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Feb 13, 2016 9:00am EST
day install invest and elevate to the ancient and honorable order of saint michael and st. george. this i debbie once, twice, and thrice. and be do now rise up certain jake henceforth and evermore. >> that is great thank you circuit >> congratulations. >> reporter: you can get knighted as well if you come down. come down for valentine's day. and this goes until march. >>> don't forget the chocolates.>>> knighted on live tv. >> we've had cats in the studio. bugs in the studio. nights out getting knighted. and more about hearts coming up. >>> a bit of a chop coming in on the gulf of mexico. nothing like the waves the guys were surfing out of san francisco. they were 18-20 foot waves. we have a bit of surf out now. thunder book was asked to point but not to worry that was because we had some fog earlier. now the dry fronts has moved through and we're getting that out of here. winds are turning northerly and it will cool off. we warm back up again later in the week. look close at your tv. you can see the front pushing down. a few clouds around with no rain associated with it. the temp
Jan 9, 2016 9:00am EST
cell phone saying they expect to make even more arrests in this case. the owner of st. george fun repair on remedial avenue. one of the funds they found was taken from the is to be should center. ups is now reporting $45,000 worth of stolen goods. police are investigating if ups >>> worker say they have found listeria contamination at one of the ice cream production plants. again. you may remember last year, blue bell recalled its entire product. they have not found the product in the ice cream but in the building.>>> troubling news for our nation's military academies. the associated press reporting sexual assault that these institutions were up more than 50% during the 2014/2015 school year. complaints of sexual harassment also spiked during that same time. a senior defense officials say the increases were mostly due to students growing confidence in reporting what happened and more awareness programs. >>> a suspected dog never is in jail right now after plotting to kidnap a famous pooch, the obama family dog. the stopper was in court friday for a gun related charge. someone tipp
Sep 10, 2016 9:00am EDT
extended that for another year. george w. bush declared the emergency in 2001. and says it needs to continue because a terrorist threat continues. >>> this designation gives the president broad power over the -- that means calling up the national guard and deploying them and the president can hire and fire military leaders. >>> a moment of silence was held to remember the victims, survivors and heroes of the 9/11 attack. a plaque was outside of the justice department where perseverance. >> the passage of time does not dream the memory of those we lost. it has not erased in our minds the many acts of courage that brought light into that dark day. >> friday in new york, members of the new york city police pentagon and the twin towers. there's two events tomorrow at 2:00. the others at 3:00 in tarpon springs on the bijou. >>> still ahead on abc action news weekend edition of water pump sitting unused flooded neighborhood. we ask leaders why they didn't turn it with all the mandatory evacuations >>> parents and kids have bullying on their mind. we'll see the symptoms of bullying and how
Sep 17, 2016 9:00am EDT
downtown denver. a central florida man who tried to kill george zimmerman. the jury found him guilty of attempted second-degree murder for shooting at zimmerman during a road rage incident. he claims he fired at zimmerman in self-defense saying zimmerman went to kill him first. the bullet missed zimmerman. he will be sentenced next month. >>more than two dozen animals are in need of a home after a hoarding bust in pasco county. the owners being affected and will not be taking the cats, kittens and dogs with her. she did for help. is that will check all all of the animals. >>> a pinellas county man is starting a 10 year prison sentence for killing a skateboarder. sterling hubbard admits that he hit am a on may 2015. police said he stopped briefly and then drove off. she died at the hospital. guilt for the rest of his life. i feel bad for him. if he would have just stopped. if he would have stopped and stayed things would have been a different story. >>hubbard admits he had been drinking. his family also testified that he suffers from mental issues and had a major panic attack right after
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4