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2012 14
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Nov 7, 2012 5:00am PST
. one last issue to show you, who is more to blame for the current problems, barack obama or george w. bush? 53% said george w. bush. the vast majority of those went for barack obama. >> that is interesting. also when you talk about who would be better for the middle class, the president seemed to come on top consistently. >> that's right. >> christine romans, thank you very much. >>> to senator dick durbin, majority leader. nice to have you with us this morning. glenn thrush at politico wrote this, obama's victory seemed too narrow to grant him anything close to a mandate, much less the popular support needed to break the deadlock of washington partisanship as he promised during the campaign. what do you think of that? >> let me tell you why i think he's wrong. i believe for the american people the campaigns ended last night. the question is on capitol hill will the campaigns end today. we're going to wait to hear from speaker boehner, but the solution to america's problems regardless of who won last night was both parties on capitol hill working together. the republican senate leade
Nov 7, 2012 4:00am EST
george bush handled it. you have to say what you feel. and gorge just said family values don't stop at the real ground. that human statement, he meant what he said, he lives there. many people hear him and see him differently because he understood what they were going through. >> john mccain, a war hero who talked about going to the vietnam wall and seeing names of heroes who are latino -- >> there are also -- there's pragmatic math because we know in 2008 it was 9%, this year it was 10%. we know the demographics -- >> you are going to scare these two white men. >> i am not here to scare. i am just here to say that -- >> soledad, we have them surrounded but we come in peace. >> the hungarians, we don't even show up. >> in all seriousness, if the trend continues to go the way it is, and it will, you hope to win elections. >> we are in really dizzying demographic change and president obama has been nimble enough to see that and eliminate it, even though he doesn't speak a word of spanish. when roosevelt elected him, the country was 95% white. 60 years later clinton. the voting rights, it
Nov 7, 2012 5:00am EST
george w. bush into the resounding second term victory. you had a dozen ballot initiatives, in most cases, amending state constitutions to ban same sex marriage. and really ushering in the entire new era of banning same sex marriage. and last night we saw the unraveling of all of that. in the face of this catholic church opposition to the obama administration, particularly on contraception and religious liberty, you saw catholics turn out for president obama. he won catholics. in some states like pennsylvania, he won them even though he lost them in 2008. you saw in two states for the first time voters embracing same sex marriage and legalizing same sex marriage. and then you saw sort of the poster children of the christian right, including todd akan in missouri and richard murdoch in indiana. >> those are the local race that is people were watching because they became national stories. >> they embody this hard line on abortion and sort of the christian right came to their side when the republican party in akin's case abandoned him. you saw both of the candidates defeated last night
Nov 7, 2012 12:00am PST
they really wish they could deploy for one president like george w. bush. i don't care what anybody says. if the former president on the campaign trail is always an asset. it has to hurt the party that they can't deploy him on the campaign trail. >> we'll look at now that the election is decided, how overseas markets are rethis morning. up next, a look at what investors around the world are saying with their cash about four more years of president obama. >> you, the american people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up. we have fought our way back. and we know in our hearts that for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. [ woman ] it's 32 minutes to go time, and the candidate's speech is in pieces all over the district. the writer's desktop and the coordinator's phone are working on a joke with local color. the secure cloud just received a revised intro from the strategist's tablet. and while i make my way into the venue, the candidate will be rehearsing off of his phone. [ candidate ] and thanks
Nov 7, 2012 9:00am EST
george allen. this, with the help of outside spending was the most expensive race in the nation. kate bolduan was up all night. >> late night but exciting night for all of us, john. bob mcdonnell has been a very strong surrogate for mitt romney during his presidential campaign. thank you so much for getting up and joining us this morning. >> sure. thanks, kate. >> no problem. over the weekend you predicted a razor thin win for mitt romney. have you spoken to governor romney after his loss last night? >> well, i was obviously wrong. no, i have not spoken to governor romney. i have spoken to senator allen. it was a tough night. mitt romney and paul ryan were very good men, would have been good leaders. but the president, in a poor economy, did a very good job arty particula articulating his message. they had a good ground game, beat us on the ground. half the margin of 2008 but they did a good job. >> let's talk specifically about your state, virgina. key swing state. you were on cnn "starting point" the morning of the election, just yesterday morning. you were asked by soledad wh
Nov 7, 2012 3:00am PST
have a single president who was re-elected to a second term. since 1980, with the exception of george h.w. bush all of our presidents have served two terms. it's to implement the presence of foreign policy takes eight years. so obama's this whole vision of obama trying to gradually move up, a lot of the research is out of the middle east, wind down the two wars, and pivot towards asia, as the -- >> i think we need to put -- >> we need four more years to implement that. >> you need to play more images like you heard a little earlier. the people of kenya celebrating to see if donald trump's -- >> we have some photos of the folks, some video of the folks in kenya who are celebrating, in fact, the president's victory. his family members who are cheering that. they mention that they are hoping that if he gets a little free time maybe -- >> seriously, i really do hope the next four years the president, not just take a visit to kenya, just to be able to celebrate as a native son, but also -- >> a native son. >> yes. no, no, no, first of all, he's a son of kenya, okay? his dad was kenyan. oka
Nov 7, 2012 4:00am PST
to be the next senator from virginia. he beat george allen who was trying very hard to get his old seat back and he wasn't able to. john? >> all right. thanks very much, dana bash. as you say, there's still two seats up for grabs, north dakota and montana. meanwhile pro-gay rights and immigration reform, two issues that propelled president obama to a winning tally last night. plus we look at other big signs of the times that they're changing. we'll be right back. >> i so wish, i so wish that i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction. but the nation chose another leader, and so ann and i join with you to earnestly pray for him and for this great nation. thank you and god bless america. when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... they can inspire our students.
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)