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Mar 6, 2011 4:00am EST
surprise but china is a bright spot for trade. the export council said they purchased 320,000metric tons of milk powder last year. as spring draws near many farmers in the central and southern plains are concern ford their winter wheat crops. the u.s.d.a. released progress reports in kansas, oklahoma oak and texas. in texas 56% is called poor to very poor with 26% fair and in oklahoma 42% poor to very poor, 39% is fair. many of the areas suffered through arctic cold temperatures with little snow cover to protect the crops. >>> that's it for the headlines. now back to al for crop watc ♪ [ music ] >> crop watch this week take us from the still frozen midwest down to florida where field work is underway. a producer from iowa said there is talk of spreading fertilizer next week if the ground is still proceedsen. they finally had a round of nice days. for florida familiarers good weather conditions are allowing growers to till land. the conditions statewide remain mostly fair to poor. and in ohio winter wheat looks good. it's also very wet. rivers are out of their banks. >>> when we come ba
Jun 24, 2012 4:00am EDT
slow downs in india, china and brazil remove much of the cushion. keeping up with complex global economy is hard when it's all you can do to cope with no rain. it's never been more important to at least try. we will do our best to help. time for the headlines. here is tin morgan. >> hello. its been a busy week for farm bill discussions and it ended with the senate passing its version of the bill. senate majority leader said the senate debates 70 amendments throughout the week. among them was debate about the crop insurance inclusion in the farm bill. the big issue is how to design a program helps crop insurance. he said the senate discussions have been addressing more than just farm support programs. >> the issues will include the conversation program, the funding and type of conservation program, the degree of cuts if any, the limitations on payments to farmers by farm programs and the structure and support for the sugar industry and the united states. >>> on wednesday the senate voted to not change the depression era program that prodetects united states suggest growers. the ho
Oct 17, 2010 4:00am EDT
china. it's going to be a political solution or a political surprise. i would say the market is as bullish as it was back in june. we had several ways to make it bullish. we're going to have to have things to make it bearish. we're going to see rationing of ethanol and exports. it's very difficult at there point. if someone gets in trouble, this market could be intense. >> we're talking about rationing exports, you're talking about governmental actions. is that what you're suggesting? >> might happen. >> if prices got too high. and i think the definition of that is probably $8 corn and 15 to $20 beans. >> is he talks right here that that kind of thing could have with the united states, with the way things are at this point. >> it's a quick answer. we need a lot more bean corn acres this year, we're behind the 8 ball. increasing 3 plus 4, something like that. man, we've got to -- it just doesn't add up. that's all i can tell you. but, i will say this, the market will ration to a point to where, one, how are they going to deal with this man date here that expires at the end of the ye
Oct 3, 2010 4:00am EDT
give them away and now they have value. >> i think the big market is china. i would imagine they would by five times more than last year. >> really? >> at least that. that market, they can combine soybeans and djokovic gs, and it works better than buying corn on water. that's the market that they're very interested in over here. i think that's going to expand a lot. you look back at that stocks report, it was our lowest since 1950. that doesn't work. >> you don't think that works. >> not so much. >> well, i'll tell you when we come back with our next segment, i'm going to talk about soybeans. we've been talking about corn and wheat, but something i think we should address, and that's what farmers are going to plant next year and how we get to where we need to plant in order to make a profit. we'll be back with more u.s. farm report in just a moment. this week brian and andy, we were talking about corn primarily and the fact that the government put out this report and they found 300 million- bushels more and there may be question about the report, but you that's what the market is deali
Dec 4, 2016 3:30am CST
buying in china because of the soybean meal demand and the soybean oil demand because of the problems still in malaysia with palm oil production. so that demand is what is making a market move. and we saw that again today in the weekly sales report with huge number for this time of year for soybean oil exports. so it's that chinese demand. but when we look heading into january now, and we see some of the south american production come online, it seems like we're gonna have some intense competition where demand will not be able to continue at this pace. well because of planting beans so aggressive this year in montegroso, so they're gonna have about twenty five percent of the crop harvested earlier than normal. and that kind of t of soybean export window here. let's keep in mind that brazil because their supplies were tight last year, may not be as willing and aggressively selling early in the marketing year like the market's anticipating . their pipeline's starting and more empty than what it has in the past. there is going to be some domestic suction that'll happen that'll keep them
Oct 2, 2011 4:00am EDT
think will happen -- here is the problem -- the black sea area increase in wheat production, china wants morrissey verse ty in the feed supply and i think they will rely on wheat. we have to watch it. wheat will be the biggest competing for corn because of all the global wheat supplies. overall i don't -- the market below five, wheat can't compete above 7. we will raining bound in this new range. >> every year in the middle of the harvest we look to harvests go down. when that happens our international buyers look to the united states. china and the other country that need the products will they be buying as much at these low prices in. >> they did last time. they bought a lot of corn this summer on the last break we had, i would think that would show up again. i haven't heard they bought anything, that's usually what happens though. so -- yeah, demand shows up at lower prices. >> china, there is a lot of stories, china will be up between four to five million metric tons above expectations. i think over the next three weeks you will hear a lot of unknown sales and a lot of will be
Jun 3, 2012 4:00am EDT
mexico are on pace to set new records and mexico and china are up more than a billion dollars thanks to strengthening demand for cotton, pork, dairy and poultry and tree nuts. >>> nationally 9% of the crop has already cut. in oklahoma the wheat harvest is 41% complete. the five-year averages just 3%. good growing weather has given way to good harvest conditions around the state and yields are 20% or more above-average hitting machine that will work workout. >> the combines are running one and a half or 2 miles per hour in the field, they are just crawling. they are bigger machines but it's taking twice as long to get the crop because we have twice the bushels out there. >> rosen says last year's supply stifle the crop and that's why many producers are bailing the crop for hay rather than harvesting for grain. >>> mostly due for higher prices, hey use this past winter was at its lowest level since 1980. the center says many producers chose a lower cost options including baled cornstalks. the tape raises expanding prices are expected to soften. the lack of rain is becoming quite scarce
Apr 25, 2010 4:00am EDT
going on in china. >> they bought a lot of beans this week. >> my read on it is their corn market has been rising as we have been coming up since last fall and so corn was around 717 today. and this shortness and this tightness in their corn market where they don't have enough grain. they have 5 million metric tons of beans coming this month and next month. it looks like they are on schedule for the next month which they usually do around 4 million metric tons so they are doing this extra purchase. the numbers don't work to use corn over there as they are substituting beans and meal. which is why they are having a little riff with argentina. they are not going to need the oil. so this whole thing to me on the strength and beans comes from the fact that they are short on corn and they are going to crush extra soybeans. >> is there guess that plant the corn. listening to -- is there guess that there will be plenty of corn available so there is no rush? >> from their standpoint and ours we feel like our weather is really good and we are going to come in monday with a 50% planting or some
Nov 8, 2015 6:00am CST
. allendale thinks the u-s corn yield is 168 point 3. and soybeans 47 point 3. severe drought in china is depleting any hopes of a record crop this year. and pork producers in the country were banking on ample corn supplies to feed the growing popularity in the white meat. herere a map of china's main growing region. corn production was predicted to see an all-time high as growers bumped up acres this year. instead, bloomberg reports production will fall nearly 6 percent, which is the e ggest drop in 15 years. u-s beef exports continue to see pressure, while porkxports are on the way up. u-s meat export federation says the september export numbers show promise for pork, with export volume up 6 percent from a year ago. shipments to canada were the largest we've seen all year, and south korea increased the amount of pork purchased by 34 percent. trade groups got their first look at details of the trans pacific partnership trade deal, white house released the final agreement, showing support for pork exports, with one iowa state economist calling it the most important commercial opportunity
Sep 12, 2010 4:00am EDT
has strug welled drought. china is the you largest producer and consumer of cotton and floods in pakistan devastated the crop. pakistan is it the third largest producer. that's it for news. time for the national forecast from meteorologist mike hoffman. >>> we're going to remain fairly warm across the southern tier of states as we head through this coming week. jet stream will be me andering mainly through the northern half of the country with some troughs digging in. you can see one in the great lakes and new england as we start the week. that will keep it kind of cool in those areas. still, very warm and in some cases muggy conditions from the southeast. a little trip of moisture coming across the plains states. we'll cause hit and miss showers and thunderstorms through that area. not a lot of rain as we start the week. florida may be seeing some scattered showers and thunderstorms with the stationary front there. a little wetter as we head through the middle of the week. i think the system coming acotts plains states will cause chance for good rain. just hit and miss variety f
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)