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2016 12
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Nov 20, 2016 3:30am CST
the world. but right now china is seeing impressive growth within their own hog industry, except producers there are seeing 70 to 80 dollar per marijuana marijuana you? well, it's a topic we haven't covered a lot on our show, but it's making headlines across the country. and it's thiss week's customer support. bob dillard noticed something important i think that also happened on november 8: "at what point do we begin recognizing the tremendous number of our fellow citizens who now can use a cash crop that is transforming the economies of colorado, oregon, washington and now over 12 percent of the population in ustry with a giant upside that will only continue to grow." bob, you make a great point. recreational and medical marijuana measures passed in numerous and varied states, but i do not think this is going to become a big money maker for farmers. i may be one of the few of my generation who did no experiment with marijuana in the 60's and 70's or since, believe it or not. so i'm relying on excellent information from michael pollan's book, the botany of desire. his explanation
Sep 10, 2016 5:00am CDT
comment on the china national chemical corporation has commitments from lenders on a $12.7 billion loan package to help secure its purchase of syngenta. chemchina acquired the financing from 17 different banks all together. the agreement to buy syngenta for $43 billion came earlier this year in a deal that would make it the largest supplier of pesticides and ag chemicals in the world. the european union is suspending its review of the dow dupont merger, which means the approval process will take even longer. e-u's antitrust regulator says neither company has submitted important information the e-u asked for as part of its review. fire broke out at a usda building in maryland this week. federal agents say there are no initial signs of a criminal intent. that news from a spokesman at the atf. the storage shed that burned on tuesday was at a usda complex in beltsville, a washington suburb. it was one of after getting anonymous threats. the flames took about two hours to put injuries were reported. which court should hear challenges to the epa's wotus rule? that's a question f
Sep 11, 2016 3:30am CDT
increase it's own production over the next four years. china planning to hopping to eventually reduce imports and balance it's own domestic stocks. ethanol exports skyrocketting in june... jumping 49 percent over june's shipments. that marks the highest monthly total since april. meanwhile, u-s ethanol production declined for a third straight week. also gaining exporot momentum in july, red meat. the u-s meat export federation says the amount of beef exported in july, with japan and south korea carrying the weight. shipments to korea alone jumped up 37 percent. due to lower beef prices, the value of shipments actually dropped. and turning to pork, those exports increased 8 percent in july while the value of shipments rose 11 percent. cattle markets feeling the pressure this week . october live cattle futures at cme dipping below the dollar mark tuesday. the prices is down roughly ten dollars over the past 3 weeks. cash fed cattle prices also dropping on the large increase in slaughter percent higher than last year. analysts say right now these cattle markets are struggling to find bot
Feb 6, 2016 5:00am CST
a new owner, but not everyone is comfortae with china jumping head first into the u-s seededindustry. wild swiwis in the cattle market... time it was just unbelievable how much equity we lost in this industry in a 100 days. 5:11> our farm journal report looks at where prices are going, and why some want to take a look at the c-m-e. in american countryside, andrew mccrea shares the rise of popular product used for baking your favorite goods... <"so he sent fellas out in little panel trucks to call on every meat market and grocery store.> it's the story of the clabber girl, and a marketing plan gone right. and in john's world... we need to do more science fiction on u.s. farm report. chevy silverado, long-lasting dependable. now for the markt related news, a major trade pact that could incrase both u-s agriculture exports and imports from the 12 member nations signed the trans pacific partnership in auckland this week. the trade pact is five years in the making, but isn't a done deal. each of the countries now need to sign off on t- ppl, including u-s congress. and legis
Aug 28, 2016 3:30am CDT
or be delayed. also on the merger front, syngenta and chem china getting go-ahead nod from u-s regulators. shares surged this week after the committee on foreign investment in the united states approved the buyout by , boosting chanes the largest foreign aqcuistion ever by a chinese company will go thorugh. iowa senator chuck grassley is continuting to raise concers over the chemchina-syngenta deal, calling it alarming. grassley heads the senate judiciary committee and just this week he announced he's hosting a hearing on the wave of ag company mergers. it will be held in late september and it's stll being determined who will testify. he says the hearing current trend of consolidation within the chem and seed industries. as dairy farmers across the country battle low milk prices, usda is trying to help. the department says it will buy 20 million dollars of cheese, or 11 million pounds, from private inventories. they are donating the cheese to food assitance programs. that will help reduce the hefty supplies weighing on prices. currently the cheese surplus is at an all-time high
Sep 25, 2016 3:30am CDT
years china could soon start accepting imports of u-s beef. at least that's what a chinese official promised during a speech in new york tuesday night. china's ban on u-s beef started in 2003 after the b-s-e scare. there's no exact timetable as to when imports will resume, but officals they recognize the u-s has very good beef, so why should they deny chinese customers that choice. the world's largest buyer of wheat could be in the market for more of the small grain. egypt is dumping it's zero tolderance policy on ergot, a common grain fungus. that regulation implemented last month basically shut down its access to global wheat. egypt will reinstate the previous tolerance level, and said it's being applied to both prices weighing on dairy farmers this year, milk production is still on the rise. usda showing milk production in the nation's top 23 states reaching 16 point 7 billion pounds. that's up 2 percent from august of last year. teh largest increase year over year coming from texas, with production topping last year by 11 percent. nationally, production per cow hitting 19 hundre
Oct 23, 2016 3:30am CDT
outlook does piont to pork prices reboudning in china and a increase in seasonal demand entering the chincese new year. but as more countries export pork, rabobank business. chinese officials said again this week the country plans to cut corn acres and raise soybean acres over the next 5 years. they say this will help them better meet demand. also out of china, the country is halting its weekly state corn sales until may. the national grain trade center says it's to help encourage companies to buy the crop currently being harvested. remember, china ended its state stockpiling program of corn this year. and the country says it still has more than 200 million metric tonnes of corn left to sell, but some analysts think those piles may be larger than advertised. india's imports of the oil quadrupled in just the past five years. this is partially due to the fact soybean oil is a more attractive option, as a glut has made the oil more affordable compared to palm oil. john payne says the relationship between soy and palm oil is also what's carrying soybean prices right now.
Feb 6, 2016 5:00am EST
china, so obviously if we have a leader in office that is going to have good relationships with our trading partners, that will mean good things for us as producers as well. >> i think in general we always, as americans, have something at stake in elections, but there are some specific topics that got a lot of coverage, and the ethanol and senator cruz, that whole issue was fascinating to watch in the election. he came across with a lot of poise the last few days, and he started talking softly. and when trump got louder cruz got softer, and i think people heard that voice and they rallied around him, and i think he changed his views on ethanol. i'd imagine you'd have to if you're driving through iowa and hitting all 99 counties. >> did he? did he change his views? if you really parse that what's your thinking, duwayne? >> well, personally, honestly, i'm not listening to too mh of what they say right now because promises right now don't mean a whole lot once they get into office. sometimes i've seen it before > especially in iowa. >> right. i don't know, remember, i mean, he is from
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)