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george bush decided we needed to make the country work. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums >> what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at >> one thing i'm going to do, i'll be bringing a lot of people in who are democrats and independents. you see that with the polls. look at tonight elections. every single election has been record-setting. new people are coming into the republican party. we are building a new republican party. a lot of people are coming in. bill: people say his message is one of division, not inclusion. maybe after the questions from telemundo, here is one. jonah, what about his larger point that he's attracting other people to vote for him? >> i think it's fair and true. he's bringing in a lot of turnout. while he's attracting proaf trump voters,
christie, mike huckabee, bobby jindal, rick santorum. missing from the group, george pataki and lindsey graham. martha: a bit of change in places for this evening. chris wallace anchors "fox news sunday." good to see you today. >> good to be with you. martha: what was your reaction when you heard the news come down and saw the lineup last night? >> look, we're less than three month away from people voting in iowa. this campaign has been going on for months. at some point you have to begin to winnow. seems to me setting floor of 1% for the early undercard debate is not unreasonable even though people like lindsey graham aren't going to like it. setting a floor of 2 1/2% in the average national polls for the main card is not unreasonable but that knocked out chris christie and mike huckabee. they're not going to be in the prime time debate. they will be in the earlier debate. that's clearly a blow to their campaign. it will hurt with fund-raising. it will hurt with organizing because it just memorialize the fact they're not there on main card. seems to me at some point, even if th
, that is fine. george w. bush did it, barack obama did integrate failure. one thing to say we want a fresh look at this, another to say we have to maintain america's role in the world and the russians have been advancing rather than retreating, the good thing to keep in mind, not an attempt to make trump president by the russians but to undermine the faith in the constitution. the constitution is just a paper document until people agree like we all do that we will abide by those principles. if you undermine the idea that we can elect the people we want to elect you he wrote the faith in the constitution so that is why defending our election system is important. not the us litigating the election but in the constitution. >> do you have faith in president-elect trump to restore faith in the constitution and do what is necessary with russia, the chinese as well to make it clear this is not acceptable behavior and there are consequences? >> bringing the faith back, china is aggressive, the question mark is russia. i hope want to get involved. >> he tells us he has all the briefings the p
talking to you, martha. bill: a lot more to come on this clearly. >>> former president george h.w. bush delivering scathing criticism aimed at aides with his son's administration. what he is saying about donald rumsfeld and former vice president dick cheney. that is coming up. martha: stunning truth revealed. why authorities now say that the illinois police officer in this picture faked his own murder. >> our investigation is determined conclusively that gliniewicz intentionally left a staged trail of police equipment at the crime scene. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. martha: so the new speaker of the house paul ryan opening up about accepting that new role which he was reluctant to do. listen. >> not what i had planned on doing and it was not my first idea but i basically talked with my colleagues and realized that i had a du
are reports that george. bush, nephew of the president of the united states says that potential 41 and 43 could vote for hillary clinton in this election. what's your response to that? >> i don't know if they will vote for hillary clinton, i can certainly understand why they wouldn't vote for donald trump. you recall back in the south carolina republican debate donald trump stood on the debate stage and said to the american people that george w. bush lied to them about weapons of mass destruction, that he knew about 9/11 before it happened and failed to stop it, he basically spouted all the far-left conspiracy theories that had been charged. i was in the white house in the bush administration and we use today hear people chanting outside, banging outside bush lied and people died. they heard donald trump heard from republican debate stage. i'm not surprised that they are not voting for donald trump. martha: if donald trump loses this election, the never trumpers will say, see we told you so. what happens to the republican party, what happens to that group of people? >> well, i thin
jeb bush over the 9/11 terror attacks and the legacy of his own brother. trump saying george bush failed to protect america. >> i don't want jeb bush saying my brother kept us safe because 9/11 happened. martha: this fight is getting personal between these two men. jeb bush defending his brother and slamming trump's security credentials. >> he organized our country and he kept us safe. there is no denying that mr. trump talks about things as though he's still on the apprentice. talking about syria saying russia should take out assad and then take out isis like it was some kind of board game. bill: once again donald trump has drawn jeb bush into a battle over his brother's legacy. >> awhile ago trump goaded bush into wasting almost a week. every day jeb bush talks about his brother's legacy is a day he's not talking about why he jeb bush should be president of the united states. this is another sidetrack for the bush campaign courtesy of donald trump. bill: is this a winner? how do republican voters respond to a cad i that's criticizing another republican. >> this could backfire in
conservatives like george will and bill kristol wondering out loud if there are two new york liberals at the head of the presidential tickets. i commend speaker ryan for having the courage to not just fall in line, right? martha: there is a lot of talk, james, about exactly what paul ryan's motivation is and what he's trying to achieve here, isn't there? >> some think the speaker is essentially bar gaingt author of the art of the deal. you heard donald trump say on "the o'reilly factor" that he doesn't expect speaker ryan fall in line. this morning on fox and friends trump responded to criticism that ryan voiced about trump's plan toll build a wall across our southern borderer. >> the wall is something the republican party and peoplen want. forget the polling, i don't care about polling. i do what's right. bill: what now and what comes of the meeting of the republican minds in d.c., chris stirewalt. how are you, sir? trump's objective for the gop is what? >> this is about going through the motions. the real objective, show that he's a general election winner, not a general el
republican administrations. including, we're told, michael chertoff, who served as george w. bush's second homeland security chief. also present today will be general david petraeus. she will also be meeting with michael vickers, the cia analyst portrayed in charlie wilson's war who oversaw the provision of stinger missiles to the cia under ronald reagan and a key player in the bin laden raid. there are also a number of women who served at homeland security who will be part of the meeting today, former dhs head janet napolitano and a national security blogger called security mom. bill? bill: also, jennifer, clinton was on the trail yesterday moving away from national security, some more outreach on the alliance voters that put president obama in the white house. what is that strategy, how is that playing out? >> reporter: absolutely. in fact, we were with her in north carolina and kansas city where she pivoted from national security and met with african-american voters. in fact, she was at a traditionally black university in north carolina, and the national baptist convention which
advance when barack obama, ronald reagan, jimmy carter, george w. bush. you know, george h walker bush, none of those guys had people named this early. donald trump is ahead of the game. i think it is media creation of 24 hour news cycle and everybody thinks he is supposed to have it done the day after the election when he didn't sleep that night. it is going fine. it is very complicated process to put 4100 people in positions in short period of time, to ask them to go through upheaval. probably doing much better than most previous administrations who were supposeddedly better prepared for it. martha: we did get some concrete information. mike pompeo at cia, mike flynn at nsa, and the list goes on. talk to me a little bit what you think about the appointment we heard about today and jeff sessions i should point out also as well, the senator from alabama who was early trump supporter? >> jeff session is one of my very favorite people, phenomenal senator, plainspoken, brought clarity to the tpp discussion back when it was going early on, i think amazingly good choice, one i give standing
three in the establishment lane with former governor george bush, juror chris christie and john kasich. >> we have candidates who are gifted talkers. but there is nothing in their back ground that suggests they have have the ability to fix the mess in washington, d.c. >> maybe you had someone else in mind. they are not going to win iowa and not going to win the nomination. i ask you with all due respect to consider switching your vote. reporter: john kasich has already switched his focus to new hampshire. martha: it's interesting to see the different tenor each of these candidates bring to the final appeal in those sound bites you just showed us. eventually the pressure starts to build on some of these candidates other money starts to dry up. when do we expect the first group to drop? >> very quickly. if you have donald trump leasing his own new lane, then you have perhaps testified cruz leading in thed the traditional conservative lane and there is great pressure on the establishment to rally around one person they can compete with. >> we probably aren't going to see rubio be that per
think of ronald reagan and george h.w. bush in 1980. bush was thrilled to be picked for that ticket. look, he ended up being vice president for eight years and ended up being president for a term. it is not a bad gig. some of them you could understand conceivably it working out. kasich for instance, kasich and trump don't have such huge problems. i could see kasich being very reasonable choice for donald trump. he has had experience in government, both on budget side, on the foreign policy side. he has been a two-term governor of a key swing state. he will be our guest on "fox news sunday." i'm not saying that just to promote him -- martha: yes you are. >> the fact he would make a lot of sense as trump running mate. the fact he says he wouldn't do it, i could see that changing. martha: maybe you will talk to him about this. i thought it was interesting, usually people say i have no interest in being anybody's vice president, i'm running for vice president. that is not what john kasich said. he said there is no way i will be on a ticket with donald trump which i found interesting in
george w. bush in a big, big way and his pled saysors. donald trump has an advantage when it comes to dealing with terrorism. the problem for trump right now is the fact in the wake of the deadliest single terrorist attack on u.s. soil since 9/11, his numbers didn't go up. he didn't take an advantage of the way he did during the republican primaries. and the problem is he may have trouble finding purchase with this message with the persuadable electorate. leland: you almost get the feeling that's where he's going when he's talking about softening the ban on muslims. sort of moving to the center. does he risk alienating sort of the die shard trumpers who says things like a ban on muslims? >> when mitt romney came out hard against barack obama in benghazi immediately after it happened. he was accused of politicizing a national security issue and romney back peddled. tough positions aren't bad to take. they are good to take, especially on an issue of the majority of americans are concerned about. i think trump had that problem when it came to the question of gun control. but also with ne
spokeswoman for george w. bush transition team 2000 and ben. publisher of the federal lift. how did i do? >> close enough. bill: close enough. what did you hear with kellyanne conway and answers working through the discussion? >> kellyanne is doing a great job trying to master any impress there is nothing like we've seen before and entire washington elite expectation we should what is expected about this president-elect is misguided on every level. >> this is interesting, bill. this is just a challenging moment for kellyanne. she is someone in washington a long time. familiar with a lot of people they're looking at. the challenge really for the trump team right now balance between new face, people who are novices to the political world, balancing that, against older, experienced hands who will reassure those in washington who are worried that a trump administration will have a lot to learn, coming from behind with transition that really wasn't on its feet from day one. in our reporting at the federal lift, we've talk about the fact that trump's own transition team looking going to new jo
. martha: you are confident those numbers aren't being bundled by people like to george soros. there is speculation he's involved in this. and people are saying this is clearly something evening neared by the clinton campaign and they don't want their fingerprints or this and they are using you in their words as the front person on this. >> when i was asked throughout the campaign would i stand up and file for a recount if there was doubt about the credibility of the vote, i always said yes. and it was not contingent on who won. i was asked many times during the election who did i favor it was very clear i did not favor one candidate over the other. i took incredible heat for standing my ground on that. >> can you certify to your knowledge georg george soros hat made any contributions to this fund? >> he may have made a $45 donation or $2,70 some donation. if he did, we would return it. martha: hillary clinton came out the day after the election. she said it's time to move on. there is no reason to question the outcome of this election. while she was saying those words on this very day,
president george h.w. bush, and author of, the quiet man. good morning to you. >> i'm fine, bill. we're finally? fringe again. bill: kind of sort of, in the northeast. still feels like fall. what did you think of the president's approach was on sunday? >> you know he, a lot of what he was criticizing is directly applicable to the obama administration. he is talking about what, how global we are and how much cooperation we need. this is from the president that espoused leading from behind and in essence turned his back on american exceptionalism, that our allies have been counting on for leadership. so it was self-criticism. when he talked about referring back to madison and jefferson and hamilton, and what they supported, what they supported was contrary completely to the growth of government, intrusion of government and things like obamacare and health care. so i think his speechwriter might have been putting things together that he wished might apply to obama but in fact they were contrary to what this obama administration has been all about. bill: some felt like it wasn't coming off
million i'm going to give them 2 because i'm generous. your pals. warren buffet and george soros, they are fighting the irs. if you want to talk about the issue of taxes, criticize some your pals at the "new york times," criticize apple, the largest company in the world. they are moving stuff all over the world to avoid taxes. it's legal, it's smart, and if you were smart you would be doing it as well and i believe you are doing it as well. martha: maybe that's a preview of the responses we'll see. governor, thanks for your take. bill: it's:40 on the -- it's 9:40 on the east coast of florida in an hour and 20 minutes we'll get our next update from the national hurricane center in florida and they will tell us how this storm is moving. 12 miles an hour which on the level is average for the speed of the storm. but depending on which way matthew decide to go, that will determine the fate of millions up and count southeast coast of florida and possibly south carolina. and north carolina. this is a major storm. back to matthew and much more. martha: the community of los angeles is in mourning a
that and thought what. >> i thought baloney. president obama has had 8 years blaming george bush for everything. now that he says i had to do with bush had to do. i think what obama is doing is buying himself legacy insurance. the majority of the american people believe it's just a matter of time before we have a mass casualty attack. he's setting it up and say if it happens on his watch, i did what george bush did. bill: about whether he left iraq me prooturely and what happened in libya after the fall of qaddafi. those things will be debate over the next year and they will have implications on the white house. >> they should. president obama has made the mess we have right now. he went in a libyan war and smashed the libyan leadership. what happened? they walked away and now we have jihadi all over north africa. al qaeda is back. rights of isis and rebirth of al qaeda i think are largely because of president obama's own policies. i don't think he gets off free saying this is all george bush's fault. i think president obama and secretary clinton have a lot to answer for. bill: i wan
using, by the way george w. bush didn't use that phrase either, we are playing into their hands using that phrase. george w. bush was careful too. heather: he said it was a political talking point and a distraction. if he believes it is nothing but a distraction and a political talking point and hillary clinton herself now since she is willing to use it, why not use it? >> the context of that was i am happy to say it if you want need to say it but it is not relevant. that is not what the issue is. this mono mania people have about whether barack obama or democratic candidates use the phrase is absurd. as the president pointed out this won't help our military efforts, this won't help defeat isis. this isn't a strategy that will get us where you want to go. isis isn't going to surrender if the president says islamic terrorism. all right, we given. heather: every military leader that i spoke to have always said you need to define who the enemy is. >> you don't think the president knows who the enemy is? heather: michael collins said compared to kennedy or reagan who both used the t
recommendations he received from george w. bush administration officials. republicans are probably going to rally around him and talk him up as the process goes on. there is a lot of political capital democrats need to ex spend. it's jeff sessions, betsy devos. mulvaney and four others they'll focus on. a lot of political capital that you're having to lean on to win the messaging battle. donald trump is capable fighting a media war with his twitter feed. >> he said he likes chuck schumer, the senator from new york who he has known for decades. even given money to him. he says he likes him better than paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. what does it mean when the president-elect, the president of the united states says he likes the minority leader of the opposite party more than your own major lieutenants? >> i have not seen an olive branch like that extended in washington, d.c. in some time. i haven't been around forever but it's unusual. he has said in the past there are certain democrats on capitol hill he looks forward to working with. he said the same thing about pelosi last year. h
sununu, served as white house chief of staff under george w. bush. you said the president is indifferent. what did you mean by that comment? >> i want to give credit to democratic congresswoman and frank wolf for the focus they have been giving to this. they got congress to pass a law that requires the president to appoint an 10 invoice to represent christians and other minorities in iraq and he failed to do that. and he's had that responsibility for a year on a piece of legislation he signed. the news release and the comments by his press secretary when they talked about the 21 egyptian coptic christians that were beheaded by the islamic state. they refused to comment that they were christians, deliberately omitting the fact that they were christians. there seems to be a sense that they don't want to admit there is a focus by isis in eliminating the christian community that part of the world. bill: the numbers are staggering. explain the indifference. why do you think that would be if your theory is right. >> i don't know. it's a blight on this administration. this administration is har
night. >> in what ways do you politically differ from your brother george? >> i'm obviously younger, much better looking. >> policy, though. >> i think my brother probably didn't control the republican congress spending. i think he should have brought the hammer down when they were spending way too much. because our brand is limited government. ' they have call me veto-corloni in florida. >> he was pane anti-hero in that's movie. bill: you were in if the room. martha: there was a lot of joyful energy and stephen colbert seemed to enjoy break out of his old mold and i think the show is going to be a tremendous amount of fun. and he's having a blast. bill: here we go. bill: a showdown about to get under way over the and you nuclear agreement. hillary clinton is expected to give her full support to if the iran nuclear deal. >> the world is in chaos, my friends. we are seeing nothing like we have not seen since the end of world war ii. why did this happen? it's because of the failed policies of this president and this administration. bill: congress considering whether to vote down the c
. brad blakeman former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. brad blakeman, are you and your crowd some of those he is speaking to and is that a message you guys will hear? >> sure, it will a hard sell but not a sell that can't be made. think donald trump offers great, certainly contrast to hillary clinton. hillary clinton is entrenched politician who has been around for 30 years. donald trump is new to the scene. he is an outsider. we know the american people on both sides of the aisle prefer that this season. perception is reality with the endings it polls. it is fundamental fairness argument. if somebody fights for this long and gets very close to the nomination, how can you deny them? so the voters aren't really concerned about november as they're concerned about the fairness of convention. i happen to believe if donald trump is nominee, republicans will rally around him. why? because we want to beat hillary. martha: let's talk about democrat side. bernie sanders won eight states. there was so much talk about his momentum yesterday afternoon. he said look, we'll have a su
is the former deputy assistant to george bush. and alan colmes. we have not coughed a candidate like donald trump. that tells me he wants to win. he has fire in his belly. it's good to be upset that you are in second place and it's good to get out there and fight to turn thing around. >> but it's all about him and winning. he's playing the game of king of the hill. and tonight he won't be in the center square. it's dr. carson. desperation for a vote. please vote for me but not giving a reason why. how that's going to play tonight. what donald trump will show up tonight as well as what jeb bush will show up tonight. he has an opportunity to actually rise. so this is a great opportunity for them. let's see what happens. martha: let's take a look at the iowa polls. how much in the end historically does iowa matter. you see carson as 29%. you see trump at 20%. let's show the other two. in new hampshire and south carolina he's quite far ahead. if you take both of those, will iowa matter? >> generally speaking iowa has not always been predictive. simply because you win iowa, it's not repre
our treatment options at appointments available now. bill: president george w. bush was asked about 2020 race, and what he thought of the kanye west. he reacted pretty much how you would expect. >> your thoughts on kanye west running for president one day. do you think he has a chance in 2020? perfect. bill: an interesting campaign to follow, would it not? we go to northwest, southwest. martha: east were southeast. serious stuff here. another american has reportedly been detained in iran. a businessman in dubai was arrested while he was visiting friends and family in tehran. it's raising questions -- these are the four individual we know. bought * and there were questions whether they were trying to work on a bringser in swap from the iranian side. rick, good morning. good to have you with us today. in the wake of this deal given the fact the other four were not released as part of this negotiation that they would be careful not to do something like this. tell us what you know about this man. >> mr. amaz, is an american born in the united states. his father w
burial. among the pallbearers, george foreman and larry holmes. and bill clinton will deliver a eulogy and the world will say good-bye to the greatest fighter of all time. bill: donald trump's son weighing in on the backlash about his father's comments about trump university and the judge. he says people should give his father a break. use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief (p...that, you haveit, wait! yoto rinse it first like... that's baked- on alfredo. baked-on? it's never gonna work. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. see? told you it would work. cascade. . . . . olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age...your skin never will. olay regenerist. olay. ageless. and try regenerist micro-sculpting eyeswirl. it instantly hydrates to plump an
chief of staff to george w. bush and fox news contributor. i would assume if anybody, donald trump is the closest at this point, gets to 1,237. that that person will be the nominee. do you have any equitable with that? >> i think it depends on how close he gets to 1,237. martha: if he has 1,237 or is over it. >> no, he becomes the nominee. the republican party has a rule, if you get a majority of delegates you are the nominee. if you don't get a majority you keep voting until somebody does. martha: is there any discussion to change the,237 -- change the 1,237 rule. >> oh, no. there was a rule passed self conventions ago to limit the number of people who got a formal nominating speech. you can vote for whoever you want to vote for. but the question was when we had such a limited amount of prime time evening news did you wanted somebody who had 20 delegates out of 2,500 to have a nomination speech. do they loosen that so more people have a chance to be formally placed in nomination who would otherwise be voted on. but you give them a chance to have their piece in prime time. there ar
president? you're really not sure? >> i don't know, george. i honestly never looked at it. somebody said he is not. i retweeted it. i have 14 million people between twitter and facebook an instagram. i retweet things and we start dialogue and it is very interesting. martha: so michael warren, is there any question about marco rubio's citizenship. >> no. there is not. he was born in the flights. it is ridiculous and irresponsible for trump to do that. but it is not going to make a difference if i say that or you or anybody else. i do think rubio has to fight back against this, this sort of pernicious lie about rubio, you know could have real effect. we saw this a little bit about ted cruz. even ted cruz pushed back against it. he had other candidates pushing back against it. i think it had an effect the way people viewed ted cruz's eligibility. this is ridiculous. rubio and his camp would be well-advised to face it and refute it. martha: we'll see if we do. mike, thanks a lot. >> thanks. bill: want to show you back on the board, some of the results in south carolina. saturday night w
since 9/11. what is it? bread blake the man, former assistant to george w. bush, democratic pollster and strategist, good day to both of you. you disagree. >> the world is a more dangerous place since obama became our president. he presided over a precipitous withdrawal from iraq which gave rise to isis. isis now controls large sections of iraq. when we get them out of iraq they go to syria. not as if we are destroying them, just moving them around. the middle east is in turmoil because of this president's policy. his own words are he seeks limited action. a limited action gets you limited results and as a result america is a more dangerous place. martha: john mccain, is a feeble attempt to avoid the harsh judgment of history. >> john mccain is good with his words. i have great respect for what brad said. that is what a majority of americans feel about this. my main issue with the speech, president obama's drug program, ground troops taken out over 3500 terrorists as we know george bush deserve some credit in terms of beating back al qaeda but yes, isis is obviously a threat. obama i
dollar fine. bill: we'll talk to former new york governor george pataki. we'll ask him why he thinks the white house is not taking this or isis seriously enough. martha: hundreds of people forced to leave everything behind. and run for their lives. bill: a stunning new report, wait until you hear the response from amazon and its founder in a moment. martha: dr. ben carson gets a bit of a but' in the polls after the first presidential debate. what's behind the surge in support for the outsider candidate. >> the say old same old is going to take to us the same place. we are sort of in a precipice right now. are we going to continue down this road leading us to a bad place? here at humana, we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite we know sooner or later, every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at
emails, the roll call. >> you do a great job in the media as journalists. george bush was down 8 points before this convention and he was up 8 after. watch what happens after our convention. martha: i'm sure you are right about that. but this is the sauce and as it gets made. they want a roll call. good to have you with us. question is, too much bag and to be president? we'll address that. we'll show you the new ads after this. they brought this on themselves. now it's war, and i want them dead! the fleas and ticks? their whole gang. we can do that. only bravecto kills fleas & ticks for up to 12 weeks with one tasty chew. starts killing fleas in two hours and kills nearly 100% in under twelve. and it's fda approved. bravecto is for dogs 6 months of age or older. don't worry, princess, we'll settle the score. tonight we ride, with bravecto!! ask your vet about 12-week protection with bravecto. s. martha: this is the first time we have seen debbie wasserman-schultz since she resigned. she'll not preside overred the convention she worked on for four years. this is the chaos that ens
perino is a former press secretary for george w. bush. the president has goarch year except this year. what would explain this absence? >> i wish he would have gone. i know he did the moment of silence. when jennifer talks about that first day when the pentagon was opened, i remember being there that day, and it was so moving. what she said about the trees is interesting. you look back. years go by so fast it was 14 years ago. as fox news has been run can the reading of the names of the victims in new york city as well as showing pictures of the pentagon, i believe that these ceremonies are important. i think that never forget should actually mean something. i think having to hear the names and giving email individual person a moment of their dignity and to know they were remembered is important for us. this war against the united states and against western values and ideals is going to continue. that's what president bush. when you look at that moment when andy card whispers. the country has to be more on a war footing. bill: one moment here. ♪ "taps" ♪ "taps" bill: in about 8 mi
those set free. >> we are going to keep going. we'll have an open convention. george, you are the guy who gets open conventions. kids will spend less time focusing on bieber and kardashian. bill: it will be a civics lesson if it happens. if frontrunner donald trump loses in wisconsin, the road for him gets more difficult, if not impossible. governor, how are you? at the moment, what's the probability as you sit today about a contested convention in july. where would you put it? >> i think it's 60-70%. can i separate fact from fiction on the rules? the rules are always written for that specific convention. if you go past the famous 40-b rule, it says that specifically. i chaired the rules committee last time. it took 8.5 hours to put the rules together for that convention. the reason it became complicated is that we had lost the day because of the hurricane. we had travel problems. people couldn't get there. so we had to cram the convention into one day less than had been anticipated. in an effort to do that things were put into the rules so we could keep prime time coverage. a lot
, to listen to these people you would think george w. bush is still president. they still want to blame everything bad going not middle east on the iraq invasion and george w. bush and it's a tired, backward looking way to talk about foreign follow i. martha: these are the two central issues of giving stuff away. and also what a threat isil is and the middle east are to our -- >> socialism at home. that seemed to be the theme. bill: hillary clinton accused the house select committee of being an extension of the republican party. >> i am going to be testifying. i have been asking to testify for some time and do it in public which was not originally agreed to. but let's take a minute and point out that this committee is basically an arm of the republican national committee. bill: what does the rnc have to say about that? the director of the rnc is coming up here. democrats have five more debates. mark o'malley look at debbie wasserman schultz saying this is why we should do more. martha: some people are saying six is plenty. what's coming up? bill: the kremlin accusing washington of
motion picture creators comes disneyland. george johnson can not fly. he can not see through doors. his speed, anything but superhuman. but when it comes to health care options, george found helpful information and resources at this makes him feel unstoppable. well, almost unstoppable. discover real possibilities at today and tomorrow take on the world. it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. by one mitch farm -- bill: one michigan farmer digging a water line up earths a mammoth. martha: did you see that? honey you won't believe what's in our backyard? bill: he was look for a gas line and he found a woolly mammoth. so the happiest place on may not be quite so kind to your wallet, and any parent who has been to disney world knows this. disney is making big changes to their theme park. how much will it cost to take the kid to see mickey these days. >> in the west coast we go to disneyland. but it's $
games, it reinforces optics and perception he is not doing everything we can. george w. bush also swore off golf and other activities that were optics to show he wasn't as engaged. no one ever doubted whether george bush was all-in trying to defeat enemy. the iraq surge and everything showed that when he took personal time, we shouldn't overreact to everything, they didn't confuse that as lack of interest in defeating enemy. abby: on topic of terrorism this is big news out of the day, cia director, coming out saying he is doing awith waterboarding even if the president tells him to do it. here is what he said earlier. >> absolutely i would not, i would not agree to having any cia waterboarding carrying out waterboarding again. abby: kt, you tweeted about this morning. caught my attention. waterboarding debate is cheap trick by politicians and appointees to trash other politicians like donald trump. >> look donald trump, senator ted cruz said they would water board. now what does that mean? there are two types of interrogation in this world and there are two types of terrorists and
mercedes schlapp former spokeswoman for president george w. bush. good morning. juan, you think about these words, racist and bigot. they are some of the ugliest nastiest things to be called in the english language. now you have presidential candidates throwing them around like they are nothing. have we gotten something wrong mere? >> i agree, it's an ugly word. lots of people, especially conservatives, don't like it, don't want it, made it clear it's not what republican party conservative principles stand for. but we have a history with donald trump. paul ryan, the speaker of the house said his views of judge curiel when he said he couldn't be a fair judge was a textbook case of racism. we know trump has this history and mrs. clinton has decided to call him on it. the question is, is it a matter of political expedient or is she saying this is unacceptable and should not go forward. leland: did trump open himself up to this? >> hillary clinton decided to go down this dangerous path of accusing someone of being racist. i think that's so disturbing to decide that using that word so free
hours, comparisons to 2004. you were there. george bush, john kerry, debate number one, he didn't do well. people suggested he bombed. >> president bush was preoccupied with things outside of politics that drew him away. bill: but dick cheney went up against edwards in the v.p. debate and did very well. >> he did well and calmed people giving us a few more days to get ready for the second debate. and in that second debate bush did well. on the second debate we went through the normal debate prep and he went fishing on the afternoon of the debate to clear his mind. bill: i thought the interest ma i of the room was ignored by tim kaine to his deb -- to his detr. >> these rooms are man caves. there is an old tv show, "leave it to beaver." and there was a guy in it called eddie haskell. he was unctious and angry and a little boring. pence who is a nice guy in person came across with his midwestern common sense and i would suggest measured. where a lot of folks reflected tim kaine wasn't the guy he is last night. he was put into the role of being a bulldog. >> governor pence knew, don't t
. the devastation it left behind. then there is this. george w. bush announcing he will run for president. we'll show you this funny stuff over the weekend. >> i wish you would have asked me about the exclamation point on the end of his name. i don't like the taste of broccoli but it doesn't get any tastier if you call it broccoli! ♪ p (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. glad i could help you plan for your retirement. alright, kelly and promise me that you'll try that taco place on south street. and we have portfolio planning tools to help you manage your ira. yeah, you're old 401k give me your phone. the rollover consultants give you step-by-step help. no set-up fees. use your potion. sorry, not you. my pleasure. goodnight, tim. for all the confidence you need. who's tim? td ameritrade. you got this. bill: major cleanu
happened to downkerry. he was out wind serving while george bush was on stage. donald trump is making sure he stays in the headlines and lets no attack go unanswered. he's in davenport this afternoon. he's absolutely unapologetic about not ceding the spotlight to hillary clinton this week. >> you are not supposed to be campaigning today. you have broken all the rules. what's going on. they are having their convention. sir, you are not supposed to be campaigning. guess what, folks? we are campaigning because we are going to make america great again, folks. reporter: yesterday he appeared to dominate the headlines just a little bit too much in doral in what appeared to be a tongue and cheek moment. the clinton campaign and others immediately jumped on that saying trump was encouraging foreign espionage of american seem servers, and he had to walk it back a little bit. he told pour brian kilmeade in an interview in scranton, i was just being sarcastic about the whole thing. >> of course i'm being sarcastic. they don't know if it's russia or china. who knows who it is. but you have 33,000
where very well. john sununu was also white house chief of staff to george h.w. bush. >> it is worse being a father of a candidate than being the candidate. martha: they say that about a lot of things in life, and i think it's very true. talk to me about your stated. new hampshire went twice for bush, tweet for baltimore. he won 53% of the vote last time around. what does it look like now? >> it's hard to tell. i think every major race, the trump race, the kelly ayotte race, my son's gubernatorial race. i think they are all virtually tide. having said that, i think the polls are difficult to take because we have been polled constantly since the february primary through the september tf people just aren't answering the phone. i think it's a tie across the board. whoever has the best turnout can get their vote toarlts polls the best will win up here. martha: we could have told you it was a tie. we want you to tell us what's really going to happen. let's take a look at these numbers and see where the latest polls stands. people are so sick and tired of the whole thing. let's pull up a m
stand out. you think you like charles barkley, you're impressed by how loquacious george foreman can be? muhammad ali brought it to a new level. he brought it majorly. there are so many people now watching that are older than us or younger than us that our big boxing fans what you had to pay attention to, was it ali frazier, wasn't the ollie foreman era, was it the ollie that beats things and in between the controversial stance he took and how flamboyant and introverted interesting he worked on television thatsold the sport and sold sports as something more than just something to watch for fun . jon: his pallbearers today, did you catch this? one of them is lennox lewis, the other is mike tyson. the honorary pallbearers, one is george foreman and the other is larry holmes. these are the guys used to compete with. tell us a little something about him. >> lennox who talks about growing up and seeing ali, i've got to matter, i got to stand out. jamaican parents and english heritage, i've got to find a way and he did. he was inspired by him. mike tyson, the same thing. used to put in all
president george bush have returned to the battlefield. martha: the gop appears to be stepping up its ground game, the trump and clinton campaigns holding registration events but republicans drying more new voters than democrats in some key states. in florida for democratic registration numbers are shrinking while republican numbers are growing and there are a number of reasons for that. in north carolina and nevada democrats have the advantage but the gop closing the gap a little bit in registration, could benefit donald trump and gop efforts to maintain control of the senate. director and chief strategist, good to have you here. before we get started the whole packing issue, and that is not true. >> no networks have been hacked, we continue to take precautions to protect our data and this is a concern and a national level. we have not been hacked, it is not true. martha: let's look at some of this. you guys have been working hard to register voters as of the democrats. you closed the gap but will it be enough? >> the last election romney lost came down to 100,000 voters. most people
author of we the people and mercedes schlapp spokeswoman for former president george w. bush and fox news contributor. juan and mercedes, good to have you here. >> good morning. >> i was shocked, it is very damning, and perhaps unfair, juan. what do you think, fair or no? >> i think it's very fair, i wasn't struck when you said narrative, to me, what we're doing is reporting what happened. it's unprecedented that jim comey, the fbi director would intervene in a national election so close to election day, but the part that stuns me is the recent reports about how they were so lackadaisical with regard to the cyberthreat to the clinton campaign, informing the campaign and going after the threat and, of course, we now know, this is no narrative. we know that all the u.s. intelligence agencies with the exception of the fbi joined in saying that russia is responsible for this hacking. martha: yeah, except julian assange says it wasn't, and the whole idea they are coordinated, i think you have to leave that at the doorstep, juan, when they won't sit down with the committee that wants to as
contributor, and brad blakeman, form der deputy assistant to president george w. bush join us to talk more about this. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. heather: i will start with you, alan. you got the trump wines, trump steaks, trump water and now you have party unity. are you buying what he is selling? >> by the way the steaks they served last night were not trump steaks after all. party unity, how will he take back things he said about mexicans, latinos, women, bush, romney, he will all of a sudden pivot and unite those people? maybe he will unite the warring factions of white supremacists but i don't think unite people spent last number of months he is insulting. that is how he gotten where he has gotten by insulting people. heather: yeah. and i think you actually just insulted a lot of trump followers by calling them white supremacists. >> i didn't say all trump followers are white supremacists. i didn't say that. what i said was he has got white supremacist support but i'm not in any way, shape or form calling them white supremacists. that's not what i said. i want to be very
, george w. bush said see into the soul of vladimir putin, that didn't work out so well or barack obama's reset. colonel peters, appreciate your time. always a good chat. >> thank you, leland. heather: still to come, a relaxing trip to south florida turning into a nightmare. we'll tell you what happened with these brave teenage boys coming up next. leland: these kids should buy a lottery ticket. three teenagers counting their lucky stars after their boat capsized off the florida keys. the boys were visiting from california when their rental boat started taking on water, then capsized. get this, they were able to keep their cool, climb on top of the boat, somehow they were able to protect their cell phone from the saltwater and then used it to call 911. as you can see, rescuers showed up reaching them safely, bringing them back to shore. no kidding, they're smiling. heather: would you be that calm? leland: yeah. and what a story to tell their friends. what'd you do for christmas break? heather: exactly. well, people in new england, meantime, they're bracing for a major snowstorm th
ever been tried. martha: george will has a pretty scathing piece about that in this morning's "new york post." >> yeah he does. martha: talks about the benefits of capitalism in world. what about this notion, the story this morning that the white house would like the pope to engage in their efforts to free the hostages from iran, three of whom we have pictured on the screen, or maybe we have all four of them that we can put up. this is long fight. a lot of people, brit, felt like this should have been part of the deal in the first place. >> certainly a lot of people thought it should have been a prelude to or at least a part of the outcome of the nuclear deal. what iran is doing here is clearly illegitimate. but the question whether these muslim leaders in tehran are interested or influenced to any extent by the pope? look the pope is popular. the pope, he is a very large figure on the world stage. and he carries with him a certain moral authority. there is no question about that. that is true of almost any pope. and i think that, you know, perhaps there would be some influence the
chief of staff to george h.w. bush. he has been on these kind of negotiations and discussions at beginning of administrations. good morning, governor. >> how are you, martha? martha: i'm great. what do you think of that? >> 75% of the leaks that come out during process of transition have mischievous intent behind them. that is first thing you have to understand. secondly it is "the new york times" and they're making a mountain out of a mole anything to create a chaos. people should understand anything you read in the "times" isn't like it used to be reading it in "the times." martha: not having a structure built up during the course the campaign and some say that donald trump was so focused on winning, perhaps for even superstitious reasons he didn't want to get too deep into the transition and wanted to focus on winning the election? >> that was a proper set of priorities. look, my recommendation to the trump team is take your time. don't let the stories like "the new york times" and all the people who want instant appointments press you into making decisions too soon. expand th
are showing this in new hampshire. appealing to folks, and we see george w. bush, in south carolina, i want to turn your attention to it donald trump who came in second and as he said people told him he would never place in iowa, he was crazy to try to contest iowa and yet he did. he went in and did it the trump way which leaves people wondering how real is donald trump's support out there? another test in new hampshire. what do you think? >> it is true what he said, that iowa was one of the states least open to his message and in the end he placed second and got tens of thousands of votes. there are real people voting for donald trump. this isn't the mirage. on the other hand he has presented himself as the winner. he is ahead everywhere, he is going to win win win and america is going to win win win, well, he lost. chad ginn the image the had been projecting since he announced over the summer. we will let it play out in new hampshire. he must win new hampshire. the runaway front-runner there, if he loses a second state, the second critical state in the first primary i think he's g
real estate in australia. does that include her husband george stephanopoulos. i don't know if he is included in the plan. n in theg picture what have we broad sense of the media? because every four years, kind of takes us in a different direction. maybe there is a new form of media that is born. i think about "the drudge report" in the 1990s. "politico".com in 2008. >> yeah. bill: is it mechanism comes out of this or is it a lesson or is it it a style or is it way we cover it? how would you, how would you die sent that? >> it would be heart to give media high marks in this campaign because we have so easily been distracted by sensationalism, silly stuff, insults instead of issues. i do not let candidates off the hook. everything from "access hollywood" to "basket of deplorables." size of the hands. sometimes seems like we had weakness for that. at the same time, especially since the conventions, bill, would be impossible to ignore how tilted commentary much of the mainstream has been against donald trump, who some wrote off, here he is is, he has a shot at this thing despite all
misunderstanding of, maybe what george w. bush would call a misunderestimatemation of the state of the republican party today. he thought that he would be running a middle space between jeb bush, the establishment frontrunner, the moderate frontrunner, and a conservative like ted cruz. he thought that he would be able to operate this middle space and that he could be attractive to people on both sides and it would be good. unfortunately for scott walker he found out the road he was running on was much wider than he thought and he got squished. he didn't know where the attitude republican party was would be out with donald trump and would be out with ted carson and ted cruz would not look like that radical of a choice. and that put walker in dangerous position and where charles is quite right, that he looked like he didn't know what he was talking about because he was trying, continually reset himself, reinvent himself in the space. martha: go over to the have ben carson moment. let's listen for a second. see what we get here. >> american values and our constitution. >> you said that yo
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