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Jun 6, 2010 10:30am EDT
chance to catch up to the rest of the world. china, india, japan, other countries are using american-designed technologies. the united states is missing a moment n until we begin to do something. since 9/11, we import more oil than we did before 9/11. it's insulting to common sense. we need to pass a comprehensive policy that prices carbon and moves america to the future so we can get into the marketplace. we'll have better health, better national security. increased ability to provide our own national energy policy. and we will create millions of jobs. >> senator cornyn, your response? >> there are parts of the bill that senator kerry and lieberman have introduced that i think are positive steps. the acknowledgment that we can't completely cut ourselves off from domestic sources of oil and gas. we need to explore nuclear power. where i disagree is that we need to tax the american consumer and the american business at a time when with an energy tax, a new energy tax, when unemployment is at 10%. if we do that, we'll kill a lot of jobs that currently exist. together with the moratoriu
Sep 13, 2015 4:00am EDT
. russia and china agreed. this is what israel wanted. this is what saudi arabia wanted. if we're going to have a negotiation about regional issues some of our regional partners want to be in that discussion. real quick what it does do is, it is a gateway to those discussions. the biggest difference you had opens the way to conversations about these other issues, areas where you have overlapping strategic objectives. they both have an interest in stabilizing the region, and interest in stopping the war in syria. can you get to those conversations? we don't no. if you did not solve the issue was no possibility of even entering the room. >> one thing, you come to the hill and breathe the air and start filibustering. [laughter] i don't mean to do that. a that. a very important point. the argument that we cannot enter into this agreement because they are causing trouble, sponsoring hezbollah and sponsoring us on and causing both to me is illogical. you have to flip that argument on its head because to the extent we can take the nuclear issue and while it off, put it out, were in a better posit
Sep 29, 2014 2:00am EDT
attitude that would undoubtedly be taken by russia and possibly also by china. the language that has been used so far has been about destruction, but i am not sure that it is possible to destroy an ideology. i am not sure that it is possible to destroy a cult of the kind that now exercises such malign influence. one thing that we most certainly can do is to adopt a policy of containment and deterrence. to do that, we have to degrade its military capability and create circumstances in which any return to barbarism will be met by swift and effective action. i think we would do best to agree that we are not likely to embark on a successful process of destruction, but that we can have an effective doctrine of deterrence and containment. there is no parallel between today's debate and the debate on iraq in 2003, but there is a parallel with kosovo. when kosovo was an issue, with considerations similar to those that we are discussing -- not least ethnic cleansing -- the international community was able to deal with the situation without a resolution. a lot has been said about the long term, but
Sep 20, 2015 3:00pm EDT
foreign developments you discussed and what you are concerned about? --assume it might be tied china, are you concerned about the chinese economy slowing, the markets there? do you have concerns about the european economy? related to stop markets can i ask you feel how -- how you feel about u.s. equity markets, because you spoke about the inmate and you saw that they were generally quite high. now equity prices have pulled back. chair yellen: with respect to global developments, we reviewed developments in all important areas before, but we have focused particularly on china and emerging markets. expected thatg most -- as most analysts have, we have expected to see the chinese rebalance their economy. and iave planned that, don't think there are more surprises there. the question is whether there might be a risk of a more abrupt slowdown than most analysts expect. i think there were concerns the deftness with which policy makers are addressing those concerns. in addition, we saw a very substantial downward pressure on oil markets. those developments have had a significant impact on e
Sep 8, 2014 4:00am EDT
emerged is extremely unlikely. china has not been a party to any of these bilateral cold war agreements. that is the dark shadow on this paper. we talk about the u.s. russia relationship. china is out there. china is a threat to both parties. that is going to have a nuclear deterrent. there is no question about it in the nuclear context. >> this is political talk already. the upturn the -- the opportunistic point is that neither russia nor america's feeling from danger -- feeling of danger from china is objective in nature. the cases are very subjective and not by the objective threat of china but by how we perceive china. that makes the situation looks better. >> in terms of funny stories, when we started writing this paper we were hammered for being too pessimistic. increasingly we are hammered for being too optimistic about the nature of the relationship. even if trust is nonexistent. the myra memories conversations. what i still don't quite understand is if it was possible to achieve another arms-control agreement between russia and the united states, if we were able to o
Dec 28, 2013 12:00pm EST
of those tools, no matter what china and india looks like, we are still very strong and people look to us as a place to invest and to get investment from. those tools are underutilized in the middle east. that is a big -- combine and delete -- interlinked for reform. to the broader point after 30 years of the u.s. investing so much and the terms of security footprint, glad we did that. it is still seen incomplete. the region still fraught with problems. we build alliances that were not economically or politically sustainable. that is the thing. it seems like an academic case. after the last decade of engagement, the pessimism among democrats and republicans, educating them if we cannot have the money for a marshall plan. what i fear is nobody cares. i fear elliott and i and lee, who get paid to write this, we are a smaller community in terms of who was paying smaller attention. we've squandered that a bit after 9/11. i hope you get it back. our leadership could be important. >> i am going to ask the final question and you can both give an answer. 4 minutes left. we talked about how
Oct 8, 2012 2:00am EDT
involved, and so is hezbollah, russia, and china. the will of syria is being blocked by many international interest. it exposed a lot of the rule of law internationally. we do not live in a global community people being taken accountable. i understand the concerns with interest in justice. i am afraid that they lost their moral compass. they are seeing a society where women and children are being brutalized. there are concerns about globalization. they have turned a blind eye to the suffering of people. it is sad for me to see any individual and group and organization. they want to make a point against imperialism. >> thank you. >> my name is julia. i am syrian. i just finish my master's in international affairs. i find it difficult to picture what the future is for syria other than who will be replacing who. what is the future of syria? my concern is how to communicate your vision. i am glad to hear this discussion in d.c. speaking for my family and relatives, i do not think the people know what it is, basically. i think this is very important for the majority of people to k
Jun 16, 2013 6:30pm EDT
this was not occurring, we do not have the money. who must borrow the money from china to send it to pakistan. aerican soldiers spent decade to liberate iraq, and taxpayers paid 470 million dollars in aid, the president of open doors describe what is going on there as religious side. before the toppling of hussein, a city of iraq was home to 75,000 christians. now the numbers have dropped to 25,000. christian homes are set on fire and bombs are placed on cars and christian families are receiving threatening letters, to leave iraq or be kidnapped and killed. american soldiers have risked their lives for the sake of the country's liberation. our young men and women have fought for a noble cause but the unintended consequences is under fit -- unforgivable. no amount of money will make them our true allies. they are not allies of israel and i fear one day, your money, our money, will be used against israel. it makes no sense. should we be staying at sending f-16's and tanks to egypt when president morsi stands up and says jews are descendents of pigs and dogs? i say no more f-16s, no mor
Jun 11, 2016 7:00pm EDT
where china is rising, which is fine, but i -- but behaving aggressively, which is not. strengthening our deterrent and defense forces in the face of north korea's nuclear provocations, checking uranian aggression in the gulf, and confronting terrorism, including accelerating the certain defeat of isil in iraq and syria, and wherever it metastasizes in places like afghanistan. since, moreover, we have a pretty good record of never predicting successfully the strategic future. we have to also be flexible and agile preparing for it. preparing for unknowns we cannot anticipate. in the department of defense we do not have the luxury of choosing between these challenges, or between acting in the present and investing in the future. we have to accommodate both changes in technological landscape and strategic landscape, we have to do it all. to stay ahead of these challenges and stay the best i have been pushing the pentagon, all of us, to think outside of the five sided box and invest aggressively in innovation with innovative technologies and innovative practices, and innovative people. le
May 24, 2014 9:57pm EDT
of only the u.s. could love in that we're an intellectual property generating a company. china's a giant economy. they produce -- why can't they just define their national security objectives as including the economic health of their companies. i mean, is the distinction that we're drawing really a stable one and that we'll be able to sustain in an international argument over what's legitimate and what's illegitimate in the rem of economic espionage? >> well, it's a good question. let's think about it the other way around for a second because whether or not we bring prosecutions and follow the evidence where it's a choice no matter what. and what we're seeing is we're seeing victim companies, private entities inside the united states, indictment details. they might design a pipe and put a lot of research in designing the pipes. and then the -- there's a question over whether you buy what they have built with their hard work and innovation or steal it. and when we come across a case of somebody stealing it by hacking into somebody's system without permission and taking the design th
Aug 2, 2015 7:00pm EDT
seems to be coming from china. it looks like beijing has a hand in all this. what do we do? governor christie: we have to continue to work to have our relationship with china involved. -- eve off. i don't want to see china as an enemy. i think they are a potential adversary for influence in the world, and we need to make sure we are working with them in a way which makes three things clear. first that we want to be their friends. we have worked hard to have a relationship over time, and we want to be their friend. we are not looking to make an enemy out of china. nor do i think china should want to make an enemy of us. they are trying to grow their economy and a vibrant middle class. they need american markets and access to do that. second, we need to make sure that we are continuing to have regular communications with the chinese that sent out clearly what our goals and objectives are,. let's listen to what the chinese goals and objectives are. see the places where those can be married. and third we have to be very clear that once we start, they can test the limits of pati
Aug 30, 2015 5:00pm EDT
region, and it has endangered our interests, our allies. ed has embolden our our adversaries. china and russia are more adventurous. them issomeone new to our relationship -- the europeans haven't been capable of asking that people will suffer in terms of national security for close to 30 years. they have understood the european feckless leadership. ishink what is new to them the degree that american leadership has stepped back, and they are clearly taking advantage of it. i'm not hopeless about this issue, because i think we have -- we have been here before many times. american leadership is the defining experience . we understood -- we started with a leader who understood what he wanted, and he was fighting that conventional military that was the best in the world. it took him seven years but we eventually beat it back. i'm talking about the founder of our country. during theesident civil war that couldn't find in general to fight the war competently, and his leaders were willing to come to him and sent, look, we have to make accommodations with the jefferson davis government. we have
May 25, 2014 12:40am EDT
commercial gain is acceptable. case, china has not attempted to justify the allegation, instead, they deny them. this has been a consistent response. over a year ago, the chinese government flatly denied reports that unit 61398 was hacking u.s. companies. a spokesman for china's ministry of national defense said chinese military forces have never supported any hacking activities. china also challenged the united states to present hard evidence, evidence i could stand up in againstat cyber attacks american targets are connected to the chinese military. well, we did. the response? hours after monday's announcement, the chinese foreign ministry's cause the accusations tuesday losers and absurd. we are confident that we have the evidence to back up these is the depositions in a court of law. league indictment. it is particular. for the first time, we haven't closed the real faces and names line between boards in shanghai used to steal from american businesses. thatis not conduct responsible nations within the global economic community should tolerate. states, we believe that individuals i
Oct 6, 2013 5:00am EDT
japan and then it is korea, taiwan, singapore and in the back of this five car train is china. you know that moment when you are on a roller coaster and it is just ok and then you get to the top and then it is that omg moment where you realize there is no way off this roller coaster and you are on it until it stops. moment or omf cheap moment, whatever you want to call it [laughter] now is for japan is right in terms of longevity and aging. it is good to have a profound impact on us and we are seeing it layout in something called abenomics. japan is literally rolling the dice on its future, as an as amy, as a society, culture. they can handle the issues around longevity in a way that will be positive. but if they get it wrong, they are literally at the moment when all of us will pay the price for that. if you don't know this, you should study it a bit. japan's debt burden compared to the united states, japan is 240% of its gdp as government debt. , it is an absolute population freefall. it is less 2 million people from its population and those numbers accelerate dramatically. it looks l
Dec 30, 2012 8:00am EST
really won't, can't for many years. they see china as a potential threat in the future but recognize we have common interests in china which would ease that threat. and they see the great instability in the middle east as posing specific threats to us such as the chemical weapons in syria which could fall in the hands of terrorists, but see these threats as threats to be managed, not to be resolved once and for all. meaning we can protect the chemical weapons. we don't have to go in and turn syria into a democracy. >> you want the united states to build one of the points that the report makes early on, to build on comparative strengths and address comparative weaknesses. from your standpoint what are those strengths that need to be built on, and then what are the weaknesses that need to be addressed? >> well, our military forces have unprecedented capabilities. we've spent a lot over the last 10 years, as you know, and it shows in our naval power, our air power, our space capabilities, our intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance capabilities. our forces are flexible to move quickly a
Jun 17, 2012 11:30am EDT
. there's been a lot of concern about china's rise and increasing acertificativeness. the united states already has extensive bases in the reachp. there were some 300,000 troops that are there. where are some of the new places we're going to? the philippines and vietnam are two of the places we'll be returning. how many people are we talking about adding and what is it they will be doing in the reachen? >> you are absolutely right. p president and secretary announced in january that we would be rebalancing toward the asia pacific region. as you know, the united states military has had a presence in asia pacific for decades. what we're doing is reasserting that presence and our commitment to the region. the region is a very important economic center for american interests. it's obviously an important center for american security interests. what this does is reinvigorate our security and military relationships in the region. that's precisely what secretary panetta laid out in his recent visit to the region in shangri- la, he put meat on the bone what that means. that means working
Sep 1, 2013 6:00am EDT
, where we are working. in fact, we have an agreement with china to work on that. and then methane. and on methane, we currently have an interagency group formed at the president's direction headed by the e.p.a., including the department of energy, department of interior and department of agriculture, for example, to -- to look at methane emissions. we are in very close contact with the environmental defense fund who, of course, has had a major study of their own on methane -- on methane emissions. the -- so we will see what comes out of that. >> we're going to remove people from the room if they just shout out. okay? >> the data currently look as though they -- the -- they are more on the low side of the estimates of methane emissions. [inaudible] >> would you please let the secretary answer your question. >> he's talking about something else than what i'm talking about. [inaudible] he says it's worse than coal. >> the question has already been asked and the secretary is answering the question so let him answer the question. >> the current data suggests that that is an incorrect statem
Nov 10, 2014 5:00am EST
one is the p5+1 track in which the iaea is also involved. if these countries, china, france, russia, britain, a united states agreed on a joint plan of action with iran in achieve, the aim was to a mutually agreed long-term comprehensive solution to ensure iran's nuclear program which the is lucidly peaceful. also the countries asks the iaea measures to be implemented by iran which we are doing. the p5+1 with iran is continuing. read is mention that i still not implementing -- iran is still not implementing. implementation by iran is the central for the agency to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear materials and activities in the country. affairs is state of iran's nuclear materials under iaea safeguards is under peaceful safeguards. toorder to provide, iran has clarify the issues. the additional protocol. what is needed now is concrete actions on the part of iran to resolve all outstanding issues. i've been committed to working with iran to restore the confidence in a peaceful nature of its nuclear program. as i repeat, this is not a never ending proc
Jan 9, 2016 4:23pm EST
vote. i'm going to take our jobs back from china, from everywhere. people know that. so we are leading by a lot and by a lot in the sec. georgia. we have places that are unbelievable. the me go to florida and i met 32. a sitting senator is at 14. jeb bush was their governor and the twos.the numeral two i love florida. it's a second home for me. i have a great relationship with the people of florida. going to be tell. , sittinga senator senator and you have a governor who was there for eight years and i'm saying that's going to be tell. the first poll came out and i was clobbering everybody in florida. course you look at massachusetts. i had 152%. tom brady loves me. tom brady said great things about me.
Sep 21, 2014 7:00pm EDT
administration's policies, we're now exporting 10% of our coal, china and other countries are burning it. does nothing to help the environment. it's hurting our economy. how is that fact based or science based? how is that a science based approach? even if you believe their premise that what they're addressing is a real -- needs to be addressed? >> i asked whether you personally believe that human activity -- well two parts. do you think that the earth is the climate is changing and earth is warming? do you believe human activity had something to do with that? >> one, the climate is absolutely changing. and the question is how much is it changing? what are the consequences of that change? secondly, yeah. it's not controversial to say human activity is contributing in some way to change certainly. in terms of how much and how serious that is, let the scientists decide that. politicians don't need to decide that. as we address it, and again i'll quote krauthammer. you don't have to be a climate change believer or denier to actually believe that it can't be good for us to be -- if there is nothin
Mar 2, 2014 7:00pm EST
, john downey and another american named richard flew into china. their mission was to pick up an agent who was of special importance to the u.s. unbeknownst to downey and his plane agent, as their came in and a secret location for demanding, they were shot down. the pilots were killed. fellow agentnd his spent 20 years in prison. the mains there until the early 1970's. graduates -- ya le graduates that play crucial roles in early leadership in the central intelligence agency. most people are heroes that we never know about. i have a friend here today whose nephew is injured in the bombing in afghanistan when the cia officers were killed. they served quietly. that is what intelligence work is all about. they have private, less dangerous lives. economichings like analysis or photo interpretation or to intercept conversations and analysis and so on. they are the back own. i kind of thing that they ought to be recognized in the same way that we recognize our military or police officers or first responders or firefighters. the work that they do should be celebrated. , butnnot know wha
Apr 11, 2015 7:00pm EDT
is stronger or destructive, or because china is strong or destructive. it is because we're no longer confident in what we are about and what we in. dbelieve in. [applause] >> some much your critics said your criticism of islam crosses the line. so the council on american islamic relations, about a year ago, when they wrote brandeis university said thaw practiced religious prejudice and that honoring you would be similar to awarding white supremacists or anti-semites. brandeis, withdrew plans to give you an honorary degree a year ago. how do you respond to this group's suggestion that you're criticism of islam is amounting to prejudice and intolerance? >> i just want to highlight that they have a hidden again today and that hidden agenda has been made manifest by a woman called romani. who was a journfallist for the "the washington post." and she wrote a wonderful essay on the honor brigade which the council of american islamic relations is one. and, she wrote this in january of this year, 16, january. i like you all to read it. you know how it all works. i think it is unfortunate tha
Jun 28, 2014 11:00am EDT
the other threats we face. china has been very, very aggressive at militarization in space. and they are very aggressive about investment in technology, certainly to try to mute the strength of our u.s. naval forces around the world. and then, one those things happen, you watch what their aggressiveness in the south china sea. and that is clearly something that is concerning and i think it's a growing tension. i still believe that between vietnam and japan, there will be some maritime skirmish within the next 24 months, and i don't think it will be huge, but i do think there will be a maritime skirmish between either vietnam or japan with china in their pursuit to push out their boundaries in the south china sea. that's significant, about 40% of the world's trade goes through the south china sea. we have been, as the u.s. navy, we have been there since we've been a country. so when china starts telling us that the u.s. navy can't be in the south china sea, that's a huge, significant strategic threat to the united states and certainly our economic prowess in the world. clearly russia
Apr 12, 2015 5:00pm EDT
time with them as well. ms. fiorina: i have been doing business with in china for a couple of decades now, and the chinese are motivated first and foremost by what they perceive to be in their nation's economic self-interest. their economic-self interest requires them to grow at a certain rate, to lift a certain number of people out of poverty, because they have figured out that political peace and social peace require a certain standard of living. that is the bargain they have made with the chinese people. we will crush freedoms, and in return, you will have a reasonable standard of living. that's a bargain that's fraying at the edges in very real ways. they do not care what we think about their human rights record. they really do not care. and so however objectionable we may find their human rights record, we are wasting our breath. they actually do not care when we say we think they are manipulating their currency. they think we are manipulating our country. -- currency. i would agree with them. qe1, qe2, qe3 has had the effect of manipulating our currency. so we have to talk to th
Dec 8, 2013 8:00am EST
of afghanistan. bullet first, rising tensions in the east china sea, where china has extended its air defense identification zone to overlap territory long claimed by japan, south korea and taiwan. vice president joe biden has urged restraint and encouraged all parties to resolve their territorial claims peacefully. during a three-day swing through the region. and washington has said that the u.s. military will continue operating normally, refusing chinese calls for identification. but washington has also instructed civil airliners to follow beijing's new guidelines for the sake of safety. china has made the move to assert its claims over on the unpopulated islands, administered by japan, to force japan to back down, beijing has ratcheted up air and sea patrols and tokyo responded in kind of here to talk to us about china's aim and what is next are two leading asia analyst, bonnie glazer for the center for international studies and randy shriver the partner in armitage number who served in the state department as an asia hand during the bush administration. guy, welcome to the sho
Nov 2, 2013 10:00am EDT
boiled in a proxy war. the world that china is threatening our pacific allies. iran is aggressively working toward a nuclear weapon. the middle east is collapsing in front of us heading toward and a way welence have never seen in the history of our country. folks trying to find their way allies and european the united states. operating in every sector, every country of the globe. proliferators of chemical and radiological materials that keep us up at night working in every major nation state in the world. thata little taken aback we have decided our intelligence services are to blame for what we have found again and again and again is absolutely inaccurate reporting. if we are going to have this debate, and we should, we should do it on the facts presented before us. general alexander put it has. he can bring out the wire brush and we have done it. forward is to make sure our programs are protected and the people who have taken oaths are not demonized. this is a time for leadership. this is not a time to apologize. i hope you will pass along to the individuals that hopefully they ca
Sep 10, 2016 12:47pm EDT
places are taking our jobs. what china is doing to us is horrible. we are going to have jobs. what do you have to lose? i'm going to fix it. i'm going to fix it. [applause] donald trump: school choice is at the center of the civil rights agenda. and my goal is to provide every single inner-city child in america that is trapped in a failing government school the freedom to attend the school of their choice. competition, the schools will get better and better and better. [applause] donald trump: and that means a private school, a religious school, a charter school or a magnet school. school choice also means that parents can home school their children. [cheers and applause] donald trump: 100%. hillary clinton opposes school choice because she has -- she is controlled totally, totally like a puppet by special interest. her policies will force millions of african-american and hispanic children to remain stuck in failed government schools leading to higher unemployment and more poverty. the poverty levels in this country nobody will believe. nobody will believe. my plan will break the gove
Mar 10, 2012 2:00pm EST
. >> earlier this week, china's commerce minister discussed the trade administration. last thursday, the u.s. house approved a measure allowing the commerce department to impose higher duties on goods from chinas. this portion is a little more than an hour. i would like to consult the minister for your views as well as the views of the ministry of commerce. if that's going to be the case will the ministry employ any counter measures? the second question is there are some opinions according to which the economic reform here in china is not deep enough. i want to know your comments minister of this opinion dofment you agree with this kind of opinion? and if you do agree, in which specific sectors or areas do you believe that china should continue to deepen the reform? thank you. >> since you are not only good in chinese, also you are very smart in creating two questions into one. so i will just mention the u.s. action regarding the subzizz. i have noted the discussion at the congress and u.s. administration regarding the in compliance on the part of china with relevant international rules
Oct 9, 2011 6:00am EDT
organized crime and law enforcement. >> thank you for a much. would you like to china on this issue at all? >> i think it's been covered by my colleagues we are constantly looking for our intelligence analysis branch for those kind of linkages or for an indication of those kind of linkages and we will continue to do so. >> i yield back the balance. >> i would like to recognize mr. rivera for five minutes for opening questions. >> thank you very much mr. chairman and to all the wiesses for being here today. i want to try to hone in on this issue of mexico and its ability to carry out primary responsibility in protecting its citizens and also the impact that the diversification of productivity and criminal organizations in mexico with other types of criminal insurgencies against the state may be developing and whether they are making headway. i wonder if perhaps all three of you could comment your thoughts on the rug cartels and whether they have drug cartels in mexico and whether they have indeed diversified into a variety of illicit activities and maybe we can start with secretary brom
Feb 16, 2014 7:18pm EST
tell people they do not know about china. >> you want to pick up and distribute it in china. >> right now we are shut down because we reported that wen jiabao's mother is worth $2.7 billion. you cannot get it in china unless you can get through the firewall. if you go to new york, you'll notice -- one says international. that is the old international herald tribune. and over the next one is in chinese letters. it is our chinese edition. that is a great thrill for me to have my column twice a week in chinese. and i am so frustrated that we are shut out of their. but there are a lot of chinese speakers outside of china and there are chinese who know how there -- to find their way into the site. but i am keenly aware when i write about china now i am being read not but just by my mother-in-law but by chinese. and i think that does raise your game. again, i hope by -- >> it takes me back to a that you question ducked earlier on new technology and the effect that has. "the new york times" benefited from the wikileaks story. "the new york times" decided that it would sen
Oct 7, 2013 4:00am EDT
can't and we were talking about that who's going to deal with india. the nations and especially china, which purchase such a large amount that continue to purchase iranian oil, if we could get them to do more to scale back their energy purchases, i think it would take the sanctions regime, which are having an effect, and make them even more effective and hopefully help us. we have a meeting in early july and i think senator reid pulled it together with the number two leader of the chinese government and i asked him this question. you've reduced your oil purchases from iran for a variety of reasons, including to help the sanctions. could you reduce them dramatically further and then say, but if you give up your nuclear program, we're going buy a lot more from you, so have a stick, but then have a carrot, and could india do the same thing, dramatically reduce oil purchases, but with a carrot down the road, or japan could do the same thing, and the response to the chinese official was very adroit and very quick. he said he would be very willing to consider cutting our purchases from iran
Jul 20, 2015 4:00am EDT
, france germany, russia china, as well as the european union for our unity in this effort which showed the world can do remarkable thing whence we share a vision of peacefully addressing conflicts. we showed what we can do when we do not split apart. finally i thank the american negotiating team. we had a team of experts working for several weeks straight on this including our secretary of energy. and i particularly thank john kerry our secretary of stated who began his service to our country more than four decades ago when he put on the uniform and went off to war. he is now making the country safer through commitment to strong principled american diplomacy. history shows that america must lead not just with our might but with our principles. it shows we are stronger not when we are alone but when we bring the world together. today's announcement marks one more chapt anywhere this pursuit of a safer, and more helpful more hopeful world. announcer: national security analysts discuss the iran nuclear program agreement at the atlantic council, focusing on the role of the inte
Jul 21, 2012 10:00am EDT
auto industry and the korean car industry and china. this is a business model that is highly competitive and customer focus than in relentless pursuit of low-cost. in higher education, i found something quite different. there were routine increases in tuition, revenue model that outpaced inflation by a significant amount will focus on actual costs. when i joined i b tech in 2007, higher education did not look like a sustainable model. we made quality and efficiency changes in our plan and started to reduce internal cost and improve outcomes. let me share some examples -- we instituted a single book store for our campuses and cap the number of textbooks required. one unified bookstore with greater purchasing power translated into fewer and less costly textbooks for our students. the centralized purchasing system led by a single executive and state what contracts in computers and data networks and furniture and copiers and telecommunications and health care. this year, we joined the state of indiana to have a single prescription management program for all state employees includ
Dec 8, 2013 5:00am EST
participated in by russia, by china, and some allies of ours like south korea and japan that find these sanctions very costly. but that's precisely why they've become so effective. and so what we've said is that we do not loosen any of the core sanctions -- we provide a small window through which they can access some revenue, but we can control it and it is reversible. and during the course of these six months, if and when iran shows itself not to be abiding by this agreement, not to be negotiating in good faith, we can reverse them and tighten them even further. but here is the bottom line. ultimately, my goal as president of the united states -- something that i've said publicly and privately and shared everywhere i've gone -- is to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. but what i've also said is the best way for us to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapons is for a comprehensive, verifiable, diplomatic resolution, without taking any other options off the table if we fail to achieve that. it is important for us to test that proposition during the next six months, unde
Dec 1, 2012 2:00pm EST
in my lifetime with respect to broad openings in china. a, diplomatic openings. the ones who want to recognize china will abide by the one china policy. the economic doors that have taken china to a relatively small economy to the second largest in the world. and 3, primacy of the party with its 80 million members and 3000 outposts in the world. now you have xi jinping rising to power. he has been given the party mantle and soon the military and the presidency. before him will be new questions much different from the ones that deng xiaoping was responsible for acting upon. before xi jinping will be questions like, is china more repressive at home today than in earlier years. is china more nationalistic in its economic practices, but jiggly those among the enterprises? has china become more assertive internationally? i would argue east of these questions carried fairly profound rule of law implications. as xi jinping rises to take the top position in china and wrestles with new challenges and attempts to answer any questions, i would argue that many of them are based in basic rule
Jul 6, 2014 7:00pm EDT
security council, sad as it is, with the veto and the ability of china and russia to block resolutions, like the one withe icc as the organ responsibility, the only time there has been involvement by the u n general assembly was in the cambodian context, where the security council was not seized and there was some opposition to a cambodian court. the general assembly, including the regional countries, wanted to see this done and they asked the secretary-general to become intervened aeven second time when the negotiations work resulting in an agreement. but keep in mind that was in the u.n. general assembly acting itself. at was the secretary general an agreement with a member state -- that was the secretary-general reaching an agreement with a member state, cambodia. the idea of the general assembly acting on its own is not something we've seen in the justice area. but as i said, the cambodian precedent is out there as one that people could look at, but oppositiones not an group or something like that. it requires sovereign states or states to be involved. >> question? steve, in terms
Feb 3, 2013 6:00am EST
russia and china will not come aboard and stays within the system, stasis is the policy. this is a way of rating things. -- rigging things. if we come to a determination that the objectives that i listed before our worthy and necessary objectives, so that you have justified and and you discover that the un is precisely the antithesis of any meaningful means to accomplish this, it is pretty clear that staying within the united nations framework is a formula for doing nothing. putin has been given a veto over our foreman -- foreign policy. it unburdened the administration of the challenge of to face this problem directly. this has been going on for 22 months. if putin is not going to relent, we know about him. he believes in the heavy footprint. not a light footprint. i do is, that it was long ago time to go outside the un and the united states should find its allies. we will find such allies and we two a compost those objectives. >> are we hiding behind putin's skirts to avoid u.s. action? >> putin would love that phrase. [laughter] >> i don't think so. the reality is, it is fear of the
Nov 1, 2015 3:00am EST
peace issue was headed toward a cliff. where china suggests in the chapter is that here the president needed to create a connection with the israelis and waited too long to do that. so in a sense he was a collaborationist. meaning he viewed israel for the partnership lens and found himself very strongly committed to israel, and yet when it came to the peace issue he saw himself there a different kind of lens. the previous presidents are you identified who consciously made a decision to distance. eisenhower for sure. if you read the chapter, the link to which he goes is extraordinary. he contemplates the use of american forces against the israelis and when they requested arms throughout this period. iraq, the recommendation frequently was to the israelis that you should be a good neighbor to all of those around you who completely reject you. yearsin, the first two when he meets with golda marr he presented different picture but his actual posture, nixon believed the 1969 war was a defeat. this is someone who actually made the decision to suspend phantoms at the very moment that the sov
Jan 19, 2014 3:00pm EST
mexico from the u.s. were larger than exports to china and japan together. they were larger than the sum of exports to germany, france, poland, and the u.k. put together. that is the platform on which we have an opportunity to build. i agree with secretary kerry and what the minister said that it is not necessary to reopen nafta, but we have to construct the idea of a dynamic north america. north america is the single most important block in the world today. the three economies standing before you today is about 1/ 3 of the world's economy. we are the largest exporters of most advanced industries. we have the obligation to review how the economic process is going in such a way as to remove any obstacles for trade, investment, and economic prosperity to be an advantage. what we agreed to today will allow us to have an agenda to have mechanisms that will allow for the commitments that we can reach to be fully implemented. in terms of the trade relationship with europe, at some point we will have three bilateral trade agreements with the european union. it is in the interest of mexico t
Jul 30, 2016 6:00pm EDT
might not be egypt but china. i think you are talking about a middle class. here is where the government will have to decide. you can grab power and repress but like in china, unless you are delivering for the people and keeping the economy going, there will be a rebellion. turks will not stand for it and they will come out because they have progressed. like any individuals anywhere, prosperity. have that is what they are after. mr. stein: we have about 10 minutes left. questioner: even before the coup, erdogan seemed to be ralph -- hislibrating his poly policy towards syria. what did you see coming in terms policy?y's syrian thank you. i am curious as to whether you think the outcome of the coup has anything to say about the --? my question is --why now? why did the coup happen now? even the military did not fully support this coup. they did not have the amount of public support they would need to have it be successful. why did they decide to do it now and what led to that misunderstanding or miscalculation? the final one will be from a twitter follower. we have a few queions
Sep 16, 2012 6:00am EDT
content should not be a difficult thing. the response of russia and china to the policy of the administration with respect to intervention is a question and second, the discrepancy between some of the administration officials and what has come out in israeli newspapers the last couple of days. the russian military and medvedev have said in recent months that the kind of intervention against what we saw against libya and we can see with syria could lead to full- scale regional wars including using nuclear weapons. >> can you make your second point? >> benjamin netanyahu canceled a meeting with his staff a couple of weeks ago due to the leak that after the martin dempsey speech in london, it leaks at the white house -- it said the u.s. would not ask israel as long as iran did not attack the united states. this kind of a ghost of the cuban missile crisis. the administration says one thing but the joint chiefs have asked obama not to tell israel not to attack iran and obama reportedly said that is not my position. >> we get it. would any of you like to comment? we will take this as
Feb 4, 2012 10:00am EST
council russia and china vowed to oppose the arab league proposal. this is about two hours and 20 minutes. >> i invite your excellencey to participate in this meeting. i wish to draw the attention of council members to document s/2012/71, a letter dated january 24, 2012 from the general addressed to the president of the security council. i now give floor to your excellencey. a >> in the name of god the merciful allow me to congratulate your excellencey on assuming the presidency of the security council. i express to you and to members of the counsel our thanks and gratitude for convening this meeting to allow it to carry out the mission to which we were interested. mr. president, the council of minister of the league of arab states adopted its resolution in a meeting held on the 22nd of january requested i say that i in my capacity as chairman on syria and his excellencey, the secretary general of the league of arab states brief the security council of the plan adopted under that resolution and to request the security council to endorse the said plan as adopted by the league of ar
Sep 24, 2016 3:45pm EDT
, people's republic of china, pakistan and the united states can remain a useful platform to further peace efforts. so long as the government of pakistan acts in good faith to meet and fulfill its commitment within the parameters of the qcg's road map. mr. president, despite our security challenges, afghanistan has always maintained a positive approach in regards to our relations with all regional countries. and islam icic world. we consider them to be our best partners and seek to strengthen our cultural, social and economic ties and to use our experience to promote peace and co-existence and present a moderate interpretation of islam. in this regard, we welcome the express readiness of the organization of the islamic cooperation and any islamic country to help promote the peace agenda in afghanistan. i want to add that islam as a religion, as a clear thought, culture, civilization and history on the one hand respects human dignity, rights and freedoms and drives national sovereignty from the will of people. and on the other hand, is against any kind of injustice, exclusivism, hatre
Sep 15, 2013 7:00pm EDT
president is about, making sure the people have an even chance. as i told the president of china, who i know well, as i told mr. putin when i last had a conversation with him, it is never, ever been a good that tube that against the american people. god bless you all very god bless our president and may god protect our troops. thank you. [applause] ♪ [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] ♪ ♪ patric \ >> reacting to the letter, president obama released a statement that reads -- >> monday night -- >> this symbolizes all of that. this is helen taft's inaugural gap. occasion, nots only her entry into the white house, but really added it as a mark of first ladies on the united states. when she came the first lady to donate her down to the smithsonian institution, she established the tradition that first ladies would donate their inaugural gown to the collection. every first lady after helen taft who had an inaugural ball had an inaugural gown. , life of the taft 27th president, william howard taft. monday night
Jun 27, 2015 2:00pm EDT
advise. the u.s. faces critical challenges in europe, the south china sea -- we were talking about the array of challenges we face and you cannot really decide how to prioritize the challenges if you do not have a strategic view. brent, for whom we have named the center here, tells us often during the cold war, over time one developed the strategy, containment of the soviet union, containment of ideology, and in the tactics were hard. so, we have devoted ourselves in the atlantic council to redress that and you will help us to today, chairman thornberry. we believe the country needs a strategy-driven budget, and not the other way around. congress wrestles with intense budget debates and where the united states consequently decides to invest today and in the future will help to brighten our security strategies at home and on -- abroad. the strategy effort works across the council. we have the strategic counsel looking for longer-term challenges. we have a middle east strategy task force cochaired by secretary albright and steve hadley looking at the challenges across the middle east
Dec 20, 2015 7:00pm EST
china about it. -- shy about it." he's moved ahead in the polls, and do you connect that to your endorsement? polls will, the real pencil toters put paper, finger to machine. i suppose that the publicity surrounding the endorsement cause people to look at christie. what theyl decide liked, not what the newspapers say they should do. on february 1dner , as we move into the christmas holidays, give us a overview of where the race currently stands. guest: it stands with christmas. people in new hampshire, including the diehards, will for a weekt the race or two and enjoy christmas and new year's with families. one of the complaints about the democratic debate was not only as of the only one being held in , they decided to have this on the saturday night before christmas. -- thehe other tory and auditorium was full, i'm not sure how the people were going to watch on television. although governor o'malley tried his best to get airtime, it really looks like a sanders-clinton match. even though his supporters are , isionate and boisterous would not be surprised if mrs. pulled out a -- h
Nov 7, 2015 6:00pm EST
world, you have isis, and a much more energetic russia and china, but that is the fundamental question , if your data is more secure, are we better off as a nation? that is the position the administration took. i'm not a big fan of backdoors. one of the reasons we decided against it the last time, was that the believe that any backdoor that we built would be found by someone else and used by them -- you do kind of compromise security with it. but, no doubt, there is a problem for fbi and there is a problem for law enforcement when you use strong encryption. it is just a heart issue. i would not see this as the end of the debate. host: when you think about cybersecurity and some of the threats that the government or private industries face, are we thinking about the right things? james: no. that is the good news. because, people are beginning to realize that there is still -- thate still sort of shaped i can defend my network. i can do whatever it takes to make my network hard to hack. you can make your network harder to have, but you cannot make it on hakuba. you cannot protect network
Apr 20, 2014 4:16am EDT
to this country from other countries. the comfort china or india or other places. they get a degree year. we are able to hire these individuals if they are not american citizens? how do you deal with that issue? >> we are able to hire some foreign nationals but not many. it is a challenge. i think broadly is a challenge not just for defense industry, but it is a clearance issue. i think is a challenge for all of our industry that we are educating so many bright people in our country that we aren't able to keep in our country. i'm a strong proponent of getting on with immigration reform and enabling us to take advantage of the amazing educational enterprise that we have in our country to help continue to grow our economy. >> what you see is a biggest single challenge for the company going forward? is it the defense budget or other things to worry about the most? what is the biggest problem you see? >> the biggest challenges talent. our enterprise runs on the brilliance of the people who work in it, both in terms of folks in our company and folks in the defense department and the othe
Oct 19, 2014 7:00pm EDT
middle east. china has had a consistent strategic message when it comes to the middle east. iran certainly has. saudi arabia to one extent. the one country that everybody is looking to to fix these things has not had a consist it -- consistent strategic message in the middle east. ebb and flow with how much we will support somebody. that is a problem. peshmerga ine 2008, and he said, it is better to be an enemy of the united states, because at least you know where you stand. what he meant was, we support israel, but we support them this much because this administration is in power. our message is to be more consistent. iran?you put pressure on pressure on russia. if this isis register is enough that we need to go after it as an international community, the only people looking to can kill it are the sunnis. you can kill the ideology of -- the onlynis thing i can kill the ideology of isis are sunnis. it can't be westerners that are trying to do this. one of the main things when you talk to sunnis in iraq and we've said this over and over again is they believe that the central gover
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