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Jan 28, 2016 5:00pm EST
it exploded. >> george munson was active duty military at the time based in germany. >> we were all sitting there a bunch of guys sitting around, all watching it, it took off, and then halfway through it blew up, it went quiet. >> today we stop and we remember. >> today kids at the school for space and technology pay tribute to a teacher they never knew, a tragedy they've only seen pictures of. but a lesson that lives on. >> that is just the way science works, there are going to be accidents and we don't quit. >> jenny dean 10 news wtsp. >> nasa also took time today at kennedy space center to remember the seven astronauts and their families, we'll share with you coming up inpour minutes. if you would like to share where you were join the page. >>> right now final touches are under way for tonight's trump will debate without frontrunner and attention grabber trump. trump pulled out the debate sponsored by her network. >> i think it shows how confident donald trump has that he has momentum here in iowa, it's not without risk. >> showing 32% of likely voters support trump. senator cruz
Feb 10, 2016 5:00pm EST
only two republican presidents. we have ronald reagan in 1980 and george hw bush in 1988. it has 1988. it has only picked one democrat during that same part -- time period, jimmy carter. so if you're looking for prediction out of iowa or new hampshire you are probably better off looking to florida where we have a more voting population. i'm working on a peace about that population and weather floridians even care about their native sons, jeb bush and marco rubio with donald trump so strong in the mix. >>> the zika virus is spreading fast. experts say say the number of cases in the us could grow to significant numbers. six new states have joined the list with those with confirmed cases of zika organ, indiana, delaware, tennessee, pennsylvania, and ohio. florida still has the highest number of zika cases with 16. medical experts s congress today for nearly $2 billion in as mark albert shows you, that includes funding for help health issues and mosquito control. >> the nation's top health officials gave lawmakers wednesday a graphic description of the voracious mosquito behind the z
Nov 29, 2016 5:00pm EST
transportation secretary. she served under george w. bush and is married to majority leader mitch mcconnell. georgia congressman tom price, a fierce critic of obama care shows he will lead the department of human and health services. >> one little boy with a big heart is showing you how easy it is to lean in and get polk county newsroom reporter grady trimble shows you despite all the birthday presents he got and he got a lot, he didn't keep a single one. >> ethan chapman had two wishes. a roller skate party and lots of presents. both came through. which when was your favorite? >> he clutches tightly onto paddington bear. he likes him a lot. has been which is what makes he is giving away all of these presents. donating them to the lakeland police department toy drive. >> because some kids don't have toys.>> the idea came when ethan and his mom were at the dry cleaner and saw a poster. before mom knew it ethan was asking if he could collect gifts for cops for kids. >> my heart melted of course. i was proud. i told him >> you are crazy.>> the department has seen a lot of acts of kindness but
Dec 1, 2016 5:00pm EST
longer dawn on you going 70 miles per hour on i-30 on the george bush turnpike, but this is where nine people drew their final breath as a tornado drew down on them. most people don't stop to think about that day after christmas nightmare any more, but someone did by casting shadows deep and stretch across their loved one's lives. no one is sure when the trees appeared on the hill between the highways. the canvas is wood. painted and glittering. stockings for others. then there are the details. cecil laurie spent 53 years and kimberly was a medical assistant. her one-year-old son cameron, the littlest among them, with a tree to match. we know this wasn't the work of rowlett or garland. txdot had no clue. the artist is a mystery, and probably prefers it stays that way. this is for the nine, and the thousands of people who drive them once again. >> those trees speak volumes. to be clear, the surrounding cities of rowlett and garland do not know who put the trees there. the texas department of transportation, they don't know either. >>> well, it is nice outside, but bobby said it's g
Nov 8, 2016 5:00pm EST
presidential race was never called. that was the florida recount. in 2004 it was called for george w. bush at 11:19 am the next day. in 2008, a call for president obama at 11 pm election night. in 20 1211 -- 2012, 11:38 pm. murphy are holding their election watch parties and south florida. there are about 1.5 hours away from each other. eric glasser is live in miami following the rubio campaign. eric, are the confident there? >> i think that they are and they have good reason despite the ups and downs and back and forth i can tell you when it comes to the senate race here in florida, marco rubio has let virtually every poll. for the last six months. i think maybe only three cases where they tied. although trump defeated rubio in the presidential primary, in ruby's own home state of florida we spoke along the way as they said they are ready to send him back to washington dc as florida's senator. >> in fort myers it's all about time in politics. republican red for decades now, trump and rubio getting solid support here.>> i think at this time in our history he is what we need.>> just u
Jan 21, 2016 5:00pm EST
george bush had 100. and 90 were confiscated at denver international. >>> with ugly weather on the way those friendly skies not so friendly, what should you do right now to save both time and money, the answer is ahead. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master
Feb 15, 2016 5:00pm EST
differently depending where you live.>>> a familiar face on the campaign trail in south carolina. george w. bush joins his brother jeb for a rally in charleston tonight. popular his family is in south carolina. earlier today, george w. bush and his wife laura met with veterans in california. the democratic primary is a week from saturday. the important dates you need to remember is tomorrow, the 16th, the deadline to register to vote if you want to cast a ballot for the primary or change affiliations. tonight on 10 news at six, digging deeper into what that means for you and why some say it's unfair.>>> the oval office complete with this. this replica is at the florida state fair. dozens were out for the last day of the fair taking pictures to celebrate presidents' day. the election season in high gear. we asked what would you do if i would put together some legislation to protect our children and provide medicinal services to stop the cycle of child abuse. >> i would repeal all the presidential mandates that recently passed that were legal. >> the fair is backing up, but you can visit the
Jan 18, 2016 5:00pm EST
searching since thursday. the cause is still a mystery. >>> a children's book about george washington and his slaves, critics are saying it makes light of the slaves. a slave named hercules and his daughter. >>> workers are having hard time to keep up with the leafy kale. the price has gone up 80 cents. sickchick fillet has announced >>> mlk day is today. today parades are a big part of the celebration. you can see it is one of the largest martin luter kick day parades -- luter king day parades. -- martin luter king. >> -- luther. do the drums. >> reporter: this was more than a parade. it's a celebration in honor of martin luter king jr -- >> to celebrate his life and doing good to one another, it's a great celebration today. >> reporter: organizers of takes a moment to remember the reason they're celebrating, the legacy of martin luther king. >> he wanted it to be equal. >> reporter: he hopes the young people today continue to fight for martin luther king's dream. >> he tried to make everything equal for everybody. >> we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created e
Mar 11, 2016 5:00pm EST
president george w bush and first lady was there. patty davis and ron reagan talk about their mother's devotion. >> when my father was shot and went to the hospital she was told she could not see him. she said i have to. you don't understand how it is with us. >> reporter: chris martinez cbs california. >> the reagan's tomb faces west towards the pacific ocean. relatives of every president dating back to john f kennedy attended the funeral. >>> after a bizarre week in a st. pete courtroom, hogan's 10 news reporter jennifer titus has been on top of the trial all week. she is live at the courthouse. the jury has a lot to consider. we have not heard the testimony from the defense yet. >> reporter: today experts speaking about gawker's use and work. with hogan's testimony they have to consider if hogan is a victim and suffered $100 million worth of damages. with two witnesses taking the stand wednesday. >> the true likely value they got from posting sex tapes is just over $15.4 million. >> reporter: hogan's team rested in a case that brought national attention involving a former w
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9