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Oct 18, 2015 5:30pm CDT
republican president george w bush -- i like george bush, he's a nice man. a compliment from trump overnight after launching a bold critique of bush just hours earlier -- "when you talk about george bush, i mean, say what you want, the world trade center came down during his time," "hold on, you can't blame george bush for that," "he was president, ok? jeb bush firing back on twitter: "how pathetic for trump to criticize the president for 9/11. we were attacked and my brother kept us safe." trump, true to form, digging in, calling jeb "pathetic the feud e epting as trump teams up with another opopnent-- dr. ben carson-- to susuessfully take cnbc. the network agreeing to limit the next g-o-p debate to two hours after the pair threatened to boycott. we won! for democrats this morning, the big debate is over vice president joe biden -- will he? or won't he? get into the 2016 race president obama is pushing patience -- 14:27:38 obama: they will have to figure out whether it makes sense for them. but many biden supporters -- and hillary clinton's rival campaign -- seem to want biden to
Dec 13, 2015 5:30pm CST
santorum...lindsay graham...and george pataki face off. that starts at six p-m tuesday c- n-n. deborah: diners at minerva's in sioux city got a special visit from santa claus today...all for a good cause today, from 10 am to 2 pm.....0 perent of all brunch sales were donated to the "ronald mcdonald house charities of siouxld". the money is used to help purchase toiletry items for families during their stay. into the ronald while a loved one is receiving medicahelp in siouxland. "it's kind of a fun the kids come in and minerva's is so do this and they give proceeds from today's brunch to go back to the house, it's a great amount of money that we can't say thank you enough for," said batien. minervas and the ronald mcdonald house charities of siouxland has several years now. attendees could also purchase ornaments for one dollar to contribute to the cause... which will be hung on a christmas in the house and posted on the ronald mcdonald house's facebook page. deborah when it's cold outside...nothing quite beats a cup of hot cocoa... and today is a perfect day to indulge
Jan 24, 2016 5:30pm CST
held july 24th through the 30-th. deborah famed sioux city photographer george lindblade held a book signing today for his latest work. the book entitled "fully involved".... highlights the history of sioux city's fire department....and its fire fighters since 18-65. the event was hosted at fire station four. lindblade says he enjoys meeting with the people who admire his work. "well, this is going to be an interesting book and a lot of people wanted me to write a story about my career and my life and how i accomplished the things i did." five dollars from each book sold will benefit the sioux city fire department. if you would like a copy of "fully involved" you can buy one at "sioux city gifts" located at 19-22 pierce street. now turning to the race for the are just one week away and in a recent poll, bernie sanders leads hillary clinton and martin o'malley in the hawkeye state. abc 9's bria bell has more for us live in studio. bria: deborah, bernie sanders campaigners are using all techniques and strategies available to pull in those last supporters before caucus. volunteers for t
Jan 31, 2016 5:30pm CST
a theory we could do even better." - - trump even getting candid with abc's george stephanopolous... about his lead. ((abc's this week)) sot - stephanopolous - "did you ever imagine that on the eve of the iowa caucuses you'd be leading?" trump - "the truth is... (laughs) no... i didn't." nearly all of the candidates are also shows. (???) sot - sen. ted cruz / (r) presidential candidate "a vote for marco rubio... is a vote for amnesty." and hillary clinton... addressed the state department's recent announcement... declaring that "22 emails" sent from her private server... contained "top secret information." (abc this week) sot - hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate "no classified marked information on those emails..." nats - "...sanders rally..." her opponent -- bernie sanders telling crowds -- it all comes down to voter turnout. (abc this week) sot - sen. bernie sanders / (d) presidential candidate "we are going to win this thing... and pull off one of the great political upsets in recent history." brandi hitt oncam close: and the candidates are pulling out all the stops -
Nov 22, 2015 5:30pm CST
george stephanopoplos... and clarified his answers to a reporter's question on making muslims register in a national database. "(donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate) "when the syrian refugees are gonna start pouring into this county - we don't know if they're righteous, we don't know if it's a trojan horse. and i definitely want a data base and other checks and balances." jessica rae: the republican presidential front-runner also believes there shoudld be more surveillance at mosques... particularly in new york city -- in light of the terror attacks in paris. trump said he would bring back waterboarding... an interrogation tactic that he called - quote - "peanuts" compared to what they're doing to us." jessica rae: isis and the refugee crisis werethe focus for president obama on the last of his nine day trip to asia. the president says the u-s will 'not relent' to isis. and d is defending the refugee vetting process id wide criticism. reporter kim hutcherson has the latest. "president obama took a harsher tone against isis while speaking at a press conference in malaysia sunday. (
Feb 14, 2016 5:30pm CST
about georges niang and monte morris....the duo combined for 48 points, 12 rebounds and six assists... just what the doctor ordered as isu remains two games back of kansas and west virginia... last couple of games, we didn't really have the will to win. we were giving up late leads and stuff like that, so usually it adds motivation i was probably a little too emotional out ther,e crying to the refs, but we are so passionate out there and we really wanted this win." "we played like we are capable of playing tonight.. i thought this for awhile, this is the first time collectively, that we were a real team tonight and now, we have to carry that forward." the big 12 gauntlet continues on tuesday...isu heads to waco to visit 21st-ranked baylor.... iowa state wrestling celebrating 100 years on the mats....the cyclones hosting west virginia on senior day. to the action at 133. eighth-ranked earl hall pounces and gets the takedown, en route to the 10-5 decision. up to 165 pounds, #11 tanner weherman also wrestling in his final match at hilton. and what a way to finish it with the pin! he ea
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6