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Sep 29, 2013 6:30pm EDT
, everybody knows, with china and mexico and thailand for labor reasons. their labor costs are higher. we are also at a disadvantage with canada and germany and france and the u.k. why? because when we have a fixed cost that goes up at three times thatate of inflation, means that they are becoming less competitive, and why is that? saythe entire, but let's about 75%, especially of big companies, they are paying that. the business community is paying about 75% of that. in canada and germany, the costs are also going up three times the rate of inflation. they start at a lower base, but they are also going up more than they can afford. when the cost goes up at three times the rate of inflation in germany or canada or france or other western countries, that is spread across the entire society, everybody, not just the business people. it does not just affect the bottom line of the business community. thetaxes basically support system. when it happens here, the cost disproportionately feels -- falls on the business system. this is because this was disproportionate. they have more and more troub
Dec 18, 2011 6:30pm EST
not take the restaurant to china. but they may take the manufacturing jobs, and they have repeatedly, to a lot of other places. we need to compete. we do not have to compete for restaurant business with mexico. a mexican restaurant, but not mexico. we need to make sure we can aduately compete, but we are not. that is where we are losing jobs. i asked the assiation of manufacturers. they said that if you exclude labor costs -- people say we are losing jobs because labor costs are high. let's take those out of the equaon. are we competitive with our top nine trading partners, with whom we do the majority of our business? the answer is we are not. according to the national association of manufacturers, which are 20% more expensive than our trading partners in manufacturing. we are not losing jobs because labor costs alone. we are losing it because of high taxes, high cost of capital, high energy prices, and a higher litigation and regulatory environment. what are we going to do? we are going to change it. we eliminate the corporate tax. i was in its s.e.c. said the two days ago, not far
Jan 15, 2012 6:30pm EST
this past year by a harvard professor. he interviewed a chinese dissident, someone who came from china, who used to work for the chinese government. the mainland china. he worked for the chinese government during the time they decided to transform themselves, open themselves up, become more like us from an economic perspective. they were studying, the communists were studying at america, trying to figure of what was it that made america the greatest country in the history of the world. they put this commission of all they're smart people, of which this man was one. they were convinced it was the american military that made america the poorest country. that was not it -- the greatest country. that was not it. we thought, maybe it was the economy. this free enterprise system, the economic structure is what made america great. they realized it was not that. they said, it has to be the system of government. these fundamental freedoms that made the difference. it was not even that. he said 20 years ago we figured out what made america a different than any other country in the history of the
Jul 31, 2011 6:30pm EDT
named china being the manufacturing giant of the twergs 21st. nothing good will come to us of that for our prosperity and our security. but in terms of mr. romney, i absolutely oppose allowing foam go bankrupt because it's something we have to do. as a nation, we have to produce wealth, farm, manufacturer, innovate. if we do not, we remain -- there's also the premise that having seen wall street bailed out with no restructuring and a failure to get credit back down to turn around and say to people that live in 90-foot lots that somehow their tax dollars are used to bail out people 90-foot yachts is acceptable, but they can go bankrupt for the effort, strikes me as tearing at the country that was already going through a volatile time. >> yet saying the u.s. was on the cusp of financial disaster if wall street was not bailed out. some of these too big to fail companies were not helped out. >> i agreed with president bush in the past. i think history will be kinder. but that was one where you had options on the table. and the big straw man was if you didn't want to throw $700 billion
Feb 19, 2012 6:30pm EST
about china and the visit of xi jinping. guest: i was eight -- going on a tour with a colleague, and we went to a couple of companies in new bedford. they were two companies that are in the area where we say we need to go ahead, alternative energy solar energy and how to use it, and both of them volunteered that one of the problems was on subsidized competition from china. the oppression in china is very sad. people have predicted that if the economy opened up and the internet got there, it would be more democracy. sadly, what the chinese are showing is that they can contain that and i am sorry that the chinese continue to be some disrespectful -- so disrespectful. human values, not western values. i guess we have to say this. i think china does need us more than we need them. too often, we're acting like these countries are doing as a favor by letting us to buy all of their goods. china needs us more than we need them and i think we need to be much more tougher with the chinese, saying you have got to stop the subsidy stealing other people's intellectual property. they are no longer
Feb 28, 2015 2:00pm EST
was the last time you heard something good about our country? we won. we beat china. we beat mexico. we beat somebody. we never win. you don't hear good news about this country. we are in a position where we just never win. and that's because of our leadership. you need somebody perhaps that wrote the art of the deal. one of the great business books of all time i might add. now, you know, a little example somebody said i can't believe you got the old post office. you know, right down the road meaning on pennsylvania avenue. i wish it were right down the road. right down the road, pennsylvania avenue. i got a building, the old post office. great building. everybody wanted it. g.s.a. gave it out. we are doing an amazing job with it. it's under construction now for six months. the g.s.a. gave it out. obama gave it out. trump got it. now, is that good negotiating? it was in the history of the g.s.a. one of the most sought after properties ever. and trump got it. people said to me how the hell did you ever get it when obama is in charge of the g.s.a.? but that's the way it goes, folks. a
Oct 30, 2011 2:00pm EDT
jobs back from china, but when the chief executive officer of coca-cola says it is easier to do business in china than it is the united states, that says volumes about how difficult we have made it to do business in this country. we need to pull these regulations back. we need to audit every one of them since 2008 for their beneficial impact vs cost. this is not an instinctive. i know this. we will find the vast majority of them, the cost far out ways to benefit. >> what about the wage cost in mexico, china, and other car world countries we're trying to compete with? >> because the cost of doing business in the united states, particularly on the regulatory side is so onerous, we may never compete from the standpoint of an hour early rage,-- hourly wage, i would do away with the fact that you have to pay union wages. i am not anti-union but pro- jobs. if you create an environment for private sector entrepreneur is feeling comfortable they can risk their capital, it is good for the unions. i am a right to work state governor. the teamsters endorsed me every time and they understan
Jan 1, 2012 6:30pm EST
do you see the role for groups interacting with china? >> totally in the world market competing with each other. >> what are your names? >> ross and andy. >> hi. nice to meet you. >> you went to luther college? >> yes, i did. >> i went to central. >> great. >> thank you very much for coming. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> good luck. >> how are we doing? >> the security guys have to push them back. push them back. thank you. >> nice to see you. >> you want a picture? >> go ahead there. >> thank you very much. >> we would not elect the most intelligent man in our state. >> thank you. >> good luck on tuesday. >> thank you, ma'am. >> thank you. thank you. thank you, appreciate it. >> hello. hello. >> one, two, three! >> thank you. >> thank you. >> hello. >> thank you for doing this. >> hello. that's a pretty top. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> hello, how are you? >> i am so honored to meet you guys. >> good to be with you. >> i need your help on tuesday. >> i'll be there, i'll be there. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> hello. >> a big fan of yours. >> hello.
Nov 7, 2011 2:00am EST
from china who had worked on the commission to study why america was the greatest country in the history of the world, and it went through all of these things that they bought first would be the reason. they thought it was the economy. they thought it was our guns. it bought it was our form of government. there rived 20 years ago at the fact that it was our faith and made his great. we are a people, a faith-filled people that believe in that moral enterprise that is america . and so today i an ounce a safe freedom and family agenda here and to mourn. everybody else has put up an economic plan. i put up an economic plan, but no one put up a plan to strengthen the american family, make sure that we have strong marriages in our country, that we defend the institution of marriage. no one is put up a plan to make sure that e have religious liberty in this country and tht faith continues to be the bedrock of this country. no one is put a plan of what we're going to do to make sure that life is considered sacred from the moment of conception until natural death. i did. i put together i
Jul 18, 2015 9:30pm EDT
next president should be someone who is willing to enforce our trade laws to make sure china is not dumping product into this country and we are able to trade fairly with other countries. [applause] frank: there is one aspect of your candidacy that is unique. you support, to some degree, in an increase in the minimum wage. why? mr. santorum: all of my ideas are centered around what we can do to help those who have been left behind by both political parties. if you look at the fact that wages have stagnated, not just over the last few years, but really for 74% of americans that don't have a college degree, wages have been flat for 20 years. you look at what has happened and i talk about manufacturing as being a key and energy is another big key. the bottom line is we have to , grow this economy and grow wages. what i propose in a minimum wage is $.50 per hour over the next -- our increase over the next three years. people ask why i do that. what percentage of americans make the federal minimum wage? less than 1%, nobody. nobody makes the minimum wage anymore. my feeling was if you ar
Aug 20, 2011 2:00pm EDT
greater than all of the combined in china, -- and saudi arabia. our government will not let us have our resources because we have an agenda that says we cannot. that is stupid right now. [applause] we need to come back to the center because i'm not sure we treated people in the center fairly. >> thank you for the opportunity to speak to you. i appreciate your candor. we need more of that. i look at you as a leader regardless if i agree with you all the time. >> you are like my wife. >> i appreciate you. my question is not to get down in the weeds. i am a ceo and i have some specific policy questions i would like to talk about. tonight i want to ask, i ask you over a year ago a question regarding the leadership and what was going on in congress. it only got worse. i was half-hearted the asking last year but i am serious tonight that what i see happen throughout history is that society's crumble from within. that is what i'm afraid of for my own children. not for me. i have had the honor and privilege of working with david petraeus. i was part of the invasion force. we lost our daring as
Jul 18, 2015 12:00pm EDT
] that was nice. i never liked them that much because they were made in china. >> [laughter] donald trump: obviously, they appreciated. but referring to people as -- frank luntz: but referring to people as racist. donald trump: -- frank luntz: you called him a dummy. is that appropriate for running for president? donald trump: you have to let me speak, frank, because you interrupt me all the time. let's take john mccain. i'm in phoenix. we have a meeting that is going to have 500 people. we get a call from the hotel. turmoil. allison's and thousands of people are showing up 3, 4 days. -- days before. the hotel says, we cannot handle this. we move it to the convention center. we have 15,000 people. the biggest one ever. bigger than bernie sanders bigger than the people whose -- who showed up to hear him speak. a beautiful day with incredible people that were wonderful, great americans. i will tell you. john mccain goes, oh, boy trump makes my life difficult. he had 15,000 crazies show up. he called them all crazy. i said, they were not crazies. they were great americans. if you were
Apr 19, 2014 5:05pm EDT
viewing their own territorial disputes with china and the threat that they feel from beijing. and while we have you here, if you could just give us a sense of the status of this agreement between russia and ukraine, given that the pro-russian forces in eastern ukraine have said that they have no plans to leave the buildings they've occupied. >> well, julie, we've been in close communication, as you can imagine, with our allies and partners around the world, including in asia, as it relates to what is happening in ukraine. and we have been talking with them about the importance of a strong international front to uphold principles that they and we all hold dear the sovereignty , and territorial integrity of nations, the need for peaceful resolution of disputes. and we will continue to have that discussion throughout each of the stops on our trip. and i think it's fair to say that japan and south korea, major global economies, will -- as we have had to -- continue to reassess the implications of what has transpired in ukraine for their economic and diplomatic relationships, and parti
Jul 18, 2015 4:00pm EDT
that matter to me? [applause] i never liked them that much because they were made in china so it never mattered that much. [laughter] frank: they obviously appreciated. but referring to people as racists, to john mccain a war hero, 5.5 years as a pow, you call him a dummy. is that appropriate? mr. trump: you have to let me speak. you interrupt all the time. [laughter] i know him too well, that's the problem. i am in phoenix. we have a meeting that is going to have 500 people. at the biltmore hotel. we get a call from the hotel it's turmoil. thousands and thousands of people are showing up three or four days before hand. they are pitching tents. the hotel says they can handle it. we move it to the convention center. we have 15,000 people. the biggest one ever. bigger than bernie sanders. everybody knows it. a beautiful day with incredible people that were wonderful great americans. john mccain goes, oh boy, trump makes my life difficult. he had 15,000 crazies show up. i said, they weren't crazy. they were great americans. if you had seen these people, i know what crazy is. these w
Nov 25, 2012 2:00pm EST
lacan valley and now they have more in china 10 years later. that says the context that is troubling. the one area this year were congress did work together in a bipartisan way in support of the president was the jobs act. it is very important for entrepreneurs in areas which do not have venture-capital, most of the market. >> a you love government? >> government has the context with access to capital. i agree that the issue of immigration as critical. high skilled immigration needs to be in the mix. there's more work to be done. there is now a bill that was introduced in a bipartisan way by senator rubio who will be here in the morning called the start up act 2.0 and it deals with high skilled immigration and it deals with some of the issues about regulation and so now that we have the election over, we have to focus on passing the sites. we take that step and we focus on them creating these new industries, i am confident we will remain the most logical relationship. other nations was are racing or were and there is a reason to be concerned. i look at it may be optimistically by say
Sep 5, 2015 10:00pm EDT
those. again, shouldge, be a living wage and indexed to inflation. china plush recent foo manipulating currency to help the economy shows the need to have currency manipulation in any trade agreement that will be perpetual. then you notice other countries followed afterward with currency manipulation. you still have rules of origin, rules that are still out there. there are a number of ocean issues they still talk about. unfortunately, it is sort of sad -- we heard that mexico and canada have a higher wage that the united states, that the united states has made a deal with japan. does anybody know what rules of origin means? in order to get the terrorists protection -- terrorists t --arriff protection, in the participating countries -- with nafta, it was 65%. the product had to be 65% made in mexico, u.s., and canada to get the terrorists -- tarriff reduction. that has dropped down and is now into talking about in the 20's, 20%. which is absolutely ludicrous, so much worse than even nafta was. it would cost jobs and it will cause a lot of unemployment this location. it wil
Jan 24, 2015 4:00pm EST
economy if it is ever to have any hope against rising economic adversaries like china. in addition to being a business leader, she is also a political activist and has supported conservative causes over the years, including being involved at the american conservative union. in 2010, she stood tall and took on altra left-wing liberal barbara boxer in california. and that was one of the most courageous things to do, was to be able to stand up in the state of california, and go head-to-head with barbara boxer. and so she brought conservative principles to that liberal state, standing proudly for conservative ideals like limited government, lower taxes, and freedom. in a time when american politics is sorely lacking leaders with real-world experience -- leaders who know what it takes to be successful in the real world -- our next speaker is a much-needed breath of fresh air. ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to carly furey now -- fiorino. [applause] >> thank you so much. thank you. thank you. so great to be with you here. when i was a little girl, my mother who was my sunda
Jan 16, 2012 2:00am EST
advertisements attacking jon huntsman for speaking mandarin. as you know, he was the ambassador to china and is fluent in that language. i have seen advertisements criticizing him for speaking that language, implying that he would be too great of a friend to china. host: edgar, welcome to "washington journal." caller: i wanted to make just a few comments. i am a conservative republican they used to be a libertarian. to begin with, i believe in the newt gingrich assessment of mitt romney. i read his book, where he said the highest we could spend on defense would be gross domestic pot -- product at 6%. the chinese have developed a stealth fighter, and they criticize ron paul. innocent american citizens die in car accidents, as far as legalizing narcotics. and the economy, we will need to reform the federal reserve, but not put an end to it. a national currency generates huge economies of scale. my vote would be for the more experienced and knowledgeable speaker of the house, newt gingrich. thank you very much. and your program is great. host: let me use his comments to let the audience see
Oct 22, 2011 10:00am EDT
played soccer could get this until i watched the movie about the wedding when we beat china back in 1980, and that incredibly powerful player that the chinese all stayed away from because she would just flatten them. she had chronic fatigue syndrome. she did not have a brain concussion of any sort. and and you see soccer a lot. all of us watch soccer on a lot more. and you see people using their heads and you do not know whether the bands are on them are not. it is amazing, the ignorance of the american people, about this problem even though we know much more than we did know about it. i want to know right off the bat how hopeful you all are, realistically, about being able to find a problem in all of this so that the brain is not thrown off. can this happen? >> i personally am very hopeful. we did not know about this disease five years ago in any real way. and what we have learned in the vice five years has been extraordinary. we have made the extraordinary gains in identifying how the disease looks, how would progresses through the nervous system. now that we understand it exists,
Jul 29, 2012 1:00am EDT
their, whether it is dealing with cyber war, whether it is dealing with china. whatever challenger facing an today's world it could not be done without good intelligence. you need to know what others are doing and what they intend to do. as someone who depends every day on good intelligence and on d i a analytical work, i am have been very fortunate to have benefited from the judgment, and from his service. it is our good fortune that we have a net a capable officer bready to assume the mantle of leadership. he brings to this position decades of experience and military intelligence. his knowledge of the 21st century of filled as unsurpassed. i had the opportunity to see his expressive -- is an impressive work up close, a chance to see it up close when he was in afghanistan during his tremendous were there, and a helpful confidence he is the right man to lead more than 16,000 dedicated professionals that are here. you have had a great leader. you now have another great leader and the mike. -- in mike. i am deeply grateful that our department has men and women with the cullen -- cali
Oct 29, 2011 2:00pm EDT
people have committed heinous crimes. one prisoner killed a woman after china refused his entry. if i remember reading this correctly, they have not located her heart and lungs. another one killed a police officer at fort myers because he was released by police because the home country would not take them. the government is required to sanction countries that refuse to repatriate. you are supposed to order or give the country who refused to take back its alien to order the it ibiza -- the visa to be suspended. how many have you recommended? >> what we have done is work with countries that refuse to six -- refused to accept their aliens back. >> you are telling me you have not done any. >> not that i know of. if we are talking about the same thing. >> these are people who are pending removal, but their home countries would not take them. a country it uses to take back its aliens, and we secretary of state must order visas be suspended. how many times have that -- has that happened. >> i would have to look into it. >> i have listened to that all morning long. i have been amazed at some
Feb 28, 2015 4:00pm EST
again. we take back the jobs from china and other nations. nobody else is going to tell you that. we're 18 trillion in debt very soon going to be a lot more than that and we're going to reach 24 trillion dollars. that's a sacred number because it's a number from which there is almost no recovery. we better get going and we better get going fast. i just want to leave this with you. to be a winner you have to think like a winner. our country hasn't been thinking like a winner. we're totally on the defense. we're being laughed at all over the world for our stupidity. we're giving things away. isis, you know, we leave it for iraq and isis comes in and takes it. i see these trucks and beautiful tanks all american tanks. we have to use our head. we need brilliant leadership. we can make america great again. there is tremendous potential in this country. and my whole concept is make america great again. we can do it. thank you. thank you. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. now we have sean hannity. where's sean? come on, sean. get out here, sean. >> give it up for
Dec 18, 2011 2:00pm EST
producing coal for this country, but for asia, china, india, and industrialized nations. china has 82% energy produced by coal. i know that we need to produce clean coal, but our electric bills are going to 4% in west virginia for the next 10 years. they're putting in $900 million worth of scrubbers here in this country. i think we need to vote republican. get the epa out of the way and let this country be what it once was, a great country. i appreciate it. host: more of a statement rather than a question. would you like to elaborate? guest: i grew up in appellation, ohio -- appellatioappalachia, o. the future of america's energy policy will be an issue in 2012. you have seen it unfold in the debates. you see the president talking about it. uc the influence of oil. then you have the pipeline -- you see the influence of oil. then you have the pipeline coming down from canada. i think it will be a protest in issue in this coming election -- it will be a pertinent issue in this coming election. we will have to talk about how many reserves we have in this country and in north america t
Jan 7, 2012 10:00am EST
way to have a high value job competing with china and india. if you do that on the equipment side, i would also modernize the unemployment compensation program by having a training requirement attached to it so if you need on and on the compensation, you have to sign up for business training course to learn new skills while we are paying you but we'll never again pay anyone 99 weeks for doing nothing. [applause] >> we would abolish the death tax permanently because it is a destructive tax. [applause] at a personal tax level, you could keep the current deductions and red tape or you could have an optional 15% flat tax in the hong kong tradition. the one-page and here's my tax. if you do that, people have a choice. hong kong has done this for four years. we are not taking anybody's deductions away. we're giving you the choice of simplicity verses complexity and you can choose. [applause] now you come to regulatory. pretty straightforward -- you want to fix this country quickly, i would ask the brand new congress and january 3, 2013 to stay in session. i would ask them before the ina
Dec 18, 2011 1:00am EST
china? >> the best way to do that is to make this the place for manufacturing. we are going to get rid of all of the regulatory burden. then you are going to have "made in america." that is it. it is actually a simple solution. >> we want to get rid of obamacare. >> the way you do that is to rid of the monopoly and you let people use their own tax-free money. the next thing you do is medical malpractice reform. the problem is obamacare makes it more expensive. thank you. there is nothing more important. there is absolutely nothing more important. nice to meet you. very good to meet you. thanks for coming out. my husband is here somewhere. there he is. did you hear my interview on family talked? thank you. thank you. it is so good to meet you. you have a really big coat on. i can see why. january 3 period, out on january 3. that is the big day. tell everyone you know. january 3. >> when she was the first girl to be at student body president. >> oh my goodness. i need to take a picture with her. the first woman president of the united states. here. let me get that. did you get it? th
Nov 5, 2011 2:00pm EDT
316 v., across tables, whether it may be for cool and a whole litany of issues from the china comes from the ground all the way to fly ash at the point at the end. do you feel that has been adequately studied in this hurry to get through at least a million diffent comments made, with the cumulave effects also evaluated? >> appear after midwicket was inadequately? absolutely not. this hasn't even gone and they're still setting the finalization date in the middle of december. that's where my self financed process. of course it's november now. so that isn't what happened if they're going to keep to the schedule they've laid out. that is absolutely not been looked at. you mentioned some of the triggered gods with respect to greenhouse gases and i think of the switching of fuels, you know, the fact that we had epa over their improper process in the greenhouse gas endangerment finding was raised earlier. what is interesting about this is it that is so important, this makes it worse. and that hasn't been looked at either in any serious way or maybe. the 960,000 comments. it seems the timel
Sep 19, 2011 2:00am EDT
involved in the efforts in china and the middle east and in his spare time, he has time for his two children and his wife, who is also a member of the administration. she is the chief of staff for joe biden. they know a lot about this administration. >> we at least get to see each other once in awhile. >> you have worked for three very high iq president. who was the smartest of them? [laughter] >> that was not in the staff preparation. the answer to that question would be this. one of the keys to being able to work closely in a senior advisory role with three presidents over 30 years is not answering questions like that. that is the answer to that. i have been privileged to work for three administrations. i am struck, david, increasingly by the board and replace our president. -- by the stress we place on our president. we had a lot committee meeting that day. at the end of the day, when the decision was made, the president had divided council. our team of national security advisers is a team of prominent americans. from vice president biden to secretary clinton, to secretary gates.
Dec 17, 2011 10:00am EST
shipped to china. thank you. host: our next call comes from kirk on our line for republicans. washington, c., go ahead. caller: i am all for including the keystone pipeline under the condition that kent conrad and mitt rney have provided, the offer would not be exposed. and under words, the water table could easily be attacked by terrorists at its weakest point and cause all kinds of damage. as long as the pipeline goes around the offer, i am all for it. in that i am all for it and i would like for it to go around the oaquifer, which contrt with the position of doing it in the most efficient way. the will be direct relevance and a couplef months in the way that this will be decided. and i agree with kent conrad and mitt romney and not newt gingrich. host: in the baltimore sun, this headline. they write the short-term extension of the payroll tax cut comes as democrats and republicans fail to achieve a consensus on how to pay for the full year extension of the tax break which expires december 31. the article goes on to say that house members left town friday after approving an $915illion
Nov 19, 2011 10:00am EST
. "automobile industry imports jobs from china." that is a reversal. we had more activity. they're the strongest company since 1998 profiting. we could argue the theory of what could have happened, should have happened, whatever. the fact is here we are. unemployment has stabilized. gdp is not where we want it to be. we have importation of jobs from china. some of the processing that has been going on in china is moving back to the united states. wage rates go up. fuel costs are high. better to do it here. you can look at pieces and fry your own conclusions, but we are where we are. we have to get the unemployment rate down. we have to get consumer confidence higher. let me take off on the issue -- i agree with the chairman in regards -- and of course, he hit my issue, energy. yours is now recognizing in a robust way the power of energy and the development of energy. you mentioned in your testimony fuel costs have a direct impact to consumers. also development of domestic supply, as you just heard, had not only an effect in the jobs and oil patch states, but a ripple effect as you buil
Nov 26, 2011 10:00am EST
basically. we looked at china, brazil, and every other country in the developing world. we need to be careful sometimes when looking at iran and experts who worked on iran, worked on ran 24/7 the things that might seem peculiar to iran might be more general around the developing world. certainly, the irgc is more involved in the economy than it was five years ago, but it was involved in the economy in the 1990's. it is more of a general trend that a particular outcome of particular regulations. i will leave it at that. will talk about that later. >> terrific. that is a great start for us. there is some stuff we will want to come back and dig into. makes sense of iran for us. >> i will try to do that in the seven minutes. >> you might have a couple of minutes to spare. >> the rate i would describe -- the way i would describe transposition internally and externally as impasse. i think there's a domestic impasse and obviously an international impasse on the nuclear issue, but other issues as well. the domestic and past takes place i think at two levels. within the state institutions t
Sep 26, 2015 10:00am EDT
obama say that he did not have the leverage he needed with iran the is-a-vis china because we owed them money, the amount of debt we have is affecting our security and strength. cutting government is important. the final two questions. what is the best moment for another campaign or candidate when you thought that was really smart, and what is the most enduring quality about bobby jindal that the rest of us don't know? definitely the best moment was trumped half past -- was trumped -- trump's cap. the most enduring quality about governor jindal is he is a very kind man, and i think that does not always come across because he is god so much intellectual horsepower. rich: can you give us an example? there are times where he will call me on my phone and one of my kids will answer and he will just talk to the kids. he just takes time with people. he makes people feel at home and welcome. you go to these iowa town hall meetings and he will not leave until everyone has had a chance to talk to him. he will sit and talk to everything a person. he is a kind person. rich: thanks so much. [ap
Dec 10, 2011 2:00pm EST
is worth far and money from china to pay for it. right now, a lot of things we're doing we're funding by borrowing money from other people who will demand interest and pay back at some point. for me, this is very important. is this program critical? i will eliminate a lot of programs that i like because of that test. there are programs we need to keep in place but they could be run far more efficiently if they were returned to the states rather than run at the federal level. one of those is medicaid. i would take medicaid dollars plus 1% and say to iowa, you craft your own program. you structure it in the way you think is best. you have to give the states time to organize a program of that nature. making that change in medicaid understate direction saves $100 billion per year for years out. there are 47 different workforce training programs that have been put in place in the federal government. they report to eight different federal agencies. the gao did an evaluation of the programs. they did not find any of them to be affected. these are billions of dollars of training programs. i w
Jan 1, 2012 2:00pm EST
wall themselves off. you hear it in their own campaigns, on our side. we have to isolate china, blaine china for everything, put on tariffs, and punish china. i do not want to do that. i am not the isolationist. they are the isolationists and they are making a lot of mistakes. >> you say you support wars with clear missions. cite some examples of missions we have been involved in where we had a clear mission. >> world war ii. it is a good example of how it works. the president did not go to war without going to congress. we knew the enemy was. we made the declaration of war. everybody got behind it. in 40 years, thereabout, we conquered and won those wars. today, it is nebulous. we do not know who the enemy is. we go to war not against the government's, but we go to war against a group of people that are causing trouble and it ends for ever. then we go into nation-building and we go to war with false information. some people call them lies. when we went to war in iraq, no calcutta there, no weapons of mass destruction. -- no al qaeda they are, new weapons of mass destruction. when we l
Dec 10, 2011 10:00am EST
the world, we know that china will not pay attention to those sanctions. they will continue to buy our oil. but they will buy oil for a lot less than they are paying now. the oil will be on the market, but iran will not being -- will not be paid. that will harm their economy. >> good morning. thanks for coming. the soy from bucks county, pennsylvania. -- i am from bucks county, pennsylvania. a lot of my friends are moderate and independent. i completely agree with you on your opinion of world affairs. my friends and i are concerned about your stance on the shivo case. how do you recommend i respond to them on that? >> if you look at the republican field, all of the pro -- all of the republican field is going to be pro-life and pro-marriage. you are really choosing between -- not on the issue. you are choosing between something a little different. i would make the argument that we had president to candidates that have been pro-lifers or pro-marriage and have not been comfortable talking about those issues because they do not feel comfortable about the positions they hold. there may
Jan 15, 2012 2:00pm EST
and as american workers compared to china and the debt create problems for your and products? with the idea of the -- how are we supposed to compete with the labor and wages lost compared to year and over there? >> if i understand the question, can the u.s. base compete with the competitor based in a different part of the world with a different labor standards? is that the labour -- is that the nature of the question? it is an issue, no doubt about it. there are parts of the world with lower cost of capital and lower unit labor rates than we have. that's a statement of the problem, not a reason to give up. what we need to do is look at where we want to compete. there are some sectors where we cannot allow our product technology or manufacturing technology bring enough to that sector to make a sustainable business out of it and we will exit those businesses. but we have found that there are enough places thanks to our intellectual property where we can create a product that has value for the consumer in those developing regions where they are willing to pay price of the u.s. manufac
Oct 9, 2011 1:00am EDT
passions has been to think about u.s.-china relations in this strategic road map. i am inclined to do what steven colbert did and say you have a new book out -- what is it about? >> it is such a confusing title. [laughter] >> he won the nobel prize in 1973. you had such an accomplished and storied career. you need to members of china's release than anyone else. i am interested in how you see china today. we have the sixth generation of leaders about to take over this next year. recently, army analysts looking at the national security strategy report issued by president obama last year set a america is in strategic -- said america is in strategic contraction. i would be interested in seeing where we are going, where is china going. if you could buy stock in china, which stock would you buy? >> i would not accept the proposition. that will get us into a situation with itself producing prophecies. economically, china is obviously growing. it is hard not to admit we are in a strategic contraction when we withdraw from afghanistan and i iraq and when the national contention seems to be dev
Sep 24, 2011 10:00am EDT
permission in china's other is an alarming disparity. what do you think of this alarming disparity? >> are either of you following this issue? >> no, not this one. i've written a book that has a lot about china in this called, "take this job and ship it." it talks about a lot of the imbalances. china will have a significant influence on our future. what will that influence be? our approach to china has been engaging truitt trade and travel, but there's a lot that concerns me about things in china and the lack of human rights, so we keep working on it as a country. i'm not familiar with this in balance of journalists that you described. >> one of the hot ticket items right now is the israeli- palestinian conflict. which stand should be taken and why? >> i think the united states has a critical and sensitive role to play. it has been very difficult for us to take the position and is expected in the arab world as it has been with israel. i do think the solution now, as i said, is really between the palestinians and israel. the administration, this one in the previous, have taken a dif
Jan 22, 2012 2:00pm EST
called "if you see something say something." this is a book about america that begins in china. i attended the world economic conference in china. it involved a 3 1/2 hour car ride from beijing to a polluted crowded chinese version of the trip. but things have changed. now you have to go to the beijing south railway station. you buy a ticket from an electronic kiosks offering information in chinese and english and you go to a high- speed train that goes to another room modern train station. it is said to be the fastest in the world began in 2008. it covers 72 miles in 729 minutes. as if the convention center was not impressive enough, the conference's co-sponsors give some helpful facts and figures. the convention center had a total floor area of two 0.5 million acre-feet and construction started on september 15, 2009 and completed in may 2010. i started walking around my hotel room, counting on my fingers -- eight and a half months. returning home to maryland from that trip, i was describing the complex and how quickly it was built to my co-author michael and his wife and. and wi
Jul 31, 2011 2:00pm EDT
-- sidelined itself is basically a troublesome prospect, whether you are in africa or china or india or others. so the bigger picture is a combination of dealing with the substantive challenges that the u.s. and europe and japan face, but also a sense about what role they would play in shaping this future international system that does, as everybody here working on development knows, have some incredible opportunities. one does not have to look at gloom and doom in this. africa has grown an average of about 5% for a decade. there's lots of opportunities there. we have private capital growing. china has grown 9.9%. it depends how you look at the world, but there are great opportunities, but they have to be seized, and we have to figure out how developed and emerging markets were together in a different way than they did in the past. bob, another news item getting a lot of justified attention is the food crisis in eastern africa, where 11 million people are at some risk in the current drought. this is everything from research on seats, including different conditions of climate change and
Jan 7, 2012 2:00pm EST
people she to and steal our technology -- no more will china run all over us and we will pretend like it is not happening. [applause] look at the budget. people ask -- how can we ever balance the budget? a funny thing, we have -- we revel to balance the budget in massachusetts every year. [chanting from the back] we have some people that want to make themselves heard. how're you doing? [lots of chanting and yelling] we are lucky to live in a country where those people are able to express their views. i love that freedom in this great country. it is best when we do it with respect and civility. let me tell you how we are going to balance the budget. we have the chance in massachusetts. this is the total contingent of republican legislators, it seems like, in massachusetts. it was 85% democrat and we balanced the budget every year. how did we do that? we went through, listed the programs, and decided which ones we had that have and some of the ones that were just nice to have, we eliminated or cut back on. i will ask the question -- is this program so essential that it is worth using money
Aug 21, 2011 2:00pm EDT
india, china, south korea, singapore. i think our children are as smart, talented, entrepreneurial as children anywhere in the world. i want to give them the chance to compete on a level playing field. i want them to be successful. the brutal truth is that an object -- is that other countries are out-educating us. >> you can see the entire interview with education secretary arne duncan on "newsmakers," 6:00 p.m., c-span, also available online at c- >> it is a country fraught with corruption, natural disasters, and islamist extremists. >> what was really shocking to me and many people was that these assassinations were welcomed, were congratulated by many pakistanis. these are not terrorists, not al qaeda, not taliban, but ordinary pakistanis who feel that their religion is threatened, that the country is becoming too secular, that the islamic values are under attack, and that blasphemy, anything that assaults the product or -- prophet or islam is something to be defended with your life. >> pamela constable otnight -- tonight on c-span's "q&a." >> the event is courtesy of
Jan 14, 2012 2:00pm EST
billion, are in asia. approximately 500 million alone, 25%, are in china. today in the internet, there's not a single generic top-level domain in chinese characters or those for the hindu or arabic languages. there are country codes. we introduced those successfully starting in 2009. we have one in 20 -- we have more than 20 countries recognized with the extensions. that is a critical move in the international is asian of -- internationalization of icann in the domain name system. it is the first time that china or another country can apply for a top-level domain name in their own language scripts. it is absolutely vital. i have traveled through 27 countries in the last few months and met with companies, nonprofits, governments in 16 of those in probably close to 200 meetings over the past four months to talk about this program. i can tell you there are definitely parties interested in beijing, new delhi, catarrh -- the united arab immigrants, and around the world. there is interest around the world. there is a sense from the users around the world that this is fair and right th
Dec 17, 2011 2:00pm EST
, the united states will lose these jobs and canada will sell the oil to china. and we will be forced to get more of our energy from the middle east. if the president successfully blocks these new jobs, it will only add to his long list of bad economic decisions for our country. while the president may have inherited a bad economy, he has made it worse. earlier this week, in a "60 minutes" interview, the president said that he has not overpromised. his record shows otherwise. his administration projected that his $800 billion failed stimulus bill would keep unemployment below 8%. almost three years later, under the obama economy, the unemployment rate is 8.6 percent and it has been over 8% for a record 34 straight months. he promised that he would cut spending. but in less than three years as president, america's national debt has increased so much that we have to borrow almost $3 million every minute -- a lot of it from china. he promised that his health care law would lower premiums for families, but since his inauguration, premiums have increased more than $2,200. he promised to cr
Aug 6, 2011 7:00pm EDT
to do business in communist china than in the united states of america, and when that happens, you know you are headed in the wrong direction. for us, the equation is simple, grow your economy and limit your spending. if we can do that, these issues are a lot easier to manage. that is the debate. these are two different opinions of the role of government in america. two very different views of where we should be as a nation, and between them there is very little ground -- very little common ground. when people talk about compromise, i am not against it. but it has to be a solution. if the compromise is not about the solution to buy your wasting people's time. we are not deciding whether we're going to have six judges vs 12 judges, or whether we are going to name a post office after this guy or that guy. this is a fundamental difference of opinion about what kind of government we want to have, and the answer to that question will determine what kind of country we have for your generation and beyond. much of the world has chosen to have a government that is very involved in our econo
Dec 11, 2011 10:30am EST
china. the fact that so many people in congress seem to be bought and paid for. getting rid of lobbyists and corporate corrupt politicians was at the core of the ross perot message. >> this is a call-in program. we in a few minutes will put our phone numbers on the screen so you can be involved with the issue that led to see he has today. this book was published "disrupting the balance of power." carolyn barta is the author. she is joining us from her home in texas. you knew ross perot as a journalist before many people met hi. can you tell us about his roots in texarkana and what shaped the man we knew of a national stage? >> perot was from texarkana. he had an average texas childhood. as a boy he broke horses and traded horses. he was an eagle scout. even in later tonight i think he kept all of the traits of the eagle scout. he would set of objectives and goals and try to pursue those goals. he was very much in the texas tradition of the day. as he grew and went to the naval academy and started his own businesses, he was representing the can-do spirit of texas. his vision was
Jan 22, 2012 10:30am EST
forcing canada into a partnership with china. how can our next door neighbor- china to be a more reliable partner to be united states? the answer is barack obama. your point is well made. every time we turn around, we find another way that barack obama is killing jobs. thank you for your friends in florida. i hope everybody watching will facebook or e-mail or call anybody they know in the florida. we need people power to offset governor romney's money power. get on facebook an e-mail and we will do just fine in florida. host: next we have mary in wisconsin. good morning. caller: i would like to make some points. with this country is broke. we have absolutely no means to rebuild our country. we cannot even see to create jobs. can you please address how you plan to put this country back together with our pockets are absolutely empty? host: thank you, mary. guest: i have a sudden loss from sheboygan and my wife is from western -- i have a son in law from sheboygan and my wife is from western wisconsin. we have to go back to the basics. do exactly what any family or any business woul
Jan 1, 2017 1:24pm EST
polluting air like china has? -- water systems westmark systems? will it placate the middle class in a way with infrastructure but have the main money people control pretty much everything. host: thank you. there,my wife is from great place. i like it there. on theg with the points epa, that will be one of the flashpoints. pull betweensh and the parties regulations in general, to what extent are protections for clean air and clean water? how far should we go? whathould we dictate industries need to do? the president-elect and a lot of congressional republicans have for years wanting to be here back what president obama has done through climate change and other things. how far they can get with that will be one of the most interesting stories going forward. becauseon for that is republicans have this view that these regulations will be damaging to the economy, but how much that they can unwind the -- depends on factors because we think of executive actions with a broad paintbrush, but what kind really matters. from executive order can be unwound quickly come up something general policy matt
Dec 31, 2011 2:00pm EST
iowa still feeds the world. some places have doubled in the last year because china buys so porkof iowa's corn and products. we are still significant. i warned about the commodity markets and wall street in the 1980's. we did a good job of stopping farm family foreclosures. now we see another round of foreclosures on homes. with your years of experience, what do you think about family farms and their futures? rick santorum is backing american agriculture and the family foarm. i have ridden with him several times. he is going to homes. he is a grassroots man just like senator grassley. guest: as an observer, it is interesting to see rick santorum doing it the old-fashioned way. he has had something over 350 meetings. he has been doing it the way jimmy carter did. now he is starting to pick back up. it is similar to canada's that do more than something we do something more than just -- it is similar to what jimmy carter did. maybe it says something about doing more than just running advertising and being on the internet. if rick santorum can rally people, he will do well on caucus st
Dec 3, 2011 10:00am EST
the globe today with china and india escalating their use of fossil fuels very rapidly is having a detrimental effect on the warming of our planet and the changing of our environment. so we are going to continue to invest in alternative energy and very frankly that is now only a -- not only a good thing for us to do in my opinion from an environment standpoint but a wonderful thing to do from an economic standpoint and jobs creation. i think a lot of jobs will be created producing alternative energy and the chinese are very much ahead of us for instance in solar panels. we need to catch up and make sure that we are doing what -- crowd? what do we want to do with solar panels? make it in america. gets $100 right over here. ok. next. >> my name is roger. i'm a plummer with local 5 here in d.c. and i have helped a lot of the people here keep this university running and the toilets flushing. one of the reasons some of them back up sometimes is bauts of what's happening on pennsylvania avenue, the lines get too full. that's supposed to be a joke, fellows. now, you know -- you ought to c
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