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Oct 29, 2016 5:00am CDT
week, but that's 12 percent above the four-week average. the biggest buyers china, mexico and italy. it's been a slow soybean harvest in central illinois this year, as many farmers are raking in record yields. we stopped by to visit with farm journal field agronomist ken ferrie this week. he told me april planted soybeans are yielding much better than the crop planted in may, as the later planted crop suffocated from sudden death syndrome and emergence issue. but even then, farmers are seeing a lot of 60 bushel plus stem. slowing down some of hte combine by 2/5 miles per hour. and can't cut too early or too late because of moistures, natinoally, soybean harvest is right on pace with average as 76 percent of the crop is harvested. farmers in the western corn belt still battling rain.. iowa is trailing the average pace by 9 points. nebraska is 10 points behind. the nation's corn crop is 61 percent harvested. one point behind average. that's a 15 point jump in just a week. cattle prices trending higher since mid october. the momentum supported by usda's latest cattle on feed report, fi
Feb 6, 2016 5:00am CST
a new owner, but not everyone is comfortae with china jumping head first into the u-s seededindustry. wild swiwis in the cattle market... time it was just unbelievable how much equity we lost in this industry in a 100 days. 5:11> our farm journal report looks at where prices are going, and why some want to take a look at the c-m-e. in american countryside, andrew mccrea shares the rise of popular product used for baking your favorite goods... <"so he sent fellas out in little panel trucks to call on every meat market and grocery store.> it's the story of the clabber girl, and a marketing plan gone right. and in john's world... we need to do more science fiction on u.s. farm report. chevy silverado, long-lasting dependable. now for the markt related news, a major trade pact that could incrase both u-s agriculture exports and imports from the 12 member nations signed the trans pacific partnership in auckland this week. the trade pact is five years in the making, but isn't a done deal. each of the countries now need to sign off on t- ppl, including u-s congress. and legis
Feb 20, 2011 4:00am EST
>>> today on u.s. farm report. incredible demand from china equals a new best customer for american agriculture. it's a sign of strong economic times as big green reports big profits. and our team of analysts draw a packed house at the national farm machinery show. >> u.s. farm report brought to you by the world of farming is changing. be ready with case ih and by chevy and their award winning cars, strucks, and crossovers. >>> hello and welcome to u.s. farm report. i'm john. well it wasn't quite a drunken sailor atmosphere, but optimism was abundant, along with an appetite for technology and power at the farm machinery show. temperatures in the 70s added to the excitement. i was no exception as i waited for a half hour just to get an estimate for a new workshop i have long desired. not for myself, of course, but for something i can attach a new greenhouse for my beloved wife, jan. spring fever has many symptoms, i guess, and obviously some of them are economic. time now for the headlines. here's trisha. >> thanks, john. the export outlook for american agriculture is only getting br
Feb 7, 2016 5:00am PST
our soybeans go straight over to the pnw and directly to china, so obviously if we have a leader in office that is going to have good relationships with our trading partners, that will mean good things for us as producers as well. >> i think in general we always, as americans, have something at stake in elections, but there are some specific topics that got a lot of coverage, and the ethanol and senator cruz, that whole issue didn't play out like i thought. >> no senator, cruz, it lot of poise the last few days, and he started talking softly. and when trump got louder cruz got softer, and i think people heard that voice and they rallied around him, and i think he changed his views on ethanol. i'd imagine you'd have to if you're driving through iowa and hitting all 99 counties. >> did he? did he change his views? if you really parse that what's your thinking, duwayne? >> well, personally, honestly, i'm not listening to too much of what they say right now because promises right now don't mean a whole lot once they get into office. sometimes i've seen it before > especially in iowa. >>
Nov 6, 2016 3:30am CST
peso you know we often think of the glamour of exports of globally-- going to china and going places in the world. but really when you look at our major customers are north and south of our border. and we need to make sure that the peso in canadian dollar are compatible with with our dollar so we keep that trade flow going. those are livestock markets. when we look at cattle prices the new month flipped we saw some pretty impressive gains are but have we found a bottom here short-term in this cattle market? well maybe a short term bottom. the last cattle on feed report was encouraging. we finally started to cut down on our numbers. unfortunately comes at a time when demand tends to go into a holiday season. we have more turkeys more hams etcetera so it's a concern. we've seen some signs of encouraging export demand that's helped out . but this past week's trade is really disappointing. we thought we'd see some more build on the cash market. we really didn't. it was mostly steady. i think the online auction was the first sign of that and when the rally started to lose some mome
Dec 6, 2009 4:00am EST
poultryproduct exports. >>> while the usda is still awaiting details from china on the conditions for the resumption of imports of u.s. pork, ag secretary tom vilsack says he is hopeful u.s. pork exports to china could resume in the very near term. china announced this week it isofficially lifted restrictions on iment po -- imports of u.s., canadian and mexican pork. china instituted the ban as mart of the h1n1 outbreak. despite lifting the ban, details on how and when shipments could resume are not known. few market analysts expect volume of shipments will come anywhere near the hefty buys of pork that china made leading up to the olympic games. >>> because of the unprecedented harvest delays, the ag department says it will extend its weekly crop progress by at least one more week this year. the usda says that will help them get more complete results for their report. meanwhile, this week's report shows corn harvest at 79% complete. the five-year average is 97%. the soybean harvest is all but wrapped up sitting at 96%. that's it for the headlines. it's time now to join john for crop
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)