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Jan 25, 2015 12:00pm EST
, the heart of the book is conservative foreign policy. the conservative doesn't mean george w. bush freedom and gender. in fact, much of my book is dedicated to criticizing what i see as dangerous strains in the republican establishment of foreign policy views over the last decade or so. when george bush said in his second inaugural that the policy of the united states is overtime to rid the world of tyranny that struck me and i think struck a few other people as substituting utopianism for foreign policy. foreign policy like all politics is the realm of the possible. i don't think we'll ever find a world free of tyranny because were never going to find a world free of human beings with malice and evil ambition and greed in their hearts. so in the middle of the bush administration, we became infatuated with this idea that we are going to plant the seeds of democracy in the heart of the middle east. that strikes me and most of our viewers would agree is an overly ambitious idealistic and misbegotten foreign policy. now it's sunny the wheel is turning and a lot of people who associate
Jan 17, 2015 10:00pm EST
, the george w. bush administration. we want less engagement in the middle east. we want to turn our backs on a war on terror that seems to many people to be unwinnable. we want to provide less by way of military assurances, fire power in east asia, in europe and this is a replica in a sense of a pattern of american foreign-policy behavior after the first world war. people would take the stargel mind now that we had a president named woodrow wilson who went to war to make the world safe for democracy and after the war was over and after it was one a lot of americans concluded that the game hadn't been worth the candle. they did not want to remain engaged in global affairs. they did not want to police the world order that had been established at versailles so we turn inward to the 1920s and a republican administration and again in the 1930s for much of the roosevelt of administration at least until the late 1930s. the retreat i'm speaking of now largely replicate that pattern that history and the argument i'm making is doing so is not going to mean that our problems are going to abate
Jan 18, 2015 9:00pm EST
this and george orwell was involved but in a sense it brought in and anticipated the kind of conflict that the world would have less than a decade later the germans were very involved in supporting this and i'm sure everyone who was watching the show is familiar with this and people who are on the left came in to support the soviet union as well who on the other side of a part of this and this was burning and burning increasingly horrific ways with descriptions of what happened and it really matched some of the information and images that are coming out at this very moment from homes in the lebeau and other places like that. so these have become proxy with wars that are not of control and sort of help to set the scene for large or complex to follow. >> it is very difficult. and we had a patient who tear two years ago had stayed one time. the doctors or society had intervened early and went isis show that there was a real chance to overthrow bashar al-assad probably by using excel politicians by the vice president and a dissident syrian general that could have formed a decent
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)