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Feb 13, 2010 6:30pm EST
track also because of the racing concerns and the speed. we wanted to bring in espn's george smith tonight. our partner in covering the olympics. have you seen in your history here covering the olympics, a dramatic change like this. the starting point and the walls. >> i certainly can't remember a case, our espn research department can't find one and the international olympic committee can't find one. officials said they made the changes to calm the fear of the athletes. >> so many of athletes expressed fear, too. i want to turn to the weather now. we can see the rain falling behind us. major factor. two of the major events postponed here. >> weather always much more of concern compared to the summer games. the's offdays. they can make up that time. hopefully, the rain will stop some time on sunday and things will go smoothly next week. >> all right, already eating into that some of extra time. george smith, thank you very much. >>> so my people talking about the weather here. the average temperature in vancouver in february is 44 degrees. so, with all of this rain and warm weather
Jan 22, 2011 6:00pm EST
of the president's speech anchored by diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos beginning at 9:00 on abc. >>> a big week for the president. let's bring in christiane amanpour host of "this week." the president is going to be talking jobs, jobs, jobs. the question is where does he think the jobs are going to come from? >> by hiring jeff immelt, the president intends, we hear, to shift the focus of economic growth from the financial services bubble of the past decade to manufacturing, really making things as an engine for growth and also for employment. we also expect him to talk about debt, reducing it, and also the size of government, two big issues for the new gop leadership in the congress. >> thanks christiane. she will be focusing on the state of the president. >>> from a preview of the president's speech, we turn to a preview of the next campaign. in new hampshire, one of the first proven grounds of presidential politics, we got an early reading of 2012. new hampshire republican committee members held their first ever straw poll. it was responsed by abc news and wmur. our politi
Dec 26, 2009 6:30pm EST
tomorrow on abc's this week. jake will be filling in for george. >>> security restrictions won't be the only potential headache for holiday travelers this weekend. there's also the weather. tonight's snow covers portions of 44 states. including a large swath of texas. and the big christmas storm that buried the upper midwest is now moving east. eric horng is outside minneapolis tonight. >> reporter: across the midwest, this was digout day. what do you think of this weather? >> it sucks. >> the storm buried minnesota in up to 2 feet of snow. >> there is a car underneath here. >> reporter: digging out one car was hard enough, but at this dealership, there was 35. >> typical day in minnesota. been here since 1:00 in the morning. >> reporter: at the minneapolis impound lots, hundreds of drivers came for their cars, towed over christmas. >> it's still not plowed. >> reporter: after battering the central midwest for days, the storm is now bringing rain and ice to the east. >> street flooding and flash flooding can be a threat. >> reporter: today the weather caused average delays at new york's
May 8, 2010 6:31pm EDT
lacrosse team, teammates of her accused killer, george huguely, a young man with a rap sheet and a violent past. inside the church, the women's lacrosse team, school administrators, and the university president, who released this e-mail to parents -- "many of our students are grieving. many are angry. many are struggling to grasp the possibility of what they and i see as the unthinkable brutality that ended the life of one of their own. the university president plans to meet with the governor of the state this week. all of this as the attorney general is considering legislation that would allow colleges to be informed by police if their students are charged with a crime. but it's a policy that would come too late for yeardley love, a child who would grow up to be eulogized by her lacrosse coach and even by her own words in her high school essay. "so far my life has been filled with joy and happiness, and i hope to keep living my life that way." ashleigh banfield, abc news, charlottesville, virginia. >>> and when we come back on the broadcast, the businessman who made so many headli
Jan 29, 2011 6:00pm EST
. >> they have sent aid to mubarak but never claimed full democracy, and former president george bush says demands need to be tempered. >> slow down here, don't rush to elections. give some space to see if we can remediate the terrible situation mubarak created for us. >> a situation that could easily pour into our economy. friday's 166-point drop on the dow was partially contributed to egypt. >> if we're supportive of the changes, i don't think in the near term or long term this is going to have much of an effect on the economy. >> some markets may be rocked, including commodities. on friday, stocks in tankers went up with the fear that the suez canal might be shut down. once again, short term. the hope is long term markets will steady. >> david kerley covering our coverage of the crisis in egypt. we move on to an almost unimaginable headline in tampa, florida. a mother is under arrest, accused of carefully planning and killing her children. police tape now cordons off this tampa home. a barrier between this upscale neighborhood and the horrific scene police found inside this ho
Jul 17, 2010 5:30pm PDT
yankees owner george steinbrenner was laid to rest today in a private ceremony in florida. steinbrenner wasn't exactly universally loved by yankee fans. was nonetheless remembered fondly last night at yankee stadium. and, by the way, steinbrenner was a billionaire and his heirs will save millions of dollars in taxes because of a quirk in the federal tax law. the estate law expired this year. and while the congress is expected to eventually reinstate it, for now, heirs of the mega wealthy are off the hook. >>> when we come back, scoping out the secret of the biggest wedding of the year. - at quicken loans, - we're changing the way americans get a home loan. - for the better. - we really listen to you. and that helps us recommend a home loan option that's perfect for your needs. we'll close your loan at your own house if you want. you don't have to come to us. we'll come to you. my cell phone's always on. if you need me, i'm here for you. every client. every time. - no exceptions. - no excuses. that's what we're all about. - and that's why i love... - i love... i love being a home loan ex
May 1, 2010 6:30pm EDT
george bush, this crowd would be laughing in hysterics. >> uh-huh. yes, they would. >> so why isn't barack obama getting more [ bleep ] for this? >> jake, the white house pedaling back on all this. >> reporter: they certainly are. and, in fact, they're saying that this is -- has nothing to do with the offshore oil drilling decision, which is still several years away, but this does feed into some liberal discontent. i think that you see that with bill maher. we'll certainly talk about that on the roundtable. people upset with the fact that president obama has made a move towards offshore drilling when people feel like it's not safe, and that was even before this incident. >> all right. jake tapper tonight, thanks very much. >>> and tomorrow morning on "this week," jake will have an exclusive interview with the president of bp america. this is the first time he's talking. again, it's tomorrow morning here on "this week." >>> as we're on the air this evening, there are angry protests under way across the country all because of that tough, new arizona law that allows police to stop anyo
May 15, 2010 6:30pm EDT
. their teammate, love's former boyfriend, george huguely remains in jail accused of her murder. as love's teammates practice for their playoff game tomorrow, the university claimed it didn't miss any signs of trouble. even though huguely attacked a fellow player who reportedly kissed yeardley, the university says the incident was handled appropriately by the coach. all of this, a tragic backdrop for tonight's game. >> it's maybe brought a lot of players closer together just dealing with the trauma and dealing with grief and everything. >> maybe just getting back out there and focussing on what really i think is important to the team. >> reporter: it has been a painful two weeks here at the university of virginia. students and supporters not eager to talk about this matter. the men's team warming up as you see they have t-shirts on the back that say "one love." rated number one in the nation. they start their chase for a national championship. a bid that will come to an end before their teammate and accused murderer is back in court next month. david? >> thank you, david. >>> still
Jul 24, 2010 6:30pm EDT
enacted under former president george w. bush. president obama wants to let the tax cuts expire at the end of the year for individuals earning more than $200,000 and for couples earning more than $250,000. republicans are fighting back, and so we bring in jake tapper, host of abc's "this week." jake, you spoke to treasury secretary tim geithner about these cuts. >> reporter: that's right, and republicans and even some moderate democrats are promising a fight over these tax cuts, but secretary geithner says the administration is going to fight back. >> i think that's the responsible thing to do because we had to make sure we can show the world that we're willing as a country now to make some progress bringing down our long-term deficits. >> don't you think it will slow economic growth? >> just letting those tax cuts that only go to 2% to 3% of americans, the highest earning americans in the country expire i do not believe will have a negative effect on growth. >> reporter: the secretary also talked about job creation and he even weighed in on the controversy involving shirley sherrod, t
Jan 8, 2011 6:30pm EST
currently en route, and as george carl mentioned, giffords is very popular member of congress. obama is very upset about this because he does personally like her in addition to admiring her service as a member of congress. >> thanks so much. as we heard the president say, we're going to get to the bottom of this. we're learning more about the suspected gunman who led an ominous trail of videos on the internet hinting at just what would unfold. the fbi has joined officials in this investigation, and pierre thomas has been working that side of the investigation. >> david, tonight, the top law enforcement officials in this country are focused on one troubled man who appears to have been hell bent on murder. tonight, the suspect is identified as jared loughner. he posted a message entitled good-bye friends. begins, dear friends, please don't be mad at me. he appears to have been obsessed with violence and was angry at the government. look at this youtube posting. it's one of his favorites "let the bodies hit the floor." in this video, a u.s. flag is burned. in another posting, he wreets current
Jan 1, 2011 6:00pm EST
exclusive interview with george clooney. and one more note from oversees from britain, and quite a scene, inmates setting fire to a prison prison. it began after officials said inmates would have to take breath aalizer teshs on new year's eve. >>> and still on "world news" on saturday night with so many of you making resolutions, the little berry that gets so little attention. does it help you lose weight? >>> what hannoned to the $242 million new year's eve? >>> and the morning after new year's once looked like this with parties like that. the glamour of new year's not forgotten tonight. no pills, no pain. how can you get pain relief without taking pills around the clock? try thermacare heatwraps for all day relief without pills. i was surprised thermacare worked all day. you feel the heat. and it relaxes and unlocks the muscle. you've got to try it. [ man ] thermacare more effective for back pain than the maximum dose of acetaminophen, the medicine in tylenol. go to today for a $3 off coupon. thermacare. no pills. no pain. just relief. (announcer) no matter what life thr
Jan 16, 2010 6:30pm EST
and george w. bush announcing that his predecessors will head a historic fund-raising drive for earthquake relief. >>> secretary hillary clinton landed here today with aid. the race to get enough food and other aid before looting or rioting starts on a major scale. and the scramble to rescue people trapped under the rubble before it's too late. late today, we climbed through the remains of an apartment building where some people say the voices of survivors could still be heard. there are seven people alive here? >> they asked for water. >> there's reason for hope today. even four days after the quake. this woman was pulled from her destroyed home this afternoon. she had eight children, they all died. and from this office building, a woman named christine is signaling that she's alive by texting her friends. a text that said what? >> that she is alive. >> reporter: hurry up. even with all of the frenzy activity and the heroic rescues, there's no question that time is running out for all of trapped people in this shattered city. the effort to get enough food, water and aid materia
Jan 1, 2011 5:30pm PST
with actor george clooney on his mission this new year. and one more note from oversees from britain, and quite a scene, inmates setting fire to a prison. the ram pain began after officials said inmates would have to take breathalyzer tests on new year's eve. this after a large amount of alcohol had been found in that lock-up. >>> and still on "world news" on saturday night, with so many of you making resolutions, the little berry that gets so little attention. once and for all, is it a miracle worker? >>> and what happened to that $242 million new year's? >>> and the morning after new year's once looked like this with parties like that. the glamour of new year's. they sure knew how to ring in the new year. how can you get pain relief without taking pills around the clock? try thermacare heatwraps, for all day relief without pills. i was surprised, thermacare worked all day. you feel the heat. and it relaxes and unlocks the muscle. you've got to try it. [ man ] thermacare, more effective for back pain than the maximum dose of acetaminophen, the medicine in tylenol. go to ther
Feb 6, 2010 6:30pm EST
people doing incredible worker, we have fire, in empty, doctors, nurses. >> at or 20 -- at george washington university hospital, there is activity there. what is the latest? >> we have seen a pretty steady flow of people and paramedics coming and going. most of the patients have been brought to the hospital have been brought by ambulance. it is very difficult to get around and people are calling for help when they need it. what we have heard from the doctors and nurses is that they have been very busy all day in emergency room. there were not many people waiting in the waiting area. most of them are being brought in by ambulance and then taken right into the back and being treated. we saw one sentiment holding atoll to his forehead. he said he needed stitches because he was playing football and hit his head. the fire chief told us that paramedics are transporting a lot of people for slip-and- fall injuries. some people have had cardiac situations when the over exerted themselves, creating the potential for hard attacks. that is not -- heart attacks. the hospital staff have been p
Apr 10, 2010 6:30pm EDT
. george had walked out during the "let it be" sessions. they were in the process of really negotiating what the divorce agreement was going to look like, and then paul had a solo album coming out and put in a press release, "yeah, i don't think we're gog to be working anymore." ♪ get back get back >> reporter: their last performance their documentary "let it be." ♪ to where you once belong" >> no fanfare, no grand announcement. it was just sort of how it slipped out. >> reporter: hard to believe they broke up 40 years ago and yet the number one album in the last decade was one of theirs. >> the ones collection of their number one hits was the biggest selling record of the last decade. ♪ love love >> still number one. we'll continue the conversation about the beatles. tweet us a question@davidmuirabc. my pal dan harris here tomorrow night. good night. ,@davidmuirabc. my pal dan harris here tomorrow night. good night.
Dec 19, 2009 6:30pm EST
at the earliest 6:00 a.m. >>> tomorrow morning, on "this week with george stephanopoulos," white house senior adviseravid axelrod. i'm david muir. thanks for watching.
Jan 8, 2011 5:30pm PST
to the bench by george w.h. bush. he was born in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, but got this bachelors from the university of arizona and stayed. he served on the court since 2006. john roberts issued a statement saying the judiciary has suffered the terrible loss of one of our own. john roll was a wise jurist who served arizona and the nation with great distinguish as a attorney and judge for more than 30 years. he is survived by his wife and three children. he was 63. >> when we come back, a powerful picture that emerged on capitol hill as all this was unfolding. ? oh just return it. returning gifts is easier than ever with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. plus i can pick it up for free. perfect because we have to get that outta this house. c'mon, it's not that... gahh, oh yeah that's gotta go... priority mail flat rate shipping only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship and return. you can take the heat. 'til it turns into heartburn, you've got what it takes: zantac. it's strong, fast la
May 22, 2010 6:30pm EDT
what some have called the go it alone approach of his predecessor, president george w. bush. >> america has not succeeded by stepping out of the currents of cooperation. we have succeeded by steering those currents in the direction of liberty and justice so nations thrive by meeting their responsibilities and face consequences when they don't. >> and one other note from west point tonight, the top two graduates, the class valedictorian and the number one cadet, both women for the first time in west point history. >>> and many of those graduates are, of course, now headed for afghanistan where just today we learned of another brazen attack. insurgents firing rockets and mortars tried to storm nato's biggest base in southern afghanistan. the third major attack on a nato installation just this week. several coalition troops were wounded. >>> it was a bittersweet homecoming today for the mothers of those three young americans jailed in iran. the mothers are now back home while their children remain in a tehran prison. linsey davis is at kennedy airport here in new york where tho
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)