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Sep 1, 2013 6:00am EDT
, where we are working. in fact, we have an agreement with china to work on that. and then methane. and on methane, we currently have an interagency group formed at the president's direction headed by the e.p.a., including the department of energy, department of interior and department of agriculture, for example, to -- to look at methane emissions. we are in very close contact with the environmental defense fund who, of course, has had a major study of their own on methane -- on methane emissions. the -- so we will see what comes out of that. >> we're going to remove people from the room if they just shout out. okay? >> the data currently look as though they -- the -- they are more on the low side of the estimates of methane emissions. [inaudible] >> would you please let the secretary answer your question. >> he's talking about something else than what i'm talking about. [inaudible] he says it's worse than coal. >> the question has already been asked and the secretary is answering the question so let him answer the question. >> the current data suggests that that is an incorrect statem
Nov 10, 2014 5:00am EST
one is the p5+1 track in which the iaea is also involved. if these countries, china, france, russia, britain, a united states agreed on a joint plan of action with iran in achieve, the aim was to a mutually agreed long-term comprehensive solution to ensure iran's nuclear program which the is lucidly peaceful. also the countries asks the iaea measures to be implemented by iran which we are doing. the p5+1 with iran is continuing. read is mention that i still not implementing -- iran is still not implementing. implementation by iran is the central for the agency to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear materials and activities in the country. affairs is state of iran's nuclear materials under iaea safeguards is under peaceful safeguards. toorder to provide, iran has clarify the issues. the additional protocol. what is needed now is concrete actions on the part of iran to resolve all outstanding issues. i've been committed to working with iran to restore the confidence in a peaceful nature of its nuclear program. as i repeat, this is not a never ending proc
Feb 22, 2015 3:30am EST
unconventional infrastructure similar to what cell phones and digital landmines and china. it is significant. if you can put a decentralized effort structure in place, you can lay the foundation for decentralizing delivery because you have what you need. you lay your -- >> you layer remote health care consultations on top of a remote testing and you have an ability to provide rudimentary health care globally. >> exactly. >> do you want to on the other piece, remote consultation -- own the other piece, remote consultation? >> we have built in software and web been talking about one of our favorite quotes software will eat the world every the communication piece is there. we are a laboratory company, what we do is make it accessible and a time and place that matters. there is the opportunity to link in. >> have you talked to the folks doing remote care now? we will give you five cents every time somebody says software is the world. that makes sense. back to what we were talking about, have you been in conversation with folks doing this type of remote consultation already? >> we hav
Nov 5, 2016 10:21am EDT
, 70,000 -- since china entered the world trade organization, another bill and hillary-backed disaster. we are living through the greatest jobs set in the history of the world. there has never been a country that has lost jobs like we did, so stupidly, so easy to solve, so stupidly. >> [inaudible] mr. trump: we will, i promise. goodrich lighting systems moved their jobs to india. baxter health care organization laid off 199 workers and moved their jobs to singapore. tremendous, tremendous jobs, and it's getting worse and worse and worse. we have with some of these countries -- mexico, in particular -- i have a great relationship with mexico. i met with the mexican president three months ago. >> build a wall! willrump: don't worry, i build a wall. >> build a wall! build a wall! build a wall! trump: and you know what? the harder they fight us, the higher it goes, i promise. no, but i met with the president of mexico. and he is a good guy, good guy. good meeting, all of that. love him. we have a one-lane highway, goes right into mexico. takes our jobs, our money, our .ealth, ever
Oct 17, 2015 3:47pm EDT
of france for your statement. i know give the floor to the ambassador of china. >> thank you mr. president. i would like to thank jordan four: this meeting. -- jordan for calling this mee ting. recently the company between palestine and israel has escalated, causing worsening situations in jerusalem, the west bank, and gaza. china is deeply worried about this development. we are concerned about the military crackdowns by israeli forces, which resulted in palestinian civilian casualties, including women and children. the excessive use of force to cause casualties on innocent civilians is unacceptable. violence for violence doesn't help resolve issues. instead, it will only erode mutual trust, exacerbate conflict and confrontation. china urges both palestine and israel to heed the calls of the international community, exercise maximum restraint, and take practical measures to avoid further escalation of the conflict. china welcomes the efforts by secretary general ban ki-moon to deescalate tension. under the present circumstances, the international community, and in particular the
Aug 13, 2011 2:00pm EDT
. now we have the greatest debt in the history of the world and we ow $1.4 trillion to china and we wonder why we have a problem. you have to have a strong currency. there's nothing wrong with us reconstituting the constitution because only gold and silver can be legal tender. [applause] also you have to have the proper environment for companies to bring their moneys back home. you can't have a money bring money or park money overseas and double tax them and charge them 35% again, that's changing , around it would be a good idea to get rid of all this income tax and corporate taxation. [applause] and of course with a strong currency and with a change of the tax system, you also have to deal with the regulatory systems. we have to shrink the size of the federal register. we need a lot less regulations not more regulations. [applause] it is said that those of us who promote the free market system, that we don't care about regulating those ruthless, big corporations, but just think about how the sound economy would regulate those companies and banks -- stopping the debt on the american
Dec 21, 2014 11:00am EST
. bill we tried to pass a passed a law in china, my office had phone calls of chinese company thing back of. have rather seen an ordinance? >> according to the white house, they do not go hand in hand. according to the white house, on gross was released humanitarian matters. that is a separate topic, which in my abilities to discuss in depth. suffice it to say that the three spies were in u. s. custody were not denying spies were going around with newspaper clippings -- they were directly involved with the the murder nment and of american citizens. obama alluded to americans, most of them in your hometown in miami, saying that they accept normalized relations. that is quite different from what you are saying. how do you explain younger generations that agree with mr. obama? >> part of it is because -- look, this is not a political thing. i don't care if 99% people care that we should normalize relations in cuba. we till believe that before normalize relations that we had to see steps towards democracy. also say that we share the goal for freedom in cuba -- we may disagree on the tac
Dec 1, 2013 4:25am EST
chinese name, cisco has been known to help china build its firewalls. and have you thought about changing her name to something else? >> to the first part of the question, i think that the balance of the challenge that we have faced because we have a heritage in china, it is stunning to me at times to explain to someone that it's a 35 billion-dollar company and trusted globally and up to $35 billion, one third of all the huawei gear comes from american suppliers, at like $7 billion worth of procurement last year and is stunning to many. but people cannot grasp that. so yes, a great deal of this is a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to be an international company with this heritage. if you read the senate report and so forth. it has links to the chinese military and where the founders of the company have talked. >> that's hogwash. and you know, i thought that that might come up, and i thought about bringing in something about this tall, a 20 page report, with every bit of information, but i didn't want us to be distracted. and no, it is a fundamental part of the asia
Sep 17, 2016 4:00pm EDT
-- are we going to see a liberal democracy china before we see this? >> anyone want to take a stab at that one? >> russia is eurasia. so it will always perhaps be, you know, and they kind of -- thank you. >> it is a little bit of a slope between the two. is -- i think it is a hope that a lot of people have. you go to russia. cities,arly the larger it does feel more open than it would have in 1989. there has been a change in the everyday lives of people. they have been much freer now for 25-some years. well succeed in closing that space again, but i have a hard time believing it will ever go away among that generation of people who came of age during perestroika and glasnost. off and die, i have a hard time thinking the country will ever go all the way back to the 1930's. but the symptoms are there. bes something we should extremely worried about. russia -- kaplan: russia is the most religiously diverse and ethnically diverse country in the world, and instead of making the most of this, it doesn't, as we have been discussing. you abouting to ask two different russian dissidents. ov, wh
Sep 24, 2016 3:45pm EDT
, people's republic of china, pakistan and the united states can remain a useful platform to further peace efforts. so long as the government of pakistan acts in good faith to meet and fulfill its commitment within the parameters of the qcg's road map. mr. president, despite our security challenges, afghanistan has always maintained a positive approach in regards to our relations with all regional countries. and islam icic world. we consider them to be our best partners and seek to strengthen our cultural, social and economic ties and to use our experience to promote peace and co-existence and present a moderate interpretation of islam. in this regard, we welcome the express readiness of the organization of the islamic cooperation and any islamic country to help promote the peace agenda in afghanistan. i want to add that islam as a religion, as a clear thought, culture, civilization and history on the one hand respects human dignity, rights and freedoms and drives national sovereignty from the will of people. and on the other hand, is against any kind of injustice, exclusivism, hatre
Sep 15, 2013 7:00pm EDT
president is about, making sure the people have an even chance. as i told the president of china, who i know well, as i told mr. putin when i last had a conversation with him, it is never, ever been a good that tube that against the american people. god bless you all very god bless our president and may god protect our troops. thank you. [applause] ♪ [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] ♪ ♪ patric \ >> reacting to the letter, president obama released a statement that reads -- >> monday night -- >> this symbolizes all of that. this is helen taft's inaugural gap. occasion, nots only her entry into the white house, but really added it as a mark of first ladies on the united states. when she came the first lady to donate her down to the smithsonian institution, she established the tradition that first ladies would donate their inaugural gown to the collection. every first lady after helen taft who had an inaugural ball had an inaugural gown. , life of the taft 27th president, william howard taft. monday night
Oct 7, 2013 4:00am EDT
can't and we were talking about that who's going to deal with india. the nations and especially china, which purchase such a large amount that continue to purchase iranian oil, if we could get them to do more to scale back their energy purchases, i think it would take the sanctions regime, which are having an effect, and make them even more effective and hopefully help us. we have a meeting in early july and i think senator reid pulled it together with the number two leader of the chinese government and i asked him this question. you've reduced your oil purchases from iran for a variety of reasons, including to help the sanctions. could you reduce them dramatically further and then say, but if you give up your nuclear program, we're going buy a lot more from you, so have a stick, but then have a carrot, and could india do the same thing, dramatically reduce oil purchases, but with a carrot down the road, or japan could do the same thing, and the response to the chinese official was very adroit and very quick. he said he would be very willing to consider cutting our purchases from iran
Apr 20, 2014 4:16am EDT
to this country from other countries. the comfort china or india or other places. they get a degree year. we are able to hire these individuals if they are not american citizens? how do you deal with that issue? >> we are able to hire some foreign nationals but not many. it is a challenge. i think broadly is a challenge not just for defense industry, but it is a clearance issue. i think is a challenge for all of our industry that we are educating so many bright people in our country that we aren't able to keep in our country. i'm a strong proponent of getting on with immigration reform and enabling us to take advantage of the amazing educational enterprise that we have in our country to help continue to grow our economy. >> what you see is a biggest single challenge for the company going forward? is it the defense budget or other things to worry about the most? what is the biggest problem you see? >> the biggest challenges talent. our enterprise runs on the brilliance of the people who work in it, both in terms of folks in our company and folks in the defense department and the othe
Jul 20, 2015 4:00am EDT
, france germany, russia china, as well as the european union for our unity in this effort which showed the world can do remarkable thing whence we share a vision of peacefully addressing conflicts. we showed what we can do when we do not split apart. finally i thank the american negotiating team. we had a team of experts working for several weeks straight on this including our secretary of energy. and i particularly thank john kerry our secretary of stated who began his service to our country more than four decades ago when he put on the uniform and went off to war. he is now making the country safer through commitment to strong principled american diplomacy. history shows that america must lead not just with our might but with our principles. it shows we are stronger not when we are alone but when we bring the world together. today's announcement marks one more chapt anywhere this pursuit of a safer, and more helpful more hopeful world. announcer: national security analysts discuss the iran nuclear program agreement at the atlantic council, focusing on the role of the inte
Sep 20, 2015 5:00pm EDT
obama is doing with the iran nuclear deal. we crafted that with china and russia. with the the french and the germans. if we are going to deal with all the other challenges in the withe east, it has to be that same dynamic. working with the people in the neighborhood. it won't be easy but that is how i will approach it. host: does isis have a voice? , youchafee: ultimately have to find some area where you can start putting down the guns, stop the bomb from flying, stop the beheadings. however we can do that is how i would pursue it. host: now back to the audience. this one comes from caitlin. problems -- programs get a lot of attention when we talk about early childhood education, but as america falls behind in math and science, it is equally important that would invest in stem programs. can you talk about your vision for education in the 21st century? gov. chafee: you covered a lot there, caitlin. [laughter] consistents one of advocacy for head start and early childhood education programs. i'm a believer through my whole career of government role in having good education which includ
Sep 29, 2014 2:00am EDT
attitude that would undoubtedly be taken by russia and possibly also by china. the language that has been used so far has been about destruction, but i am not sure that it is possible to destroy an ideology. i am not sure that it is possible to destroy a cult of the kind that now exercises such malign influence. one thing that we most certainly can do is to adopt a policy of containment and deterrence. to do that, we have to degrade its military capability and create circumstances in which any return to barbarism will be met by swift and effective action. i think we would do best to agree that we are not likely to embark on a successful process of destruction, but that we can have an effective doctrine of deterrence and containment. there is no parallel between today's debate and the debate on iraq in 2003, but there is a parallel with kosovo. when kosovo was an issue, with considerations similar to those that we are discussing -- not least ethnic cleansing -- the international community was able to deal with the situation without a resolution. a lot has been said about the long term, but
Jan 5, 2013 10:00am EST
manufacturing jobs in china. the daily wage average, someone can correct me, but the folks making these phones -- they make around $2 or $3 an hour. people ask why doesn't apple move the jobs here? you cannot find anyone here legally whose income would max out at $3. and transportation is so inexpensive, they commit them over here and ship -- make them over there and ship them here. they are not involved in slavery but i'm giving you the sense of sourcing of labor are round the world and the stream child labor, forced labor -- and the extreme child labor, forced labor. how we attack it based on this economic profile? understanding the key shift in the logic of contemporary forms of slavery point as to assert a kind of tactics and policies that might prove more affected. one would be attacked the profits generated by the exploitation. make it less profitable and rewarding to be involved in the exploitation of child laborers, slaves, etc. these products are coming from over there -- understand, document, and cleanse the supply chains. and raise awareness of the perils involved in the global supp
Sep 6, 2015 1:00pm EDT
partners in this, the countries backing us up, including russia and china. germany, france, great britain. these are very important partners who have been involved in the sanctions against iran with other pressures placed against that country. secretary kerry, in arduous , helped to bring about a remarkable agreement. it comes after a lifetime of public service. some of the parallels in our lives are substantial, but one was that i volunteered for the navy and serve really most of my time as an intelligence briefer for the chief of operations. secretary kerry volunteered for the navy and he ended up out on the mequon delta. he was awarded the silver star, bronze star award for three purple hearts from that very significant service. very early in his career. he was willing to give his life for his country. he served as the lieutenant governor of massachusetts under governor dukakis. and then he came to the united states senate. service.of magnificent the last four of them on the senate relations committee. throughout that time, one pursuit of foreign relations was vigorous. working in a no
Jun 11, 2016 12:00pm EDT
relationships with china. are obviously -- they see themselves as a rival to us globally, the population is massive, 1.3 billion people. they have internal issues themselves, pushing out in the south and east china sea, rewriting history. over the longer term, that is going to be one of the most important relationships for us to manage. in the midterm, russia and what they have done and of course eastern ukraine, but what they are threatening in the baltic and other areas and what they have done to destabilize europe which has been incredible. and to destabilize the alliance europe has with itself and with us. had no cards to play back in 2012. in many ways -- not to be too pejorative -- not -- how he has managed with a few cards, not himself in thed center of what is happening in europe -- what is happening certainly in syria and other places has been an amazing thing and speaks to the lack of leadership on our part. one of the worst days in -- [applause] u.s.e of the worst days in foreign-policy -- one of the worst months is that the end of august in the early part of with a cross2013 to
May 7, 2016 1:41pm EDT
a decade in higher education in afghanistan. been a lot of investment china to keep young -- trying to keep young people there. for staff who i work with on up, it seems there is a big struggle. perspectives on the youth and education in afghanistan? >> you cannot build walls in around afghanistan. they should have incentives. in the next four years, 4 million more afghans will hit the job market, unless you provide incentives for jobs and also a future, i think it will be difficult to prevent that as you educate people. educatedxodus of afghani people. in the last 14 years, thousands of afghans were educated inside the country and outside. there are still many talents in afghanistan. the approaches to use these capacities, yes, i think unemployment, declining economic situation, security, and ineffectiveness of the government, these are issues that probably provide incentives for people to leave the country. otherwise, many people would be happy to have a job. unless you provide these opportunities, you cannot prevent the exodus afghans educated like many other countries. marvin: i
Dec 29, 2014 2:00am EST
, china is against using the existence of the large scale violence in the dprk to include this in the agenda of the security council. the u.n. charter stimulates explicitly that the primary responsibility of the security council is to maintain international peace and security. various u.n. organs have their respected functions and division of labor. the security council is not the forum to get involved in human rights issues and still less should the human rights issue be politicized. currently, we are faced with numerous forms and challenges. the security council should strictly abide by its responsibilities and concentrate on addressing issues which concern international peace and security. the situation on the korean peninsula remains complex and sensitive. opposing the goal of denuclearization, maintaining peace and stability and insisting on dialogue and consultations as a way to solve issues, these are in the interest of all parties concerned and should be direction toward which all parties should work together. the security council should work more to facilitate dialogue and ea
Apr 3, 2016 4:30pm EDT
called cafta. as secretary of state i-40 against china's trade policy. i opposed the transpacific partnership if i couldn't tell workers that it would raise your wages. senator sanders has opposed all trade deals all the time. but i don't agree with that either. what trade has done right is help to put thousands of wisconsin companies in a better position to export billions of dollars. worth of products to create good paying jobs. we need a president who doesn't just rail against trade. a president who knows how to compete against the rest of the world and how to win for american workers. that is what i did when i was a senator. why have so many people who go to bat for me. who talk about why they trust me. i stood up for them. i stood up against unfair treatment by china and others. i testified for steelworkers against dumping of steel in our country. i want you to know that when i am president no one will take advantage of us, not china, not wall street and not overpaid corporate executives. [applause] not enough for us to tell you what we are against. we have to tell you what w
Dec 20, 2014 10:00am EST
a good value for money. china has reached -- it looks as though china has reached the same conclusion. will you continue to make sure that britain leads the pressure for performing the eu system? secondly, do you recognize an opportunity now that we are moving towards different amounts, for what would potentially be a very large revenue stream -- decide invested in climate change -- but the remainder of that could be used to cut taxes since businesses will pay for a large portion of the offset. that money could effectively be recycled for lower taxes for businesses and individuals. >> first of all, the question whether we should continue to read this reform -- yes, absolutely. not only is the essential for europe, if we do not see improvement in europe, we could be disadvantaged in britain. it makes a big difference in our common carbon price here and have carbon price in europe. this is also great for europe, and essential for britain. what we have to stop is this -- inappropriate use of climate. on the issue what do we do with the revenues -- obviously, we still have a la
Dec 14, 2013 12:00pm EST
send? sends wrong message to iran, china, russia about our liability in the region. having made all those statements i have to ask, why trust iran? there has been no accountability for past actions and past links to terrorism. i have a series of yes or no questions for you. iran is still listed by the u.s. department of state as a state sponsor of terrorism, correct? >> yes, it is. >> thank you. is iran still supporting hezbollah and hamas? >> yes. >> hezbollah still active in south america? we've established that in this committee and state department agreed in complying with threat and western hemisphere threat. what impact do you think sanctions relief will have on hezbollah and other regional proxies. if we lift these and they have $7 billion, what impact do you think that will have on state sponsored terrorism. >> very little. they are a $1 trillion economy. this is a tiny percentage of that. they are not banking on this money to engage in nefarious activities they take place in, which we agree with, all of them. i cited a moment ago our concern about the many other issues from
Nov 24, 2013 1:00pm EST
renaissance of american manufacturing. but china has gained competitiveness, share, innovated and raised its efficiency as much as any country ever well. inre are fewer workers chinese manufacturing today than there were 20 years ago. so, success if and when it comes is going to come from various kinds of service work, areas kinds of greater customization. it is a tragedy that on one hand areare saying -- and you right, i understand why you are saying it -- that there may not be enough work to do. there areer hand, several million kids in this who profoundly need individual attention and mentoring of a kind they are not close to getting. we do not have a way of bringing the people who want to work together with those. i do not think it is traditional government that will do it. i also do not think it will be turning the country into some kind of libertarian paradise. >> with that, thank you, larry summers. >> we will be coming back to the ceo council in a moment with congressman paul ryan. personal tweets from members of congress on the iran deal announced last night. kevin mccarthy says
Jul 26, 2015 11:00am EDT
, china. they have a pretty good understanding of this field and of the challenges. and i appreciate the way in which they and germany, which was the plus one, all came together, all could to be did all were part of this debate. so you're not just looking at what this table negotiated, you are looking at what the international community, the p5+1 under the offices of the united nations negotiated. and they are not down. they are experts, everyone one of them, and nuclear technology and ratification and verification. smart people who spent a lifetime at this. in the have signed off on this agreement. and i'm joined by two cabinet secretaries whose help was absolutely valuable in reaching this deal and i think all of you for the role that congress played. i was privileged to be the chairman of this committee we passed the iran sanctions effort. and we all remember the debate we passed it unanimously, and it played a very significant role in bringing iran to the table and helping to make it clear that we needed to bring about a serious and productive negotiation with iran. from the day
Sep 16, 2013 2:00am EDT
is about, making sure the people have an even chance. as i told the president of china, who i know well, as i told mr. putin when i last had a conversation with him, it is never, never, never ever been a good bet to bet against the god bless youe all, god bless our president, and may god protect our troops. thank you. applause]♪ here i am, signed, sealed, delivered. i'm yours. then the time i went and said goodbye. now i'm back and not ashamed to cry.. ♪ [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national able satellite corp. 2013] here i am, baby. signed, sealed, delivered. ♪ here i am, baby. ♪ song "don'tac's about tomorrow" plays.] ♪ don't stop thinking about tomorrow. don't stop, it will soon be here. it will be better than before. yesterday's gone ♪. yesterday's gone. ♪ don't stop thinking about tomorrow. , it will soon be year. be better than before. yesterday's gone. yesterday's gone. don't stop thinking about tomorrow. don't stop, it will soon be here. it will be better than before. yesterday's gone. yesterday's gone. don't you
Feb 19, 2012 6:30pm EST
about china and the visit of xi jinping. guest: i was eight -- going on a tour with a colleague, and we went to a couple of companies in new bedford. they were two companies that are in the area where we say we need to go ahead, alternative energy solar energy and how to use it, and both of them volunteered that one of the problems was on subsidized competition from china. the oppression in china is very sad. people have predicted that if the economy opened up and the internet got there, it would be more democracy. sadly, what the chinese are showing is that they can contain that and i am sorry that the chinese continue to be some disrespectful -- so disrespectful. human values, not western values. i guess we have to say this. i think china does need us more than we need them. too often, we're acting like these countries are doing as a favor by letting us to buy all of their goods. china needs us more than we need them and i think we need to be much more tougher with the chinese, saying you have got to stop the subsidy stealing other people's intellectual property. they are no longer
Apr 2, 2016 4:00pm EDT
cannot beat trade, china, mexico, they think we are stupid. japan, vietnam, india, any nation, name a nation -- they do well. it does not make a difference. they do well, and the more i think about it, the more i realize, they do well for a very specific reason. not that the politicians are so stupid, many of them are, many of them are not, but because politicians take contributions from people representing certain other parts of the world, or companies involved in other parts of the world, and they do things not in your best interest. when i say i am self funding, i have turned down more money, i bet that any human being has turned down for political run. frankly, everybody takes money. [applause] and when you think of it, not a big difference. for years, probably, i may be wrong, but the only one would be ross perot many years ago. but, he did not take money. i have turned down so much. people coming up, $10 million, donald we want to give you $10 million for your campaign. $5 million, $2 million, $1 had $100,000bush or so. i do know -- i do not know if i get credit for it. many p
Mar 4, 2012 2:00pm EST
russia and china at the meeting was the neglect of their duties as permanent members of the united nations security council. the outcome and syria will have deep implications for the internal politics of neighboring countries, ethnic conflicts in the middle east, and broader issues. terrorist groups will take advantage of instability and sectarian violence could spill over syrian borders. in the midst of this up people, we know syria has substantial stockpiles of chemical and conventional weapons that could directly threaten peace and stability throughout the region. our governance is focusing on intelligence and counter- proliferation assets to contain this threat. the development of definable opposition would improve chances. the damage to the syrian people could be contained. some constructive opposition voices are attempting to emerge. at present, the syrian opposition lacks cohesion, and a specifically defined political agenda. it also lacks the physical space and technical means to mature, to overcome its internal differences and develop a plan for democratic transition. thes
Mar 15, 2014 4:00pm EDT
states, united kingdom, france, and china to several times a voice in favor -- who several times voice in favor of territorial integrity. the russian federation violated its own obligations. this appeals to the russian leadership. very successful. what we are discussing today, the crisis in ukraine in crimea. i got a call 40 minutes ago. russian troops entered the mainland on the south from crimea. now we're facing new developments. we are to face further dangers. i ask you to find the means and measures as well as the bilateral level to do what is responsible to stop the aggressor. this is not a surprise this comes at custom for any measures to maintain international peace and security. it is giving commissions in syria. it brought thousands. i'm confident we will speak about the reforms of the security council. two cases, syria and crimea will be considered of examples of how the council behaves when peace is needed. in that particular part of my intervention i would like to say some words in russian. >> the representative of the russian federation has a stated it's great to be
Jan 24, 2016 3:00pm EST
a supplement, the 25% tax fund imports from china, free-trade is not working between the u.s. and china. we import $480 billion a year and we export $120 billion a year. in u.s. will receive about $75 billion a year in new revenues from the tax and about two million jobs will be created in the u.s., saving about $30 billion in welfare. we should add just -- i just the tax each year based on net import so that china does not have incentive to stop buying from the u.s. although this tax will result in a small increase in price of goods coming from china, i would rather pay five dollars for an item that is made in the u.s., then pay four dollars for an item made by children in china. we should limit the price of prescription drugs in the u.s. to the lowest price it is sold anywhere else in the world. criminals should be in domestic courts, learning job skills rather than skills -- and skills that will keep them out of jail in the future. we should require any employed person to accept the job and benefits and we should increase the standard deduction and have testing services for tes
Sep 6, 2015 3:00pm EDT
, france, germany, china, russia, and the united states. i'm not aware of any side deals between the united states and any of its p5+1 partners. from my talking to diplomats from many of this country, i think they signed the deal because they think it is a good deal, not because they felt that it is better than the alternative, not because they felt that they are being strong-armed or pushed into it by washington. host: are any of the allies facing anywhere near the legislative disagreements in other countries that president obama is sinking here on capitol hill? guest: definitely not. this is a deal that had a lot more support a broad, at least in those other five countries, then in the united states. so no, there are not the same kind of legislative issues in any of the other countries. host: and from bear creek, alabama, line for republicans. caller: yes. that nobody can trust it. why are these people making the deal? is ridiculous. host: this issue of trust. can we trust iran. how has the obama administration and secretary kerry adjustment? guest: their basic argument is kind of
Apr 11, 2015 9:30pm EDT
few out here, how i would handle the recent incident in china. the truth is, i have long been a serious student of the orient. my mom and dad of course were in china when dad was the liaison there. people ask me, is a difficult to follow in the footsteps of a man who was president and vice president, you and investor, -- un ambassador? is it hard been such a man's son? not really. [laughter] most people don't realize it, but that has had some tough times. -- dad has had some of times. back in the 1950's, he went through a time when he thought aliens were trying to contact him so he built this contraption to receive their signals. as for my mom after bearing six children, she herself became a bit stressed. [applause] she took to acting strangely. for while, she thought she was too tall and walked like this. as if that weren't strange enough she wrote a book with that dog. i hated that dog. my mother treated the dog better than she treated me. she never to me right my book -- write my book. i will say this however. my mom always stuck up for us kids. here she is responding to a re
Jun 28, 2015 3:00am EDT
the problem is. the problem's china. you've got to do it in india, in mexico. and if you don't do that, you could have the reverse effect. if you chase away our manufacturing base here where do they go? they go to places like china and like india. it could have the effect of increasing and not decreasing it. that wasn't a popular response to the administration. but climate-gate should have ended right there at that time. so then along came gina mccarthy. she was a little bit more compatible with the administration. and if you if you look at the clean power plan and i know you're going to be talking about that in a minute. the clean power plan is actually worse than legislation, because legislation affects the emissions of individuals or companies that emit it 12,000 tons of co2. and if you do it by regulation that would be under the clean air act would be 250 thousand tons. so it 250 tons so it would be more expensive than the 300 or 400. to give you an idea we now have 32 states opposing the power plant. we have 15 that have sued the epa, and we're one of them, my state of oklaho
Sep 25, 2011 2:00pm EDT
. to my knowledge, china has not contributed one penny to the security of afghanistan. instead, we are directly and indirectly helping china to fund as the fight to keep afghanistan safe. i have great respect for you. and for your service, admiral mullen. i would hope that you would take these considerations to heart. i am truly sincere about what i believe and what i say. researching as best i can with the different available information to me, i have come with the conclusion that we need to get out as quickly as we can. fighting terrorism to keep it off the shores of america keeps the american people behind us, but i do not believe that we can win in change the afghans, iraqis, or pakistan is. that being said, i hope that we do prevent this from happening here. with that, i have a statement from you. if either one of you would like to respond, you are more than welcome. >> senator, you share those views with me before. i understand your concerns. i think that all of us, as the level has expressed our concern about the economic situation in this country being a threat to national secu
Jan 1, 2012 6:30pm EST
do you see the role for groups interacting with china? >> totally in the world market competing with each other. >> what are your names? >> ross and andy. >> hi. nice to meet you. >> you went to luther college? >> yes, i did. >> i went to central. >> great. >> thank you very much for coming. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> good luck. >> how are we doing? >> the security guys have to push them back. push them back. thank you. >> nice to see you. >> you want a picture? >> go ahead there. >> thank you very much. >> we would not elect the most intelligent man in our state. >> thank you. >> good luck on tuesday. >> thank you, ma'am. >> thank you. thank you. thank you, appreciate it. >> hello. hello. >> one, two, three! >> thank you. >> thank you. >> hello. >> thank you for doing this. >> hello. that's a pretty top. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> hello, how are you? >> i am so honored to meet you guys. >> good to be with you. >> i need your help on tuesday. >> i'll be there, i'll be there. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> hello. >> a big fan of yours. >> hello.
Dec 7, 2013 4:00pm EST
framework. your second point about china, and i will make this point real quick, pedro. china has unilaterally declared an air defense identification zone over the east china sea. part of that extends over the sun -- part of that extends over the senkaku islands, which china and the ban -- and japan are debating over who owns it. i was in japan a couple of weeks ago. i got to meet with folks from the government and the japanese parliament, as well as going to okinawa and visit some of the military facilities out there. the u.s. is positioned on these senkaku islands, and they fall under the u.s.-japan treaty because japan has demonstrated control over the senkaku islands. -- has administrative control over the senkaku islands. withchina is trying to do the air defense identification zone is to argue that japan has administrative control over the airspace and those islands. on the one hand, president obama ordered the military to fly b-52 bombers, they were arty planning -- already planning to go through there, but he went through with it to signify that they do not recognize it. i
Sep 2, 2013 2:00am EDT
-- challenges. with china would propose a and thaton stability has not happened. so far. a very important point to make as an opening point is because it is sensitive in the u.s.- japan relationship and in every single relationship with the allies as it is domestically in the united states. the point is if we are cutting all of this emphasis on extended deterrence and strategic stability with major powers thomas how can we and our nuclear policy how can we also proliferation and take practical steps toward long-term goal of disarmament? in the case of east asia, the answer is fairly simple. if we the united states were to fail in the project of ensuring our allies and determine north korea this surely there will be no proliferation pressures. there would not be further progress. it will be steps away from disarmament. similarly if or to fail at the ,roject of stability with china we are not going to have china sooner later joining in the reductions process and greater stability and the u.s.-china relationship and greater cooperation and disarmament but something in the other dir
Nov 20, 2011 1:00am EST
. we have to borrow the money from china to do it. [laughter] it's crazy what we do. listen, the third reason is, it would give away half of our revenue in the form of back door spending in the tax code. the plan we put ford, we said, look, let's get rid of all of the tax expenditures. 100% of them. to's use 92% of the money reduce income tax rates and 8% of the money to reduce the deficit. if you do that, you can reduce the deficit by about $100 billion a year for 10 years, so about $1 trillion, and you can take marginal rates to 8%, up to $70,000, 40% of to $210,000, and have a maximum rate of 23%. and you can take the corporate rate to 26% and you can pay for a territorial system so that we can take that up to $2 trillion captured overseas and bring it back to this country to bring -- to create jobs over here. i think that would have real dynamic growth. our tax code is the third reason. and the fourth reason is interest on the dead. i know you guys understand the power of interest. when interest rates go back up and we get downgraded again, it will hit us like something you've neve
Sep 5, 2015 12:00pm EDT
will be isolated. what happens if a country like china walks away by establishing banks with no correspondent relationships in the u.s. and buying iranian oil? what would a rejection in congress do the reliability of the united states in the eyes of the world? joined many of i my colleagues in joining rounds and rounds of unilateral -- talks on unilateral sanctions. some thought that the gpo it would unravel the sanctions regimes, it has not. unusualy graven historic ity to assess the consequences of this agreement, and weigh the risks and benefits to a lower president to test iran's capability to comply with it. it is clear that we share the same goals to ensure that iran does not achieve a nuclear weapon. to do that diplomatically, if possible, and recognize the other alternatives remain on the table and are not precluded by this agreement. ambassador sherman: good morning, chairman shelby, ranking members of the committee, thank you very much for this opportunity to discuss the joint comprehensive plan of action that the united states and our partners recently concluded with
Dec 20, 2014 12:00pm EST
like russia and rising powers like china that might be looking to change or offend the international order. many of us in washington think -- up and -- upend the international order. many of us in washington think tanks struggle with these issues every day. today we are fortunate to have a unique cross spectrum of views. right now, the left and right are divided not only left and right but within the left and within the right on how america might think about its role in the world in the coming 10, 15, 20 years. we are lucky to have people with us your spokesman from all of these different vantage points. -- who are spokesman from all of these different vantage points. this of them was inspired by an article in american prospect. the article looked at realism old and new. of whether the idea the obama administration has sort of been tugged between two different views of america's role in the world, one being the one rooted in american aadership and america having unique role in leading in the world stage. the other being a more pragmatic look at what america's power and to affect grea
Nov 22, 2015 7:00pm EST
a proud isolationist. when is the last time you heard of a terror attack in china? i disagree. i think on am -- scale there are less that's in the world. my question is, i think the soft see the video of people waiting to shop on black friday. host: thank you. guest: i mean sure. i take a little bit of an issue. from amarket value -- machiavellian perspective, maybe it would have been better if saddam hussein was still in power but we can't play that out. as a democratic nation that supports those type of deals that are so dear to us, i would disagree with that point. with china as well, china does have its own internal problems. as a population it is under serious pressure from the chinese government. there have been a number of attacks in china. we don't hear about these pressures mainly because we don't understand it. also china clamps down very heavy handedly to make sure these attacks don't come forward. as these saw recently, a chinese national was killed in the , and china will be dragged into this slowly. it is a growing global power and they have a role as well. host: a
Jun 22, 2015 3:45am EDT
: with respect to china, the american consumer is funding the building of their military and their economic prowess. did we ever talk about not only having them pay for what they pay for what that -- pay for what they know at the u.n., -- u.n.? ambassador power: the fact of the matter is we as a nation have an interest in global health security, because of the globalized economy, goods of people are crossing the border. i think it doesn't really get at the core national security linkages and human security linkages that exist in 2015. i would note on peacekeeping that peacekeeping is a major prosecution, it is not all forces that are going in and protecting civilians. we are taking advantage of the global system as well, in order to ensure issues of shares security are being patrolled and demand about -- patrolled and manned by other individuals that americans. peacekeeping share that we pay still leaves the rest of the shares. to put aside the fact that there are other countries going to the dangerous places. other countries are paying 72% of the bill. if you look at nato expense
Mar 15, 2014 10:00am EDT
give the floor to the representative of china. president -- at present, the situation in ukraine is highly complex and sensitive. it has the bearing on both regional and international situations. the international community should engage together and putting through our political solution of the crisis in ukraine. so as to generally maintain peace and stability in the region. the situation in ukraine has developed to what is today, involving complex historical reasons and reality. it is both accidental and inevitable. for aore, it calls comprehensive and balanced solution. respectedalways sovereignty of territories and integrity of all states. long-standing, fundamental foreign-policy of china. at the same time, we have noticed that foreign interference is also an important reason leading to violent clashes on the streets of ukraine and resulting in crisis in the country. failure to implement a the february 21st agreement has accelerated the turmoil in ukraine with serious social and economic damage to the country. we condemn and oppose all extreme and violent acts. ukraine,he crisi
Feb 4, 2012 10:00am EST
council russia and china vowed to oppose the arab league proposal. this is about two hours and 20 minutes. >> i invite your excellencey to participate in this meeting. i wish to draw the attention of council members to document s/2012/71, a letter dated january 24, 2012 from the general addressed to the president of the security council. i now give floor to your excellencey. a >> in the name of god the merciful allow me to congratulate your excellencey on assuming the presidency of the security council. i express to you and to members of the counsel our thanks and gratitude for convening this meeting to allow it to carry out the mission to which we were interested. mr. president, the council of minister of the league of arab states adopted its resolution in a meeting held on the 22nd of january requested i say that i in my capacity as chairman on syria and his excellencey, the secretary general of the league of arab states brief the security council of the plan adopted under that resolution and to request the security council to endorse the said plan as adopted by the league of ar
Nov 17, 2012 10:00am EST
at 9:15, the impact of new leadership in china on u.s. relations. president obama traveling in parts of asia. we will have those segments, plus, we will take a look at the papers and take your phone calls as well "washington journal ."shington, we will see you then. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> next, a discussion on the future of u.s. diplomacy. after that, a forum on the effectiveness of al-qaeda in yemen. >> a former state department officials from the obama and george w. bush administration's discuss public diplomacy in a tough budget in vermont. the discuss the effectiveness of student exchange programs and government-backed broadcasting outlets, like "voice of america." the george washington school of international affairs hosted this event tuesday. this is an hour and 45 minutes. >> that is public diplomacy in action. [laughter] i'm a professor here at gw and the director of the institute for public policy and global communication. you can find us on twitter @ip dgc. we're also on faceb
Mar 21, 2015 12:00pm EDT
pakistan or from china or from korea or perhaps some stole a couple nuclear weapons as the soviet union was collapsing? mr. blinken you're point is very : well taken. which is exactly why, is a my colleague said, even if there is an agreement, the various sanctions and stringent efforts we're making roped the world to prevent iran from proliferate organize receiving the benefits of proliferation will continue. representative rohrabacher: the only way we'll prevent these bad guys from having the nuclear weapon -- we keep saying iran. we don't really mean iran. the people of iran are nice people. an fact, i understand they like americans more than just about any other country in the world. it's the mullah regime, the bloody mullahs supporting terrorism around the world repressing their own people. isn't the real answer trying to make ourselves partners with those people in iran who want more democratic country, a more democratic country, and has not this administration passed up time and time again the opportunity to work with the people of iran to free themselves from these mullahs
Nov 20, 2016 6:30pm EST
very important countries like china, but china wasn't going around organizing 200 nations to sign on to a paris agreement. for putting together the paper and policy outlined conceptual framework. russia is a very significant military power. but they are not worrying right after at how to rebuild hurricane in haiti, we are. and i have said before, that is a burden we should carry proudly. i would hope not just the 45th president of the united states, understandsesident that is not only a burden but an extraordinary purpose. if you have a chance to do that right, then you should seize it. thank you, everybody. [applause] >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. as it9 c status just public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> this week on newsmakers we are joined by congressman adam smith from washington, a top democrat on armed services. we have two defense reporters. go ahead with the first question. >> shortly after the election, the first question i have for you, why did the democrats lose the presidenc
Jul 19, 2015 3:00pm EDT
war is worth every bit of our energy. the iran agreement was crafted with the help of russia, china the united kingdom, france, and germany. this is the right way to make the world safer. [applause] yes, working with our united nations partners. this is the model. absolutely. this is a different course than the failed, bellicose, arrogant republican approach to the world. that is the choice we have in 2016. we need to reject once and for all the belligerent advocates of conflict. as governor and senator i attended to many funerals of servicemen and servicewomen killed in iraq, a sad and avoidable chapter in american foreign policy. as one who voted against the iraq war, as the chair of the middle east subcommittee -- i have long been supporting the course that president obama and secretary kerry are now charting. not only with iran, but also with cuba. this has been an historic few weeks. if we are smart with our diplomacy, we can avoid these endless wars and create savings that can be better spent at home. diplomacy is the ultimate test of leadership. [applause] thank you, iowa dem
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