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Sep 9, 2012 8:00am PDT
quote , namely china. that's unsustainable. the problem isn't we need to take more money from the hardworking taxpayers from america and spend it in washington, that doesn't work. the problem is, we have to get our spending under control. we have reform our entitlement programs. we need pro-growth economic policies to get people back to work. economic growth, spending cuts, entitlement reforms, that's the recipe that works. that will trigger prosperity and get it back to growing the economy. >> if you get the kind of entitlement reforms that you get, you're willing to raise more revenues? >> look, i believe that we'll get more revenue from strong economic growth. i don't want to chase some revenue line that compromises economic growth. also, i don't want to take my eye off the ball that spending is the problem. the problem with president obama and his budgets are, add up his tax increases, all of his tax increases that he promises will come in january, they don't pay for a fifth of his propose deficit spending. they're just taking the money from small businesses and families and spending it.
Sep 30, 2012 6:00am EDT
american workers. they are three times as productive as our friends in china. ladies and gentlemen, we want to make sure we have the most productive best educated and best trained workers in the world. that is why we trained 1000 more mass and science teachers. -- that is why we insisted on 100,000 more math and science teachers. we need that. we want to recruit these folks fifth as community colleges, we know we can create 2 million american workers and give them the skills for the high-tech manufacturing jobs of the future. there are 600,000 jobs in america in tech today. that is why we paired up with community colleges, creating thousands and thousands of decent paying jobs, but they oppose it. [applause] we are going to cut the growth of college tuition in half. in the next four years. [cheers and applause] we have already reduced the deficit. in four years, we will reduce it by another $1 trillion. ladies and gentlemen,there is an easy way to do this. we have to make some difficult decisions. we have to ask fifth very wealthy to pay more. ladies and gentlemen, we are going to
Oct 18, 2015 9:00am CDT
years, including holding a women's rights conference in china twenty years ago. it was during those trips that clinton earned the respect of albright, as the two formed a strong working relationship. >> there is no other way to describe it. the kind of attack team and traveling around and being partners. having the support of people on human rights issues, health issues. i think she is the best ambassador that america has. >> and, of course, we'll continue to keep you posted as the candidates and their staffs continue to crisscross the state of iowa. we'll be right back to show you this things nine things to know. we'll be right back. >> we're back more with "this week in siouxland." >> make sure to stick around for the second half of the hour for this week in iowa, where you can learn about an iowa congressional race that could get interesting in 2016. amanda gives us a preview. >> coming up on this week in iowa we're going to sit down with congressman david young. we talked to him numerous times throughout the year. we want to talk to him about some of the leadership changes, spec
Nov 13, 2016 12:47pm EST
. the top 1%. you are seeing your jobs going to china. you cannot by the medicine you need. you're worried to death about the future generations. trump tapped that anger. our job is to find out what is the solution? is getting hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the top 2/10 of 1% will be the answer to income equality? i don't think so. for trump to produce. we will not accept racism, sexism, or xenophobia. >> on newsmakers, indiana congressman luke messer, talks congress, gop leadership elections, the lame session, and working with the trump administration. eastern onat 6:00 c-span. >> fort knox was chosen because it was america passed a most impenetrable location. it was the depository and had been opened several years prior. there had been lots of gold already there. givesary of the treasure permission to use a portion of it. q&a, and author talks about the decision to move america's most important documents to fort knox. they have to make a decision, what documents are going to be there? the original declaration? definitely. the articles of confederation pre-consti
Sep 29, 2013 6:30pm EDT
, everybody knows, with china and mexico and thailand for labor reasons. their labor costs are higher. we are also at a disadvantage with canada and germany and france and the u.k. why? because when we have a fixed cost that goes up at three times thatate of inflation, means that they are becoming less competitive, and why is that? saythe entire, but let's about 75%, especially of big companies, they are paying that. the business community is paying about 75% of that. in canada and germany, the costs are also going up three times the rate of inflation. they start at a lower base, but they are also going up more than they can afford. when the cost goes up at three times the rate of inflation in germany or canada or france or other western countries, that is spread across the entire society, everybody, not just the business people. it does not just affect the bottom line of the business community. thetaxes basically support system. when it happens here, the cost disproportionately feels -- falls on the business system. this is because this was disproportionate. they have more and more troub
Dec 22, 2013 8:00am EST
region's security dynamic as china raises tensions across the pacific by trying to enforce the claims to the east china sea. joining us today to discuss these issues and more are four of washington's top defense analyst, all of whom happen to be listed on defense news's 100 most influential people in u.s. defense. mackenzie eagland of the american enterprise institute. todd harrison for the center of strategic and budgetary asegments. gordon adams of the simpson center and american university. and lauren thompson of the lexington institute. welcome welcome back, gentlemen. welcome back from maternity. how is life at home? >> three months over, the insanity is over and i have a perfect baby. >> and we join the washington budget insanity. welcome back for the holidays. >> we finally have spending caps and a budget sequestration. there are some people who look at this and say, you know, there is only upside from here, how do you interpret the deal, and what do you expect next? >> i think they ought to be jumping for joy in the pentagon, because in the short term they are getting t
Aug 12, 2012 6:30pm EDT
people cheat like china has, there will be consequences. number four, we are going to do something that paul has been wanting to do for years. when we have republicans in house and senate and the white house, we will cut federal spending and get america on track to the balanced budget. we are going to champion small business. we will help them grow and thrive. i cannot believe that the other day when i saw that quote of the president in virginia appeared at cannot believe he said that. if you have a business, you did not build it. someone else did that. then he said it is not fair. you took me out of context. go on youtube. read the context. you will find the context is worse than the quote. he said there are lots of smart people. he may think it is because you're working hard but a lot of people work hard. i cannot figure out where he was going. in this country we celebrate people who reach, a dream aspire, and cheese. that is the nature of how america works. when the guy or gal from the factory in says i took the class at the community college and i got some more skills, we celeb
Mar 18, 2012 6:00am EDT
happened. it didn't happen anywhere else. it didn't happen in the islamic world or the third world or china, russia. no. america liberate it had human spirit believed in the dignity of every person, gave them the room to be able to reach for the stars, succeed greatly, build, prosper and provide for each other because we actually had relationships and cared for each other and we knew we had an obligation to do so. and in 235 years life expectancy has doubled. we went from an agricultural society to an industrial society to a technology society. wealth beyond comp hencetion even 50 years ago all because we had government that believed in you. ladies and gentlemen, that is what's at stake. you want to bring americans together? remind them of who we preally are. [applause] we have great and serious problems that face this country but nothing, nothing that can stand in the way of free people. we can fix every one of these problems not from washington but by giving you the tools and the wherewithal, the opportunity to go out and make things right across this country. trusting you. at the end of
Jan 20, 2014 2:00am EST
in asia. our asian partners, like taiwan as well as china -- they are increasingly getting their oil supplies, their energy supplies from this gulf region. the stability of this gulf region is very important to the economic activity in asia, and that is important to america's economic prosperity. east,we do in the middle our influence and success in the middle east impact our influence in asia and our economic well- being and the well-being of our partners and their. a story available this morning on, sanctions eased, iran gets feelers from old trading partners. welcomed more delegations from europe than in all of 2013. a larger and growing number of withesses who look at iran its 70 million people as a sizable middle class, the world's last major isolated market. explain the economics behind all of this. that: this sort of story you're having a flood of , it iss delegations going to set up a lot of worries in washington and allied capitals around the world. even though we're only expressly giving limited sanctions relief, that crack in the sanctions regime will then be w
Oct 7, 2013 2:00am EDT
saying maybe you'd be a good idea to outsource congress to china or india. good morning, charles. caller: good morning, steve. two observations. for the people who argue this is a law that has already passed i would like to point out almost a century ago we passed a law for prohibition. it almost destroyed the country before we had enough common sense to turn around and repeal. the same thing is going to happen with obamacare. the second observation is, as far as defaulting on our debt, i hope we do, because if nothing else, it will make foreign countries such as china aware that we can't pay our bills and maybe it might even force congress to live within a budget we can afford, for god's sake. everybody knows we are spending more money than we have. what are they going to break up and use some common sense? there is none in congress. host: ok, thank you, charles. you mentioned asia. the president was supposed to be at that conference. basically loans from asia account for half of the gross domestic product in terms of the economy. guest: right. the caller made good comments. the
Oct 8, 2016 7:17pm EDT
against the chinas and the mexicos and the indias we add all these costs of regulations and tacks on top of everything else. that is what is going on in this election. we need support not just for the top of the ticket, but for the republicans who are running for the united states senate and the united states house of representatives. and one of the top targets to the democrats is our own senator ron johnson. we've got to send him back to the d.c. [applause] and just remember, we had 18 years of an ineffective russ feingold. audience: boo! he brags about the fact that he is a supporter of the bill of rights, and then he passed the mccain-feingold bill, which has been declared unconstitutional by the supreme court several times for infringing upon every one of our first amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of political expression. russ feingold, despite what he says, has ripped up the bill of ights. let's not give him a chance to rip it up still further. our constitution means something. the framers did the right thing. james madison's prose was great. he not only wrote the c
Sep 25, 2016 6:30pm EDT
rights are gay rights. at that time in china, she was and she felt a lot of pressure to not do that internally from our government and asked early from the chinese remarksnt to soften her and she did not. was the firstd it time anything like that had been and and it changed my life it has changed the world and i know it is important for us to keep going. i love ohio. ohio, i have a grateful part of my heart that belongs to ohio. when i was a very young actor i was trying to transition out of television and no one wanted anything to do with me. i spent a summer here in ohio doing our stock. and it was the transition point between television, situational comedy, and serious roles in films and doing normal right and -- and doing norma rae and onward and abraham lincoln. and it was the support that i ohio.n every city in they gave me strength. they gave me support. and it is that very same strength and support that hillary clinton needs right now. you are the hearts of america. please know what is at stake in this election. please know. my son -- i have children that are grown and have
Oct 8, 2016 2:40pm EDT
about politics and trade agreements and china yuan.uing the but if you see somebody who's not behaving like any other known, that means something. they need a psychiatrist, a diagnosis and a prescription. letterman talking about donald trump in an interview before the one latest revelation but after a of controversies surrounding the candidate. we have herbert calling in from new york, a clinton supporter. how do you think this latest tape will affect the campaign. i don't think it will affect the campaign, unfortunately, in regards to trump. he can say and do it.hing and get away with my thing is that here in new trump has ow that and a con man te for most of his life. the greatest criticism must those who have been supporting trump. they have been conned to believe hat this guy can make -- can change things in this country. phil says that to judge at's future behavior is look their past behavior. only trump's past behavior, it is his present behavior. is a mental and personal degenerate. host: up next, we have anita, a from supporter calling in naples, florida. good morning. caller:
Jul 31, 2016 12:30pm EDT
supported china's entrance into the world trade organization. another one of her husband's
Sep 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
goods and services and will crack down china and any other cheaters. number three -- we're going make sure our workers have the skills they need to succeed and that our kids have the skills they need to succeed in the coming century. because right now our schools and far too many places in america aren't doing the job they need to do. and i want to make sure we put our kids and the teachers first and the teachers' union behind. number four -- to get entrepreneurs to nth in our lives and in america and put their life savings to work here unless they know they're not headed to the place that greece is in or spain or italy or those places that have had such trauma overseas. to make sure that's the case, we're going to have to finally do something that republicans have spoken about for a long time and for a while, we didn't do it. when we had the lead, we let people down. we do not want to let people down this time. i will cut the deficit and get us on track to a balanced budge budget. and number five -- i want to champion small businesses. i want to make it easier for people to grow and
Oct 13, 2012 2:00pm EDT
more markets for our goods. but if people cheat like china has cheated, we will stop it. number 3, when training programs that help our people have the skills they need to succeed and i want our school to be giving our kids the kind of education they need for the jobs of tomorrow. that means we have to put our kids first and parents first and teachers first. the teachers union will have to go behind. [cheers and applause] number 4, you will not get business people to risk their life savings to start a small business or big companies to come to america, built a big factory, hire americans if they think we are on the road to greece. if we keep spending more than we taken, that is where we're heading. we will cap federal spending and get us back on track to a balanced budget. [cheers and applause] number 5, number 5 is this -- we are going to champion small business. we're going to help small business people build their businesses. to do that, we will keep their taxes down and get regulations to encourage growth and take that big cloud of obama care of small business. we're going to
Nov 24, 2013 1:00pm EST
renaissance of american manufacturing. but china has gained competitiveness, share, innovated and raised its efficiency as much as any country ever well. inre are fewer workers chinese manufacturing today than there were 20 years ago. so, success if and when it comes is going to come from various kinds of service work, areas kinds of greater customization. it is a tragedy that on one hand areare saying -- and you right, i understand why you are saying it -- that there may not be enough work to do. there areer hand, several million kids in this who profoundly need individual attention and mentoring of a kind they are not close to getting. we do not have a way of bringing the people who want to work together with those. i do not think it is traditional government that will do it. i also do not think it will be turning the country into some kind of libertarian paradise. >> with that, thank you, larry summers. >> we will be coming back to the ceo council in a moment with congressman paul ryan. personal tweets from members of congress on the iran deal announced last night. kevin mccarthy says
Apr 1, 2012 10:30am EDT
workers. it can go up in january. most of our national competitors, china, india, in india, canada, are lowering the tax rates on their businesses. we are looking at raising our tax rate on these businesses to as high as 45% when the international average is 25%. it is not a payer system. no to businesses are the same with respect to the taxes. ge had a lot of income but no tax liability legally. ups paid i think it 34% tax rate while their competitor paid 44%. but make sure everybody pays the same tax rate based upon the amount of money and income they make whether they are a business or an individual. we think that is fair and better for jobs. with respect to these programs, they are growing at unsustainable rate. poussin's have quadrupled over the last 10 years. -- food stamps have quadrupled over the last 10 years. if we keep the programs on an unsustainable path, they will crash and we will have a debt crisis and not be able to service these people. under a debt crisis, you are cutting indiscriminately across the board in of leeway. you have to cut current people on these programs.
Dec 10, 2016 7:00pm EST
conversation about the president of taiwan might have on u.s. -china-taiwan relations. live beginning at 7:00 a.m. eastern sunday morning. join the discussion. on tuesday, house speaker paul ryan joined the architect of the members of thed idaho congressional delegation for the official lighting of the u.s. capitol christmas tree. this year's tree is an 80 foot angle and spruce -- englewood spruce. the ceremony is 15 minutes. good evening, and welcome to the 52nd annual christmas tree lighting ceremony at the united states capitol. [applause] mr. ayers: i am stephen ayers, the architect of the capitol, and i am excited to serve as your master of ceremonies. first, i would like to extend a big thank you to the united states air force ceremonial brass band under the direction doyle.ain dustin let's give them a round of applause. [applause] mr. ayers: thank you. hth architecteig of the capitol, george stewart, at the suggestion of speaker of the house john mccormick established the annual tradition of decorating a tree. by 1970, the united states forest service joined in the holiday cheer by pro
Jun 11, 2016 12:00pm EDT
relationships with china. are obviously -- they see themselves as a rival to us globally, the population is massive, 1.3 billion people. they have internal issues themselves, pushing out in the south and east china sea, rewriting history. over the longer term, that is going to be one of the most important relationships for us to manage. in the midterm, russia and what they have done and of course eastern ukraine, but what they are threatening in the baltic and other areas and what they have done to destabilize europe which has been incredible. and to destabilize the alliance europe has with itself and with us. had no cards to play back in 2012. in many ways -- not to be too pejorative -- not -- how he has managed with a few cards, not himself in thed center of what is happening in europe -- what is happening certainly in syria and other places has been an amazing thing and speaks to the lack of leadership on our part. one of the worst days in -- [applause] u.s.e of the worst days in foreign-policy -- one of the worst months is that the end of august in the early part of with a cross2013 to
Sep 20, 2015 11:00am EDT
be our strength as americans. yeah. just turn back to china for a second, the, you know, there are a lot of issues we have to sort out. i do mentioned a couple -- security, their feelings about tpp, their own economy, their inward turn in the name of thating consumer economies has some protectionist elements we don't like. i think, though many in this room would like to see some kind of positive outcome from the summit. that underlines our mutual benefit if we can figure out some of these things. and find a way for the world's two biggest economies to see a path forward, as well as all the issues we've got. do you have a comment on the tone you are going to try to set with the president? and roles that we can play in ourorting both the managing relationship, as well as finding a future for it? president obama: my tone has been pretty consistent. it doesn't jump up and down depending on where the polls are. china should be and will continue to be an economic competitor. to make sure that reachingow -- we are an understanding with them about our presence as a pacific power. that it i
Nov 18, 2012 2:00pm EST
from china. we control our currency, as jamie said a moment ago. we are very different from the countries that adopted the euro, that gave up their currency, that can no longer issue currency in order to spend. the united states government is not revenue-constrained. that was greenspan fifth point. we cannot be forced into default, another point alan greenspan has made powerfully, over and over again. there is no economic reason for a grand bargain. we are living way below our means. we are told we are living beyond our means. we are living way below our means. the red line is our potential gdp. the blue line is where we are. the difference is the output and income that we sacrifice every day we fail to bring this economy back to full employment. we have tons of spare capacity. factories are not operating anywhere near historically high capacity utilization rates. there is all kinds of extra capacity to produce. we have millions of people who want to contribute. and we have useful things for them to do. this is our infrastructure report. what do we need? $2.20 trillion to bring
Feb 19, 2012 10:30am EST
nations, china and russia are preventing the u.n. security council from taking any effective action. if the situation is left as it is, there is also a significant threat that surrounding countries could be severely impacted. our witnesses will hopefully discuss options that we have to help end the slaughter as limited as those options might be. on cyber security, defense strategic guidance notes that both state and non-state actors both the capability and intent to conduct cyber espionage and the capability to conduct cyber attacks on united states which possibly severe attacks on both our economy and on our security. the director of national intelligence, in recent testimony, placed the cyber- security threat in the top tier alongside terrorism and nuclear proliferation, and the proliferation of other weapons of mass destruction. a recent report from the national counterintelligence executive stated that entities operating from within china and russia are responsible for the massive theft of u.s. commercial and military technologyhat could threaten our national security d economy.
Apr 19, 2015 4:00am EDT
china through their veto of a icc resolution walk a step toward holding accountable a regime that has tortured its own people. representing our nation, i have to confront these vulnerabilities every day. the central point i want to make this committee is that even taking into account these weaknesses, america needs the united nations to address today's global challenges. united states has the most powerful tools in history to advance our interests. we will always lead on the world stage. we are more effective when he ensure others have their share. let me quickly outline for ways we are doing that at the u.n.. first, we are rallying multilateral coalitions to address national threats. consider iran, in addition to addressing sanctions on the government in 2010, obama administrations galvanize the u.n. to organize the toughest regime. this combination of unilateral and multilateral pressure was crucial to bringing iran to the negotiating table and ultimately to help reach a framework that effectively cuts off every pathway for the regime to develop a nuclear weapon. it is not only
Nov 20, 2011 1:00am EST
. we have to borrow the money from china to do it. [laughter] it's crazy what we do. listen, the third reason is, it would give away half of our revenue in the form of back door spending in the tax code. the plan we put ford, we said, look, let's get rid of all of the tax expenditures. 100% of them. to's use 92% of the money reduce income tax rates and 8% of the money to reduce the deficit. if you do that, you can reduce the deficit by about $100 billion a year for 10 years, so about $1 trillion, and you can take marginal rates to 8%, up to $70,000, 40% of to $210,000, and have a maximum rate of 23%. and you can take the corporate rate to 26% and you can pay for a territorial system so that we can take that up to $2 trillion captured overseas and bring it back to this country to bring -- to create jobs over here. i think that would have real dynamic growth. our tax code is the third reason. and the fourth reason is interest on the dead. i know you guys understand the power of interest. when interest rates go back up and we get downgraded again, it will hit us like something you've neve
Apr 28, 2012 10:00am EDT
in china, india, and brazil where you have a lot of people -- just like people in the ninth states, they want to be able to drive their vehicle. so, the unsettled nature of the middle east and what is happening with respect to the global economy really is what has led to the price hikes that we have seen here today. so, where it will all end, nobody knows. but what i do know is this -- that the fall of the above energy framework is what we need to stay the course, in order for us to be able to avoid the kinds of appeals that we have seen since the formation of opec, since gulf war one and two and so many events that transpired really since the 1970's. >> i am told this is breaking news -- the justice department makes its first reston the bp oil's bill. a bp engineer. do you expect more to be brought to justice? >> breaking news. i have been up here with you. let me just say the united states has been committed from day one to make sure we are holding bp and others accountable for what happened in the gulf of mexico. the justice department obviously is involved in the criminal part.
Apr 14, 2012 10:00am EDT
we're going to stay on the record as saying human rights matter in russia and china. >> more on sunday night at 8:00. been nearly 10 years since the release -- >> it has been nearly 10 years since the release of the book. the fourth volume will be published. here he is on a "q&a" in 2008 with an update on how volume four was taking shape. >> it is a book not just about lyndon johnson. it is about john kennedy and robert kennedy and the interplay of their personalities. it is a complicated story i do not think people know of two very complicated people. robert kennedy and lyndon johnson. i had to really go into that and try to explain it. it is part of the start of the way through the end of john's presidency. chronologically, johnson is dealing with the 1965 voting act. >> watched the rest of this interview and other appearances online at the c-span video library. watch for our upcoming interview on may 6. >> last week, "the nation" magazine hosted a panel discussion on changing the u.s. tax code with representatives from a number of self-described think tanks. the buffett rule
Jul 17, 2016 2:30pm EDT
simplify but donald trump has simplified it. he said your jobs went to china and i will bring them back. what is interesting is the issue about coal that donald trump has said i'm going to bring back the coal industry and he has but he hasn't been real explicit how. part of it is to remove regulations which is seen to help kill the coal industry but what that would do is make coal more plentyful which would bring the price down which is killing coal now because it has been brought down. so this idea if you get rid of the regulations coal comes back it's not that simple. host: yesterday when donald trump made his announcement we knew ahead of time that he was choosing indiana governor mike pence. he was critical of hillary clinton's support for nafta. however, his running mate mike pence has spoke about the benefits of nafta for his state of indiana. do you think that matters? guest: i don't think so. i think mike pence was more there to reassure ohio's social conservatives and the nation's social conservatives than anything else but you do raise an interesting issue that trade has been
Jul 24, 2016 6:32pm EDT
message is right. he is right about china, but hillary has said she wants to crack down on some of china's abuses as well. donald said in a way that resonates with people who are out of work or people working in jobs that are paying them half of what they used to make and it resonates. it is an easy answer, not the right answer, trade is not what destroyed american manufacturing. the bigger factor was technology. ira member going down to the naval shipyard as a kid and there must've been about 100 welders with blowtorches and mallets, today you still have a very good functioning shipyard and you see four welders at a computer operating robotic arms and it has nothing to do with trade. a simple andrs direct message which is easy to understand and which sets off a button of frustration and anger and it is very effective and we would be mistaken if we think that is not a message that resonates with some working-class democrats. host: is he someone you know? guest: i know donald very well and he probably does not believe me when i say i like him as a person. he is charming and he has c
Apr 8, 2012 10:30am EDT
environment is less friendly than that of china, we know we have a problem. i said the other night that my liberal friends say they love a strong economy, but they do not like business very much. the economy is simply the addition of all the businesses in america, and what we will have to do is encourage enterprise, and, of course, encourage it with appropriate regulation, fair taxation, and without special breaks for friends of one party or another. that has to be done. making business thrived in america is one good way of getting people jobs and growing middle class. >> today you once again referred to president obama apologizing for america around the world. countryountry's -- truly errors, if our troops engage in something that is truly wrong, is there a time when a president should apologize? >> when mistakes happen, you acknowledged the mistakes, but this is different than the apology to the middle east, not talking about a mistake that was made, he was instead talking about america. he says that america has dictated to other nations. he said that america has been divisive and arrest
Aug 7, 2016 3:09pm EDT
pennsylvania have lost one third of their manufacturing jobs sinceclinton put china -- you put china into the wto. >> this will create more jobs for our people, more exports for our markets, and more democracy for our allies. >> a discussion on how the founding fathers viewed free trade. >> historically the united states was not a free-trade nation. for most of american history, the u.s. is a tariff-protected economy. investigationepth into the world trade organization. >> at the time the wto was being negotiated, are its smaller 800 more pages of rules and regulations. nothing inevitable here. when these were being negotiated, the u.s. had, as official advisers, 500 corporate advisors. watch our issues spotlight on trade deals saturday on c-span and >> republican presidential candidate donald trump is in michigan tomorrow to outline his economic agenda at the detroit economic club. this past week, the republican presidential candidate made a campaign stop in wisconsin where he spoke about party unity and gave an official endorsement of paul ryan and others seeking this -
May 25, 2013 2:00pm EDT
children in singapore, india, china, russia -- we want our children to be able to compete for those high skilled jobs and keep those companies in our country or are we going to see those companies might creek where the most skilled workers are? -- migrate toward most skilled workers are? >> it is always a pleasure to have you testified before this committee. thank you for your outstanding leadership and perseverance for joining us on this education work force committee. i am pleased that president obama's proposed 2014 budget makes strategic investment in early learning and also on k-12 and higher education. i have been a strong champion for education and k-20. i have a daughter, the second out of four girls, who specialized in learning a preschool education for pre- cantor programs. kinder programs. she often times reads what we are doing in congress and makes the comment that not enough children are being given that opportunity an. certainly what is in the chart in the material you give us, the u.s. ranks 20th in public funding for early learning out of 36 countries. surely that i
Aug 26, 2012 10:30am EDT
competing with people from india and china. the only tax our businesses and at the highest tax rates, we lose and they win. >> april 5 of last year, congressman paul ryan outlines details of what is now known as the ryan plan. from the "washington journal," his speeches in washington and elsewhere in the country, now on the campaign trail. he made his first appearance in 1995 as a staff member. three years later, he returned as a newly elected member of congress. this is from november 17, 1998. it is all part of c-span's video library as the track his career in washington and wisconsin. you can check it out anytime at [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> sees spans coverage of the republican national convention continues live from tampa. -- c-span's coverage continues. this is where the convention will be held beginning tuesday. its seats about 20,000 people and about $40 million in upgrades went in prior to the convention being held. just down the street, the building just coming on y
Oct 31, 2015 12:00pm EDT
, i have known frank a very long time because i was involved in human rights in china around the time of tiananmen square. and for a long time after that when frank was at cnn. i just watched where this happened here at the george washington center for media and public -- what's the exact title? public affairs. this is fabulous. congratulations on your silver anniversary. mr. sesno: thank you. we'll talk about just over 25 years. especially in media later on. let's talk about this budget deal for just a minute because i think this is a very big deal. it's a two-year deal. takes us to 2017. it gives paul ryan, who presumably is going to be the new speaker, some running room. white house says, members of congress from both parties should support it. will democrats support it? you going to support it? ms. pelosi: yes. i'm presenting the facts of it. i think that it will -- by removing the uncertainty of lifting the debt ceiling, honoring full faith and credit of the united states of america, by honoring the principle that we have had all along which is whatever investments we make for th
Feb 19, 2012 6:30pm EST
about china and the visit of xi jinping. guest: i was eight -- going on a tour with a colleague, and we went to a couple of companies in new bedford. they were two companies that are in the area where we say we need to go ahead, alternative energy solar energy and how to use it, and both of them volunteered that one of the problems was on subsidized competition from china. the oppression in china is very sad. people have predicted that if the economy opened up and the internet got there, it would be more democracy. sadly, what the chinese are showing is that they can contain that and i am sorry that the chinese continue to be some disrespectful -- so disrespectful. human values, not western values. i guess we have to say this. i think china does need us more than we need them. too often, we're acting like these countries are doing as a favor by letting us to buy all of their goods. china needs us more than we need them and i think we need to be much more tougher with the chinese, saying you have got to stop the subsidy stealing other people's intellectual property. they are no longer
Nov 3, 2012 2:00pm EDT
argument, that we have 5,500 miles of the great wall of china, but my position is that we do not need 200,000 miles of wall, we just do that until they start going around the end. >> is this a concrete barrier? or a brief explanation? >> when the president ridiculed the wall, he was 600 feet from the fences and the walls and the most down along the border. i would describe this as a kind of concrete system with the foundational trench, and the concrete panels, and if you build the wall up you have to have routes on either side, with the chain-link fence by the border. we are spending $12 billion -- $6 billion per mile. >> talking about immigration is what we're talking about. president obama -- if you join congress which be supportive of this trend continuing? >> the most important thing is to secure the borders, and do whatever we need to do so that people are not crossing the border illegally, and drugs are not crossing illegally. i think we need to make sure that jobs are going to americans and we need immigration reform. we need to make sure that there is a pathway to citizenship
Nov 1, 2015 3:00pm EST
struggle with china for that position. it looks like they have recently passed us out. we may not always be the reserve currency, that is the issue. if tomorrow we were not the reserve currency, and we cannot print money, albeit irresponsibly as we are, our economy would collapse overnight. in 1929 on wall street would be a walk in the park compared what would happen to us. this is a warning. before horrible things happen usually there is a warning. this is the warning. have -- it apparent is an imperative that we all know what is going on. that way when somebody comes politician, and says free college for everyone -- [laughter] you know how to evaluate that. you know that right now there is nothing free. when you have that kind of debt, there is nothing that is free. we're going to have to start doing things to reverse this. first of all, we have this gigantic, bloated government. i would declare a moratorium on hiring, because we have 4.1 million federal employees. milliont need 4.1 federal employees. [applause] just let them retire. thousands of them retire every year. just do not replac
Aug 6, 2016 1:53pm EDT
good deals? no. with china, $505 billion trade deficit. they cheat us because they devalue the currency. whenever it gets tough, they devalue. our companies can't compete with that. here's the thing, hillary says about japan, how dare he not say allies? our i will never abandon our allies, ever. how do you negotiate when you tell somebody will never leave them? we may have to leave. japan has problems because you have the maniac in north korea making missiles. south korea, it is an economic behemoth. you can't buy a television that is not made in south korea except for sony which is japan. which has sort of lost its way. whether it is lg or samsung. i ordered thousands of television. you can't buy them in the united states. i would love to. one of the pundits said they do make them. there's a company. and he showed me this little company. all the parts come in from all over the world and they put them together. and they give you a television that doesn't work and nobody ever heard of it. then i put it into a luxury hotel and everyone complains. you can't say to people when you
Aug 21, 2011 10:30am EDT
china means. we of so many issues that leon and i deal with everyday that are not going to be getting the screaming headline coverage, but which we know, looking over the horizon, are going to affect the economic well-being of our country and the security of american citizens. >> there was a report yesterday that the pentagon is considering a very substantial revamp of the pension program. is that true? is that the kind of change and depth of change that is happening? >> that report came as a result of an advisor a group that was asked by my predecessor, bob gates, to look at the retirement issue. live put together some thoughts and are supposed to issue a more complete report of the latter part of this month. -- they have put together some thoughts and are supposed to issue a more complete report in the latter part of this month. but no decisions have been made. you have to do it in a way that does not break faith with our troops and their families. you have to think very seriously about grandfathering in order to protect the benefits that are there. cracks like the people in
Apr 15, 2012 10:30am EDT
matter in russia, the matter in china. >> more with katrina lantos sweat, tonight on"q &a." >> nearly 1500 perished on the ship called unsinkable. >> once the lookout bells were sounded, the lookouts sighted in a spurt ahead and they struck a bell's three times. that is a warning saying there is some logic said. does not mean dead ahead, it means ahead of the ship that it does not say what kind of object propelled the lookout went to a telephone and called down to the officer on the bridge to tell them what it is that they saw. when the farm was finally answered, the entire conversation was what do you see? the response was icebergs right ahead and the response from the officer was, thank you. >> samuel halpern on the troops and minutes of that night, part of american history tv on c-span 3. >> president obama was in boca raton, fla. last report he announced a new tax proposal, the buffett rule would require americans earning one more than $1 million per year to pay at least 30% of their income in taxes. tomorrow, on the eve of tax day, the senate is scheduled to vote on l
Nov 4, 2012 10:30am EST
boost trade, with latin america. and i will finally designate china as a currency manipulator because it is time to trade -- for america. now, third, i want to send to congress the retraining and reform act to make sure every worker has the skills they need for a good-paying job. fourth, i will move to tackle out of control spending. i will send congress the first of several fundamental reforms called the down payment of fiscal sanity act. and in this act, we will not just slow down the rate of government and its spending but i will cut spending. you see, i'm not going to just take office on january 20. i will take responsibility as well. number five, i am going to act to boost small business and all business. i will issue executive orders aimed at the problems that are holding back the economy. in the first of those is going to grant state waivers from obama-care to begin its repeal. and the second is going to launch a review of all of the obama regulations and i will eliminate or repair those that are killing american jobs. and for the first time in four years, every entrepreneur, e
Sep 29, 2013 10:30am EDT
china first bill, which says you do not have to pay troops in the field, you do not have to pay doctors on medicare, but you pay bondholders, including the government of china. what you are saying is to default on any obligation would send a very bad signal. >> yes, congressman. tois very hard for congress know exactly what would happen. it might seem like defaulting on some obligations would be different than defaulting on others, but we do not have a basis for really analyzing that because fortunately we have not had a lot of experience with the government defaulting. but given how much money the federal government owes, to stop paying what is owed is a very risky strategy. >> thank you. i will reclaim the balance of my remaining time. this all inut perspective, and i am not trying to pick a fight here, i am just trying to clarify goals and intentions. if a minority would have been willing to agree to limiting their motions to instruct to two, which was the offer given in the senate, we could have gone to conference. nobody wanted that. >> i have never heard that offer until t
Dec 10, 2011 2:00pm EST
is worth far and money from china to pay for it. right now, a lot of things we're doing we're funding by borrowing money from other people who will demand interest and pay back at some point. for me, this is very important. is this program critical? i will eliminate a lot of programs that i like because of that test. there are programs we need to keep in place but they could be run far more efficiently if they were returned to the states rather than run at the federal level. one of those is medicaid. i would take medicaid dollars plus 1% and say to iowa, you craft your own program. you structure it in the way you think is best. you have to give the states time to organize a program of that nature. making that change in medicaid understate direction saves $100 billion per year for years out. there are 47 different workforce training programs that have been put in place in the federal government. they report to eight different federal agencies. the gao did an evaluation of the programs. they did not find any of them to be affected. these are billions of dollars of training programs. i w
Sep 16, 2012 10:30am EDT
greatest threat to our country is no outside force. it is not china. it is not russia. it is our debt. at face value, that does not seem like much. here is the leader of the strongest military force the world has ever known telling america that the number one threat to its existence is its debt. that is profound for a military leader to say that. the president did not say that. the head of the joint chiefs of staff said that. to me that makes it all the more powerful coming from the source of our defense posture. history has shown time and again that that can bring down republics. as a matter of fact, all republics by. name one that has not. -- all republics die. the question is, can america achieved history? can we cheat history and not fall? let me give you some reminders of what john adams warned. he said democracy never last long. it soon wastes, exhaust, and murders itself. there has never been a democracy that has not committed suicide. we are on the cusp of being the first generation of americans to break a moral bond that has continued in our country since its founding. that m
Dec 31, 2016 4:29pm EST
secretary announced plans to sell to china. a question this week revealed we are still no closer to signing the pigs trotters protocol. if it takes this long to reach an agreement to sell this, what is that say about our other trade deals in the wake of brexit? >> mr. speaker, i am very intent that our agricultural exports continue. i will continue to push pigs trotters as fast as they will go. >> in the house of lords, there are plenty of strongly held opinions about the options for relationships with the rest of the eu. >> in my view, the so-called opportunities of brexit are largely delusional vistas. similarly, we must stop talking nonsense about becoming an offshore singapore or a haven of social dumping, as many on the continent believe the government plans. it is perfectly reasonable, responsible and indeed democratic to consider how sometime in the future, the final decision should be made. another referendum could be needed and justified. >> a former senior diplomat made his maiden speech. >> the mood i find in europe is not one to punish the u.k., but of great sadness. tha
Nov 6, 2016 1:39pm EST
unemployment. it's got a be two-way. and it's going to be. because the trade deficit with china at all of these countries -- but the trade deficit with mexico's massive air and far greater than what we are talking about for the wall. so a lot of politicians say you can't get mexico to pay for the wall. as it is going to be so easy. but here's what you have to understand. were going to have big, beautiful doors and that wall. people are going to come into our country. and people are going to come into our country -- people, lots of people are going to come into our country. that they coming into our country legally. -- but they are coming into our country legally. thank you very much, everybody. we will repeal the obama defense sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military. i'm honored to have the endorsement of more than 200 top admirals and generals and 22 medal of honor recipients. hillary and our failed establishment have spent $6 trillion on wars in the middle east that we never win. and now it's in worse shape than ever before. the middle east is in far worse shape than it's ever
May 26, 2013 10:30am EDT
behavior, there's going to be a conflict, and the best way to avoid it is for russia and china to get involved and help. on reports that you disagree with the president, what recourse does congress have to stop him? we passed through the foreign relations committee yesterday a resolution to provide arms to the rebels. that is a signal and the right direction. i would argue that six months ago you probably could not get that through. we had a resolution sponsored by senator graham concerning iran. it was pretty tough language. congress is finally waking up and acting in absence of presidential leadership. you will see additional resolution from senator graham probably in the next month or so concerning iran. again, if the iranians are watching, the president of the united states who said if they use chemical weapons they would cross a red line, you would think that the iranians would think that we are serious about their redlines. . i do not think so. i we have an ability, which brought in the past, to bring amendments to address the detainee and interrogation issues. core speedthe adm
Aug 19, 2012 10:30am EDT
back, you want to leave it in china or brazil or germany, you can -- there is no additional tax to leave it there. we have more than $1 trillion overseas. when you talk to the corporate guys who have been trying to get obama for the last 3 1/2 years to go to territoriality or allow repatriation of that money without a big tax hit, some say it is between $500 billion and $800 billion that would come back in the same year. it does not cost anybody anything. we just have to get rid of our worldwide tax system. the reason anheuser-busch was bought by a european company, it is more valuable if it is owned by a european company than an american company because of the way we tax earnings and other countries do not. if we did not fix this, other companies will start being bought more and more by foreign companies. the economics just makes sense. we can fix that by taking our rates down 25%. and by going to a territorial tax system. i think these are extremely important. another challenge that europe has is the defined-benefit government pensions, the social- welfare pensions, the unionized
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