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Aug 20, 2016 5:00pm EDT
many ways, you know, bush is the antithesis -- george herbert walker bush is the antithesis of what we're seeing right now without any argument. he's someone who spent his life in public service; as you say, at the -- on his 18th birth days, june 12, 1942, three things happened. he graduated from andover, he turned 18, and he drove to boston and took an oath as a naval enlis tee, later becoming the youngest flying officer in the navy. he's shot down, he loses his two crew mates, he plunges into the ocean. blessedly, the life raft was near him. he almost was decapitated on the way out. as you bail out of a plane, the plane doesn't stop, and he gashed his head on the tail of the plane. so another 6 or 8 inches, it would have been -- that would have been the end of the story. and he, the island in which, next to which he was shot down was the scene of horrific japanese war crimes including cannibalism. so at various points when mrs. bush would be upset with george h.w. bush, he would say, well, at least, bar, i wasn't an hors d'oeuvre. [laughter] which is a pretty strong domestic card
Aug 20, 2016 1:00pm EDT
players like george washington and ben franklin to convene a constitutional convention in philadelphia. now the pressure was on the 36-year-old madison. before journeying to philadelphia he crammed for the gathering like a student for his examples. from a chestful of books that had been plied to him by his friend and mentor, thomas jefferson. for the cerebral madison had a problem to solve. he had concluded that the american regime governed be the articles of confederation was grossly inadequate and contrary to what the virginia declaration of rights referred to as the common benefit protection and security of the people. but why was this happening? why had the republicanism of the founding generation failed themselves? for the previous 13 years, the people of the united states had been governed by 13 separate entities. state governments under the articles of confederation were thought to be republican. the founders had thrown off rule by the aristocratic few in favor of rule by the democratic many. under aristocracy, if the many are screwed by the few, the democratic or r
Aug 21, 2016 12:00am EDT
caucasians from those schools? >> well, thanks, george. because my children were that age. there was a serious effort made by white parents who had grown up and gone to murrah high school and so forth starting an organization called the parents for public schools that has now -- that is now a nationwide organization with chapters all across the nation. and it's worked in most every place except jackson, mississippi. now, i don't know what it is about jackson. i've got my own theories, but there's a lot wrong with what has happened here that we didn't have from the very beginning to this day almost any leadership on this issue. we had william winter, our great governor and our great hope, i think. i'm a big fan of governor winter's. his girls went to school with us. but beyond that we've had very, very little leadership. and there is something about the way the white community responded to serious desegregation efforts in the early 1970s, and that was to move to the northeast as fast as our cars could carries. as soon as we -- carry us. as soon as we got to the northeast and filled up a
Aug 21, 2016 2:00am EDT
slave-holding, which is why i start the book with u.s. president george washington expressing reservations about the haitian revolution, what was come to be known as the haitian revolution in any case what happens is that the africans in the islands, then known as hispaniola, were able to succeed against the french military. one of the most powerful examples of valor and fortitude known to history to this point, and establish this independent black republic in 1804, but as you might have surmised there was grave consternation in the slave-holding republic about the success and the victory of the haitian revolution. youthful may recall that if you look at many of the major slave revoles that rocked north america, in the period leading tub the u.s. civil war, denmark revolt, circa 1821-22 in south carolina, nat turner's revolt, 1831 in virginia, the all had the fingerprints of haiti all over them, particularly gabriel's revolt in virginia in 1800 which takes place at the same time as the haitian revolution is unfolding, and also den mark vestee's revolt, recall that denmark vess
Aug 20, 2016 3:00pm EDT
whopper, a 3-inch biography "george washington, sacred fire by -- it was given to me a gift about a year ago after i entered office. i'm going to do my best on that one. washington is just one of those amazing figures when you read about him and what others say about him and all men and women left him and respected him. there's something to this guy that is extra significant. the more i read about him the more i see that. but i can never get enough of seeing what resonates with such an important founder. some argue that it's in indispensable man who all the others looked up and loved and respected. it's good to take note something like that. . . >> booktv is back live at the state capitol in jackson, mississippi. next up, this is a panel on the history of the civil rights movement. live coverage on booktv. [inaudible conversations] >> welcome, everyone. i'm chris goodwin with the mississippi department of archives and history. if you've not already, please silence your cell phones. welcome to the civil rights history panel number two sponsored by pigott and johnson and the mississip
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)