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Nov 12, 2015 11:00pm PST
atlanta, welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell, cnn newsroom starts right now. . >> the drone strike in raqqa syria targeted jihadi john. he appeared in isis videos allegedly beheading his hostages. emwazi is a british citizen believed to have been born in kuwait. the pentagon has not yet confirmed his death. t >> reporter: the u.s. said they conducted an air strike against jihadi john, the killer of so many hostages seen in those terrible beheading videos. . >> they believe they got him with a drone strike. isis' capital, its self-declared clal, but they are not 100% sure. they are looking for confirmation. they will have to look at social immediate i can't have postings, intercepted communications, any indicators out there in the public arena, any announcement that he may have died. they still believe, however, that there is a very good chance that they got him. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> let's talk more about this targeted air strike now. lieutenant colonel rick francona joins us from la quinta california. the u.s. is
Jan 28, 2016 11:30pm PST
>> great to have you with us. i'm george howell. >> and i'm natalie allen. u.s. presidential copied donald trump claims he raised nearly $6 million at his event to compete with the box news debate in iowa. trump says the money will go to veterans groups. the outspoken republican boycotted the last debate before the iowa caucuses after feuding with fox. >> a prison teacher, one of ten people arrested in connection with the jail break in southern california last friday. the woman taught english as a second language classes and is believed to have helped the ring wleerd escape. investigators say the three inmates are still together and may be living out of a stolen van. >> china has indicted a canadian man choorges of spying and stealing state credits. kevin garrett and his wife ran a cafe in northeastern china and were arrested in 2014. she was released on bail last year. canada says it has discussed the case with the chinese government. their children call the arrest ridiculous. >> so the debate happened and u.s. republican presidential candidates made a lot of claims during that deb
Mar 31, 2016 11:30pm PDT
fools as well. >> you're watching "cnn newsroom" i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell. we'll be back with more news after the break. stay with us. [ male announcer ] this saturday, megan is home doing yoga. last saturday, she was shopping here. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ bulk from boxed didn't only save megan $33, bulk from boxed saved megan's saturday. [ pop, screech, doorbell rings ] boxed -- bulk-size shopping delivered easy with no membership fees. download the app and get 15% off your first order with code "bulk." >>> the clock is ticking as rescue crews dig for survivors in kolkata, india, after a busy overpass collapse. >>> and in the u.s., the president meets world leaders to talk security, and there are also growing concerns about a nuclear isis. >>> also ahead this hour, angry protesters on the streets of france clashing with police, throwing bottles, setting cars on fire. we'll tell you what that's about. >> we want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. >> and i'm natalie allen. thank you for joining us. we're live
Nov 19, 2015 11:00pm PST
at the top of your wish list. ♪ >>> i'm george howell in atlanta. we will be returning to paris momentarily. but in that city, christmas markets are opening despite friday's terror attacks. but amid the candy canes and toy soldiers, armed security forces are on patrol in that city. senior international correspondent atika shubert checked out the city's shopping scene. >> reporter: life is returning to not quite so normal here in paris. we're on the champs elysees. this is the famous shopping avenue. there are armed police patrolling, looking out for any threat, even disney has its own private security checking even the smallest customers coming inside. security doesn't bother me at all this father told us. i came here with my little girl, and she was nervous to come to paris. but seeing all the police around has really comforted her. the christmas market in paris has only just reopened, as you can see, with extra security to assure parisians that they are on high alert. police also on patrol. and as we walked, we also saw a troop of cars streaming by, promoting the new wine with
Jan 24, 2010 2:00pm EST
. >> germany, without a doubt. >> reporter: in 1947, secretary of state george marshall proposed helping germany help itself. today's equivalent of $80 billion poured in. >> the marshall plan and the rebuilding of west germany after world war ii showed the two key ingredients you needed to have for successful nation building. one is long-term outside support. you also have to have great leadership on the ground from outside. >> reporter: 1945 germany is not hai haiti. these days, nation building is often a dirty word, but supporters believe. >> we have to create a functioning state. and guess what, when you create a functioning state, that's nation building, even though nobody wants to call it that. >> reporter: richard roth, cnn, united nations. >> right now, this is not a failed state, but it certainly is a va ffragile one. even the hatian government has said it cannot cope on its own. none other than the head of the imf, dominique strauss-kahn, has called for help for haiti. mr. strauss-kahn, thank you and welcome to this program. >> thank you. >> so is that a dramatic call? w
Dec 8, 2015 11:00pm PST
leads to the kind of bias and discrimination, when george wallace said seg grey gags forever, he was saying the same thing donald trump is saying right now. we've got to recognize that. >> there's obviously a history of this. we're also hearing calls for donald trump's fellow republican presidential candidates to stand up and be counted, and say no to this kind of rhetoric. to that end, lindsay graham said this on cnn earlier. i want you to listen and then we'll talk about the other candidates. >> he's a seen ohphobic religious bigot. you know how you make america great again? tell donald trump to go to hell. >> that's pretty strong. is that strong enough? and should the other candidates also stand up and be counted? i could read a whole list of some hovering around that bar of big olted comments made by many of the other gop candidates as well. >> well, it is very strong. i think what we have to do is see what other people do. i think you don't accommodate this kind of perspective. you don't host "saturday night live." you don't get engaged by people who are committed to true democr
Apr 11, 2010 5:00pm EDT
state for afteraffairs african affairs who suffered under president george w. bush and with a senior member of the sudan people's liberation movement. let me first turn to you. you boycotting the elections, why are you boycotting and aren't you afraid that the violence is going to result? >> first of all, thank you for having me on the show, christiane. the agreement that we have signed in 2005 was meant to address two issues. one of them is secular transform of sudan. because sudan has a mystery of marginalization, of marginalized areas, so having this election is very important. and also referendum in 2011, january 9th. so based on the process that we have gone through in the electoral process, it is very clear that the conditions are not conducive for us to participate in the election in the north. but in the south, we are still having elections. >> so what that, you know very well in darfur we cannot have election in darfur because of the ongoing genocide that is happening in darfur. and also in the north, it is very clear that the national congress party, the party of omar el ba
Dec 13, 2009 2:00pm EST
george washington and a lot of books pretty electic. i think what you take away from george washington is it is always tough to include the ability to work with all the different players on it. i certainly don't, don't even stand in the shadow of leaders like washington or lafayette except that we have a tough problem in front of us. what i will try to do is be a good team member as we focus our way forward. >> general mcchrystal, thank you very much, indeed, for joining us. thank you. >>> next, our post script. criticized by some for the surge, president obama uses the nobel prize to embrace the just use of military might. would you like a pony ? yeah. would you like a pony ? yeah ! ( cluck, cluck, cluck ) oh, wowww ! that's fun ! you didn't say i could have a real one. well, you didn't ask. even kids know when it's wrong to hold out on somebody. why don't banks ? we're ally, a new bank that alerts you when your money could be working harder and earning more. it's just the right thing to do. you all want to run your businesses more efficiently, so we've brought in a team of experts to
Dec 1, 2015 11:00pm PST
from the u.s. by george bush senior. he negotiated it. signed it, and ratified it. that's the parent treaty here. this is an agreement within that treaty. >> kevin rudd, thank you very much. >> fingers crossed. >> fingers crossed, blood on the floor. as talks continue, it is going to be hard to ignore the whale in the room, or rather, the whale on the banks of the river where a 33.6 meter model of the biggest whale ever seen is being constructed. a bittersweet reminder of the earth's rapidly shrinking biodiversity as 95% of all blue whales have vanished from our oceans. after the break, imagine an entire world vanishing into the ocean. those islands that depend on getting an agreement here in paris. start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back.hings. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking
Apr 25, 2010 2:00pm EDT
to the united states, tehran shows us its military muscle. >>> and u.s. peace envoy george mitchell makes yet another trip to the mideast. no sign israel will stop new settlements in east jerusalem. >> this is a formula for disaster. not for peace. >> to find out where all of this is headed i turned to a panel of distinguished experts. joining me now to dissect all of this is foreign policy analyst robert kagan, also senior associate of the endowment for international peace. former u.n. peace envoy terje ron-larsen, and james rubin, despite the fact he is married to me, remains a sharp and keen observer of foreign policy. let me start, jamie, because you are outside but were inside an administration dealing with iran and all of these challenges. all of this in the newspapers about robert gates, what does it mean? these contingency plans for iran. break it down. >> i think what's going on here is that the administration is beginning to face the choice that's always been there which is how do you deal with a country that is probably not going to be affected by economic sanctions? do y
Mar 14, 2010 2:00pm EDT
powerful way to commemorate george khoury, the slain son of mr. and mrs. khoury, because i felt this particular book, "a tale of love and darkness," can open many hearts in the arab world and can remove many prevailing stereotypes in the arab world. >> mr. oz, just tell me the story, the essential story, and why you thought that it could have that effect in the arab world? >> "a tale of love and darkness" is a combination of a family story, chamber music, and at the same time, also a saga of the birth of the nation, the birth of the israeli nation. it's about the 1940s in jewish and the 1950s in early israel. and it renders the story of the jews in this country in a non-heroic way and in a way that is always attentive to the palestinian plight and to the palestinian perspective and point of view. >> so, mr. khoury, what was it about the tale of jewish life in israel that you felt was so important to translate into arabic? why? what was your motivation? >> first of all, i think to know the other side is something important, whether we want to fight him or whether we want to make
Mar 28, 2010 5:00pm EDT
a report shot by one of our producers, george learner. we continued our conversation with ben affleck as well as two experts on the situation in eastern congo. a congolese human rights lawyer and jason sterns who worked with the international crisis group and also with the united nations. let me first -- i just want to continue with you, ben. because you have talked about using celebrities' currency to do something. just explain that so that we can take that as a jumping off point. >> i think as a celebrity, you know, you have to be very judicious. because, you know, you do have an opportunity to get on camera. so it's really important to make sure that you do learn a lot and spend a lot of time learning and be humble and learn from folks like jason and also perhaps even more importantly, you know, the congolese if you're going to work in congo. and then, you know, you have to, i think, in general, one has an obligation to do something important with one's life. and so choose what that is. dedicate yourself to it. and then, you know, follow through. >> all right. we're going t
Jan 21, 2016 11:30pm PST
. and around the world. i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell. north korea state run media says an american student has been arrested by north korean authorities. that student said to be from a university in virginia. that's all we know at this point. accused of allegedly carrying out anti-north korean acts. we are live in seoul in a moment with more on this story. >>> our other major story we're watching is this. about 75 million people in the rust in the path of what is being called the winter's biggest storm yet. washington, d.c. and its surrounding areas expected to be hit the hardest. some places could see more than two feet or close to a meter of snow this weekend. >>> there are accusations that russian president vladimir putin probably approved the killing f of. he was poisoned in 2006 apparently by a radioactive substance in his tea. more now on the breaking news story that we're following. this u.s. student under investigation in north korea. cnn's paula hancocks is live in seoul, south korea, following the story for us. paula, good to have you with us. the most we know is
Nov 22, 2009 2:00pm EST
states as well as for the sake of the parties. the appointment of george mitchell, the engagement by the secretary oft state and the president have been unprecedented. >> yet it's gotten nowhere? >> it hasn't made progress yet. but i think -- >> you think it will? >> i think this kind of sustained engagement in leadership, it's probably going to require even more direct presidential engagement when he gets past the current set of domestic issues he needs to deal with in the next few months, i hope to see the president travel to israel, travel to the region and to become personally involved, because this is a matter of the utmost importance. his national security advisor, jim jones, at our conference last week said if he could tell the president to solve one problem in the world, it would be to solve the israeli-palestinian conflict. so many echoes and ripples around the world. >> on that note we'll go to a break and come back and pick that right up as well as other issues such as the one just raised, the goldstone report. stay with us. headaches know when you're stressed. tired. running
Feb 15, 2016 11:30pm PST
possible for a syrian cease-fire to take effect this week. >>> george w. bush returns to the spotlight in south carolina on behalf of his brother's presidential bid. >>> and a big night at the grammys for kendrick lamar, lady gaga and taylor swift. >>> welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world, i'm rosemary church, and this is "cnn newsroom." >>> well, hopes for a cease-fire actually taking hold in syria di
Jan 2, 2011 10:00am EST
week" exclusive, george clooney and john prendergast of the enough project on their high-tech mission to use satellites to save lives. >>> plus, snow job. >> i have not been out with a snow shovel, but i have been answering e-mails. >> how a major storm has put some politicians on thin ice. >> all this carping and craziness about how can i leave the state stranded? this is just partisanship. >>> and a political look ahead this new year. who will emerge as the 2012 republican contender for the white house? how far will house republicans take their new subpoena powers? those questions and more for our powerhouse roundtable with george will, political strategist donna brazile, abc news political director amy walter and major garrett of "national journal," and as always, "the sunday funnies." >> extending the existing tax cuts will create jobs because the only way out of this mess is to keep things exactly as they are. >>> good morning, and happy new year. christiane is off. i'm jake tapper. after more than two years of economic turmoil, 2010 ended with glimmers of positive news f
Dec 18, 2011 8:00am PST
heavyweights of both parties. for the right, paul ryan and abc's own george will and from the left, congressman barney frank and former clinton labor secretary robert reich. >>> good morning. and welcome to this special edition of the program. today, we delve into the fundamental question that's facing american democracy at this pivotal moment. has the federal government become too big? americans have always been weary of washington. but this year, that anger seems to be at fever pitch. with poll after poll showing trust in government is at an all-time low. but is this because it's too bloated or too broken? and what about this conundrum, people who oppose big government still want to collect their entitlements? today we put those issues to the test. this is a of course debate and the striving theme of the 2012 elections. and abc's john donvan tells us why. >> right now, we have a government so big. and so expensive. >> reporter: you listen to this theme. >> big government. >> big government economic policies. >> reporter: or maybe rant is the word. >> big government, agendas. gove
Jul 31, 2011 9:00am EDT
correspondent george stephanopoulos joins us for the inside story and the very latest as the crisis nears a climaclim. the top political viewer joins us. and key crossroads. republican senator lindsey graham on the search for consensus within his own party. also, from norway to ft. hood. extremism is back in the headlines. new york city police commissioner ray kelly on the very real threat posed the radicals. and we'll take you to mowimogad somalia, where we report on the country's epic familiar in. >> announcer: live from the newseum in washington, "this week with christiane amanpour" starts right now. >>> welcome to the program. lots to get to today, but first, some news since your morning papers. we have new develops to report on the story dominate all others and that's the flurry of last-minute talks to raise the debt ceiling before the country runs out of money to pay its bills. and this morning, we're hearing there is a framework of a deal being worked on, but it's fragile. and you can see the clock ticking down to the tuesday deadline. already, we're seeing signs of mounting
Jul 3, 2011 10:00am EDT
ago really want? joining me now, for discussion of truth and myth, george will, michael eric dyson of georgetown university, harvard university history professor, jill lepore, who is also the author of "whites of their eyes" and richard stengel. editor in chief of "time" magazine. and writer of the cover story, on the constitution "does it still matter." thank you for being here. let me start with you, george. how do you explain the ubiquity of the cons tus today as a real living piece of political debate? >> first of all, american politics always has a retrospective cast. looking back on the constitution. all of our arguments get litigated through these documents. did jefferson have the power to make the louisiana purchase. james madison, the successor, the architect of the constitution vetoed an internal improvements bill. they thought that went beyond the powers of the federal government down to today. when the most novel new development, the tea party movement is named after something that happened in 1 13. there's a retrospective cast naturally y ilt into our politics, but wha
Jan 9, 2011 10:00am EST
figure that we have. i'm joined now by george stephanopoulos, anchor of "good morning america" and obviously longtime friend of "this week." there's no motive yet. the perpetrator is silent so far. no connections yet to what happened. what does this mean really for the story of this nation? >> we should say there's so much we don't know yet about the killer, about -- we know he was unhinged in some way. we don't know whether he was politically motivated in an active way, but we do know this, this is a moment for the country. you saw the sheriff there talk about a time for a little soul-searching, and that has already begun, i think, in this country. questions about has the political debate gotten too hot? has all this anger boiling over in the country in some way reached out and touched people in a way that might in some way motivate violence? it's going to lead to big questions for congress. how will their security change in the wake of all this? >> do you think that debate can be had because already you're seeing that debate itself been polarized. >> well, and that's the world we
Dec 11, 2011 10:00am EST
and our moderators, george stephanopoulos and diane sawyer. reaction from jon huntsman, the other republican in the race. our abc news political team is standing by in iowa to break down the spin. and our roundtable is standing by with the long view of this unpredictable race. >>> good morning, and welcome to the program. we'll have all of the highlights of last night's showdown in the hawkeye state. but some news from your morning papers. iran has announced that it won't return the american surveillance drone now in the hands of the country's military. the top commander of the revolutionary guard called the drone into iranian air space a hostile act and warned of a bigger response if it happens again. the spy plane was put on display earlier this week and it's considered a trove of sensitive information. >>> in russia, this morning, another day of unprecedented protests against prime minister vladimir putin who wants to become president again. tens of thousands took to the streets yesterday, and today crowds numbered in the hundreds. these are the largest demonstrations in the po
Dec 4, 2011 10:00am EST
done in the past. >>> we turn now to our roundtable. george will, arianna huffington, major garrett. and donna brazile. george, rick santorum hoping to get a boost from herman cain's supporter, is that availabviabl him? >> he's playing the iowa game by traditional rules. there's an interesting contrast between herman's fate and rick's fate. we want someone to gain traction if they have time. i think, however, i wonder if donna agrees, that, between now and 2016, both parties have to do serious thought whether they can develop some filter this proliferation of debating being hijacked entrepreneurs. >> who are you are labeling as one? >> herman cain. who used this as a book tour. fundamentally disrespectful approach to the selection of the president. now, we have a december 27th debate proposed that would moderated by donald trump. surely it's time for these candidates to do something presidential and say we're not going to be hijacked. >> jon huntsman did that. he said that he was not going to participate in the debate. i complete agree with george. the line between the reality show
Sep 5, 2010 10:30am EDT
you guys still hear us? >> analysis from the "roundtable" with george will, thomas freedman. paul krugman, and mary jordan. >>> and "the sunday funnies." >>> it's labor day. one day a year, we honor our workforce. do we still have a workforce? i don't know. >>> today marks a new beginning for "this week." through our partnership with the bbc, we're delighted that as of now, this program is being broadcast globally in more than 200 countries. we begin with tony blair. this week, the former british prime minister released his memoir, "a journey" and we sat down for his first north american interview. during ten tumultuous years -- as well as taking his country to war in iraq and afghanistan, his interventions in kosovo, sierra leone. his policies were similar to those of president clinton. they forged a close release ship. after 9/11, global events secured his relationship with president bush. >> i give you, on behalf of our country, our solidarity. >> have you already in your talks found something maybe you -- a personal interest you have in common. >> well, we both use colgate too
Jun 26, 2011 10:00am EDT
have at this point. here to answer that question. abc george will, anita dunn. the president's former communications director. chrystia freeland of thompson reuters and abc's political correspondent, jonathan karl. thank you all for being here. george, straight to you, you just heard the congressman and senator, and you heard him not answer about the revenue, whether they are on or off the table. so, are they completely off the table, do you think? and what kind of clout does the president have to move this along? >> it doesn't have much clout. what has clout is a deadline. every writer knows a deadline is man's best friend. true for legislators also. the deadline is coming up august 2nd. >> august 2nd? >> on the lash of necessity, something will happen here. >> the problem is, republicans want to shrink the deficit and government as a share of gdp. democrats want to shrink the deficit by increasing the gdp. something has to give. i think you touched about the drama coming. hatch and lee, two senators, have a balanced budget amendment to exceed gdp, raise taxes and raise the de
Aug 21, 2011 10:00am EDT
"roundtable" with george will, democratic strategist, donna brazile, jeff zeleny of "the new york times" and fox business network's liz claman. >>> good morning. christiane is off. i'm jake tapper. and we will get to our exclusive interview with republican presidential candidate jon huntsman in a moment. but first some news since your morning papers. libyan rebels say they're closing in on moammar gadhafi's stronghold on tripoli. a day after fighters launched their first attack on the capit capitol. heavy gunfire and explosions battled tripoli with reports of coordinated nato air strikes after firefighters captured the coastal town. >>> in egypt. protests continued outside the israeli embassy in cairo after a rare apology by the israelry government on saturday for the deaths of three egyptian soldiers. this latest round of violence began on thursday, when eight israelis were killed. the tensions sparked new violence as palestinians hit southern israel with at least 80 rockets and mortars since friday in response to israeli air strikes. >>> turning now to the race for the republican nomi
Sep 5, 2010 8:00am PDT
voice on the economy. >> can you guys still hear us? >> analysis from the "roundtable" with george will, thomas friedman. paul krugman, and mary jordan. >>> and "the sunday funnies." >> it's labor day. one day a year, we honor our workforce. do we still have a workforce? i don't know. do we? >>> today marks a new beginning for "this week." through our partnership with the bbc, we're delighted that as of now, this program is being broadcast globally in more than 200 countries. we begin with one of the most polarizing figures on the international stage, tony blair. this week, the former british prime minister released his memoir, "a journey" and we sat down for his first north american interview. during ten tumultuous years -- at the center of world events, the iraq war is his most controversial legacy. this weekend, anti-war protesters showed up in force in dublin at the former prime minister's book signing. as well as taking his country to war in iraq and afghanistan, his interventions in kosovo, sierra leone and northern ireland brought peace. when first elected in 1997, blair see
Nov 13, 2011 8:00am PST
, horrifying, a moment for soul-searching. and as i said, we bring in our roundtable. george will, donna brazile. dana loesch, founder of the st. louis tea party and editor of and abc news political correspondent, jon karl. george, what have we learned from this? >> what we still need to learn is how graphic was the description that the assistant coach gave to joe paterno what he had seen in the shower? that would tell us a degree of joe paterno's culpability. what we've seen here and christine had it right. when you graft a multibillion-dollar entertainment industry, on to higher education, you create a bubble of exceptions and eventually, a moral derangement. >> george, i don't know if explaining the details would have made any parent, any adult, just suspect and immediately call the police. my initial reaction, had i witnessed that, would be to pick up something. to stop it. to stop the act itself. to call upon the adult to, you know, stop. to protect that child. call the police. and then inform everybody else later. look, this was a moral failure, a human tr
Mar 27, 2011 10:00am EDT
he'll respond to critics who say he's been rewriting history. >>> and george will and the "roundtable" will debate the libyan mission, the president's message. and why one hopeful is having a tough time agreeing with himself. >> announcer: live from the newseum. "this week" with christiane amanpour starts now. >> good morning, i'm jake tapper. christiane is off today. >>> some major developments in libya. rebel forces have scored a key victory taking back the oil town of brega in the east. they continue the push west. abc's alex marquardt is in benghazi. alex, what is the mood where you are? >> reporter: good morning, jake. a lot of excitement, gunfire, and honking on the front lines. a quick advance toward the west was expected following the stalemate that was broken. this took people by surprise. opposition leaders here telling me today that they're hoping that the rebels will slow down a little bit to allow them to regroup. and to allow the senior military officials to take over. the next town is gadhafi's hometown. they don't know what kinds of weapons he has there. in tripoli, a
Aug 7, 2011 10:00am EDT
manager and tea party congressman jason chaffetz join george will and cokie roberts. >>> and the deadliest day in afghanistan. 33 troops perish as taliban shoots down a helicopter. >> announcer: live from the newseum in washington, "this week with christiane amanpour" starts right now. >>> welcome to the program. we have lots to get to today. but first, some news since your morning papers. the pentagon is starting to paint a fuller picture of what exactly happened on the deadliest attack on american forces since the start of the war in afghanistan nearly ten years ago. 30 americans and 8 afghans were killed yesterday when the taliban shot down their chinook helicopter. among the dead are 22 elite navy s.e.a.l.s. abc's foreign correspondent martha raddatz joins me with the very latest. what about thahacommunity, the forces and their families? >> this is such a small community. there are only 300 s.e.e.l.s on s.e.a.l. team 6. the most elite of the s.e.a.l. team. that is such a small group. when you think about those families and 22 notices going out to those families. i got an e-ma
Aug 22, 2010 10:00am EDT
to the summer of recovery? we'll tackle that on "the roundtable" with george will, al hunt. robert reich and judy woodruff. >>> and "the sunday funnies." >> we're out of iraq. best of all, we got out two weeks ahead of schedule. now, iraq will always be remembered as the war that ended early. >>> as the u.s. surge pushes into afghanistan, kandahar has become the focus of the effort to root out the taliban and other insurgent fighters. with less than one year remaining before the u.s. says at least some of the troops will be withdrawn, attacks continue. miguel marquez has this report. he's on the front line in the fight for kandahar. >> what do we got? ready? let's do it. >> reporter: with surge troops in place, success or failure in the hands of the soldiers, like captain laurorne grier, of geor. >> if we see people in the area, after we know the people here, we can say, hey, you're the enemy. you live in this area? >> reporter: one minute, solders getting to know the neighbors. the next? >> just tell me where you're taking contact from. >> reporter: they're under fire. the biggest
Dec 4, 2011 9:00am EST
roundtable. george ill, arianna huffington, and donna brazile. is that viable for him? >> he's playing the iowa game by traditional rules. there's an interesting debate between herman's fate and rick's fate. we want someone to gain traction if they have time. i think, however, i wonder if donna agrees, between now and 2016, they have to do serious thought whether they can develop some filter this proliferation of debating being hijacked -- >> who are you are labeling as one? >> herman cain. who used this as a book tour. now, we have a december 27th debate proposed that would moderated by donald trump. surely it's time for these candidates to do something presidential and saying we're not going to be hijacked. >> jon huntsman did that. he said that he was not going to participate in the debate. now, i mean, with the brassless way with the media, the news of herman cain suspension of his campaign, we're really amazing. basely, right now, should give them the reality show, keeping up the cains. make it a reality show. how do you win back gloria? >> three tickets out of iowa. romney is going t
Sep 26, 2010 10:30am EDT
george will, donna brazile, matthew dowd and ron brownstein and "the sunday funnies." >> listen to this, one day, delaware elects a witch, the next day the recession is over. i don't know. is that a is that a coincidence? >>> hello again and this week the recession was finally declared over. it officially ended june 2009 but the recovery has been slow and the voters have been losing patience. with five weeks to go before the midterm elections president obama and congressional democrats are facing potentially huge political losses. joining me now the president's top political adviser david axelrod. thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. >> i want to first though ask you about something very close to what the president has been doing and that's middle east peace. the moratorium expires tonight. >> yes. >> the president asked the israeli prime minister to keep the moratorium on. he's not going to do it. what is going to stop these talks from collapsing? >> well, look, i don't want to prejudge what's going to happen in the next -- >> but is there a compromise. >> there's still
Jul 24, 2011 10:00am EDT
me now, our round table, george will, arianna huffington, founder of "the huffington post," former clinton budget director alice rivlin, who is also a member of one of the many commissions studying solutions to the debt crisis and charlie gasparino, senior correspondndt for fox business network. good morning, all. you heard what the secretary of the treasury said. george, is the country going to go off the cliff or will there be adeal, do you think? >> we were supposed to go off the cliff originally in may. that was the drop dead date then it was moved to august 2nd, a week from this coming tuesday. now suddenly we wake up this morning, and mr. geithner, whose credibility is zero with republicans, and this is one reason why says, no, no, 4:00 this afternoon, the asian markets openenand that's the drop dead date. the president this week in his tantrum compress conference on friday came out and said republicans won't say any to anything. they said yes to the ryan budget, the democratic senate said no. they said yes to cap and balance. the only plan put on paper, the president has put
Jan 23, 2011 9:00am EST
round table takes up the presidential pifl to job ree asian. george will, donna brazile, matthew dowd after the break. ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ a-di-os, cheerio, au revoir ♪ ♪ off it goes, that's logistics ♪ ♪ over seas, over land, on the web, on demand ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ operations worldwide, ups on your side ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ tdd# 1-800-345-2550 that i didn't even understand -- i was so naive. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 i mean, i still need help. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 but not from some guy that's just going to sell me stuff. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 i need somebody who works with me, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 speaks a language i understand, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 and basically helps me make better decisions. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 maybe i'm still being naive? tdd# 1-800-345-2550 [ male announcer ] no hard sell. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no attitude. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no broker-speak. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it's different when you talk to chuck. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 ♪ at the walmart in marinette, wisconsin. that first job launched my career. since i've been with the com
Sep 18, 2011 9:00am EDT
that kind of president but not because it's inevitable. >>> joining me now the george will, cokie roberts and abc's senior political correspondent jonathan karl, george, she did, jackie capture a truism that presidents mettle is tested in a crisis, is this president rising to that bar in. >> i don't think so. his default position is, give a speech. he has astonishing faith in his persuasive powers. it's refuted by evidence. he went to new jersey to campaign against chris christie, he's now governor. he campaigned for the health care plan extensively, it became less popular. he campaigned in 2010 for the democrats they were shellacked. he began his presidency flying to copenhagen to get chicago the olympics. it was the first city eliminated. >> but, michael, you edited this book, you're an observer of presidents throughout the years. president clinton didn't want to criticize president obama, but he has said to the democrats in general, you got to stand up and fight. meet the challenges. position yourself many principal. is that who president obama is? will he do that? >> it really
Aug 1, 2010 10:30am EDT
house round table. from madrid, the world authority on the taliban joins george will, donna brazile and paul krugman. >>> and, the "sunday funnies." >>> do they refeel what the mission in afghanistan is? >>> good morning. i am thrilled to be here at the newseum. after 20 years covering the world, the story in this country is turning into one of the most fascinating. the struggle over politics and policy and how they merge to meet people's needs. after witnessing the global challenges and opportunities, i'm eager to open a window on the world and cut through the complicated issues we all confront. two big stories have dominated the news this week. we have two big exclusives. we talked to secretary defense robert gates about wikileaks and the afghan war. but we begin with the balance of power right here. i sat down with house speaker nancy pelosi in her ceremonial office as the house prepared for the summer recess. thank you so much more joining me. >> my pleasure. >> can i ask you about some of new this is week? that would be on afghanistan. last year, 32 democrats societisociety vot
Nov 6, 2011 9:00am EST
hasn't recovered yet. let's bring in our roundtable. george will. huffington's arianna huffington. and niall ferguson, author of the new book of "civilization." george, let me ask you about the unemployment numbers, is that something of a trend or just scratching the surface? >> first of all, 80,000 isn't nearly enough to accommodate even the natural growth month by month the job growth. the 80,000 is a net number. the private sector created 104,000 job. the public sector happily shrunk. here's the bad news, 46% of the unemployed have been unemployed for six months or more. 4 million americans have been unemployed for more than a year. skills decay, the very spirit that causes people to engage in economic life decays. the result is, if you have been unemployed for six months or more, your lifetime earnings decline under natural trajectory. >> niall, it doesn't look like people have much faith that it's going to get better? >> i think people turn out to be better economists than economists. when you go back to the view, if you hit the economy with a big monetary stimulus, there will be
Sep 25, 2011 9:00am EDT
and donna brazile, amy walter and george will debate the week's politics in our roundtable. >>> british prime minister david cameron on the palestinian bid for statehood. >> i think it has to be close to closy . >>> we have a packed show forto. but first x some news since your morning papers. two american hikers will land in the united states this morning, ending a two-year ordeal. josh fattal and shane bauer are schedule to arrive in new york after a stop-over in oman. >>> in a fiery speech, president obama said that he's not giving up and implored the crowd to stick with him. polls show his support amongst black voters softening. >> put on your marching shoes, shake it off, stop complaining. stop grumbling, stop crying. we're going to press on. we got work to do. cbc, god bless you and god bless the united states of america. >> the president is on a mission to energize a disspirited base a big piece of that strategy, his newly come bah tif tone as he travels the country. the question remains when it comes to jobs. joining me now to talk about this the president's senior a
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