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2016 21
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Feb 21, 2016 5:00am CST
. china's appetitie for u-s soybeans continues to fade. our partners at pro farmer reporting china imported 5.66 million metric tons of soybeans in january. that's a 38 percent drop from december and 17 percent less promising 2016. rabobank says after a very challenging end to 2015, margins are improving. in rabobank's first poultry quarterly report of the year, analysts say better demand and lower supply in countires like u-s, china, thailand and europe are helping reduce the hefty supply issue we saw last year. in china, new restrictiosn on breeding stock will help keep tbird numbers down. but prices will still remain volatile due to avian influenza. the chem china and syngenta acquisition could open the door for g-m crops in china.. that's according to syngenta's leadership reuters reporting, the 43 billion dollar deal likely to give syngenta unrivaled access to the chinese market--the world's largest grain producer. also heating up, discussions about oil production and the impact on prices. four major producers, qatar, russia, saudi arabia and venezuela announcing a joint agree
Feb 6, 2016 5:00am CST
a new owner, but not everyone is comfortae with china jumping head first into the u-s seededindustry. wild swiwis in the cattle market... time it was just unbelievable how much equity we lost in this industry in a 100 days. 5:11> our farm journal report looks at where prices are going, and why some want to take a look at the c-m-e. in american countryside, andrew mccrea shares the rise of popular product used for baking your favorite goods... <"so he sent fellas out in little panel trucks to call on every meat market and grocery store.> it's the story of the clabber girl, and a marketing plan gone right. and in john's world... we need to do more science fiction on u.s. farm report. chevy silverado, long-lasting dependable. now for the markt related news, a major trade pact that could incrase both u-s agriculture exports and imports from the 12 member nations signed the trans pacific partnership in auckland this week. the trade pact is five years in the making, but isn't a done deal. each of the countries now need to sign off on t- ppl, including u-s congress. and legis
Feb 14, 2016 5:00am PST
china's loss of imports. and as we worked our way forward, we now have a new home for all of this new product and it's not showing up. so the pressure that puts on our markets is farily significat. > with milk sitting below 14 dollars, he thinks the annual spring flush will pressure prices even more, possibly down to the 13 or even 12 dollar range. those are the headlines...meteorologist mike hoffman joins us now with weather. mike, do we warm up any next week? thanks, tyne. you are definitely going to warm up. how much depends on exactly where you live, but it will definitely be more tolerable, some dry areas developing in parts of the northeast. also, we are seeing a little bit of extreme drought there popping up in western portions of montana as it gets dryer there. the worst area of california, nevada continues to slowly shrink, but it is still taking a while as it does with long term drought we are also starting to see some pockets of slightly dry conditions in texas now. let's go day by day this week: we are going to see some systems moving across the country, this is going to b
Jan 23, 2016 5:00am CST
, sluggish demand and market tutuoil in china will only further hurt prices. canadian processor saputo predicts milk prices to remain depressed in 2016. and now it's a question of which country's producers can handle the lower prices and adapt to volatility. canada based potash corp says its halting production at a mine in new burnswick. the picadilliy mine just opened in late 2014--and was expected to crank out up to dropped significantly in recent years...from 900 dollars a ton in 2008 to roughly 300 a ton now. the decision to indefinitely suspend production will result in more than 400 layoffs..although it will be capable of restarting production if prices increase. those are the headlines...let's check in now with meteorologist mike hoffman. mike, things are getting ugly out east. you are absolutely right, tyne. it is going to take a while for some folks to dig out from this one. the good news is that storm will continue to move off shore and things will slowly improve for the rest of the weekend and it has been slowly improving in the drought areas out west, while you can s
Nov 8, 2015 6:00am CST
. allendale thinks the u-s corn yield is 168 point 3. and soybeans 47 point 3. severe drought in china is depleting any hopes of a record crop this year. and pork producers in the country were banking on ample corn supplies to feed the growing popularity in the white meat. herere a map of china's main growing region. corn production was predicted to see an all-time high as growers bumped up acres this year. instead, bloomberg reports production will fall nearly 6 percent, which is the e ggest drop in 15 years. u-s beef exports continue to see pressure, while porkxports are on the way up. u-s meat export federation says the september export numbers show promise for pork, with export volume up 6 percent from a year ago. shipments to canada were the largest we've seen all year, and south korea increased the amount of pork purchased by 34 percent. trade groups got their first look at details of the trans pacific partnership trade deal, white house released the final agreement, showing support for pork exports, with one iowa state economist calling it the most important commercial opportunity
Feb 6, 2016 5:00am EST
china, so obviously if we have a leader in office that is going to have good relationships with our trading partners, that will mean good things for us as producers as well. >> i think in general we always, as americans, have something at stake in elections, but there are some specific topics that got a lot of coverage, and the ethanol and senator cruz, that whole issue was fascinating to watch in the election. he came across with a lot of poise the last few days, and he started talking softly. and when trump got louder cruz got softer, and i think people heard that voice and they rallied around him, and i think he changed his views on ethanol. i'd imagine you'd have to if you're driving through iowa and hitting all 99 counties. >> did he? did he change his views? if you really parse that what's your thinking, duwayne? >> well, personally, honestly, i'm not listening to too mh of what they say right now because promises right now don't mean a whole lot once they get into office. sometimes i've seen it before > especially in iowa. >> right. i don't know, remember, i mean, he is from
Dec 13, 2015 6:00am CST
plains. thanks cindi. last week we heard about plans in china to build a factory that rolls out a million cloned cattle a year. in the u.s. livestock clones have been around for quite sometime. and in today's farm journal report, tyne morgan takes a closer look at new research into clones and their potential to impact the feedyard. a thick black coat, nice depth of body.... these may look like your typical calves, but it's their genetics that makes them unique. these are not cloned animals, these are products of cloned animals.> you're looking at the first calves to be born to two cloned animals and the product of amarillo. we're sesecting for a genotypic trait, instead o oa phenotypic trait like a lot of cloning projects have done. that means the researchers want the animals for the quality of their meat. we wanted to improve the quality of the beef carcass in the national, the prime yield grade 1 carcass, it happens .03% of the time in the population, so we wantededo see if we could improve that. just thelightest bit would help out the industry" since the clones aren't entering
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)