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Mar 9, 2016 6:00am EST
died. sir george martin is credited with signing the beatles and helping to define their sound. insiders say without him they would have been a much different band. was 90. >> i was reading a quote from paul mccarthy any who said he was like a second farther. tpwhrao i was listening to the bb.c and john lennon came to him saying i need a sound that sounds like 100 tibetan phofrpgs. he had to come up with that chanting. he was brilliant with that type of tough. let's talk weather. we have a pretty nice day shaping up. the red lane there indicates our normal or average high for this time of year, 61. every day the next six days above it average. tomorrow the warmest around 80. live look into downtown raleigh under a blue sky and cheer, lots of sunshine, 52ment dew point 4. sunrise is about 15 minutes at 6:34. live look into north hills, sunlighting up the biddings. 5 with west wind five miles an hour. from across region 49 roxboro, 53 chapel hill, 46 sanford, 44 southern pines, 49 fayetteville, clinton and goldsboro. we see clear skies and we were talking earlier about the floodi
Feb 20, 2016 6:00am EST
sunday in the acc bowl. a first-round tail thanks to shots like that from rishard george. dante williams, that is a tough make right there. nice shot. they were in way over their heads. the lickity split spin inside for the easy lay up. more for george, the assist to set up the bucket and-one right there. an easy 19-11 boards. john burwell led the way, pulled away with a double 80-43. duke opening up their baseball season, one of the top arms in the nation shutting down early on. gets some help on defense. nice stop on the short hop there and a throw to 1st to beat the runner. more from clark. this is the stuff. bad news, cal came from behind to win 3-2. that will do it for sports. highlights later on abc 11. anthony: thank you, mark. a difference. anthony: really cute. caitlin: so adorable. i told anthony, i can't eat bacon the rest of the day. problem. in the next half hour, supreme court justice antonin scalia president obama starts the process of searching for his replacement. caitlin: and then ready for how two dogs my computer's dying again. you'll need to email us so we can issue
Mar 14, 2016 6:00am EDT
. police in prince george's county, maryland, call the shooting of a police officer an unprovoke attack. going about their business sunday we a gunman fired at the first officer you saw outside the station. jacai colson was killed. i-40 and alamance county open after nine separate accidents involving about 100 vehicles. wet roads and rubber necking are pwraeupld for the pile-up. several were injured but to fatalities. on the eve of the presidential primary in north carolina candidates will make one final push for your vote. hillary clinton and donald trump and bernie sanders will campaign in our state today. heidi cruz the wife of ted cruz will showed a rally at fayetteville technical community college. barbara: a man and his son are killed in a car crash and troopers say it was because he put his son on his lap and let hill drive. they say they were not wearing seat belts. they were on in carteret county the sister line and hit another are worried they could be next as the hill hillside continues to slide. barbara: it is 10 years since the party that led to the duke lacrosse ska
Jan 29, 2016 6:00am EST
florida can it was to the test in the george zimmerman case. it places more burden on prosecutors to say self-defense was not a factor. the burden of is now on the defendant. the doctor who inspired the movie " concussion" has his own theory in the o.j. simpson did they -- he thinks he may have separate brain damage during his career. he is a forensic pathologist and he fits the profile of the disease. victims frequently exhibit erratic behavior along with inability to concentrate and depression. simpson was a running back and charge with murdering his ex-wife along with ron goldman. he was acquitted of the murders in a highly publicized 1995 trial but was later convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping charges in 2008. he is currently serving a 33 year sentence at a nevada prison. john: girls and women don't come in one shape and now neither will barbie. the dollar amount come in her body types, seven skin tones with 202i colors and 24 hairstyles. mattel says the changes are the most dramatic ever made to barbie since she hit the store shelves in 1959. the revamped line comes after crit
Feb 1, 2016 6:00am EST
sanders, marco rubio as they get ready for the final push. george and robin are live in iowa and i will be here in new york following that weather situation. by the way, voter turn outout affected by about 1% with rain or snow so we look for an horse. back to you -- coming hours. don: thanks, donrob. we are not seeing any accidents in the region. we have all green on the maps. that is a pretty picture if you are heading out on this monday morning. we can slide south into the sand hills and a couple of slowdowns there but that is now green and it is dry in cumberland county. as far as the real-time travel times we are seeing u.s. 40 and eastbound 64 to 70 at 5eu67 miles an hour. fplt. durham freeway that is seven mile ride. kabul capital to 70. slow northbound on north 70 from 440 to 540 eight miles and 12 minutes. barbara: 6:21 and 51 degrees. twitter jumping into vote 2016. the social media new politics related emoji. panthers arrive in california. this is connor like so many kids, he was missing things in school - distracted - disengaged - just not getting it. we tried tutors but they
Feb 3, 2016 6:00am EST
. >> we're going to start winning again. we're going to win so much. >> trump talks to george live this morning right here on "gma." >>> tens of millions in the path twisters tear through the south.
Mar 10, 2016 6:00am EST
include former president george w. bush and laura bush, hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama. barbara: it is 6:42.j. simpson's old property may forth mac a difference. des pointing jot come after the why it had to be removed. barbara: a gun loving mother is if you charges filed against the widow of appear illinois police officer. you may remember charles len witnesses staged his -- len wicks staged his suicide. his wife is karpled with conspiracy for allegedly helping him siphon money from a youth program. she was charged in january with felony counts of money laundering. authorities say this is a same crime. it could attack three weeks before investigators find out if a knife found at o.j. si d.n.a. or other material that could possibly link it to the too small to make the wounds that killed the two. barbara: a lesson in gun safety for a florida mom who runs a pro gun facebook passenger. she was shot by her own 4-year-old son. she said receives driving we her son accidentally shot her. her facebook page works to protect and expand already second amendment rights but florida
Mar 15, 2016 6:00am EDT
for his death. it was during a gunman'sal bush in prince george's county outside washington, d.c. police say michael ford opened fire on a police station two brothers were in cars near the station videotaping the shootout. officer colson would have celebrated his 29th birthday this week. to fins harrison announced joe joe would be the new bachelorette. >> it is the oval office i can't believe i'm there it is more intimidating than the square. two-on-one knocks and i can't stop i'm here with the president john: president obama thinks this will go viral. that is a free tiling in the rose garden monday. he is the creator of hamilton the show chronicling the life of treasury secretary alexander hamilton. the president and first lady are fans. the president even said that is the only thing he and dick cheney agree on. barbara: i hear it is almost impossible to get tickets. don: it was such a surprise hit. some when you go to broadway you know they are big. lion king apbdnd others were big shows. this came out of nowhere and it is crazy. it will be here. today we've got pretty great we
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8