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Nov 2, 2016 5:00pm EDT
getting transferred out of prince george's hospital center after two tested positive for a potential deadly bacteria in august crews found the bacteria and spent weeks scrubbing down the floors. >>> next a lakeland neighborhood was caught off guard whether county plan to tonight the county compromises. >>> a controversial pro-life message, the shocking answer we got from organizers when we asked if children should be seeing these images. >>> a rehab center opened to all children and teenagers. the advanced treatment hospital will offer things nothing the >>> this is abc action news.>>> right now another big day for the state of florida. vice president joe biden holding a rally in tampa bay this morning in support of hillary clinton and donald the state. he is in orlando right now. he rallied in miami this morning. he will finish off the day in pensacola. clinton is going full steam in other states holding rallies in arizona and nevada.>>> the president of a little league organization admitted he transferred nearly $13,000 from the league bank account to his own. he has file
Sep 21, 2016 5:00pm EDT
believe it. i just really don't believe it. >> reporter: even after heather george gets the letter in the mail with the test results from her private well, she will have her doubts. >> is it hard to believe the results? >> yes, it is. i feel they are probably paying those people off. >> reporter: to her and many others who live within a few miles of this massive crater, mosaic shattered its credibility whether it kept this radioactive problem to itself. this week the company hired ect give residents peace of mind that the toxic water is not creeping off-site. the initial results from nine wells came back today with normal readings. >> the big circle is what is called the priority 1 area. >> reporter: a representative for the testing company telling us that fudging the numbers to benefit mosaic would cost them their license and it's not worth it. >> we would do not doing to risk the integrity of our business. >> reporter: they are looking for sulf anyone who wishes to have a different company come test the wells can contact the florida dep. the same agency under fire for the handling o
Feb 26, 2016 5:00pm EST
at for 11 years. she said she's been looking for her father, george 'skip' zelaya for more than 11 years. he's no longer missing. this morning, deputies announced that remains belong to george 'skip' zelaya. his disappearance is surrounded in mystery. his brother told detectives he d got two envelopes in the mail, one with his drivers license and another with a card and some money.
Oct 18, 2016 5:00pm EDT
their money. and number two on the list, the public's family, carol jenkins, the daughter of george jenkins. >> amendment to needs a 62% voter approval. a similar one failed in 2014. the polls suggest that it will pass this time. >>> thank you. we are getting our first look tonight at surveillance video of thieves stealing six puppies. those animals worked for cash worth more than $20,000 combined. he can see them private front door open russian side, into a kennel. they said they stole for english bulldogs. the whole christ, just about 10 minutes. -- heists, is just about 10 minutes. >> they can turn around and sell it for almost anything. they don't care about the puppies. >> the owner is worried because these breeds need special care. they are looking for four people who might have been you may have seen on facebook, or your friends are sharing it is claims that facebook will make everything you ever posted public including photos and private messages. that's not true. facebook even said so itself. you can set the record straight sharing this fact check. >>> for the second straig
Aug 29, 2016 5:00pm EDT
fellow actors praising him. george writing, he was always able to make a smile and that's no small feat. rests with the stars. if you have a favorite film, go to our facebook page. for me it was his role in willy wonka. reward will get a drive-by shooter who hurt a baby off of the streets. we just found out gunshots hit that little girls claim six times. -- crib six times. fortunately, she is expected to survive. they believe that the shooting was gang-related. had at 6 pm, a call for help that the little girl's mother made. >>> police say that this is a nearly 2 months looking for. on july 2 they say someone shot and killed dixon off of a home on e. warren st. moments later, a second man called 911 saying he had been shot. the second victim survived. it is not clear if the two victims knew each other. there is a reward for any tips about the case. >>> speeding does not have to play -- does not play a ro i towards his bus stop when a car hit him. jacob died of his injuries. the driver has not been charged the deputies -- he told deputies that the sun was in his eyes at the time of
Nov 9, 2016 5:00pm EST
relationship with russia. both george w. bush and george h.w. bush sending their best in fact george h.w. bush he and his wife really wish trump well as he guides america forward as our next president. his family is in our prayers. and by the way, he did not vote for trump noted george aged -- george w. bush. life is are they changing for the running mate of mike pence. our station pennock the secret service has already started stepping up security at his mansion. airspace around his home. airplanes, helicopters and drones cannot get within 1 mile of it. he will stay governor until he is officially sworn in. >>> if polk county family lost their home to a fire in months. jackie kelly shows us how it turned out to be the surprise of a lifetime. >> reporter: it devastating low. >> i pulled up to the red light and bam. the accident left sherry with injuries and cost her her car. weeks later a fire destroyed her home. >> it is hard when you look around and you see everything you own. >> local charities helped with a place to live. >> what has it been like not having a car? >> horrible. member
Feb 17, 2016 5:00pm EST
regulations for sex offenders in hills boreco owe county. >> the ex-girlfriend of george zimmerman is warning about sharing intimate images even with your significant other. zimmerman was already well known for his acquittal in the murder of trayvon martin. he says during the six months that they dated she sent him intimate images on his phone. when the two broke up, he shared hose private photos in a very public way. >> yes, i actually did send the picture to him. so it wasn't like he snuck and took it or anything. i just never dreamed he would forecast it to his 16,000 twitter followers. twitter along with heather's phone number. the account was quickly suspended but it was too late. she started getting texts and phone calls from strangers. she learned it's not easy to remove anything from the internet once it's posted. she hopes others learn from her mistake. >>> nike has cut ties with the championship boxer. the company says that nike discourages discrimination of any kind. the company said no deal on a second chance. >>> a fight at the farm sere. a stranger tackles a man during an attemp
Oct 17, 2016 5:00pm EDT
george zimmerman will spend the next 20 years in prison. the judge handing down the smallest possible sentence today. nearly one year after zimmerman claims the man followed him pulled up beside his car and if it was me in the car, or my nephews. my nieces. or any family members, he had absolute disregard for any life. >> zimmerman claimed self- defense while on trial for trayvon martin shooting. zimmerman was acquitted in the case. >>> a wild chase in the middle of the morning rush. police say it was an 11-year- old behind the wheel. why her mother called police on her.>>> honoring history hurting feelings? the debate surrounding one >>> less than two hours away from marco rubio and patrick murphy going toe to toe. paul lagrone asked both >> voters want to see bipartisanship where politicians were together. right now these two are throwing personal attacks at each other, we sat down with them to ask them about the issues. >> he can't defend his record of no achievement. >> he is a puppet. >> if all is fair in love war and politics, then the rubio murphy race is just playing by the ru
Oct 3, 2016 5:00pm EDT
the bay area, delivering speeches in tampa, orlando, and other >>> the daughter of george w. bush attended a fundraiser in paris over the weekend, a month after her grandfather, the former president, says that he intends to hillary clinton. >>> meanwhile, donald trump taking hits tonight on the campaign trial over several controversies. new york's attorney general sending a cease and desist letter to the donald j trump foundation saying it has to stop not registered with the state charity bureau. he's also staying mum on another report of his behavior being crass, sexist, and inappropriate. >>> police are looking for suspects in the murder of an 18-year-old man last night. anderson's body was found in a pool of blood around 20th street east and first palmetto. >>> polk county deputies are trying to piece together what happened before a train hit a man overnight. the engineer just could not stop the train in time to avoid hitting that man wrapped in a blanket on the tracks near ronald reagan parkway. an autopsy will determine whether the train killed the man or if he was already de
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9