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Aug 28, 2016 3:30am CDT
or be delayed. also on the merger front, syngenta and chem china getting go-ahead nod from u-s regulators. shares surged this week after the committee on foreign investment in the united states approved the buyout by , boosting chanes the largest foreign aqcuistion ever by a chinese company will go thorugh. iowa senator chuck grassley is continuting to raise concers over the chemchina-syngenta deal, calling it alarming. grassley heads the senate judiciary committee and just this week he announced he's hosting a hearing on the wave of ag company mergers. it will be held in late september and it's stll being determined who will testify. he says the hearing current trend of consolidation within the chem and seed industries. as dairy farmers across the country battle low milk prices, usda is trying to help. the department says it will buy 20 million dollars of cheese, or 11 million pounds, from private inventories. they are donating the cheese to food assitance programs. that will help reduce the hefty supplies weighing on prices. currently the cheese surplus is at an all-time high
Oct 25, 2015 6:00am CDT
support a third of government spending. china is lifting restrictions on u-s pork processing plants, opening the door for as much as half of u-s pork processed in the u-s. china banned pork from u-s plants after officials found traces of ractopamine starting a year ago. imports can now come from 14 u-s plants and warehouses. china is the largest buyer of pork. a supply and demand imblance is creating a slow recovery in the global pork market. a new report from rabobank shows adverse exchange rates hurt pork trade in the third quarter of this year. and with elevated price levels today, the remainder of this year will be challening. rabobank says looking longer importing countries, and how that will impact trade. the u-s is putting the breaks on milk production, with the latest numbers showign the slowest rate of increase all year. the u-s department of agriculture says milk ouput grew less than one half of a percent in september. and looking at the third quarter, production rose almost one percent. california continues to lead the pack in the decline, with the state milk numbers down
Feb 14, 2016 5:00am PST
china's loss of imports. and as we worked our way forward, we now have a new home for all of this new product and it's not showing up. so the pressure that puts on our markets is farily significat. > with milk sitting below 14 dollars, he thinks the annual spring flush will pressure prices even more, possibly down to the 13 or even 12 dollar range. those are the headlines...meteorologist mike hoffman joins us now with weather. mike, do we warm up any next week? thanks, tyne. you are definitely going to warm up. how much depends on exactly where you live, but it will definitely be more tolerable, some dry areas developing in parts of the northeast. also, we are seeing a little bit of extreme drought there popping up in western portions of montana as it gets dryer there. the worst area of california, nevada continues to slowly shrink, but it is still taking a while as it does with long term drought we are also starting to see some pockets of slightly dry conditions in texas now. let's go day by day this week: we are going to see some systems moving across the country, this is going to b
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)