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2016 11
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Sep 25, 2016 11:35pm PDT
spotlight -- is on their kid -- prince george and princess charlotte. this is the first overseas trip -- for the 16-month-old princess. the royal family -- is set to stop by -- about 30-places in british columbia -- and moviegoers had plenty of choices this weekend: bio-pics, family films, romantic comedies -- even a western! david daniel -- looks at the weekend box office top five. "back up your site, destroy it, and restore it again." "snowden" stayed in the top five: the true-life drama took in four-point-one million dollars. "bridget jones's baby" moved down to fourth place on weekend ticket sales of four-and-a-half million. after two weekends on top, "sully" descended to third place, but 13- point-eight a domestic total of 92-million. "you asked me to do a thing, and i will not fail you! always deliver!" "wait!" (nat) the animated family film "storks" took flight in second place, opening with 21-point-eight million dollars. "if he wants his town... come see me." "the magnificent seven" rode away with the weekend title: the new take on the classic western debuted with 35-million d
Jan 12, 2016 7:30pm PST
, governor haley saying, if you turn down the noise, george, you can actually hear others speaking, get something done. you heard the president talk about his regret that the rancor's only increased during and the speaker of the house paul ryan saying today, he looks at this president not as his enemy, but as he adversary. it's not a shifting of the course here, but perhaps a slight change in temperature and a recognition that the rhetoric, particularly on the campaign trail that everyone is witness witnessing, is extraordinarily heated and the president hinted that he's been following perhaps all thought. >> well, he has to follow, because he knows so much of his legacy depends on having a democrat suck seed him.ceed him. so much of his executive actions that could be easily overturned by the next president. one of the things, we saw cutaway shots there of senator bernie sanders tonight. perhaps the unlikely front-runner in iowa and new hampshire right now. and the president comes into the chamber tonight, uncertain about who is going to be the democratic standard bearer. >> yeah, i th
Jan 30, 2016 8:00pm PST
man. george kimura has been missing since last night. police say he has dementia. anyone with information on where he might be, please call metro right away. right now a man is in critical condition at umc.. and his home is in pieces after a fire. that's according to firefighters. the fire broke out this morning, near carey and belmont . complete loss. damage is estimated at 100- thousand dollars. the cause is still under investigation. here at action news we wantto clarify an earlier report on the victim of a terrible accident near rainbow and spring mountain earlier this week. we mistakenly identified her as victoria sandoval. the suspected drunk driver in this case is 33 year old victor sandoval. the name of the victim has not been identifed. now to a story that really demonstrates the power of social media. a family's truck was stolen out of their driveway----and within three hours -- they had it back. action news reporter gina lazara talked to the family. she is live in the studio with this crazy story. gina?! yasmeen --- steve and jamielynn ritchie were trying to bring g
Sep 26, 2016 9:30pm PDT
after a debate. (ronald reagan) "there you go again." (george w. bush) "i hear there's rumors on the internets." (clinton/obama) "i don't think i'm that bad. you're likable enough hillary. thank you." if you want to advance beyond the primary debates... (rick perry/(r) former presidential candidate) "and what's the third one there?" the thing to avoid... (rick perry/(r) former presidential candidate) "oops." is the oops moment. and when the donald debates hillar, bragging about the size of his...buildings. (donald trump/(r) presidential nominee) "he referred to my hands. if they're small something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee." jeanne moos cnn (tina fey) "are we not doing the talent portion?" new york (nats) > if you or someone you know is looking for a job right now.. you'll want to hear this. h-r managers are spending less that's according..... to a new survey.... by career builders. so... what do they want to see? they say... number one is customizing your resume to the position you're applying for. number two.. listing skill sets first..
Sep 24, 2016 9:00pm PDT
museum -- of african-american history and culture. president obama -- and former president -- george w bush -- delivering remarks. abc's -- karen travers -- is there -- with a look -- at the poignant -- and powerful new addition -- to the national mall. nats it's an historic moment...more than a century in the making. nats the national museum of africa a culture - opens at a time when the nation is grappling with big questions about racial equality. sot obama it is a complicated story here- messy...needs to be told now more than ever//this museum offers context for the debates of our times and illuminates them. the goal of the museum is to look back - and learn lessons to take forward. sot lonnie bunch iii, founding director, national museum of african americanhistory and culture while america should find the joy, the hope, the resiliency, the spirituality that was endemic in this community. visitors begin in the basement and make their way through exhibits that tell a story that takes place over 400 years - sot: clifton kinnie /student as i was walking through i saw shackles, i saw au
Feb 28, 2016 8:30pm PST
what the chase is. >> george miller, "mad max: fury road." >> it was an opportunity to do what i attempted to do back then, but to use the new technology. >> and the oscar goes to -- revenant." >> this is the fourth oscar and seventh nomination for alejandro g. inarritu. he took home three oscars last year for "birdman." >> thank you to the academy. i can't believe this is happening, i -- it is amazing to receive this award tonight. but -- it's much more beautiful for me to share it with all the talent and crazy cast and colleagues and crew members along the continent that made this film possible, to all and each of you. leo -- you are "the revenant." thank you for giving every soul, your soul, your heart. your life. tom hardy, all the native american cast, all the english american cast, thank you very much for your trust, for your talent. i want to thank chivo, thank you for bringing the light to this journey and i want to thank, too, to arnold milton, thank you for your unconditional support. my producers, all the people -- i -- i am very lucky to be here tonight, okay? but unf
Sep 10, 2016 11:35pm PDT
) "can you name the president of chechnya?" ( george w. bush ) "no, can you?" ...but what happened to johnson wasn't a "gotcha," it ws what happened to sarah palin. ( anchor ) "do you agree with the bush doctrine?" ( sarah palin ) "in what respect, charlie?" ...and when herman cain was asked if he agreed with president obama on libya. ( herman cain ) "ok. libya." the silence was deafening. ( herman cain ) "i got all this stuff twirling around in my head." what wasn't twirling in rick perry's head was the third department he would eliminate... ( rick perry ) "...and what's the third one there? let's see." gary johnson said he acronym. "i blanked." ...but trying to guess could be worse. ( woman on street ) "would it be a disease?" one tweet framed johnson's gaffe as if it were jeopardy. "a three-word sentence meaning 'end of campaign.' johnson: 'what is aleppo?' trebek, sighing, 'that is correct, gary.'" jeanne moos, cnn... ( gary johnson ) "...and what is aleppo?" york> karla has another look at your work-week forecast. but right now -- here's a live you're watching thirteen act
Jan 30, 2016 4:30pm PST
life-threatening condition. metro is looking for 90-year-old man. george kimura has been missing since last night. police say he has dementia. anyone with information on where he might be is asked to call metro right away. metro also needs your help finding a murder suspect. investigators say this man shot and killed a 61-year old man during a robbery in november. according to police, omar valencia garcia killed the man and maryland. if you have any information on where garcia might be.. contact metro right away. right now southern nevada's newest medical marijuana dispensary is open for business! "the source" held a ribbon cutting ceremony this afernoon. operators say they offer different products grouped by category.. including a 'flower section. they will also sell balms and oils. the source is open near sahara and rainbow. now an action news update we are happy to share. the missing tortoise we reported on wednesday is back home. damian falcone says he came home to find junebug in his backyard! he shared the news of his lost pet on facebook.... ....and that post was shared more tha
Jan 23, 2016 4:30pm PST
we go through? >> george stephanopoulos couldn't contain his surprise. >> what about this argument that president obama is to blame for track palin assaulting his girlfriend? >> that is a stretch. >> we are learning more about the accusations against track palin. the report says his girlfriend jordan lowe hit under a bed inside a dark bedroom to get away from track. he was maintaining contact with an ex-boyfriend. she was. he served in iraq and afghanistan. his toddler daughter kyla welcomed him back with a sign reading look daddy i can walk. he divorced his high school sweetheart in 2011 after just a year of marriage. >> track palin is due back in court next month. >>> next. mom slain. by a daredevil punk. his sick defense that is out raging her son. >> she was duct taped and thrown away like a piece of trash. >> then, the cop who was asked to sing the national anthem on five minutes notice all because she got stuck in terrible weather. >> try today run. >> and zach efron. how did he get those abs? insideed in >> a daredevil will spend the rest of his life in prison after murderin
Oct 30, 2016 4:00pm PDT
hotel . officer tyler hunter, prince george's county police "she was taken out of the vehicle, against her will, is what her preliminary investigation has revealed." butt with sam richter, uses uber "it's just shocking that something can happen like this, where someone just be taken advantage of. we are working with police-- to support their investigation." that driver is charged with mom -- is lucky to be alive. police say -- her boyfriend -- poisoned the woman's water -- with bleach. he -- is now facing a charge -- of attempted murder -- of an unborn child. investigators say -- he offered his girlfriend -- a bottle of water. a short time later -- the woman's throat began burning -- and she got sick to her admitted -- to putting bleach -- in the water bottle. right now -- police in new york --are look cut-short an opera performance. it happened at lincoln center. they say -- he sprinkled some kind of powder -- into the orchestra during the show. investigators say -- they may have an idea why -- he did it. 013 we have spoken to more than one witness who said they spoke to a individual
Nov 8, 2016 2:00pm PST
.. tom george is live from ???? with breaking news. that judge just denied that writ filed by the trump campaign . friday - including cardenas market which had long lines of mostly hispanic voters the line was kept up hours after 8 o'clock trumps campaign alleges that was done to benefit hillary and they want to investigate. they wanted records of who but judge denied that saying the county already has to do that anyway so there was no point. things also got heated with the trump campaign asked for records of poll workers - the judge was concerned that would be a violation of their privacy of volunteers. "what i'm asking ... i'm asking to preserve it i and bring evidence to the secretary of state! in in fact at one point the judge even asked why are we even here especially on election day with our county is already busy dealing with elections - the registrar had to be dragged to court. now in the meantime the trump campaign with its investigation with the secretary of states office now as for the both of her passing harding is the county says they've already been mixed in with the other
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11