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Jan 24, 2016 6:00am PST
changes in the next few days, the game will be blacked out for cox subscribers, airs on klas. george knapp reports on the contract dispute between klas-tv and cox. here's some real-life daytime drama for you. things are about to get a lot less bold and considerably less beautiful for cox cable customers. after january 29th, cox customers will be blocked from watching their favorite programs on channel 8. the price won't be right in the mornings. and in the evenings, say goodbye to alex trebek's jeopardy brain twisters or vanna white's stylish letter- turns on wheel of fortune the most popular prime time programs on the nation's most watched network will vanish when klas is taken off the menu...the big bang nerds...the sleuths of ncis...and tom sellecks iconic 'stash. klas g.m. lisa howfield does not want to be on the air talking about this. lisa howfield/ klas general i'm doing this because i don't want viewers to go to their tv and turn it on next saturday morning or late friday night and find out we're not there. but, she says, it looks like that's where things are headed. it means
Aug 28, 2016 8:00am PDT
a national monument first created by president george w- bush.. nearly a decade ago. the marine sanctuary will protect reefs, marine life habitats.. and thousands of animals, including endangered whales and sea turtles. the area will also be studied for climate changes. /// ((nia wong)) >>> american flags at the healing field in las vegas... will be sold leading up to the 15th anniversary of septembe to place and dedicate the thousands of flags.. in remembrance of those who lost their lives that day. the flags are being sold for 35- dollars... and will support the firefighters of southern nevada burn foundation. the flags will be there until september 16th. a memorial service will also be held at the healing field on september 11th. /// ((nia wong)) >>> the first medical marijuana dispensary in the valley is celebrating one year! "euphoria wellness" opened nearly a year ago to patients.. the company was the first medical marijuana dispensary to open in southern nevada... and was also the first to offer free delivery service to patients. they will be offering an array of specials
Feb 14, 2016 8:00am PST
' court's most famous decisions - that led to president george w bush taking the white house, instead of al gore. (( (charlie) "in the national interest we have to get this over with" (scalia) "the remedy to a case is always subject to the court's discretion.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) scalia's death now enables president obama to nominate a third justice to the high court. however, he is expected to be blocked by a republican congress before the next presidential election./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > today marks one week.. since a 2- year- old girl was killed in a hit and run crash in north las vegas. the suspect 51- year old daniel garcia martinez was arrested days after the incident. his bail is set at just over 1- million dollars. investigators say he was behind the wheel when he hit and killed little evelyn green as she was crossing the street last sunday. the family say they have been devastated since the deadly crash: (( vickie davis/mother: "she was amazing my only girl. she was everything to me. and i did everything with my ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) little evelyn's family set
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)