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Apr 1, 2016 11:28pm EDT
saturday at 7:15 eastern, george washington university professor kathryn ross discusses her book, lessons in sensorship, which examines free speech issues for college students. and then at 10:00, former civil rights commission chair, mare francis barry examines illegal voting practices in the united states in her book. she's interviewed by spencer overton, president of the joint center for political and economic studies. >> the donor class through people who are in office and who are running for office are those same people over and over very often, in the state legislatures and the local things and the families and so on, they are the ones who are corrupt. >> right. >> and they're the ones who are corrupting democracy. and the other people are not getting the benefits of it because they're not acting collectively to counteract it and haven't found a way to counteract it, in all of these years. >> on sunday, in depth, live with guest steve forbes, author and publisher of forbes magazine. he'll join us to talk about his life and his latest book, "reviving america," in which he arg
Feb 28, 2016 10:00am EST
soldiers here in west virginia than in any state in the country. george washington said many years ago, "let me plan a banner in those mountains and i will set men free." this is a state that deserves an opportunity. it deserves recognition from our federal government. last night i was in mcdowell county. that county produces more coal than any other county in the world. there are more people on relief in that county than in any county in the country. now why should there be 250,000 people living on a subsistence and below subsistence distribution from the federal government who only want to work? 100,000 able-bodied men want a job and can't find it, who have spent their lives in the coal mine, who have spent their lives underground working in 35 to 40 inches and who want to get a job again, who want to work. that is the problem of west virginia. this state can really do a good deal. i don't think i have seen a more vigorous industrial complex than i have seen along the ohio valley and the kanawha river of -- or better farms. the people of this state only need a chance and i think that
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)