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Jan 15, 2017 9:00pm EST
populism, charles kaufman, george wallace, joe mccarthy. they all attracted a mass following. they were not able to become president but they were hugely influential and attached to something important but in the long run, i think that obama is right the country is moving in a different direction and i think like i said 5what i said 50 or m now, obama's ideas will be the ones that people admire and teach them part of our civic pentagon is donald trump will be a step backwards. it will be a story that will move past. >> host:. they were out on the campaign trail. do you think that he will be tempted to look at the obama legacy and say all these things i said out there on the campaign trail there's stuff that maybe i ought to hold onto. >> guest: it's happening on healthcare than the republicans and congress afraid of creating so they are putting it off until they figure it out and they are not going to figure it out so they don't know how to deal with the problem on the environment. he doesn't need in climate change. the epa administrator let fossil fuel companies write letters and
Jan 22, 2017 12:00pm EST
predecessor george w. bush who left him a world that was an absolute shambles and america's reputation plunging and managed to reverse a lot of the damage. but the red line in syria was a mistake. that was a blunder that obama himself was responsible for why blurting out this comment in a live interview about the red line, a position he didn't intend to take. >> host: if assad uses chemical weapons, and assad uses chemical weapons and he doesn't do anything. i mean, the administrator will argue well, we got a chemical munitions out of syria peace with and so forth but it sent the message to the world. >> guest: it did. they never developed a terribly effective response to the syrian crisis, the syrian civil war. the best argument they can make is we didn't have any better options, which might be correct in its really hard to know what would've happened because the rest of the world doesn't have the intelligence that they had, who with the rebels in syria. what were the chances of arming them under success? this is not easy here we have tried it a lot of times and it usually, sometimes
Jan 14, 2017 10:03pm EST
transforming their foreign policy and manage them up predecessor george w. bush plunging and managing to reverse a lot of the damage. and with that to a comment in a live interview. >> that is my redline. and the invitation will argue the have the chemical munitions out to send a mission. >> never developed a response because they weighed didn't have any better options. so what would of propaganda with the rest of the world to have the intelligence because we have tried that. sometimes it works but usually it does not. they did not have great responses. >> but the iran deal was a tremendous success. i know they either change will be reversed. >> talk about what is happening soon another fascinating part of the foreign policy is dealing with russia and vladimir putin. and then with mixed results. to say he invaded cray me get to put the sanctions on moscow and it did affect their economy plan now donald trump comes along and everything changes. and then has set up from the election. >> at the time and then realized that you could not go to war with us ukraine with russia because their int
Jan 16, 2017 12:00am EST
on the big banks and special interest he is much more closely tied or even more than george w. bush a very insider republican so i think it would be hard to square this up but he needed the obama of voters to win. you had a successful president to keep the coalition that is the roadmap. >> hillary clinton won the popular vote but just to wrap things up, heidi think the barack obama presidency be remembered near-term so how does that make the presidency look better? >> any major social reform will produce but there was the violent terrorist uprising in the south and reduce the conditions very close to slavery so they remember this great achievement but we don't remember what happened after that. is decades and decades to restore basic civil rights to film will lincoln was trying to do at the time. to this day republicans to eliminate social security it is a measure of what obamacare readout from what they tried to dismantle. i cannot predict the future as well as make the case of what it ought to be to defend it going forward the way we do with roosevelt but that is the closest thing
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4