to trade in jn. for a lame duck session is where we have an opportunity to make a mark with i new congress. >> there will be major decisions made, including worn to extend the bush tax cuts. what would you like to see congress do? what would you like them to see lead for an incoming administration. >> the first thing is congress should extend the current tax code. as senator romney was saying, so there was time for the romney plan to take place. the most important thing is removing the policy of uncertainty. they will tell you, over-regulation of tax policy is weighing on them. clearing that up would be a huge help. >> there seems to be this idea that suddenly there is a new president and that things suddenly change in washington. there are aspects the republicans would like to sneak in there. hard to remove entitlements. so how much does that uncertainty prevail as you grind through some potential chan
Nov 26, 2011 10:00am EST
basically. we looked at china, brazil, and every other country in the developing world. we need to be careful sometimes when looking at iran and experts who worked on iran, worked on ran 24/7 the things that might seem peculiar to iran might be more general around the developing world. certainly, the irgc is more involved in the economy than it was five years ago, but it was involved in the economy in the 1990's. it is more of a general trend that a particular outcome of particular regulations. i will leave it at that. will talk about that later. >> terrific. that is a great start for us. there is some stuff we will want to come back and dig into. makes sense of iran for us. >> i will try to do that in the seven minutes. >> you might have a couple of minutes to spare. >> the rate i would describe -- the way i would describe transposition internally and externally as impasse. i think there's a domestic impasse and obviously an international impasse on the nuclear issue, but other issues as well. the domestic and past takes place i think at two levels. within the state institutions t
Jan 28, 2012 10:00am EST
of a u.s. military presence. what is your position in the context of the south china seas disputes? >> this is a dynamic region. it will be a central region for the world going forward. the united states has played a pivotal role in the asia-pacific region for decades. that peace and prosperity was brought in part by american military roles that has allowed the prosperity of all countries bear to include china. you mentioned china. that pivotal role is something we intend to maintain and to sustain. that is fundamentally the reason for being there. there are a number of issues and areas. it is a vast region. we intend to keep our pivotal role. you mentioned the philippines. we have a good relationship with the philippines, including a good security relationship. we wish to build on that in the future. >> we have time for two more questions. two more questions >>. . >> will the combat operations bear some of the risks that secretary panetta mentioned with respect to a smaller force? >> we are constantly cognizant of that. we did not planned on loading any of the risk and strategy on
Nov 6, 2016 1:39pm EST
unemployment. it's got a be two-way. and it's going to be. because the trade deficit with china at all of these countries -- but the trade deficit with mexico's massive air and far greater than what we are talking about for the wall. so a lot of politicians say you can't get mexico to pay for the wall. as it is going to be so easy. but here's what you have to understand. were going to have big, beautiful doors and that wall. people are going to come into our country. and people are going to come into our country -- people, lots of people are going to come into our country. that they coming into our country legally. -- but they are coming into our country legally. thank you very much, everybody. we will repeal the obama defense sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military. i'm honored to have the endorsement of more than 200 top admirals and generals and 22 medal of honor recipients. hillary and our failed establishment have spent $6 trillion on wars in the middle east that we never win. and now it's in worse shape than ever before. the middle east is in far worse shape than it's ever
Jan 21, 2012 10:00am EST
china. now how propost-rouse is that. as the president is trying to rack up more debt on the nation's credit card, at the same time, he's turning his back and running 20,000 more jobs out of this country. that's the record of this administration. that's what president obama has given us. you wonder why we've had over 8% up employment for almost every single month he's been president. we can't afford the obama economy. we need to reject this increase in the debt ceiling, stop spending money we don't have and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from michigan. mr. levin: i yield three minutes to the gentleman from kentucky, mr. yarmuth. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for three minutes. mr. yarmuth: i thank my good friend. madam speaker, i understand that the republican majority will vote today against the president's request to raise the debt limit. to borrow a phrase from a former speaker of the house, can we please drop the pious baloney? less than six months ago, republicans voted for precisely what they are voting against
Oct 9, 2016 11:35am EDT
of our economy with the united kingdom? germany? france? china? no. question? no. brazil? no. our country and economy is less worse than any other major country, so could things get worse? yes, they could get worse, and that is as someone who is not been a big fan of president obama. guest: i would say that rose's view that the majority of the country needs a change, if you look at the country headed in the right direction, about two thirds of americans, between 30% generally say the right direction. the desire for change is strong got there. it is fueled and continues to feel the term campaign. host: how do you compare that with president obama being at a high approval rating? guest: his ratings are up in comparison to the other two candidates. there is aeat, but good point in the follow-up question to the change -- what kind of change? who is bringing the change? so that the republicans have dominated a different candidate who is more traditional and had more therience and talked more way politicians talk, that is using language that demonstrates a maturity and caution and serio
Oct 9, 2011 1:00am EDT
passions has been to think about u.s.-china relations in this strategic road map. i am inclined to do what steven colbert did and say you have a new book out -- what is it about? >> it is such a confusing title. [laughter] >> he won the nobel prize in 1973. you had such an accomplished and storied career. you need to members of china's release than anyone else. i am interested in how you see china today. we have the sixth generation of leaders about to take over this next year. recently, army analysts looking at the national security strategy report issued by president obama last year set a america is in strategic -- said america is in strategic contraction. i would be interested in seeing where we are going, where is china going. if you could buy stock in china, which stock would you buy? >> i would not accept the proposition. that will get us into a situation with itself producing prophecies. economically, china is obviously growing. it is hard not to admit we are in a strategic contraction when we withdraw from afghanistan and i iraq and when the national contention seems to be dev
Apr 15, 2012 2:00pm EDT
russia and china. >> more on lantos tonight at 8:00 on c-span q and a. >> a speech calling for the u.s. to play a leadership role. former secretary of state condolezza rice suggest making a confident at home. speaking at the heritage foundation in washington, the secretary spoke with the resolute -- role of the united states and international affair. this is just under an hour. >> good afternoon everyone. ladies and gentlemen i'm pleased to welcome you to the heritage foundation, for this timely and important event, it is timely because of events overseas are constantly raising questions about our national security as we saw yesterday, with north korean test of launch of ballistic missile. timely because foreign policy has been topic of great interest during the presidential debates. it's important because americans are debating how we respond to events not only in north korea but in afghanistan, iran, syria and other hot spots. there are many questions raised by the actions of the obama administrations, actions that suggest that the president wants to change the way the united sta
Dec 11, 2016 1:50pm EST
nation in the world by far, and you look at sweden and denmark and norway and china and japan, and they are all the top, and you look at us, spending much more per pupil, and we are down at the bottom. we are going to change that. we are to reform our broken education system to put students and families first. so importantly, this includes providing great education to students living in our inner cities. you know, i talked about the forgotten man, the forgotten women. they are not so much forgotten anyway. they are still trying to figure it out, the media, where did all these millions of people came from? i knew they were there. they did not have the incentive to go out and say i like this person, but they came out in big-league numbers. our plan includes eliminating common core and providing school choice. we want every child every single child, low income, we do not care where they are, where they live, every child in america to be able to attend a public, private, charter, magnet, or religious school that is right for them. choice. the person i have selected to lead the department of
Oct 27, 2012 10:00am EDT
its means, borrowing more money from countries like china to fund its government, which simply means we'll have a debt crisis just like europe. we can't afford four more years like these last four years. we can't stand for that. the president is not giving us much of a second term agenda. he's not staying here are my abc's. he put out astelic 20-page brochure the other day, but you don't have to read it to know where we're headed. we know that he's promising a $2 trillion tax increase starting in january. of the 21 tax increases just in obama care, 12 of them hit middle income taxpayers. remember when he stayed he wouldn't have a middle income tax increase? well, there are 12 episodes, 12 examples where he failed to do that one. remember when he said he'd cut the deficit in half over four years. we've had trillion dollar deficits each and every year. remember when he said he'd bring people together to solve the country's biggest problems? this is the third president i've served with, it's the most partisan atmosphere i've ever seen. look, look at john casey. i learned a lot from that
Jan 22, 2012 10:30am EST
forcing canada into a partnership with china. how can our next door neighbor- china to be a more reliable partner to be united states? the answer is barack obama. your point is well made. every time we turn around, we find another way that barack obama is killing jobs. thank you for your friends in florida. i hope everybody watching will facebook or e-mail or call anybody they know in the florida. we need people power to offset governor romney's money power. get on facebook an e-mail and we will do just fine in florida. host: next we have mary in wisconsin. good morning. caller: i would like to make some points. with this country is broke. we have absolutely no means to rebuild our country. we cannot even see to create jobs. can you please address how you plan to put this country back together with our pockets are absolutely empty? host: thank you, mary. guest: i have a sudden loss from sheboygan and my wife is from western -- i have a son in law from sheboygan and my wife is from western wisconsin. we have to go back to the basics. do exactly what any family or any business woul
Oct 5, 2013 10:00am EDT
the state-run news service on october 2, 2013 in china published the following, quote, with no political unity to redress its policy mistake, a dysfunctional washington is now overspending the confidence of its leadership, closed quote. whereas the news of mexico on september 25, 2013 in mexico, published the following, quote, they squabble over the inconsequential accomplishments of a 10-week funding extension. it isn't serious, but it certainly isn't funny. closed quote. "the australian" in australia published the following. quote, the irresponsible way in which congress plays the partisan politics and obstruction does them little credit, neither does it say much for the budgetary processes in the world's largest economy, closed quote. whereas "the frankfurter" on october 2, 2013 in germany, published the following, quote, the main actors in this dispute which brings many factors, ideological and political, took a huge risk and unhindered proceeded to invalidate everyone whoever accused the political accomplishment in washington of being rotten to the core the public is wonde
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