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Jul 3, 2011 4:00am EDT
things i asked you -- i know you know a lot about chi -- china -- will they buy more. >> i think it's -- a lot of users everywhere. whether it be china, feeders. it's a good thing. as far as china goes, all u.s. corn is below their domestic price, even with the taxes in there, they can buy a lot of u.s. corn. from my knowledge, i think you could see substantial purchases here. i think we saw quite a bit of corn move when the japanese had a problem. then you have a hard break in the summer where prices next year are questionable. it's a good move to buy grain. you saw them buy grain this weekend. i think you can see them buy more next week. it will be about five times more than people thing. >> thing -- people think. >> i think prices stay down. it works in their country. they can by a lot of corn just like they buy beans. >> is that positive? >> this break is a positive thing for agriculture. the prices went down. >> yeah, al, if we would have just continued to go up and hit $9, we would have shut off demand for two years. we've experienced that before. this sell off came at a ti
Mar 27, 2011 4:00am EDT
crop. probably china, they have been pricing corn -- market couldn't sustain that gain, it's a -- it's just exploded to the downside and down he went, lost 25-cents and -- it's a market where you don't take any long lunches, you get eaten forelain. . > >> you came in and were looking at the markets. i don't think you had your market in your land looking at it. you said wow, that's not much of a change and i can remember a few years ago when we went over five cents either direction it was a big change. how have things changed now? >> we are starting to see a lot of volatility. people have to realize with corn at seven dollars a buschel when it was at three dollars and a seven cent range -- now there has been a number of days that it's had a 30 to 40-cent a buschel range and we need to expect that. we had today a situation where the corn market rallied quite a bit on thursday where the -- when we started to hear about the basis at the gulf had strengthened and it started to be rumors and speculation that may be the commercials were buying corn fortuna sales and the market rallied
Oct 30, 2016 3:30am CDT
percent above the four-week average. the biggest buyers china, mexico and italy. it's been a slow soybean harvest in central illinois this year, as many farmers are raking in record yields. we stopped by to visit with farm journal field agronomist ken ferrie this week. he told me april planted soybeans are yielding much better than the crop planted in may, as the later planted crop suffocated from sudden death syndrome and emergence issue. field averages. fighting big tall beans, also some green stem. slowing down some of hte combine by 2/5 miles per hour. and can't cut too early or too late because of moistures, natinoally, soybean harvest is right on pace with average as 76 percent of the crop is harvested. farmers in the western corn belt still battling rain.. iowa is trailing the nebraska is 10 points behind. the nation's corn crop is 61 percent harvested. one point behind average. that's a 15 point jump in just a week. cattle prices trending higher since mid october. the momentum supported by usda's latest cattle on feed report, fidning inventory numbers smaller than expected
Oct 25, 2015 5:00am CDT
government spending. china is lifting restrictions on u-s pork processing plants, opening the door for as much as half of u-s pork processed in the u-s. china banned pork from u-s plants after officials found traces of ractopamine starting a year ago. imports can now come from 14 u-s plants and warehouses. china is the largest buyer of pork. a supply and demand imblance is creating a slow recovery in the global pork market. a new report from rabobank shows adverse exchange rates hurt pork trade in the third quarter of this year. and with elevated price levels today, the remainder of this term, the main question is how much growth we'll see in major importing countries, and how that will impact trade. the u-s is putting the breaks on milk production, with the latest numbers showign the slowest rate of increase all year. the u-s department of agriculture says milk ouput grew less than one half of a percent in september. and looking at the third quarter, production rose almost one percent. california continues to lead the pack in the decline, with the state milk numbers down 3 point 6 per
May 22, 2011 4:00am EDT
beans. we have tight stocks. >> they said china and argentina got an agree meant that helped the bean oil price. it's really not helping the bean sales though. >> i hear they will pull the caps on canola oil and they are looking for corn in the september shipment. i think you will see -- they are hoping to get lucky on the weather. they are taking steps to make sure there is no grain. >> your concept on soybeans. >> we are washing out acres, the swollen mississippi river. probably not much of a change. probably seasonly lacks which is normal for this time of the year with south american production and got to remember they have a goodyear and worldwide soybean production would be up only about a percent ├žbut we aren't losing, supplies are tight and things could get exciting but if you step back and look at bean chart they have just been duking out, shadow boxing with the corn is looking like the shuttle liftoff. >> the next step i want to go to is talk about wheat at this time. i know -- talking about the world wheat situation, almost every country -- we have wheat in this country an
Oct 2, 2011 4:00am EDT
think will happen -- here is the problem -- the black sea area increase in wheat production, china wants morrissey verse ty in the feed supply and i think they will rely on wheat. we have to watch it. wheat will be the biggest competing for corn because of all the global wheat supplies. overall i don't -- the market below five, wheat can't compete above 7. we will raining bound in this new range. >> every year in the middle of the harvest we look to harvests go down. when that happens our international buyers look to the united states. china and the other country that need the products will they be buying as much at these low prices in. >> they did last time. they bought a lot of corn this summer on the last break we had, i would think that would show up again. i haven't heard they bought anything, that's usually what happens though. so -- yeah, demand shows up at lower prices. >> china, there is a lot of stories, china will be up between four to five million metric tons above expectations. i think over the next three weeks you will hear a lot of unknown sales and a lot of will be
Jan 2, 2016 5:00am EST
think it should be good. >> andy, talk real quick about a trip you recently took out to china because it was; it gave you some good insight into the economic situation there, and they're a major x1e;x1e; >> well, i think; the one thing i noticed was they have some problems in their farm program, and so, like, those things are going to get ironed out. the way that they use quota prices to buy grain. that's all going to change. it wasn't a very good way to do it. it pretty much messed up their rice things were happening in corn, and so you're going to see that whole program flipped in the next x1e;x1e; they're putting together, like, a threex1e;year plan to really go to a world price, and they're going to try to open the acres up to bigger farmers. also, though, they're looking to increase really the livestock side of it, particularly beef and dairy, and they're always with the onex1e;kid policy, everything's changing to two. i think you're going to see economic growth and you're going to see more consumption on all the livestock and that kind of thing. >> so could be some more opportun
Apr 10, 2011 4:00am EDT
standpoint, for example, the middle class in the next five-years in china will go from 350 million up to 700 million. basically you know double. what we will see there is a constant increase in need of food worldwide. my concern and i think maybe mark will agree with me on this, we said it earlier, this rising fuel price is essentially a tax and it's a dampening effect on disposable income for fixed income people that have to get themselves into the position to buy food and energy to live. there is a point where this higher fuel price energy price will put a stop in a certain sector of demand across the world and i think that's what is worrying me. >> now, i can understand that because we are feeling in the united states. then fuel prices have always been high when you get into europe. eight and nine dollars a gallon over there. >> to me the yes is we have these tight stats, the market has to ration the available supply and they will with price. in my opinion we haven't seen any real changes in demand, e ports are still strong, we did another 800metric tons of corn. the number -- etha
Oct 18, 2015 6:00am CDT
? >> yeah, so the rally we saw on tuesday we can talk about exports. we had a sale of 240,000 to china that morning. we had good export inspections. but the bigger deal was weather. we're getting a little concerned about some dryness that we're seeing in northern brazil. they're well behind their fiveyear average on planting, but it kind of reminds us a little bit about last year with the el nino pattern that they've had. they could d d up being bettererif they get the rainin they get planted and things will be good. the biggest question is, can they get that second crop of corn in or not? if not it might have to go to beans, which means even more bean acreage. >> so if we do have more bean acreage and not a lot of weather problems down there, that doesn't sound good. how do we prepare here in the u.s., mike? >> well, that just cues up the same talk that we had before. if we end up with that added acreage in south america, that will put a lot of pressure on soybeans. we obviously need price to buy acres, but it's not such a large price that we need to buy acres on corn that guys might
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)