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Oct 25, 2016 6:00pm MDT
win a state since george wallace in 1968! he is an unaffiliated conservative neck in neck in utah. tonight he's come to campaign in colorado. >> did you single handedly create a swing state in utah? >> i don't know about that. i think donald trump created a swing state in utah when he abandoned conservative principles or when the party abandoned conservative principles by nominating him. people talk about utah as being a red state or a republican state, but like much of the mountain west, i would rather call it a principled conservative principles, namely that all people are created equal, and that all should have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. and that's why i think you saw donald trump and hillary clinton rejected so strongly by most mountain west states by large margins. >> i couldn't personal leer find a poll in colorado where pole sters specifically asked voters about mcmullen. other polls around 2%. in a bit, we'll talk honestly with him about the impact he hopes to h race. and the republican party. >>> it's a sign, and a good one too. perhaps this
Oct 6, 2016 6:00pm MDT
dealing with some goldfish dumpings down in southeast colorado. they'll lake george for your winter to deal with them ?q? still, dumping pet fish in colorado's waters, actually a ?[ [ old timey jingle ] ? kusa, here, a feeling deep inside. and there's a promise that's living right here in coloradoooooooooooo ? ? k usa. coloradoooooooo, usa ? ? kusa. kusaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ? [applause] >> those were the days, huh? posted that on facebook today. one wrote to us, i was one of the producers! the wedding scene includes many in my family. great to see my mom dancing. she passed away years ago. >> and ryan tweets to us, i can't believe i'm recording a local news program. next! time. actually, steve stager, we'll see you next time. i'm off for beer fest weekend. have a good one. ? ? >>> kim kardashian back in the public eye. >> how are you, kim? >> amid kidnapping fears over her kids. g >> tonight we're breaking down her reported 24/7 security plan that comes with a jaw-dropping price tag and a body double? >> plus is melissa etheridge slamming angelina jolie in song. >> you better watch what yo
Sep 23, 2016 6:00pm MDT
circuit court of appeals in denver by president george w. bush. he is not commenting on potentially making the supreme court someday because you don't get to become an appeals judge there are ten names on trump's list. the original list includes four women, including colorado supreme court justice ide. >>> we have talked a lot about the lack of political yard signs this season. it was a door sign that caught our attention in jefferson county. it doesn't endorse any candidate. it's actually a warning to campaigns. to all of them. >> reporter: anna left her job as an anchor at colorado public radio a few years ago. that's not to say her plate isn't still full. any stay-at-home mom has a full plate. and they could tell you how important nap time is. >> those things are beasts. if you wake them up before they are ready to wake up or they don't get naps, they will devour you. >> reporter: so you understand her frustration from the other day. >> i had someone from amendment ago right like the kid was down for a half hour. >> let's read books. >> reporter: it made her realize something. >>
Oct 14, 2016 6:00pm MDT
family at all anywhere. so he was a loner. he was a shut-in. >> reporter: george caliber, jr., was an unknown. unknown with an >> he explained who they were, where they came from. >> reporter: john ferrerro and his wife, lisa, were volunteers. the only people that george tested at the end of his life. they cleaned out his house and lisa stumbled on these. >> he had them wrapped with a grocery bag. and they were stuck around everything else he had. >> reporter: in the time he worked at the coliseum, he carried his camera around. photos in a grocery bag! >> the only other place they'd end up would be a garbage bag. i don't think anybody knew the value in that bag. >> reporter: they knew exactly what to do with them when he passed. >> just make sure that these are the photos of george kelifer, jr., because he had nobody and this is his legacy. >> reporter: somebody with no family, friends, but one hack of a >> this loner, shut in, ends up having a display in colorado. you know. hall of fame! >> what a story! elvis' first show in colorado was written up in "the rocky mountain news." they
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4