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Mar 5, 2016 4:30am MST
china, rerelati teir val ofofhny ucuc, s s en joale e a majort mitation for the. cornrnindustryry there's'seen a lot disionhtt chchs ofand quit buying. i think the mbers don'n'suppt that a beenuge bur of sorghum ain this year. when you look at shipnts to date a few w eks heormmmmyclsiur actual ships are actuly 23 percenabove a year ago levels. . > wlet corre that china isisti buyingngnge latea numbers show ousususing sales to c c e more tha pcrnt behin la year. m mnwhileone ofevery four rowowof soybeanango to the lar asi customer, a marketensky dodot see backing off.
Aug 1, 2010 4:00am EDT
we talk about china buying beans and south america producing them? >> yes it's all connect sure. when the market perceives there will be a shortage than the funds come in running the market up. the way i look at it we have plenty of wheat around to counter act this situation, so this is i think more of a just a speculative money rushing into a certain market that will not last long. >> a concept that people have trouble understanding is why corn and soybeans follow wheat? >> they buy everything. the corn we are going to have a good corn and bean crop the year so to keep pushing those markets up i'm glad they are doing it but i doubt that we will stay at these price levels we will be topping. now longer term i think that we are in good shape i think agriculture is in good shape and i think we will press significantly higher over time and going into august the first of august i don't think that we are really much left to up side. >> are you agree withing him that we are topping here. maybe next week we will be at the top in. >> i would think so. today we broke through this some resistan
Oct 30, 2016 3:30am CDT
percent above the four-week average. the biggest buyers china, mexico and italy. it's been a slow soybean harvest in central illinois this year, as many farmers are raking in record yields. we stopped by to visit with farm journal field agronomist ken ferrie this week. he told me april planted soybeans are yielding much better than the crop planted in may, as the later planted crop suffocated from sudden death syndrome and emergence issue. field averages. fighting big tall beans, also some green stem. slowing down some of hte combine by 2/5 miles per hour. and can't cut too early or too late because of moistures, natinoally, soybean harvest is right on pace with average as 76 percent of the crop is harvested. farmers in the western corn belt still battling rain.. iowa is trailing the nebraska is 10 points behind. the nation's corn crop is 61 percent harvested. one point behind average. that's a 15 point jump in just a week. cattle prices trending higher since mid october. the momentum supported by usda's latest cattle on feed report, fidning inventory numbers smaller than expected
Oct 2, 2016 3:30am CDT
prematurely sold its agrisure viptera and duracade corn products leading china to stop importing the corn. which in turn caused news...meteorologist mike hoffman joins us again, this week with his 90 day. mike, how's moisture looking. thanks, tyne, as you'll see in my outlook for the next ninety days some northern areas i'm still expecting above normal precipitation southern sections least parts of the area expected to be below a normal now as far as the jet stream that slow moving storm system still in the eastern great lakes and finally gets completely out of here by wednesday as a ridge builds into the northeast look at that, another cut off coming into the southwestern plains south eastern rockies and as we head through the week our model is showing that kind of cutting off into the southern mississippi valley that will be producing a least some shower activity down that way with a trough farther north it does finally get rid of that then in tennessee a zonal flow was ripples through it as we head into sunday now let's go ninety days or months by month october temperatures above
Feb 27, 2011 4:00am EST
china, we're talking about ethanol, hogs, chickens and we're talking about cattle. what are these prices going to do if it hasn't already started to those. >> well, $6 was tough, $7 is taking a way a lot of profit margin. in some places like the poultry market, it's eliminated it. on this break this week they put on another 2 to 4 weeks of usage, so they are locked in where they can make money even if we go to $8, a lot higher price, they are still going to have corn they can grind out at this sell out we just had this week so i don't think you're going to see the kind of price rationing that we would normally see at these price levels because these guys are pretty well covered. >> you are nodding that you agree but i also see a little frown. >> no, i definitely agree with that. it does make a big difference, though, for the first time we are seeing the profit margins fall apart so i think that is a red flag but i do think it is a little misleading what you said, i think we're timely at -- finally at a level, ethanol the margin is not friendly at these levels and soon it's going to. >> l
Nov 15, 2009 4:00am EST
sold the south koreans some corn, but the origins were u.s., south america, or china. so that's that. so i mean, this program right now, to me, like in corn, they're going to miss in thing by a couple hundred million bushels. >> what do you think the government has? do you think the government is going to be low or high? >> i think it will be down about 1-9 in corn. the government took off a half here on the report tuesday. and i think that you know, the yields will probably stay pretty much the same. the beans will probably uptake a little bit from here. so that was that storiment but the bigger story was really this black mold, this -- >> the toxin. >> it hit the market yesterday. that -- that is the, you know, that's the thing that comes out of left field on you. and the spreads look like they're going to do the function on it if it is -- and if it is anything that's substantial for maybe three or four weeks, at the most, i can't imagine that thing becoming more than that and some of the earlier planted corn was probably the thing that did it in ohio and indiana. >> mike, would it
Feb 20, 2011 4:00am EST
>>> today on u.s. farm report. incredible demand from china equals a new best customer for american agriculture. it's a sign of strong economic times as big green reports big profits. and our team of analysts draw a packed house at the national farm machinery show. >> u.s. farm report brought to you by the world of farming is changing. be ready with case ih and by chevy and their award winning cars, strucks, and crossovers. >>> hello and welcome to u.s. farm report. i'm john. well it wasn't quite a drunken sailor atmosphere, but optimism was abundant, along with an appetite for technology and power at the farm machinery show. temperatures in the 70s added to the excitement. i was no exception as i waited for a half hour just to get an estimate for a new workshop i have long desired. not for myself, of course, but for something i can attach a new greenhouse for my beloved wife, jan. spring fever has many symptoms, i guess, and obviously some of them are economic. time now for the headlines. here's trisha. >> thanks, john. the export outlook for american agriculture is only getting br
May 15, 2011 4:00am EDT
billion. that's a 27% increase over the same time period a year ago. nearly 20% are headed to china. canada is the second largest market. >>> united states corn surrender surpluses expected to grow more next year. that was a surprise from the may supply demand support. u.s.d.a. raised the corn ending stock to 730 million-bushels, above trade numbers of 661 million- bushels. they also pegged the ending stocks at 900 million-bushels, 92 billion over the estimate. >>> the first estimate of the winter weak crop takes in to account the drought in the southern plain at 1.4 billion- bushel, a decline of 4% from last year. the united states yield is forecast at 44.5-bushels an acre down more than two bushels from last year. >>> soybean ending stock for the year are projected at 170 million-bushels, that up 30 million from last month because of reduced export. >>> farmers are trying to play catch up with spring planting. the crop progress report showed 40% of the corn crop is planted. that's a big jump over the previous week. farmers in iowa had a 61 point game but the eastern corn belt is s
Oct 1, 2016 5:00am CDT
million, one year and another half a million (541,020 mt) in the 17-18 year. china is slapping an anti-subsidy duty to imports of u-s dried distillers grains. the country issuing a final ruling this week, claiming u-s dried distiller's grains are being unfairly subsidized by the u-s government, saying it's damaging china's ddg industry. the news came just weeks after the u-s filed a complaint with the world trade organization, accusing china of illegal government subsidies for rice, wheat and corn. head this week, one of canada's largest feedlots is closing its gates. [take: full screen still canada... with a dot for western feedlots, ltd number: (location is strathmore, alberta, canada incue: western feedlots, ltd shutting down outcue: - 100,000 head capacity] [notes:- blaming market conditions, political environment alberta based western feedlots says it will close it's environment. an alberta cattle feeding copmany says more cattle feeders will close in the next 6 months, which means more cattle could flood the u-s fedyards. the overload of milk on the world market could be getting
Sep 6, 2009 4:00am EDT
china's economy slows down a little, we have a secondary low in the dow next year and all of a sudden the dow relationship to the corn we have a flat to lower market. you know since 1970, the average cycle length of corn is about five and a half years from low to low. that implies that the long-term low for this market is 2010 confirmation. everybody believes that next year is going to be like 2007, 2 # 008, a quick bounce back. and things have changed. >> we're going to be back with more u.s. farm report in just a moment. [applause] >> our round table continuing at the farm progress show. with us today is bob utterback. we have been talking about actually kind of how low corn can go if it -- we get everything in. the yield and the yield of course is the key. and nobody knows what the weather is going to do and that is what it takes. some guys talked about whether or not the dollar or the dow is going to affect corn prices. and somebody brought up china. i forget who that was at this point in time. is the dollar going to affect what has happened to corn? >> well, the dollar has
Jan 10, 2016 5:00am PST
year. >> yeah, and we look kind of the macro economy, gregg, we're talking we saw china suspend trading a couple times this week. our markets here at home have one of the worst starts ever. where does that take us or what do you see there? >> well, look, you know, the chinese are doing a terrible job trying to micro manage the stock market and it looks like they took off these parameters here last night and they got chinese new year coming up here first week of february so, they got to clean this up and that and the world is, you know, at times, you know, some traders are taking it, you know, and that's why they're selling off everywhere because of it like what happened back in august, but probably more of the that is a domestic stock market. i think the bigger issue's not that stock market price action renminbi yuan on off shore. >> right. >> those are where the bigger concerns are because the chinese now have had to since they've been instituted in sdrs with the imf, now they're reserved currency, only about 2% takes place in their trading, but they've had to spin almost a tri
Jan 10, 2016 5:00am CST
chinese market. currently about 17 percent of all u.s. ag exports find their way to china. usda is now revising that down-- expecting the country's gdp to fall to roughly 6 percent. adding that in 2015 exports to china were down 4 billion dollars or 13 percent. it expects that to fall during the week--dropping into the low 30's for the first time in 12 years. west texas intermediate and brent crude both down 12 percent in the first week of the year. analysts say it's likely prices could fall to 25 dollars a barrel. oil company stocks also feeling the pressure. while parts of brazil have seen decent rains in recent weeks, our reporting partners at pro-farmer say drought remains very serious issue in parts of brazil. the leading soybean state of mata grosso is very dry...however three quarters of mato grosso saw between 3 and 8 inches of rain in the last 10 days. while the center west district - which is brazils largest soybean region - has a rainfall deficit. it's about 60-percent of normal. traders in chicago are watching closely. <"forecasts for northern brazil do call for rains off a
Oct 18, 2015 6:00am CDT
? >> yeah, so the rally we saw on tuesday we can talk about exports. we had a sale of 240,000 to china that morning. we had good export inspections. but the bigger deal was weather. we're getting a little concerned about some dryness that we're seeing in northern brazil. they're well behind their fiveyear average on planting, but it kind of reminds us a little bit about last year with the el nino pattern that they've had. they could d d up being bettererif they get the rainin they get planted and things will be good. the biggest question is, can they get that second crop of corn in or not? if not it might have to go to beans, which means even more bean acreage. >> so if we do have more bean acreage and not a lot of weather problems down there, that doesn't sound good. how do we prepare here in the u.s., mike? >> well, that just cues up the same talk that we had before. if we end up with that added acreage in south america, that will put a lot of pressure on soybeans. we obviously need price to buy acres, but it's not such a large price that we need to buy acres on corn that guys might
Sep 27, 2009 4:00am EDT
is a different situation. china already has 370 million of corn contract they did business with us. they wanted most of that between now and march because they can't get those beans out of south america. so you will see the trade trying to get you to sell the cash beans and when i say trying to, that means either the board is up or the basis has to be push because the pressure is trying to keep it from going to the gulf or the bmw. but with all of that export business it has got to move. so to me that's as you sell the beans maybe three or four months rights off the combine in some cases corn is probably a better long-term hold from a basis stand point. >> just are you saying that soy beans will go down in the future? i will ask bob that question again in a minute. >> if you can entice the south americans to plant and they get it planted and all comes up you will want it to be all sold or most of next year sold because they are going to flood the market starting in march. >> what do you think? >> i think allan is essentially correct. it is a market where you have to be timed right.
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)